The sailor wanted a beer, but got gangbanged instead

The tanker “Chelsea Bridge” was steaming westwards across the Atlantic, bound for Bayonne, New Jersey, with a cargo of domestic heating oil from North Africa. James Tully, the third engineer, had finished standing his watch in the engine room at midnight, and was dying for a drink. He showered, put on a little pair of

Bisex party on the farm

We’ve got alot of different friends sexually, Billie’s kinky friends and mine, they come from totally different areas of sex, only Billie and me are into beastly, that we know of. We make a list, Billie sends invitations to them, I even invited 2 of my old kinky neighbors, ones a single older women and

Pregnant Wife’s Tits Give Cream for Hand Jobs

Anne has been a great fuck since day one. Getting pregnant never stopped that! The first thing pregnancy did was increase the size of her breasts from awesome to almost comic-book-like! They got HUGE, and the areolas darkened to a very dark brown. Another change was that her pussy hair grew non-stop. What had always

Farmyard bestiality fun

How many times had she told herself this feeling was wrong? She had slipped only once in her life, vowing never again to let a man touch her until she married him. But a rising tide of sensuality was shattering her mind as she leaned against the tall porch pillar of her cousin’s ranch home

Big black blowjob

Honestly I was somewhere between ecstatic and overwhelmed, with just a hint of in-over-my-head. Despite all this, I was determined to give it my all. I sucked that cock like it contained the last drop of the antidote. I worked both hands in gentle twists along the spit slick shaft and moaned loudly. It’s not

Husband sets his wife up for a threesome, without her knowledge

I guess you could say that my wife is the type that might be called prudish in her sexual desires. When we met she was still a virgin, so everything she’s learned about sex has been with me. I’ve tried to get her to loosen up, but it’s been a long and tough process. She

A trip home with a man we met dogging

I met a nice chap Jay, who is in his fifties, when I was parked in a car park one night. It was too hot in the house for me to get comfortable so I had gone for a drive to cool off and I was sitting in a car park known for dogging (if

Swapping My Wife for Her Sister

My wife Sarah and I have always had a good sex life. Both of us were in our late 30’s and we routinely had sex three to four times a week even after having two kids. Standing at 5’1″ with dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes Sarah’s body was quite sexy for a woman