My Wife Takes a Lover

I have always had this fantasy of watching another man
taking my wife, sexually. I have discussed it with her,
but while I can see it interests her, she has always
refused to do it. Not that she is a prude or anything.
But she was a virgin when we married, and has always
said that I am the only man she has ever needed.

We have been married 17 years, and she looks even better
now than when we first married. When we were married,
Brenda was 20 years old. She weighed about 125lbs, and
had waist length light brown hair. Her hair is now
shorter and she has lost 15 lbs. in all the right
places. She is my green-eyed beauty. I have always
wanted the best for her.

That’s why its always troubled me that she never
seemed totally satisfied with our lovemaking. I
always felt rather that if she experienced a larger
endowed guy, she could truly be satisfied.

I’m not very big myself (4.5″) what everyone used to
call a “pencil-dick” in high school. I have discussed
the idea of her having sex with another man on
numerous occasions in the last few years. The only
time she has shown any interest is when we are having
sex. It has never failed to get her really going.

Using the idea of a tall(I’m 5’5″), muscular (I’m 135
lbs.), well hung man has never failed to bring her to
the brink of orgasm. But afterwards, her attitude would
always change. She always says it’s just a fantasy, and
to leave it at that.

We were on our way recently to Indiana to visit some
new friends. We had been driving for a good while when
it started to rain. As the rain came down harder, we
started looking for a place to pull over. Soon we gave
up on finding a restaurant or rest area, and stopped
under one of the overpasses.

Just as we pulled up under it, we saw a hitchhiker
running up under the same overpass. He was bundled up
under a rain poncho, with a backpack over one shoulder.
We both looked at him as he shook the water out of his
hair and clothes. He gave us a half smile and kept on
with the business of getting dry.

Then, Brenda did something very typical for her. She
rolled down the window and offered him a dry towel from
the back seat of our car. He thanked her and introduced
himself (Tony). He talked to us (mostly her) as he dried
his hair.

Brenda seemed fascinated by him. I could have been in
another part of the country for all it mattered to her.

Tony had removed his poncho and said he was going to
change into some dry clothes. I reached over and un-
locked the back door of the car and told him he could
sit down to make the change easier in the back seat.

I saw a chance for my fantasy to come to life, and I
was going to help it along all I could. Tony put his
backpack on the trunk lid and pulled out a set of
clean, dry clothes. As he stood by the back door, I
looked at Brenda. She looked back at me like I have
only seen during our sexual fantasy. Yeah! She was
think what I was thinking. I was suddenly hard as a
rock. Would she go through with it? I could Only
hope. I waited with baited breath.

Tony stood in the doorway and removed the wet T-shirt
that was plastered to his skin, revealing a very well
defined chest. Brenda kept staring him. She no longer
cared if I saw her looking at him.

I knew my fantasy had a chance, I just knew it. It was
dark out, but the open door kept the light on in the
car. Tony sat in the back seat long enough to remove
his wet shoes and socks. He smiled at Brenda and said
he couldn’t wait to get out of his wet clothing.

He locked eyes with my wife for more than a comfortable
moment then looked at me. He gave me a half smile while
I could see his eyes darting about, sizing me up. I
guess he thought me no challenge, because the next thing
he did was unbuckle his wet jeans, and take them off!

Dangling before us was the largest prick I had ever
seen! The cocky bastard wasn’t wearing any underpants.

Brenda let out an audible gasp when she saw his manly
tool. Tony dried himself with the towel, but made no
real effort to cover himself. As he dried his crotch,
his prick started to swell a little. Brenda’s nipples
stuck out proudly beneath her blouse too. She was ready.
You could smell her scent all over the car.

Tony sized up the situation and moved around to her
window and stood there drying his hair with the towel
as his semi-erect prick swung back and forth at my
wife’s eye level. Brenda was breathing very heavily
now, and had begun to touch her left breast, fondling
the nipple absently.

She then did something I had always wanted her to
do, but never thought would happen; she reached
out and touched the head of his prick. Both of them
groaned at thesame time. Tony’s prick stood completely
at attention within a couple of seconds. It was close
to 10″ with a very prominent deep purple head. It
looked huge.

I groaned in my own lust as my pretty wife started
jerking Tony’s cock slowly with both hands wrapped
around it. The head still stood up above her hands. It
was the size of an apple with a large slit. I held my
breath as Brenda leaned over and licked a spot of
pre-cum off the head of it. He and I both groaned in
ecstasy at the sight.

