Mandy’s boots

What is it about the Christmas and New Year time that
makes us want to be with the ones we love? I have to
admit to getting a bit down around that time, just
wanting to be with someone who is so special to me and
knowing I was going to have to wait.

Partly due to feeling down I decided to treat myself to
a pair of black thigh-length PVC boots, and once I’d
got them home decided to try them on, just to make sure
they fitted properly. I managed to massage them onto my
legs and was impressed with how they looked, even
though I wasn’t convinced I’d be able to walk in them
as bending my knees seemed to be a problem. I then
realized I had a serious problem… how on earth was I
going to get them off again?!

The only thing I could think of was shutting my ankle
in the doorway and pulling, but I didn’t want to spoil
them. So my only other alternative was to swallow my
pride and call to my eldest son who was downstairs;
he’d already seen a picture of the boots and innocently
enquired as to why anyone would want to wear anything
like that!

‘Mum’ he said as he came into my bedroom, ‘what on
earth are you wearing those for?’ ‘I just wanted to see
what they’d look like’ was the best reply I could come
up with. But I needed his help to try and remove the
darned things so with us both giggling he heaved and
heaved, each time the first boot seemed to move a
fraction of an inch… until finally it came off,
hurling him against the wall and banging his elbow! We
were a little more careful with the other one and
finally I was released.

Once Christmas was over there was nothing much to
occupy me and things seemed a little gloomy, until my
brother invited me along to a fancy dress New Year
party he was going to. The theme was ‘professions’ so
as far as I could see there was only one that I could
go dressed as; the oldest profession!

It was fun anticipating being able to wear the boots
for the first time in front of other adults. Working
out what I was going to wear was relatively easy, I
mean, it was a case of going as far as I could and
still feel confident. The party was great fun, but I
couldn’t help wishing Alan could have been there. The
number of people who went along in fetish-type gear was
enough to make you wonder if they played around in

My brother took some pictures that I posted to Alan for
him to scan; I wanted to put one on my web pages. He
seemed suitably impressed with the boots! I’m not sure
if the boots helped but finally we were able to
organize another weekend together, a slightly longer
one than usual, meeting on a Thursday evening.

Before the weekend arrived I went shopping. I’d been
thinking about what I wanted to do to Alan the next
time we met but finding what I was looking for was more
difficult than I’d anticipated. They don’t seem to sell
leashes in black leather anymore, at least not at the
pet shops near my home. Finally I found something that
seemed right, although the lady told me it was in fact
dark green, not black; I decided to ignore her. My 3-
year-old niece seemed a little puzzled as to why I
wanted a leash as I don’t have a dog… I showed her
the fish in the tanks!

I knew I’d be getting to the hotel before Alan
especially as I wanted to miss the rush hour traffic
jams. Instead of doing everything before I left I
decided to leave earlier and finish getting ready at
the other end. Once I’d had my hair done, had painted
my nails and packed my bag that was it, I began the
long but oh so exciting drive north.

I love those drives. It gives me lots of time to think
about what we’ve done and said before, and to
anticipate the pleasures to come, not the least of
which is just seeing Alan again. I turn the radio up,
sing along to the loud music and wear a permanent
smile. It probably goes without saying that I chain
smoke as I drive. Whenever I reach a junction or get
caught in some traffic snarl-up or other I sneak a look
at the drivers alongside me, just to see if they are

Sure enough I arrived long before Alan. I called him on
his mobile phone to make sure I had plenty of time to
do what was required and he was still a couple of hours
away. For once I didn’t mind the wait.

I ran a deep, warm bath; not too hot, I didn’t want my
hair to collapse! I lay there, thinking and smoking for
a while, with a cup of coffee and my ashtray beside me
on the shelf. It was an incredibly sensual experience
to gently bathe myself in the bubbly water, feeling my
hands slide smoothly over my wet skin, as I awaited my
lover. I could have lain there for hours but I still
had things to do so I f****d myself to get out and
wrapped one of the huge soft towels around me.

With the towel still wrapped around me and a fresh
cigarette between my fingers, I sat in front of the
mirror looking at myself. I smiled as I began to apply
my make-up, carefully and taking more time than usual,
even though I knew that if I got the effect right it
would soon be thoroughly messed up. Big smoldering eyes
and glossy dark red lips that should do it.

