Tied and Tried

In my last posting I mentioned something about men fantasising about their wives being with other men. Judging from some of the mails I have received, it seems to be a hot topic. One guy asked if really I have never dreamt about being with somebody else with my husband present. From my last story it is obvious that I do, but that is when he is along and part of it. Sending your wife out to a pub to pick up strangers she go home with, and then later come back to the husband to tell about it, relive it or what ever, is what I find strange.

This line of thoughts has made me decide to tell at true story about something, which happened only a short time ago. I have been much in doubt as to whether I should write this. It is a very personal experience, both in relation to myself, but also regarding the relationship I have with my husband. However, as it makes a point about what I have said about men giving away their wives, I think I need to tell it. If you find it out of line with any of my previous statements as you read it, then please go to the end and read that before you condemn me. However, you should read it from the beginning to get the true experience.

Only this summer I was away for a conference for a couple of days. I don’t know what Poul does to himself when I am away, but he is always very horny (to use the only word which really describes him in that state) when I come home. Usually he manages to leave the c******n with my parents, so we are alone on the “homecoming” night. We ate a nice dinner on our terrace (which you now know all about) and after the drinks and wine the conversation soon turned to sex.

We were talking about fantasies, but mostly about his and certainly not any of the ones I have written about. At one point he seemed a bit hesitant, but finally asked me if I would do something for him. There really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him, so I agreed readily. He told me he had had this recurring sexual dream, which featured me, and that he would like to act it out tonight. Well, that was also ok with me. We had done that before, and it usually led to very good sex. However, he still was hesitant, and I almost had to drag the next step out of him. He wanted me to promise that I would trust him 100% and go along with anything he might suggest, even if at first I might be against it. Now, that was getting exciting. I couldn’t imagine what that might be. He knows very well that I trust him 100%. I know he wouldn’t ask me to do anything which he knew I wouldn’t accept – and as he doesn’t know the extent of my dreams, I really couldn’t see what could be so bad, so I agreed and promised him.

First he asked me not to laugh at him, secondly he warned me that the dream involved me and somebody else. He found that necessary because I have let him know that I don’t really fancy that. But I do know that he, as well as some of you guys, dream about their wives being with other men, so I told him it was ok – just to go ahead and tell me the story.

The following is approximately the story he told me, but first I need to tell you that Jack and May are two friends who live on our road a couple of houses away. Jack has just turned 50, but he is very handsome, very well build, very muscular and tanned and he is really very polite and educated. I think he is very attractive, and have often teased Poul that the only reason I am walking around topless in our back garden is in the hope that Jack is watching. Jack is divorced and has recently got a new girlfriend of only 26 (dirty old man), but I can quite understand him for she is a real beauty who, he often says, almost k**l him with her desire for him.

This is Poul’s dream which I have edited a bit to get the picture right:

We had gone away with Jack and May for a long week-end at their summer cottage by the beach. Both of us two guys couldn’t get enough of looking at and talking about our two very sexy and beautiful companions who both lay on the beach, swam and played topless on the densely populated beach.

The house was a long house on a slope facing the beach with a covered balcony running the whole length of the house as the only means of passing from room to room. One evening after you had gone to bed, I sat in the dark outside our bedroom, when I heard noises from the open windows in Jack and May’s bedroom. I am not really into looking into other people’s bedrooms, but the wind kept blowing the curtains away and in the moonlight I could see right into their bedroom. From the noises I knew they were making love, and I just couldn’t help looking, as I quite fancied May and I was curious to see if Jack was honest in his description of her “wild desire”.

I was very surprised when I saw her standing blindfolded and tied to the bedposts at the end of the bed. Their bed was a four-poster bed, and she was tied to the tops and bottom parts, so she was completely stretched out. She was facing the window, so I could clearly see her excited and firm tits, and had it not been for the blindfold she would have been staring right at me. Jack was licking her tits and fucking her. This was too much for me. I looked in through our window, where the curtains were also blowing away, and saw you lying on the bed just barely covered, and I just had to go in and wake you up to make love to you.