When she started to swallow his prick, I decided to
help things along by taking off her clothing. I un-
buttoned her blouse and pulled it off her, her hands
coming off his prick just long enough for me to pull
the sleeves off her arms. She lifted her hips to let
me take off her skirt before I even gestured to her to
do so. She was ready, actually a better description of
my lovely Brenda was frantic. She was totally lost on
that man’s high cock. And Tony was loving it too.
She managed to get the entire head in her mouth as
I was easing her wet panties off over her hips and
down her legs.

Tony pulled his giant toy out of her mouth and opened
her door. Brenda turned towardhim and laid back in her
seat with her head in my lap and her feet outside the

She didn’t look at me, only at Tony. He lowered his
head between her legs and started to tease her by
tonguing her pussy slit without touching her clit. He
licked her legs, planted kisses over her sparse pubic
hair, and breathed hot breath on her clit, but did not
touch it.

She started moaning loudly, as an orgasm ripped
through her, and Tony hadn’t even touched her clit
yet. Finally, he stuckout his tongue and lapped her

Brenda started to actually cry for joy. She kept
moaning, “Yes…yes!”

Tony would look up occasionally during his exertions
to check my reaction. Once, he even winked at me.

He ate her like a master. I counted four orgasms for
Brenda. Then, just when I thought she was about to
come again, he raised himself up over her. The head
of his prick smashed up against her cunt, but could
not force its way in.

Brenda was only used to my smaller prick and it
would take some work to open that much for a truly
large cock. Tony grabbed his shaft and ran the head
up and down her slit slathering his copious precum
onto her swollen pussy lips. He then shifted up so
that his prick sawed between her outer lips, bumping
her clit.

Brenda was willing, she kept moving her hips upward,
trying to capture his cock head between her cunt lips.
All three of us were at the stage where we were mouth-
breathing. The windows were all fogged up. But if
anyone were to drive by, they could see two pairs of
legs sticking out. Luckily, the rear door was still
open to block most of the view.

Tony shifted his hips again and lined his prick up
with my wife’s cunt. Brenda reached down to hold
herself open for him. He gave a sharp thrust, and
about half of the flared head pushed its way in. Tony
raised up and leaned into her, letting his weight do
the work for him. With a sudden inaudible “pop”, his
whole head was in!

Brenda’s tight body shivered in another orgasm and
she hooked her heels behind his knees. Her greedy
cunt lips held tightly right behind his cock head as
she grabbed his hips and tried to pull him into her.
Tony thrust his hips forward again and drove about 2
more inches into my lovely horny wife. He then
dragged those inches back out and thrust forward
again. He kept up this pace and gradually managed
to get in all but the last 3 inches of his mighty shaft
in her.

As he f****d more of his cock into my wife, his face
came closer and closer to mine. I could see the
sweat on his face. He looked down at the spot where
they were joined, then up at me.

Then the bastard smirked at me as he drove all the
way into her. Brenda cried out. She was his to do
whatever he pleased. His feet were braced on the
pavement outside, and he used them for leverage.

Brenda moaned that he was right at her cervix. I had
never been there before, nor would I ever. But then,
I could never make her cum like he was doing either.

It then hit me; he wasn’t wearing a condom. He was
riding bareback in my wife! I don’t even get to do
that! I wondered if he would pull out, or cum in her,
filling her up. I wondered if she would let him.

The car was rocking side to side with the force of
their movements, all you could hear was the squeaking
of the suspension and the grunts of the couple
thrusting away at each other.

Then Tony grabbed her legs, and hooked his arms under
them. He braced one hand on the dashboard, and the
other one on my shoulder! He was using me as a support
to get better leverage into my wife.

You could smell the sex in the air. I could hear his
flesh smacking against hers. She was begging him to
come in her. “Fuck me, come in me, FUCK ME YOU BASTARD,
FUCK ME HARDER!” She screamed as if crazed.

Just then Tony said he was going to come. He pushed
himself balls deep into my Brenda and groaned loudly,
while she shrieked as another orgasm hit her. She said
she could feel him coming in her. I could see both of
their bodies trembling as they took their pleasure in
each other. It was an amazing sight.

While my wife clung tightly to her newfound toy, Tony
tried to catch his breath. He slapped me on the shoulder
and gave me another wink. He said that Brenda was the
hottest piece he’d ever had.

As he eased up off her, a thread of their mixed fluids
joined them from her inflamed cunt lips to his still
half-hard cock. As he stood up straight outside the car,
a car passed by. It was the first one since all this had
started. Tony was naked for the world to see. So was

We invited Tony to make the trip with us. He fucked my
wife several more times on that trip. She rode the whole
way on his lap, without underwear and his fly open when-
ever needed.

I think he wants to make her pregnant. I don’t think I
could stop it from happening. I don’t know that I would
want to stop it.

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