The Fake Dick

I’d like to tell you about my lovely wife and the wonderful relationship we have together. I married Jeanne (the name I’ll use for her here) when she was 18. We had both just graduated from high school and hadn’t had any sexual experiences outside of the ones we had with each other. Now, let

Lesbian Allison’s Diary

June 16: Dearest Diary, I’m so sorry to have been neglecting you lately. I’ve just been so busy, That’s all, what with finding an apartment and a job and moving and all, I just haven’t had time to do anything else. Wow, is St. Louis ever bigger and more hectic than down home in Paducah!

Julie the Voyeur

Our company sent us to New York on business, and we were both booked into the Westin Hotel, but in separ- ate rooms. Julie, my co-worker and I were going to give a presentation the next afternoon, then catch a red-eye flight back to the coast. We checked in, finding our adjoining rooms on the