Want Some SpermCream With That Coffee?

He was in his early twenties, probably still in
school nearby. All I saw was how handsome he was,
blonde hair, naked to the waist, cut-off jeans and
sandals. He was before me in line at Starbucks and I
stood there looking down at his rounded asscheeks… my
crotch feeling warmer and warmer as my cock hardened. I
hadn’t been laid for over a week and my balls were full
of my hot cum.

He ordered a latte and when it was my turn I just got a
plain coffee so I was at the condiment table before
him. When he got there I introduced myself and we
chatted for a minute. Then I asked him if her wanted
some cream.

He looked at me a smiled. Then he said, “What kind of
cream did you have in mind?” I was stunned but looked
quickly down at my bulging shorts. He followed my gaze
and smiled again.

“I might at that,” he said.

I took my coffee into the men’s room and waited several
seconds… maybe a minute. Then the door opened and in
he came. He moved by me and sat on the toilet seat. I
moved closer to him and he reached out and undid my
shorts and pulled them down.

I wasn’t wearing underwear and my cock sprang up
against my belly. He reached out and pulled it down and
leaned forward… just like that… his mouth open…
his tongue out. I put my hands on my naked ass and he
began licking my dick… up and down… up and down…
until he saw my pre-cum and began licking it off my
throbbing head.

I was close to cumming already and then his lips curled
over the head of my cock and down he went… taking all
seven inches of my thick rod into his mouth… sucking
it deep and then sucking up to my head… over and

I felt my balls churning and whispered, “I’m gonna come
now!” He just moaned and kept sucking. My balls
erupted… sending long spurts of hot cum into his
mouth and down his throat. He swallowed fast and
managed to take my whole creamy load.

When I was done, he stood up and said, “Thanks for the
cream.” And left.

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