A guy helps his neighbor’s pregnant wife out when she reveals that her husband won’t have sex with her while she’s heavily pregnant

Neighbors. Everyone has them. Sometimes they get along with them, sometimes they don’t. My wife and I are fairly lucky. We live in a suburban neighborhood full of tract houses. Front and back, our house contacts four others; our two next-door neighbors and two that adjoin our backyard. We’ve never had any major problems with

Hospice Care by Dick Coxxx

Traci Jones had been very pleased with the hospice care that her mother had received just before her mother died of breast cancer. Hospice care is supposed to assist terminally ill patients die with comfort and dignity after all other medical measures have been completely and thoroughly exhausted. Traci’s mom died at the early age

Two older women go on a fucking spree

Milly and Rachel are two mid-fifties widows who have become friends at church. After the potluck one Sunday, Milly invited Rachel to her house to visit. She mixed up a big pitcher of Margueritas and they sat on the back porch together. Well into the second one, Rachel suddenly asked, “Do you miss sex?” Milly

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I met her at a store. I was just shopping around, minding my own business, when this beautiful blonde bumped into me. She was tall, nearly my height and built like you wouldn’t believe. Huge breasts, thin waist, exaggerated curves; she was a walking wet dream. She literally bumped into me, knocking the bag out