Next day at the beach we were again talking about you and May. He seemed to concentrate more on you than on May, while I couldn’t get the picture from last night out of my head whenever I looked at May. Later Jack said he had a confession to make. After he and May had made love last night (he had always been very open about discussion anything sexual) he had gone out on the balcony to get some fresh air, and couldn’t help looking in on us as we had been making love. First I was a bit embarrassed, then a bit pissed off, until I realised I had done the same. He very openly commented on how fantastic you had looked, and how he was now getting another hard-on just from thinking back on it. So was I and in my excitement I also told him that it wasn’t only him, but that I had actually happened to watch them as well, and that was what had excited me so I had to go and make love to you.

We both laughed a bit and I said it was fantastic so excited we both became from watching each others wife/girlfriend. Jack commented that we should swap one night and compare the experiences the next night. I just laughed and said that you would never accept that – that you were very strict and quite clearly was a “one man girl”. Jack commented that was a pity, he had quite fancied the idea. He didn’t mind sharing May, and he was sure she didn’t mind a bit of diversion as an added excitement. Thinking back on last night, I certainly wouldn’t have to be asked twice, but I again said that I was certain you wouldn’t.

After a bit of general talk about other matters, Jack asked if you were into bondage. I said we had tried it, but that you weren’t too keen. Jack said May loved it, and that he had thought it a bit strange to begin with, but that he now found it very exciting. After another pause he asked if I thought I could persuade you to try it. I could always say that I had found all this equipment in the room, and that I thought it might be fun to try. I said I didn’t know – but why was he asking. I was only mildly surprised when Jack said, that if we co-ordinated it right, we could swap!

We played with the idea the rest of the afternoon and when we changed after coming back from the beach I “happened” to find a set of cuffs and various bondage tools at the bottom of a drawer where Jack had sneaked it in before we came back. I jokingly said it could be fun to try, and was happy to hear you say you didn’t mind having a go at it, if that really turned me on.

During dinner I got more and more excited with the thought. Not only did the thought of May get me excited, but you being with Jack really had me hard all evening.

Jack and I did a bit of co-ordination, making sure he didn’t smell of smoke (he is a smoker and Poul is not) etc. and we agreed on half an hour after we had split up, whenever that might be.

It was a hot night, and it was no problem leaving the balcony door and the windows open. You actually seemed quite excited by the thought, and only briefly commented on why you had to wear the blindfold. You accepted my explanation that I had found it in the drawer, and that I just thought it was part of the game. Unfortunately our bed was not a four-poster so I just tied you to the four corner legs so you lay nicely spread out on the white sheet. I played with you to warm you up and was surprised so excited you actually became from being tied up. At the agreed time I said I was sorry but I was desperate for the bathroom and slipped out on the balcony. Jack was already waiting. We wished each other luck. I held back until I saw Jack sitting down at the end of the bed running a hand up the inside of your leg. I would have liked to stay, but thought of May who might be wondering where Jack was so I hurried in to her. It turned out that Jack had actually told her about it and she asked for me to untie her so she better could participate now I was there. I did that and found out that she was as keen as I to see what was going on in the other room, so we slipped out on the balcony and positioned us so we could both look into our room while we made love.

I don’t know if it was the sex with beautiful May or if it was from watching you getting fucked by Jack, but that was one very nice experience. Jack came out to us and wasn’t surprised to find us there. He seemed very excited and urged me to go back and untie you while he and May stayed out on the balcony to watch.

I untied you and made love to you again making sure you were in positions which showed off you tits, which were bigger and nicer than Mays.

Here Pouls story ended.

I was rather speechless. He had explained the dream in detail, probably added further ideas as he went on. But I couldn’t believe he really had been dreaming that dream. Yes, I quite liked Jack, but the thought of Poul deceiving me like that was shocking. The fact that he openly admitted that he had dreamt about making love to May was also surprising. I wasn’t surprised he had had the dream, only that he had dared to tell me about it. He had more nerve than I had, because I am afraid to tell my dreams. But what surprised me the most was the fact that I had actually got very excited from the story. My brain and heart told me this was not acceptable, but the body betrayed me to myself.

