A woman and her man seduce her widowed mother

Shafts of moonlight pierce the louvered shutters of the room like silver arrows. The songs of exotic birds erupt from the verdant bush outside the hotel room, along with the rush of water over rocks in the garden. There are random voices, people walking on the path beneath the balcony. My senses, dulled by sexual

First Threesome

A few days ago, my girlfriend, Emma, and I and some friends were due to travel to France for a weekend. We had booked cabins for the outward journey, and were due to share with two friends. However at the last minute, one of our friends cancelled, leaving us sharing with John, a good friend

Old girlfriend/landlady is dealt a payback; ex settles old score

David did a double take in the parking lot as he was leaving his shopping trip. It was his ex girlfriend, Lydia, leaving the store. The years were somewhat unkind to her; her face had some noticeable lines but otherwise, still near perfect body and her tits were incredible. Boob job and on her chest