Aussie Threesome in Vegas

In Aussie I live in a pretty small town, it is only 90 minutes to Sydney but it isn’t that big of a place. When I was just in Breckenridge, that is a pretty small town as well and I suppose since being an adult, I’ve always lived in relatively small towns. So hooking up,

A lesbian friend talks a married couple into having a threesome

“Marlene wondered if you’d ever mentioned a threesome,” said Candy. “Why would I?” I said. “I’ll tell you in a second,” Candy said. “I told her you never did, and she was surprised because she said all men want a threesome. Is that right?” “Probably right, most men have imagined it at one time or

Non-Strangers On A Train

Night was starting to envelope the French countryside. The spectacular sunset was gone, and the first stars were starting to peek out. The shadows lengthened, covering the vineyards that stretched across the hills, and few and far-between, centuries old stone buildings nestled in those hills. Some looked abandoned, but as lights winked on here and