Poul had got himself carried away telling the story, now he felt like a fool, and was worried about my reaction. I wasn’t going to tell him that the story had excited me, so I just said he was a naughty boy to have thoughts like that, and now he even wanted to act them out! I asked him how he intended to that. It appeared he had had that dream several times, and while I had been away he had gone and bought some cuffs and straps and he wanted me to be strapped to the bed and we should pretend that he was Jack fucking me. I appeared shocked and mildly rejected the idea, but when he said I had promised, I had to agree to it, which I actually happily did, because the idea was quite dirty and I was getting excited from it. It has always been fun and exciting to play out dreams like this.

After that we made it straight for the bedroom. Poul told me to get undressed first and I did, feeling rather exposed with me naked and him fully dressed, but I was letting him have his way – this being his dream. Poul produced a set of cuffs and buckles I had never seen before, but they were quite comfortable as opposed to the way Poul had tied me up last time we had tried. When he produced a very effective looking blindfold I commented that this was hardly necessary in this case, but he insisted that the situation should be as close to his dream as possible, and since I now had my arms tied firmly I couldn’t really do much about it anyway. I was surprised when he strapped another set of cuffs around my legs just above the knees. Last time he tied a rope around my ankles and to the corner bedposts and it had been rather unpleasant as I couldn’t move my legs up. Making love from that position isn’t very nice. But this time the straps around my legs allowed the legs to be bent while forcing them wide apart. Next he put a belt around my waist and cuffs around the ankles. Straps between the ankle cuffs and the belt prevented me from straightening the legs. In this position I was wide open and totally helpless. Actually this is what I don’t like about bondage. There is something humiliating over this, but there is also something exciting about it. The fact that I found lying like that exciting, also scared me.

However I forgot it again as I felt Poul’s hands running up my legs like he had Jack do in the story. I had a picture of that flashing through my mind, which was easy with the blindfold. I started to get excited, and knew from Poul’s touch that I had got myself really wet and excited despite my resentment against being in a position like this.

I felt Poul give my breasts a kiss and them my mouth. I quite wanted him to go on, when I heard him say,

“I am afraid I have a little confession to make”.

I didn’t help him. Let him try to get his confession out I thought.

“This dream of mine, isn’t really just a dream. I planned this with Jack and May the other night when you were away. He says he is crazy about you and that I can have a night with May if I could get you to lie like this and he could come and fuck you”.

I didn’t believe my ears. What was he on about? Was this part of the game we were playing? He seemed very serious. I told him to stop kidding about and forget about the dream I wanted him to make love to me now.

“I am glad you are getting excited, that will make it so much better for Jack. There is only one thing – Jack doesn’t know that I have told you, so you have to pretend that you don’t know it is him, but that you are enjoying it as much as when with me”.

I was starting to get really angry. “You can stop the acting now. I don’t believe you would do that anyway, but even if you did what would stop me from telling Jack that I didn’t want this and that it would be r**e if he carried it through?” I realised I was talking as if I already believed his story.

“Two thing”, Poul said. “First you promised you would go along with anything I suggested. Are you going to go back on your word? Secondly, if you pretend you don’t know it is him, you can act in the future when you see him, as if there is nothing between you, because you supposedly don’t know of it. If you let him know that you know, you will both know what happened afterwards, and I don’t think you will like that”.

“I don’t like any of this. I know I promised, but that doesn’t include something like this, and anyway I just think you are making this up for your story”. I was really confused. He seemed so serious. If he was really doing this I would hate him for the rest of my life, and he would know it. On the other hand, somewhere deep inside me, I was starting to get excited by the thought. I pushed that though away, and uttered a threat that would make a Hell Angel biker blush.

I felt him give me a kiss and then he put a sheet over me, turned on the bedroom stereo with quiet romantic music.

“Well, there isn’t much you can do in that position is there”, he said. “Now don’t let me down, you have to let Jack think you are as hot as I have told him you are when we fuck.”

I heard him leave and close the door behind him.

I was really pissed off. I regretted ever getting into this position. It just confirmed my belief that you should never let yourself get tied up, no matter by whom. I was thinking of my professional image at the hospital and what my colleagues would ever say if they knew I was lying like this. I was testing out the straps to see if I could get lose, but that was quite impossible. I was again wondering if this was really true or if it was just Poul playing with me. I was thinking of what Jack would think of me if it really were true. There were just so many thoughts going through my head that I didn’t notice the time passing. I only realised that I must have been lying there for more than 10 minutes when I sensed that somebody else was in the room. I froze. I tried to listen, but the soft music dampened the sounds.

