Black Girls Get What They Want

“Can you get those invoices mailed out today?” “Sure. Do you need me to email that proposal also?” “Oh shit. Yes please. Thanks.” Having someone to help with the little things was a big help. I had gone through about five temps before I found someone who could not only do what I needed, but

The wife and I pick up a guy at a bar for some hot fun

As I came in the front door I could hear that Baby was still in the shower, she was getting ready for some fun that she had been asking me arrange for the last six weeks. We have this large armless blue chair in our family room; it’s great to watch TV in and really

A lovely young woman teases then plays with a male lingerie dept. clerk with an unusual twist

Tiffany was very bored on a Sunday afternoon and decided to drive to the mall for some last minute Xmas shopping. She entered through the fine department store which was unusual for her. As she walked through store she noticed the lingerie department and thought she would buy something new for his homecoming. As she

Sexy Sisters Foursome

My girlfriend Carrie was 40 years old when I met her and is hot as a firecracker. I know that it is said a woman really gets into sex at that age but I guess she has always been that way. We have been dating for about two years. She is my only girlfriend but

Two couples watch each other

Some years ago my girlfriend and I lived in a new house in a new subdivision. Our backyard looked out on a large, open field. Corn was usually planted in that field. One autumn night, at about 11 p.m., we happened to glance out into the newly harvested field. The corn stalks were about ankle

It’s always nice to have a maid around the house

coming for quite a while now. They say you should never sleep with the help, but this was inevitable. She wanted it. I wanted it. She got it. It all started about four months ago. I’d taken on a large number of projects – two free-lance articles for an ‘in air’ magazine; a tech writing

A man plays around with cross-dressing because his pretty sister-in-law persuades him

“Well you know why Lisa dropped Paul?” It was my sister-in-law, Susan offering me a tidbit from my wife, Lisa’s past. The three of us were eating dinner one evening and we had had a few beers. “Susan!” Lisa said it almost as a whine. She looked alarmed. Naturally I was intrigued. “Paul wanted to