A young Chinese American girl visits her sister and her husband in Connecticut

My name is Michelle. I am a 21-year-old Chinese –
American currently living in Los Angeles. I am 5ft 1in
tall and weigh 95 lbs. I have long waist-length black
hair. This past August I had broken up with my boyfriend
of 2 years, an LAPD motorcycle officer, and quit my part
time job teaching gymnastics to school age c******n, and
visited my sister and her husband in Connecticut. I
planned on staying for about a month.

My sister Kim works at a local Indian casino as a dealer
and husband Mike is a cop. They live in a nice
condominium complex with a pool and fitness center. My
first week there we visited the local New England sights
and I’d spent a couple of days at the casino while she
worked. The second week I mainly hung around the pool
during the day working on my tan.

The regulars there were mainly retirees and an
occasional mother with her c***d so I was quite
comfortable wearing my thong, in fact I enjoyed teasing
some of the older men who stared openly at me.

On my third week there my sister had to work the
midnight shift from 8pm to 430am. Mike took me aside and
told me that on Thursday night it was his turn to have
his buddies over to play cards and asked if I would help
him with drinks and snacks. Of course I said sure I’d
love to.

He said it wouldn’t tell his friends I would be there,
he wanted to surprise them and asked me to wear
something sexy. I said it sounded like fun and told him
I could wear my bikini top, which is very skimpy and
barely covers my nipples, and my cut off jeans, which
are cut so short I usually wear them only as a cover up
over my bikini. But this time I wouldn’t anything under
them [which I didn’t tell Mike, I knew he would be
pleasantly surprised].

Well Thursday night arrived and I wore my outfit with a
pair of high-heeled sandals. Mike was very pleased with
my outfit and told me I looked sexy as hell. Now I am
not the most voluptuous woman but I do have a nice body.
My measurements are 32b-19-33 with boobs that are always
described as perky with prominent nipples, a pierced
belly button and a tattoo on my ankle of Chinese
characters, which mean sexy in Chinese.

Mike’s friends began arriving at 8. Howard was a tall
good looking police sergeant, Ron is a pit boss at the
casino and Carl is a high school phys ed teacher. Mike
introduced me to them and they were more than friendly,
profusely complimenting me telling me how cute and sexy
I was. I was eating up the attention.

They sat down at the small table and started their game
and I started serving them snacks and drinks, mainly
beer. Although a good part of my butt was clearly
visible I was careful to keep the front of my jeans
adjusted so my pussy wasn’t exposed. I did enjoy
bouncing in and out of the room giving my ass a little
extra wiggle and my boobs a little bounce. Mike then
had me bring out the tequila and they all had a round
of shots.

Howard offered me a shot, which I did, and the another.
Two shots of tequila definitely has an effect on me and
I was feeling a little loose and giggly. Howard then
told me he would give me 50 dollars if I took off my top
I glanced at Mike and he shrugged as if to say its ok
with him. I said ok and undid my top and dropped it to
the floor.

They all the began commenting on my breasts and of
course my nipples instantly became quite erect. I was
getting turned on and enjoyed the attention. I then
cleared off the table and went to get a new round of
beers bouncing in and out of the room feeling incredibly
sexy. I had broken up with my boyfriend in June and had
not been with another man since. I found myself rubbing
my pussy in the kitchen whenever I had to get something
for them and I was getting wet.

The guys had another round of shots and I did too.
Howard then told me he would give me 100 dollars to take
of my bottom. By this time I was a bit tipsy and a
feeling very horny and sexy and immediately said yew
without even looking at Mike.

I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor.
The immediate reaction was gasps, whoops and whistles as
my shaved pussy was there for all to see. I was standing
there completely naked and did a 360-degree spin to give
them the full view.

They were amazed at my smooth little pussy. I never had
much hair down there so it has always been easy for me
to keep it smooth and clean-shaven. There is not hint of
any stubble. I’ve always been told it looks like a
little girl’s pussy.

By this time my pussy was visibly damp and my clitoris
was protruding, pink and very visible. They all wanted a
closer look at my clit and I obliged them by parting my
legs a little more and moving closer to their chairs. I
was so turned on by their words and eyes I had to run
into the kitchen to compose myself but instead I
couldn’t help fingering my pussy while in the kitchen.

When I returned Howard asked if I would be his good luck
charm for the next hand and sit on his lap. I happily
agreed to do it and eased myself on his lap, straddling
his left leg facing the table while the cards were
dealt. I felt his hardness through us pants as I slowly
rubbed myself on his pant leg. Howard won the hand. I
think they let him win…and I got up to clear the

When I got up Howard immediately let out yell, stood up
and displayed to all present a large wet spot and the
leg of his khakis where I had been sitting. I went into
my shy embarrassed routine, which I have perfected and
ran into the kitchen.

When I returned Howard asked me to come over and stand
next to him where he then stuck rather large middle
finger in my cunt. He finger fucked me for a few
seconds, pulled out his finger and displayed it,
dripping wet for all to see. He then smelled it and
licked off my juices. They all wanted a taste and I went
around to each of them and each inserted a finger in my
cunt, pulled it out and licked it clean.

This was more than I could stand and went over to Howard
and took his hand. I led him over to the sofa and sat
him down. Then I knelt down in front of him and undid
his belt and eased his pants down, exposing long thick
veiny cock with its bulbous brown head. I grasped in my
fist and slowly started jerking it off, while licking
and then sucking the big head.

Then I got up on the sofa with my back to him, facing
the other guys and slowly lowered myself onto the big
cock. I wanted to give them a good show so I slowly
began riding the big dick for all to see, occasionally
stopping to take it out to show them the big wet cock
that was all the way inside my little pussy. They were
spellbound, their mouths open, almost drooling. This was
the most exciting thing I had ever done. I was in a kind
of sexual daze.

Howard then spun me around so I was now facing him still
impaled on his cock and he began pumping me. I held on
to his neck and rested my head on his shoulder as he
kept up his long steady strokes. He then grasped each of
my ass cheeks and spread them, exposing my asshole to
their drooling stares. He wet his finger with my juices
and began fingering my asshole in rhythm with his
thrusting. He popped his finger out, spread my cheeks
again and asked why nobody was fucking that ass yet.

I was wondering the same thing myself as I heard Mike
say he had some condoms and Carl said he would love to
go first. The next thing I felt was Carl’s cock at the
entrance to my back door. He slowly eased it in and
began fucking it in time to Howard’s fucking my pussy.
I was delirious, cumming non-stop, squealing with

Carl finally came and just as Howard was about to come
he flipped my over on my back and started cumming on my
face, then stuck it in my mouth where he finished
squirting his hot cum down my throat. He then took his
softening cock and used the head to spread the cum all
over my face. I was in heaven.

I laid there on with my legs wide open for a few more
minutes while I came back to reality and took a long hot
shower before returning to help clean up and send
everyone home.

Howard and Carl asked me to spend the weekend at the
house they share nearby and I definitely plan to take
them up on their offer.

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