The Handyman

I hired a local handyman to help with repairs to the barn. Larry came out to see what he needed to repair. I introduced myself and Marie, my wife. All he could do was stare and stammer when he saw her large breasts. She was wearing a low cut see thru blouse with no bra. Her breast are triple E’s with large nipples. She loves to show them off at special times.
As we walked out to the barn, I kidded him about staring at her breast, he said his wife had large nipples ,but small tits. He liked looking at big tits. I laughed and told him he just saw a big set of firm tits.
Larry told me he would not be able to start the job for two more days,he had another committment. Marie and I decided the next day to do some sunbathing in the nude. We were laying out behind the garage when I thought I heard a vehicle coming up the drive. I put a towel arond me to go see. It was Larry coming to do some work. He said his plans got changed. I kidded him and said he just wanted to look at Marie’s tits again.
I told him we were sunbathing behind the garage. I said we would go say hi to Marie and then go to work. He just stopped dead in his tracks, Marie was laying on her back with her legs spread apart, showing her shaved pussy. I told her Larry was here, she opened her eyes,looked at him,stood up and walked up to him. He couldn’t decide to look at her large tits or her shaved pussy. She walked up to him and said she liked the bulge she seen in his pants. He didh’t know what to do. Marie reached out and started to rub the bulge in his pants. She undone his pants,pulled them down and started stroking his hard cock.
Marie stepped back, laid down,spread her legs and told Larry to fuck her. He looked at me and I told him she was a good fuck and enjoy it. He quickly removed his pants and climbed on top of her a buried his hard cock into her wet juicy pussy. He didn’t last very long,filling her pussy with his hot come. Marie turned over, took his cock in her mouth and sucked the rest of his come into her mouth. He said he was sorry it did not last longer, she said not to worry about it because it felt good to have a different cock fuck her,she said she would fuck him again and assured it would last longer the next time. I said it was my turn and slid my cock jnto her come filled pussy. It did not take long to shoot a big load of come into her pussy. Larry was just standing there staring at Marie. I told him to put his clothes on I wasn”t paying to fuck my wife. I laughed and told him to be ready tomorrow, the only work we would do then was to fuck and suck her pussy
until she wore both of us out. He said he would get plenty of rest and be here bright and early.