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We held a big reunion summer party at my parents house last July complete with all our friends from back home and of course plenty of games, food, and alcohol. This one ended very similarly to a lot of our parties, but with a little different lead in. At around midnight, most of our guests

What Hubby Doesn’t Know

Fatty kept his eyes on Jeannie Evanston as she served drinks. She was a beauty. She was dressed in tight shorts and a tight strapless halter. She was in her mid-twenties, with shoulder-length wavy ash-blonde hair, green eyes, shapely curvy hips, long full sleek legs, and a big upthrust rump. Fatty’s cock stirred as he

Dominant Family

Looking over the fields of hay at the back of our house, I remembered the many happy memories. There was and still are lovely, lush, green fields and woods, with many different paths you can take, all different but all beautiful. I used to spend many happy hours running nearly naked through the hay and

Power Trip

The instructions were simple, handwritten by myself and taped to the front door, where he’d see them easily once he got home from work. Come in, hang your coat. Take off your shoes, get comfortable. Head to the kitchen, pour yourself a big glass of water; be sure to drink it all, then head up

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Pam flipped the black woman onto her stomach. Sarini’s tight butt was like a rich pastry on the table. I took two big handfuls of her ass and spread her cheeks. As soon as I touched her, I was destroyed. Again. “Oh what a prize,” said Pam. She stepped behind me but I could see