I applied my perfume next, to my neck, wrists, the
cleft of my breasts, backs of my knees and just a touch
near my pussy. I love the combined smell of my perfume
and smoke and I know Alan does too, and there was
nowhere he’d kiss me that he wouldn’t be able to savor
the aroma.

With my hair let down after protecting it from the bath
water, and my face perfectly made-up I began to dress.
I slowly put my stockings on first, enjoying the silky
feel of them against my smooth legs. Next was the black
velvet bra, panties were unnecessary. I pulled on my
new black miniskirt, only ever worn to the fancy dress
party and slipped the see-through black lace blouse on.

I checked my reflection in the full-length mirror, and
liked what I saw. It’s not the way I usually dress, but
it was definitely the look I was aiming for that night.
There was one more thing to complete the effect. I got
my boots out of my bag and slid them on. That was it,
no turning back now, I’d need Alan’s help to get them
off again! I remember thinking to myself ‘Oh god, Alan,
don’t break down.’

Alan called me just after I’d finished getting ready to
let me know he’d be about another 15 minutes. That left
me enough time to make sure I’d tidied all my bits and
pieces away and to make myself another coffee,
preparing an extra cup for his arrival. It also gave me
enough time to wonder if I’d over estimated Alan, I
didn’t want him to think that just because I’d made an
effort to look as sexy and inviting as possible that
I’d expect him to ‘perform’ as soon as he arrived. He’d
have had a 5 hour drive and to be honest I was more
than prepared to wait as long as was necessary, it
would just be good to see him again. With my stomach
doing somersaults I waited for him to arrive.

There was a knock on the door and I rose to open it,
hiding myself behind it, just in case it wasn’t Alan.
It was Alan, and he came through the door, turned to
look at me and said ‘oh fuck’! From the look on his
face and the sudden appearance of a huge bulge in his
jeans I knew I hadn’t under-estimated him at all. He
came over to me, wrapped his arms around my waist but
resisted the urge to kiss my lipstick-covered mouth. ‘I
don’t want to spoil it,’ he said ‘you look amazing.’

I tried hard to persuade him to have a coffee and take
a break after his long drive but failed miserably, not
that I minded in the slightest. He guided me gently
towards the bed and looking at me with those huge
appealing eyes, said ‘Mandy, I need to fuck you, please
let me fuck you.’

The answer was easy, ‘On one condition Alan, you have
to let me smoke.’ Alan grinned from ear to ear as he
fetched my cigarettes, lighter and ashtray from the
dressing table. As I lay back on the pillows he took a
cigarette from the pack and placed it between my lips,
carefully avoiding smudging the lipstick. He sat beside
me on the bed as he held the lighter up and, once my
cigarette was lit, I took a long drag, inhaling deeply.

After holding the smoke in my lungs for a few moments I
exhaled in Alan’s face. He knew what I wanted, and
didn’t keep me waiting long. As Alan undressed I
watched him, becoming even more catlike than I usually
feel when I’m about to make love. I took lots of long
drags on my cigarette, leaving it dangling from my lips
as I eyed him hungrily. The room had already been smoky
when Alan had arrived, and it was getting a lot worse,
or should that be better?

Alan came back to the bed and lay down beside me,
running his hands and eyes all over me. We talked for a
little while, telling each other just how good it was
to be together again. I knew I looked good, and I
wanted to stay that way so I resisted the almost
overwhelming urge to pull his mouth down to mine and
kiss him hard.

His hand finally moved up under my skirt, parting my
thighs, gently caressing me. He slipped a finger inside
me, and smiled as he felt how wet I was, how eager to
play. My hand moved gently on his hard cock, loving the
feel of his maleness so close to me, but I wanted it
even closer. I parted my legs even further, inviting
him to enter me, guiding him home. My fingers dug into
his shoulders as I inhaled long and deep on my
cigarette, reveling in the feel of that first long firm
thrust as I arched my hips towards his.

I moaned softly with pleasure as the pace of his
thrusts increased and I lit another cigarette from the
remains of the spent one. There was still no kissing,
but we felt so close just gazing into each other’s
eyes. The heels of my boots dug into the bed when they
weren’t wrapped around his waist. I loved the feeling
of him through my stockings, caressing his butt and
legs with the silky nylon.