I felt a weight settling on the bed next to me as if somebody had sat on the bedside. I wanted to speak, but didn’t know what to say. A light touch across my collarbones where the sheet didn’t cover. The hands moved across from side to side very slowly lowering the edge of the sheet. I could feel it slipping further and further down, soon it would be below my breasts. As I felt it clearing my nipples I shook. I could feel the cold air made the nipples stand out. I was cursing Poul again as I was imagining Jack watching what he must see as my growing excitement. As the fingers slid back up between the breasts, slowly up my neck approaching my mouth, I was arching back in the bed with a combination of anger and growing excitement. I still had the hope that it was only Poul until the fingers found my lips and I put out the tongue to lick them and found them tasting of cigarettes. I stiffened as I realised this really was Jack. Poul doesn’t smoke, he actually hates the smell of smoke and won’t even allow anybody to smoke in our house. I had a violent shake as I imagined what I must look like to Jack and especially what I looked like under sheet and what was bound to happen from now on. Now that I thought about it I also smelled the smoke on his breath and the smell of beer, but Poul and I had had wine with our meal. I was getting angry again. How could Poul do this to me? How could he let me down like this? How would I ever be able to look Jack in the eyes again after this.

I slowly realised the sense in Poul’s remark, that as long as I didn’t let Jack know that I knew it was him, I could just pretend this never happened. I was relaxing a bit as that thought settled. Also Jack’s fingers were all over my breasts, just touching them ever so slightly. I felt my nipples grow yet harder and this time from the excitement of the slowly circling fingers. I was getting hot. Just let him go ahead, I would just let him believe I thought he was Poul. It wasn’t difficult – the thought of it being Jack playing with me got me more excited than had it just been Poul.

I let out a small grunt when he finally gripped the nipples and rolled them lightly between his fingers. I knew Jack had been commenting on my breasts which were considerably larger than Mays, and I could feel him cubbing them in his hands as if to judge the volume. He squeezed them hard and then I felt him shift and a warm mouth settling on one breast sucking the nipple. This was actually very good. He was a bit rougher than Poul and it was actually quite a lot more exciting. I decided to let him know I liked it and let out small “Oh yearh”, “Ummh nice” sounds. Uttering those sounds had a strange effect on me. First I rarely utter any sounds doing love making but this actually was a nice feeling letting out a bit of tension. Secondly I felt like showing off to Jack that I was perhaps a bit hotter than I would normally behave. Both to show myself of as being very erotic, but also to let him know I have great sex with Poul. But finally I found that my groans directed him to concentrate his efforts on what felt nice for me, and that just increased the pleasure. A fact I had never thought of before, when I was lying biting my lip to control my excitement feeling embarassed to direct Poul like this.

With his mouth still on my breast I felt him slowly lowering the sheet further. It slipped off my knees now just covering my crotch. I felt him get up and the sheet finally being removed completely. I imagined him standing at the end of the bed looking at me. I could imagine what I must look like, it being a very exposed position. I was thinking of the way Poul liked to keep me shaved so there was still hair above the pussy but the actual opening and lips were completely shaved, which must have made my now very excited state very obvious.

I felt him touch my toes and remembered that Jack always played with Mays toes. I think he is a bit of a foot person. I could feel his warm breath as a tongue hit my big toe. I could feel him moving up over the strap at the ankle and further up towards my knee. If he continued like this he would soon be right between my legs. I couldn’t help spreading them further. There was no point in pretending to try to close the legs. I knew I couldn’t. Also I was getting very excited, and now actually wanted him to proceed faster. But he wanted to go ahead just soooo slow. Finally the tongue had traced its way all the way to my pussylips and I could feel them just barely touching all over. It was just so frustrating not being able to grab his head and force him harder onto my hard clit, but I was completely at his mercy and he had obviously decided to warm me up very slowly. But if he continued like this I was afraid I would boil over.

