Bea’s beast stories 4.

I slept through breakfast the next morning. Jack had already left for the office when Helen appeared in the bedroom quite excited. “Someone’s found Clyde,” she announced. I opened one eye and looked at my sister. She was holding a slip of paper in one hand and begging for my attention. “Where?” I managed to

Bea’s beast stories 3.

It was in the middle of the day. I was seated at a vanity in Helen’s bedroom brushing my hair. I hadn’t had a good chance to brush it out since arriving, and the brisk strokes tugging at my scalp felt good. My hair was longer than it had been in years, the thick brown

Bea has some unusual experiences 2.

The drive to Denton the next day took us about an hour. It was a warm October day, the temperature well up in the seventies. My appointment with the breeder was at ten o’clock, and we had allowed for plenty of time. Helen had taken my suggestion and not worn a bra. As I watched