An Interracial Fantasy

About ten years ago, I had an interracial fantasy involving me, my wife, and a neighbor. Our daughters had got into a fight and the black family mother had come over to settle the incident. Unfortunately, it was settled pretty easily but I had this fantasy through the years of what would have happened if

Is my wife cuckolding me?

I guess my story starts 2 years ago when my wife, Rebecca, got a 3 day part time job for a company based in London. It was a wonderful opportunity for her and it was an exciting time for both of us. However, we live about 100 miles away from London which made it very

Allison Gets Caught In The Doggy Door

My wife Allison is a beautiful blonde 26 year old with a killer body. She has large natural breasts, a nice round ass and some nice creamy thighs. She is a housewife and spends almost all of her time at home in the nude, she loves being naked and I certainly have no complaints about

A secret slut wife

I am a middle-aged mother and wife with a storied past. I try to be good, I really do, but I have overwhelming urges to let myself go. I always have and I often succumb to them. My poor husband unfortunately has been left out of my activities although sometimes he has participated without his

Dog licked my clit

Some times it takes a little while for things to sink in, I’m no dumb blond but then again I’m no rocket scientist either, so I usually realize what’s going on reasonably quickly but when it came to the family naturist club it took me quite a few years to realize what was going on

Accidental Introduction to Animal Sex

I am what I consider to be a normal housewife with normal sexual needs. But after my husband offered to look after his brother’s dog while they were on holiday things started to change. Hello My name is Susan and I live in the UK, I have been married for over 20 years now to

Sharing my wife

We’d been celebrating Jess’ and Jack’s baby with rather a lot of alcohol and with Jess in hospital for a few more days Jack had no need to be home at any particular time. We’d known the couple since teenagers and had done pretty much anything you could think of together one way or another.

Don’t Tell My Husband

I’d had a difficult night at work. State inspectors decided last night was the perfect time to surprise the kitchen. I was training a new cook, Kristen, and our clean up person failed to show, so Kristen and I ended up stayed late to wash dishes and mop the floor. The kitchen didn’t get written