Bobbi Sue’s Sex Adventures

I am 5’1″ tall, and weigh around 105 lbs. I love to work out, and I regularly lift weights, run, roller-blade, and swim. In the winter I cross country ski to keep my well-toned 34A-22-34 body in shape. My breasts are small, but firm, and I’ve been told that I have a perfect ass. I

Dirty Shoplifter 2.

For the first time ever, school became a terrible place for me. It was impossible to concentrate on anything. Fortunately it was just two weeks to graduation and all important class work and tests were done. I made it to school each day and sat like a zombie waiting through one class period after another;

High School Band

In my junior year at high school I had already discovered the joys of sexuality through my Aunt Cindy and additionally through her boyfriend at the time. School just seemed the logical place to act out on some of my newfound skills. After my sexual awakening I found that I took much greater notice in