Black Cocks Cumming in Cindy

“Wow, sweetheart! You look incredible!” David’s jaw had almost dropped to the floor once he saw his beautiful young wife emerge from the bedroom. David had never seen Cindy dressed in something so tight and skimpy before – except before or during their lovemaking sessions. But this time it was different, because David knew that

The Adventures Keep Cumming

When Carrie, Anndie and Owens daughter, turned 18 she made an appointment to see her gynecologist. See Carrie had a problem, and she was at her whit’s end over what to do. As she sat on the Dr.’s table with her legs in the stirrups she her the familiar knock on the door and in

Debbie The Cumslut

Debbie made a habit of attending as many rock concerts as she could afford and doing whatever was necessary to get into the group’s dressing room backstage after the show and hopefully spend the night with one or more of the lucky guys. Tonight Debbie was going to a concert featuring a group known as

Melody’s Life With Daddy

The morning sun broke through a crack in the curtains, flooding her naked body that lay on the bed. The sunlight hit her back and ass; warming it from the early morning chill. Melody stirred, still half asleep reaching over hoping to find a warm body next to her in bed. She found that there

The Bizarre Switch

Marcus was sitting in the corner of the restaurant he agreed to meet his girlfriend Katrina at. He had been eagerly waiting for her at first but after a while with no sign of her, he switched to being glued to his phone. He was trading messages with a woman named Rita who was asking