As I watched and felt Alan getting closer to orgasm I
lit another cigarette, leaving it to dangle sexily from
my mouth. I tightened every muscle deep inside me to
urge him on, and rubbed and scratched his back and
chest. ‘Alan, I want you to cum, don’t hold back, I
want it now,’ I said through my cigarette, blowing
smoke into his face as I spoke. His thrusts grew harder
and faster and I smiled up at him. As if I couldn’t
tell what was happening Alan moaned out ‘Oh Mandy, it’s
gonna cum, oh fuck Mandy, I’m coming!’

As Alan collapsed on top of me, trying desperately to
get his breath back, I held him close and we chuckled
at his eagerness, and the effect my appearance had had
on him. He’d been trying hard to hold back, not wanting
things to happen too quickly, but I love the urgency of
that first frantic fuck, and I always know it won’t be
long before we’ll get another chance and maybe take a
little longer. Sure enough it wasn’t long before we
started all over again!

The following morning was the usual story. Alan woke
first and as I felt him moving beside me I lit up, not
bothering to ask if he minded…he never does! After
several smoky fucks we finally decided to make a move
and go out for breakfast. I love it when we eat out; it
gives me a chance to tease Alan in public, knowing that
very few people realize what I am doing. I always make
sure I finish eating before Alan, and he eyes me
knowingly as I light up. There aren’t many people who
love having smoke blown at them over a meal so I’m very
lucky to have found one that does! I sat opposite him
practicing my French inhales, only recently mastered,
listening to his soft moans and watching his occasional
bashful look, as he got uncomfortable!

Once breakfast was done, we went and bought newspapers
and some magazines to read. The magazines were raunchy
and we lay on the bed later, discussing pro’s and con’s
of various pictures, most of them smoking ones,
laughing at some of the more unusual and less
flattering ones.

I love looking at magazines like that with Alan, we
share similar tastes, and to be honest I find they turn
me on. They seem to have the same effect on Alan,
because we always end up back in bed again and you’ll
never hear me complain about that. Sometimes we’ll
smoky fuck with a magazine open on the pillow next to
my head, talk about sensory overload, and I love it!

We got the first chance this weekend to do something
I’d always looked forward to. I’d taken along a video
machine, and Alan had brought along some videos.

Watching the first smoking video I’d ever seen, with
Alan, was a revelation. I loved watching those girls’
techniques, even as I had to bite my tongue a bit to
stop myself giggling at the corny scripts in places. I
learnt a lot from those videos, things I’d put into
practice over the fullness of time.

As the videos played during the long winter afternoon I
got more and more turned on, and I wasn’t alone in
that. I think Alan found it a bit of a novelty to watch
the videos that he’d seen before with someone else for
a change, and it wasn’t long before he wanted to fuck,
thankfully… the only problem was trying to keep
watching over his shoulder! It didn’t detract from the
pleasure though, and it became something we still love
doing together.

Later that evening I had something special planned for
Alan. Wearing almost the same thing that I’d worn the
night before (which had been well received) I tied
Alan, naked to a chair and stuck one of the videos on
the TV. There began a two-hour stretch of being
incessantly tormented, teased and caressed that had him
writhing and moaning with pleasure, and me loving every
minute of it.

I began by sitting near him on the end of the bed and
smoking, using every skill I’d learnt to turn him on,
and his cock was rigid in no time at all. I double-
dragged, French inhaled, let him see huge long exhales
from mouth and nose, but without letting him have the
smoke. He stretched as far forward as his bindings
would allow, desperate for my smoke, begging for it.
The more he begged however, the more determined I
became to make him wait.

Someone had suggested I ensure that every part of Alan
was stimulated (thanks Tom!) so I did my best o put
this into practice. In turn I gave my attention to his
thighs, his chest, his sensitive nipples, cock and
balls. Oh god he was eager, and it took all the self-
restraint I possessed not to untie him so that we could
fuck right then!

