A couple’s first time making love in their office

Laura’s coming out our office door as I’m coming in,
and suddenly we’re face to face, less than six inches
between us. I realize this is my chance, one that I’ll
probably never have again, but I have half a second to
take it or it’s gone. So I grab her lapels in my fists,
pull her body into mine, and kiss her hard on the

I keep my eyes open, just to make sure, and I see her
eyes go wide too. She wasn’t expecting this. I lick the
tip of my tongue over her teeth and between, exploring
the warm texture of her soft palette. I pause a moment
to give her a moment to pull away if she wants.

Laura doesn’t kiss me back, but she also doesn’t try to
move away, so I let go of her bomber jacket to wrap my
arms around her waist. My right hand moves slowly up
her spine, feeling her taut runner’s muscles quiver
under my touch. My left hand drifts down to her belt,
but I resist the urge to cup her ass. I love her, I
admit, and I don’t want this to be over too quickly.

After nearly a minute I break our kiss and lift my
mouth off her, but I keep her body pressed into mine.
Not hard, you understand. She could break free if she
wants. But I sure hope she doesn’t.

“Neil?” she whispers.

“If you want me to stop,” I breathe, “just give the

“What…” She rolls her eyes down to my throat, where I
imagine she can see my pulse. My heart is beating so
fast. “What brought this on?”

“I didn’t plan this, I assure you.”

Laura nods, distractedly, like she didn’t really hear
me. She opens her lips to speak, but nothing comes out.
I watch her swallow, hard. Her mouth is so beautiful.
Lips thin but round, and firmer than I’d imagined, with
small white teeth. I love to watch her talk, because
her bow-shaped mouth is hypnotic in its movements. She
has a small scar by the right corner of her mouth,
maybe a chicken pox scar from childhood. I don’t know
exactly what it is, and I never thought it appropriate
to ask, but it dances as she speaks to me. I’ve wanted
to give her a quick peck on that scar since I first met
her, so now I do. Her skin is warm under my lips.

“Why?” she finally asks.

“Because I love you.”

“Me?” Her creamy face is slightly round under a head of
curls the color of sunset, and when she blushes the
color is almost too beautiful to be real. She takes a
deep breath between her teeth, and I feel her breasts
press into me through my shirt. “Neil?”

“I thought you knew.”

“I had no idea.”

“Oh, Laura.” I whisper her name, and the feel of it on
my lips reminds me of the prayers I said at my bedside
when I was a boy. “We’ve been bantering back and forth
across our desks for nearly a year now.”

“But… but I thought…” Her wide green eyes move all
over my face.

“You thought what? That I would praise your beauty and
pledge my devotion just to make you laugh at work? That
I would say you were everything a man could hope for
just to pass the time?”

“Well, yes.”

I slip two fingers through her belt loop and draw
little circles on the small of her back with my thumb.
“Is that what you did?”

“Um, no, but I…” She can’t seem to find words.

“Do you want me to stop?” I begin to ruck her shirt
tail up from her jeans, inch by inch, under her jacket.

“I don’t know.”

I lean in and give her a slow, gentle kiss between her
eyes. “I love you,” I breathe, and my breath on her
skin gives her visible goose bumps. “I need you,” I
say, and kiss her left cheek. “I dream about you when
I’m alone,” I say, and kiss her right cheek. “I cry for
you when you’re not here with me,” and I kiss her on
the lips again, not so hard this time, but with the
same warm urgency.

That’s when I feel her arms lift. She puts her hands on
my hips, and her long, light fingers are like fire
through my jeans. She still seems tentative, though,
like she’s scared to give in to me.

I lift my mouth off her lips and press my forehead into
hers. “Tell me to stop and I will,” I say. “Is that
what you want?”

“I don’t know,” she repeats.

“I only want this if you want it too. I want to
disappear into your flesh. I want to get lost in your

“But I don’t just want to give away my body,” she
whispers back. Her eyes are closed and her voice
trembles. “I’m not some office whore.”

“No, you’re not.”

“I don’t know what people say I am…”

“You’re Laura, the woman I see when I close my eyes.
You’re Laura, the voice who answers when I pray. And I
don’t want your body, Laura: I want to belong to you.”

Her hands slide around to embrace my ass. For a moment
her tapered fingers lift, then she gives me a light
squeeze and raises up to kiss me.

What a mouth. Her lips open so little, her teeth
gleaming, and when I put my mouth to hers I feel her
breath, warm and fluttering. She’s still afraid, I
realize, but not of me. Her feelings must be so big and
so sudden; I can’t imagine what she might be going
through right now.

As we kiss, her hands begin to explore my back. She
takes a big fistful of my shirt and pulls it up. I feel
my shirt tail slide from under my belt, and she plants
one warm palm flat on my skin. That’s when the fear
hits me too.

What have I started? Her hand is so soft, so warm. We
can never go back after this is over. She rakes her red
nails across my spine. Do I deserve this marvel that is
Laura? One finger slips under my belt and touches the
crack of my ass.

