Massive ass on the office

Betty was one of my work colleagues, she was about 5′ 4 and was overweight just the way I like my women. Her breasts where huge and needed those huge bras to hold them and no matter what she wore you couldn’t help but notice them. Her back curved in to the top of her

My Favorite Kind of Seduction

Hey everyone, Sorry have not written much lately. I have not been as active as I was and am still recovering but am almost ready to get back into some fun. This happened a few years ago when I did not have a steady roommate. I worked at a store and there were a lot

House Slut 2.

Sam and Angus had departed for work by the time Tegan exited the shower and Brandon’s door was closed with no obvious signs of life beyond. She assumed since he had a day off from classes he was going to sleep in now that his morning urges had been dealt with, leaving Tegan at something

Huge Ass And BBC

I had my first time with a BBC. I was 18, a bit of a chubby. I have a nice looking bubble butt. I had a smooth hairless body. I mostly wore tight clothes that made my ass look huge. I was a very shy person and i was easily intimidated. During those days i

My first time with a mature woman

It was the summer of 2001 and I had a date setup with, Dianne, I was 20 then and she was going on 43. I always had a fantasy about older woman and it was about to finally come true. She was about 5′ 9, slender built with long blonde hair that flowed down her