The Day Before Her Wedding

The woman tossed back her long, dark hair revealing her
deep brown eyes, initially flitting desirously over the
body standing before her, but soon staring deeply into
the eyes of her lover.

The sexual tension between them was growing unbearable.
Her breathing got more and more rapid, with the
knowledge of what she was about to do. Slowly and
steadily she moved her head forward, ending with her
luscious painted lips pursed at the tip of the long
penis hanging before her.

There she paused, her eyes still locked with his. She
was looking for some kind of sign from him. His breaths
grew almost imperceptibly deeper. That was enough. She
opened her mouth, and slipped it around the end of his
member. His eyes closed, and he savoured the pleasure
of the woman gently caressing him with her tongue, as
his far from inadequate manhood grew to more twice its

The woman soon switched her attention from his towering
tip to his pulsating balls, her tongue and lips
stimulating their skin, while her hand, now gripping
the shaft above them, began to pump the very same. Very
soon, she was wanking the man with enough fury that his
climax seemed inevitable. The man groaned and his
muscles became tight, but presently, the woman stopped,
not touching any part of him with either hands or lips.

The man’s eyes opened with a start, and he looked
directly at the face of the woman, momentarily in
anguish, but very soon in renewed passion and desire.
The woman stood up and stepped forward, her breasts
pressing against his chest and her thighs brushing
against his swollen package. Their lips locked in a
deep kiss, and while the embrace continued, the pair of
them fell together, him backwards, her forwards, onto
the adjacent bed.

The kiss between them broke. Their mutual gaze turned
from loving compassion to passion of a more animal
kind. At once the man was aware of the glistening
wetness of her womanhood teasingly touching his cock.
The woman, for her part, had directed all her attention
now to the throbbing member wandering presently between
her legs. Slipping her legs either side of his, she
raised her hips, her pussy lips now sliding either side
of his shaft, upwards towards his tip.

With his cock now nestled at the entrance to her
dripping hole, the woman momentarily paused. Teasing
the man to the end, she slowly and purposefully lowered
her self down, this time, however, the cock no longer
sliding along the lips of her obscenely wet pussy, but
buried within it.

Having taken her lover deep inside her, she leaned
over, pushing her breasts firmly against him, and
kissed him once again, this time deeply, very fiercely.
Breaking from his embrace, she hovered above the man,
and began to thrust her hips. In this way, she fucked
him slowly at first, her cunt lifting far above his
balls, unsheathing endless inches of his shaft,
glistening with her juices. As the minutes passed
though, she moved faster and faster, with droplets of
sweat being flung from her bouncing breasts, in time
with the slap of his balls against her skin.

The throes of orgasm soon raced through this girl,
pleasure rippling from her clitoris, squeezed as it was
by the swollen penis within her, through the rest of
her body in waves. Rocked by the orgasm, her pussy
muscles clamped down. It has the desired effect. Her
lover came. With a single low grunt, he buried his dick
within her as deep as ever he had, and emptied his
balls of their payload. She felt the heat of his cum
mix with her orgasmic shivers as jet after jet after
jet of his white seed flooded her pussy tunnel,
exposing her receptive womb to his potent cream.

Now slow again, she withdrew the man’s penis from
inside her. Her dark haired pussy was quite a sight,
shining as it was with reflected light, having been
filled so full with her lover’s residue. Standing now,
the woman made her way to the door of her wardrobe.
Opening it, she admired the beautiful silken wedding
dress that confronted her, in nervous anticipation of
the big day tomorrow.

The woman I described is of course my wife. We were
married the very next day. And unbeknownst to me, while
we stood in front of family and friends, swearing our
undying love for one another, under her dress the sperm
of her lover signalled her betrayal, glistening as it
was beneath the dark hair of her pussy.