I managed to hold back for over two hours, finally
getting to see all the parts of the videos I’d missed
during the afternoon session, before releasing him from
the chair. Once some life had come back into his arms
(it’s surprising how much just keeping your limbs
still, even if not tightly tied, can affect
circulation) and as we moved across the smoky room to
the bed, the slave asked if I could be even harder on
him next time! From this far on, a year down the line,
I don’t hear that so much these days, which is a good

After making love several more times before finally
settling down in that oh, so comfortable position, with
me curled against his back, an arm resting on his thigh
we drifted off to sleep. A full eight hours later I
woke first, and just about resisted the urge to squeal
with glee at this. I carefully and quietly reached
across to the bedside table for my cigarettes and
lighter. One day maybe someone will invent a cigarette
lighter that’s silent, but in the meantime I held my
breath as I lit up, hoping it wouldn’t wake him.

I took a huge long drag on my cigarette and moved
closer to Alan, sleeping peacefully lying on his back,
and exhaled slowly over his face. It would seem that
even asleep he’s still tuned into smoking, as he moaned
softly and moved his face against the smoke. I took
another long drag of my first cigarette of the day and
again let my smoke pass over his mouth and nose. He
rolled over and pulled me closer as I took another drag
and let him have my smoke in a long deep kiss. He
returned my smoke, which made it taste even better,
sweeter than when it’s only been in my mouth.

‘Fuck me, Alan, please’ I asked. He obliged me with a
smile, moving over me and entering me so gently, though
I was already wet and ready for him. I entwined my legs
with his as I got a fresh cigarette from my packet and
left it dangling from my lips. My hands were free to
caress his back and chest, run through his hair and
down his neck. I inhaled deeply and often, gently
blowing my smoke up at Alan’s eager face. I closed my
eyes for a little while, just savoring the feel of him
moving inside me, feeling the weight of him, listening
to his softly murmured words.

I don’t know what was different that morning, which
hadn’t happened during our previous times making love,
but something definitely was. I felt the strangest
sensations building up within me. At first I didn’t
want to say anything in case I was wrong, then I knew I
was right, and even though I knew Alan was close to
orgasm I asked him breathlessly not to stop.

I started to have a ‘fucking cum,’ for only the second
time in my entire life, though fortunately it wasn’t
the last. I panted and moaned, my fingers digging into
his strong shoulders, as I felt waves of sheer pleasure
wash over me, before we both collapsed and I held Alan
tightly against me in almost stunned silence. Well,
there was silence as I got my breath back, before I
told him excitedly what I’d felt, and how good it had

After going out for breakfast the rest of the day
passed far too quickly as we lay and talked in bed,
occasionally looking at magazines and videos and

Unfortunately by the evening I’d already started to
feel the impending departure and got into a pretty bad
mood. Well, I say ‘unfortunately’ but as it turned out
it had its benefits. Alan felt like playing again one
more time before we had to pack and leave in the
morning. I decided I’d do my best to give him what he
wanted, along with some memories to take away with him
the following day.

I dressed and made-up and then put handcuffs on Alan.
He looked quite vulnerable like that, but I thought
there was something extra I could do. I got a long,
black silk scarf and wrapped it twice around his head,
blindfolding him very effectively. It’s surprising the
effect that cutting off one of our basic senses has on
enhancing those that are left. I moved around him
quietly and he had no idea where I was, as he stood
naked in the middle of that room. I moved closer to
him, not saying a word and kissed his mouth, exhaling
smokily, as he jumped in surprise.

As Alan continued to stand there I began to talk to
him, telling him what a useless slave he’d been. He
couldn’t leave my cigarettes alone, and he knows that
cigarettes are reserved for Mistresses, and slaves only
get to smoke when their Mistress decides they’ve earned
it. I placed a leather collar around the slave’s neck
and got the leash out of my bag. After putting his
balls and cock through the loop in the end I fastened
it to the collar. Mmm, nice, it fitted perfectly.

