A teacher is forcibly raped in a deserted bathroom

It was a scorching May afternoon in the nation’s capital. The air was full of excitement and joy. Robin loved this time of year. Graduation Day was always bitter sweet, saying good-bye to her students, but it made her proud that she could have an impact on their lives. This year was no different, she

A depraved tale in which a young man arranges for his own Mother to be gang-raped

!!! This story was written as an adult fantasy. !!! It was just after midnight when I let the guys in through the back door. They all wore nondescript cloths and ski masks to conceal their identities because my Mom had met them all at one time or another. They tied my hands loosely behind

A lustful mother decides to bring her daughter into her world of Erotica, the hard way

This is a work of fiction and is not meant to portray any person living or dead, nor any known situation. Ever since Howard died I’ve never sought a relationship with men. Don’t get me wrong I still love cock but Howard was rare. As great a lover he was, he was an even better

Rich young American teenage boy on vacation in Mexico meets local boy and shares sexual experiences with him

Harold Spencer Eversly was on vacation in Acapulco with his Mom. He was sixteen but looked younger. His father had died suddenly when he was only eight leaving his Ma a very rich woman. She was very possessive and Harold was something of a mother’s boy. They traveled around a lot, all over the world.