The Swing Evening

We arrived a few minutes late as Cheryl took a little longer to “primp” herself for the evenings events. You greeted us at the door, and asked us if we wanted a drink, eyeing my beautiful wife, indicating your approval with a glance and grin. We said we would have whatever you have. You invited

The Sauna

Early one Saturday afternoon, after spending most of the morning in town, I decided I should go and relax in a sauna for half an hour. I decided to head straight for the “Sauna & Beauty Parlour”, where I’d been a couple of times previously. As I arrived, I was met, in the waiting room,

Teaching Swapping 3.

Linda sat dejectedly on the living room couch staring thoughtfully into a glass of gin and tonic. She knew next to nothing about drinks and drinking, but she had seen her husband Tommy mix so many of these since she had known him that she had automatically made one for herself after deciding she needed

A New Experience

It had taken quite a while for me to fall asleep, as images of what the next morning’s punishment may hold ran through my mind. I had been awake for some time when the door opened and Claude’s servant came for me. I had no idea what time it was, as there were no windows

Peaches and cream 2.

Jarvis felt her respond and gave a low, contented growl. Gripping her hips hard, he backed out until all but the barbed knob of his pecker were freed from her tight, clenching anal passageway. Then, with a savage grunt, he pounded back into her. Melanie screamed, but it was a scream of pure pleasure. She

The Nympho Librarian

Tammie Edwins was not your typical librarian. She didn’t wear her hair up in a bun, didn’t wear glasses, full-length shapeless dresses and heels, didn’t squint or purse her lips, didn’t have dishwater skin like parchment, and was not middle-aged. On the contrary, she was in her mid-twenties, had long flowing honey-colored hair, deep green