I grasped the leash and continued to berate the
pathetic slave, complaining that my boots hadn’t been
cleaned properly. ‘On your knees,’ I demanded. ‘Now
start licking, until I tell you to stop’ I said, as I
sat down raising a boot to his mouth. His tongue licked
every inch of that boot, his mouth sucked on the heel
and the toe, before I gave him the other one to clean.
I moved my foot around making it awkward for him to
find it blindfolded, but he kept trying, until his legs
began to tremble at having knelt on the floor for so

That was all the excuse I needed! ‘Get up, slave, NOW!’
I commanded. Easier said than done, as it turned out.
With some assistance the slave got to his feet only to
have me push him over the back of a chair, with his
chest supported on the back. ‘You’ve no stamina slave,
you need training’ I told him, as I slapped my riding
crop against my boot. ‘You’re going to learn to do as
you’re told, without a word of complaint, or a sign of
weakness, because that’s what I want.’ I bore in mind
the slave’s comments from the night before, along with
my frustration at our impending separation as I used
the whip on his ass, six strokes on each cheek as he
winced and squirmed. He would be taking more than
memories away with him; he’d take the marks too.

After dealing with the slave’s punishment for the time
being I felt he could do with being tested again. As
I’d stood whipping him my cigarette ash had fallen to
the floor so I pushed him to his knees and ordered him
to lick it up. This isn’t as easy as it might sound
when you recall he’s still wearing a blindfold. I held
him by the hair as I guided him to the fallen ash. Each
time the slave got a mouthful of that exotic tasting
stuff he gratefully uttered the words ‘thank you,
Mistress.’ The slave passed that test, so it was onto
another one. I released the handcuffs only to refasten
them in front of him, and push him on to all fours
quickly enough to avoid him having the chance to play
with his rock hard cock!

I got another of my ‘toys’ from my weekend bag; my
little white vibrator. As I turned it on and listened
to the gentle buzz I saw my slave move his hips in
anticipation. ‘Oh yes slave, you like getting fucked
like this, don’t you’ I taunted him. ‘Oh no, Mistress’
he said, ‘but I’ll do anything you want me to, but
please, be gentle,’ what a cheek! As I pushed the
lightly greased vibrator into his tight hole he groaned
softly, but soon started moving in time with my
thrusts. I made sure I pushed down a little each time I
moved forwards, stimulating his sensitive G spot until
the cum started to drip from his cock and he begged me
to stop.

I wasn’t quite finished with him yet, though. I watched
as he stumbled to his feet, still cuffed in front and
blindfolded. After letting him get his bearings a
little I told him what I expected of him next. ‘You’re
going to smoke for me, slave’ I smiled, not that he
could see ‘you’re going to smoke and play with yourself
until you cum.’ ‘Yes Mistress, I’ll try’ he said as
bravely as he could. I lit three cigarettes, it was a
shame he couldn’t see, and told him to open his mouth
so I could put two of them between his lips.

‘Come on slave’ I jeered my novice smoker, ‘you’re
going to have to work fast, or I’ll make you smoke
another double! I want to see lots of long deep drags,
and no cheating, you’re not to take breaths of fresh
air in between.’ His hand moved quickly, as he
struggled to keep smoking, knowing I was watching his
every move, feeling the end of my riding crop against
his thighs and balls. It wasn’t long before he came,
gasping and thrusting into space, sending his cum all
over the carpet and he greedily sucked in air as I
removed the finished cigarettes from his mouth. Of
course with all the smoking we’d been doing between us
during the evening the air was far from fresh.

I released him from his cuffs and took the blindfold
off, smiling as he tried to open his eyes in the
comparatively bright light. I opened the window for him
as he stumbled to the sofa and thrust his head and
shoulders outside. You’d almost think he didn’t like

We slept well again that night, and woke early to fuck
three times before packing everything away and signing
out of the hotel. Strangely enough, although I’d not
looked forward to parting it was easier than usual,
probably because we’d had a little longer together.

** ** **

Well, this story was started almost a year ago and
things have changed quite a lot in that time. We’re
still very much together, meeting up around once a
month. Our relationship has moved on, along with our
‘play,’ and it has developed into something very
special. It’s actually quite hard to write about the
things we do now, partly because of changed
circumstances and free time being limited, but also
because it’s even more personal now.

I’ll try to write something up, one day, but I think it
might be fictionalized somewhat.

Our weekends tend to take place at home these days,
which is great because it gives us some freedoms not
available in hotels (such as coffee ‘on tap’ and meals
when we want them). The only drawback is that we get to
do the washing up, and it’s my carpets that get messed

Living 500 miles apart is extremely difficult
sometimes, especially around times like the Christmas
holidays, but it does make for wonderful reunions!

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