Finally his hands spread the lips fully to the side and sucked in my clit. Poul used to lick it, but I have never experienced anything like this. It was so much more intense without actually hurting. Before long he had me bucking all over and if I hadn’t been constrained by the straps he wouldn’t have been able to keep doing that – but he did – far into my first orgasm which just kept going. Finally he stopped, but with his fingers very wet from my juices he oiled my anus and slipped a finger in. Now, I think I have mentioned in other stories that this usually drives me wild. I have been so excited about this since I tried this the first time at quite a young age (that might be the basis for another story soon). I don’t like anal intercourse, but the feeling of just the finger is so intense. His thumb found my other hole and his mouth again my clit, which his other hand kept exposed to his tongue. He worked both fingers in and out of me, pinching them together so I could feel his fingers meet and stopping me from moving even just the little bit the straps allowed. It wasn’t long before I came again in another long orgasm. I collapsed and relaxed the whole body as his fingers slipped out of me and I for a short while was let to my own thoughts. This was a very intense experience, and even though I still couldn’t belive Poul was doing this to me – at this point of time I was enjoying myself. I couldn’t believe when I had last felt so excited and had such strong orgasms. It was actually a bit scary that it was somebody else administering this to me and that it got me into such a state.

I felt Jack between my legs again kissing my stomach and slowly moving up to my breasts, which were just waiting to be kissed hard. Which was exactly what he was doing again. I felt the excitement growing again as I realised that he was right between my legs and that I should be feeling his penis inside me in a short while. If I hadn’t been tied I would now have wrapped my legs around him and f****d him into me, as that was what I craved right now. But in my state I just had to lie and wait. I did moan and do what I could to flex my body towards him, letting him know I was very impatient and couldn’t wait much longer.

Finally I felt the tip of his penis just at the right spot. I could feel he used a hand to position it right, before he slowly moved it further in. I have never really thought of the size of Jack’s penis. I am not overly concerned with the size of penis’s as I have learned that the action is more important, and that guys with large penis’s usually think that just the size will do all for them so they usually have the worst technique. However, as I felt Jack entering me I realised that he must be quite big, because I really felt a strong sensation of being opened wider that I was used to. I must have let out a loud groan, because he stopped and pulled back a bit, before he carefully continued sliding it in. I don’t have trouble with large penis’s. I have tried a few over the years, but this felt different. I could feel him sliding past a point where nobody else has been and really felt him hit the bottom. He stopped there and just gyrated around a bit. I could so clearly feel it at the bottom and I could feel a very strong sensation of him grinding at my clit. I was trying to imagine what was the size of a penis that could reach this far, when he slowly pulled back and once again went forward all the way to the bottom. Again I felt the strong feeling of my clit being caressed. It was a strong and unusual feeling in this position. I like being taken from behind because the guy can stretch around and play with the clit at the same time, which makes it a very intense sensation, but usually this is impossible in this position. However, I soon stopped wondering as he was now speeding up and the combined sensation of the deep penetration, the strong sensation of the clit and the general atmosphere of the situation made me approach another climax rapidly.

I soon tripped over in another strong orgasm, and just expected Jack to also come the way Poul almost always come right after me as my convulsions usually set him off as well. However Jack never stopped. I hadn’t tried this before. I couldn’t relax and couldn’t believe as I felt I was building up towards the next orgasm so quickly after the other one. I am afraid at this time I lost it and fell out of the role. I didn’t care if this was Jack believing I didn’t know. I was going all over the place yelling his name, moaning, screaming as the intense feeling just kept going and going. The next orgasm was followed by a third shortly after. I felt myself almost blacking out with the intensity of the feeling, which wouldn’t stop. I wanted him to stop because I couldn’t stand any more, but I could feel the orgasms never stopping and I couldn’t let go as long as he kept plunging into me and I couldn’t stop him being tied as I was even if I had really wanted to. I think I screamed and yelled and didn’t care if I used his name as he continued giving me the strongest experience I can remember ever had had.

I didn’t know if he had actually come, but I finally felt him slow down, obviously completely out of breath. I realised how long his penis really must be when he pulled it out and I could feel it just keep going, still absolutely hard. I wanted to see it, kiss it, put it in my mouth and make him come as well. But I couldn’t move and even though I had now giving up any pretences and begged to be let lose so I could see it and touch it, Jack never said a word, just gave me the first actual kiss of the evening, smelling of cigarette, beer and salty sweat. I couldn’t believe it was over, when he put the sheet back over me, but I heard him leave the room, and realised I was again alone. I was so bewildered that I didn’t really know what would come next, but after I dozed off I woke again from Poul being back and untying my straps.

Now I am very sorry about this, but the first thing I did when my right arm was free was to punch Poul in the nose. It must have hurt badly because he started bleeding and cursed me badly. However he put a handkerchief over it and continued unstrapping me. I felt bad about having hit him, so probably I wasn’t as bad in my damnation of him as I should have been, but it wasn’t nice things I said to him.
Finally when I was completely untied he lay down in the bed next to me and hugged me.

“Wasn’t this a very good acting out a dream?”, he asked me.

I swore a bit and told him it was the most disgusting and unforgivable thing he had ever done to me.

“But didn’t you enjoy it?”, he asked with a strange squint smile.

“No, I didn’t”, I started out, but stopped when I saw the knowing smile on his face.

“Liar”, he just said.

I started to deny it, but then realised it had actually been a fantastic experience. “Well, I mean..”, I started mumbling, “it was quite good, but it was such a horrible thing to do to me, that it doesn’t matter how good it was”.

“That is a pity”, Poul said, “because I went through so much trouble to make it good for you, and you did seem to enjoy it”.

“What?”, was all I could get out. I must have looked very confused.

“Well, you didn’t really believe it was Jack, did you”, he asked with a knowing grin. “I went though so much trouble actually smoking a cigarette, drinking beer, doing things to you that I had read about, but never previously done.”

I couldn’t believe it. “It couldn’t have been you”, I insisted, “you don’t have..”, I started, but stopped not wanting to offend him.

“Oh, you mean I don’t have as big a dick as Jack?”, he asked laughingly, and disappeared for a while, coming back with the longest strap-on dildo I have ever seen.

“You mean, you really thought Jack had a dick of this size?”.

I am rarely short of a quick reply but here I was completely mute. I tried to say something, but each time I had a flashback of me yelling to Jack, begging for his penis and completely loosing it. I realised that Poul all the time knew that I thought it was Jack, and happily let me think it was our good old neighbour giving me the experience of a lifetime.

“Jen”, he said, “you were so absolutely lovely. I have never seen you like that before, but I loved it. Don’t feel bad about it, I don’t feel bad, it was just so exciting. I don’t really want you to be with anybody else, but I have had dreams about it, and this is the closest I guess I will ever get to experience it. This was exactly what I had hoped to get out of the acting out the dream. Had I not been able to manage to convince you it was Jack, I would have been disappointed”.

I still didn’t know what to say, but much to my dismay I started to get excited again. The fact that Poul knew I had thought it was Jack, and that he had wanted me to believe it and had enjoyed making love to me while I thought it was Jack, was just such an unbelievable thing. But the most unbelievable thing was that I was getting excited about it again. I grabbed Poul penis, which was rock hard and ready to explode. He groaned.

“You couldn’t really come with that thing on, could you”, I asked, “that was why you could keep going for so long”. I realised the state he must be in and as he rolled on top of me I just felt so relieved and relaxed but also so hot for him. I didn’t want any monster dick or being strapped up, I just wanted a good oldfashioned fuck. Though I didn’t hit multiply orgasms this time it was so loving and tender that when we both came together as usual and I felt him coming inside me, it just made me forget any other desires for big dicks or strange men.


Well, dear reader,

I still don’t know how I feel after this situation. Writing it has got me very hot again. I am sorry to say that I sometimes think back on the experience with fear, sometimes with lust and sometimes with loathing, but most of the time with embarrassment over losing it and letting Poul know I really was enjoying the sex more that I usually did with him.

I guess this just emphasises the big difference between sex and love. You may have experienced something more exciting from a sex point of view, but you can’t keep hunting for stronger sexual excitements all the time. If you love somebody you can get quite far without stepping outside that relationship. I know Poul has the same dreams of sharing me with somebody else, as I read in the stories, but that is a sexual desire, which I don’t intend to help him with beyond this experience. Even though he now knows that I can get excited from the sexual experience with another man, I am so glad it didn’t happen really, as I would really have had such a hard time facing him afterwards – not to mention Jack.

So guys, don’t sell of you wife to your best friend. But a bit of role-play might be a good idea.

Hugs Jen.