No fear anymore. I reach up to grab her jacket, and she
lifts her arms just long enough to shrug it off. I drop
it on the floor beside us and stick one foot out behind
me to kick the office door close. Most of the staff has
gone home, but you never know.

“Promise me,” she says.

“Promise you what?”

“I don’t know. But promise me, and I’ll know if it’s

I lean my face down so my lips just brush the cup of
her ear. “I promise I’m here for you,” I whisper, and
as my breath puffs into her ear I feel her shiver
against my body. “I promise to be yours, and you can
decide what’s too far and what’s far enough. I
promise…” I can’t think for a moment. My heart is
racing. I never thought this would ever happen, it was
a choice of an instant, but now it’s real. “I promise
myself to you for as long as you’ll have me.”

Laura slides her head down to bury her face in the
hollow of my shoulder. Neither of us moves for a
moment. We’re like statues. But every frightened,
fluttering breath presses her further into my body, and
her skin is so warm under my hands. I wait for her to
decide what’s next.

Finally Laura’s hands slide around to the front of my
body and she grasps me by the belt. “I promise you the
same,” she says, so soft I almost can’t hear her, then
she pulls me away from the door and out into the middle
of the room, where we sink gratefully into the carpet.

Her blue silk blouse has big square buttons, and I take
my time sliding each button through its hole. I let my
fingers linger at her breasts, and just the thumbs dip
into her cleavage, hooking lightly under her bra, the
tips resting on her soft secret skin. She unbuckles my
belt and opens my fly. We both pause in our rhythms and
lean in together for another kiss. Her tongue is so
warm, so firm, more even than I could have dreamed

Laura sits up just a moment to shrug out of her blouse,
and turns to let me admire her body. Her timing is so
perfect, and so is her frame. She’s no rail-thin
fashion model, in fact she’s maybe got a little more
than average on her bones, which she’s hidden well
under her clothes. But each ounce is in just the right
place, with firm breasts and a gently curving belly,
arms so smooth, muscles lightly toned by years of

I roll up onto one elbow and kiss her gently on her
navel. She giggles softly.

“I love you,” I say into her belly.

She strokes my hair with her soft slim fingers. “I need
you,” she whispers back.

I lie down and let her pull my shirt up over my
shoulders without unbuttoning. Only then does it occur
to me that I’m not as athletic as her, she might think
I’m too soft. My body probably looks flabby and slack
to her. But she cups her hands over my nipples and
presses me over onto my back.

Laura straddles me. We’re both shirtless now, and as
she leans down to kiss me, I reach up to unhook her
bra. She lifts her arms so it slides off, and as we
press our bodies together her bra is caught between us.
When she rises I can see her breasts. She has the most
crimson nipples I’ve ever seen, now erect against her
creamy pale skin, with gentle areolas moving back. I’m
amazed how little her firm round breasts move as she
sways back to open her jeans.

I raise up my hands to cup Laura’s breasts, and she
smiles down at me. She leans forward, crushing herself
into my hands. Her heart pounds into the palm of my
hand, racing just as fast as mine. Here we both are,
doing something we never planned. Both scared but so
caught up in the moment that there’s no turning away. I
give her breasts a light squeeze as she leans into me.
She wraps her hands over mine as she leans forward to
kiss my mouth again.

Then she leaps up, opens her jeans, and steps out of
them, leaving her standing in front of me in nothing
but a pair of damp silk panties. The chiseled lines of
her leg muscles glisten tan and taut under a fine layer
of sweat. She drops to one knee and grasps the waist of
my jeans, hooking her thumbs into my boxers as she
does. I raise my buttocks off the carpet and she yanks,
leaving me naked before her in one smooth stroke.

“Is this real?” I ask, not daring to believe it might

“I don’t know,” she replies, as she stretches out atop
me. “But if it’s a dream, I hope it lasts.”

Laura slides her hands under my shoulders and pulls,
rolling me over on top of her, and as I land I bend to
run my tongue between her breasts. Her skin tastes of
salt and wind. Perhaps she took lunch at the park. She
laces her fingers through my hair and presses my head
into her body, steering me from one nipple to another.
I circle each with my tongue, then take the tips
lightly between my teeth and give each a quick nip. She
gives a small yelp and arches her back into me,
pressing us closer until I struggle to breath.

With her body pressing up to me, I slip my hands under
her back. Her shoulder blades are hard and sharp in my
palms. The muscles of her back flex and roll as my
hands slide down, and when I cup her ass in both palms,
I realize there’s not an inch of her that isn’t firm
under my fingers. I slide her panties down, and she
lifts her legs up to let me pull them off.

I take some skin of her belly between my teeth and suck
on it. She moans and pushes herself against me. Our
bodies are hot, wet, pulses racing. Her skin tastes
fresh, clean. She’s like summer, like wind, like every
dream where she’s crossed my brain. I raise myself back
up so our faces are level.

Her mouth is warm and her jaws work on me as we explore
each other’s mouths. I pause a moment and lift my face
off hers. “Laura.”


“Are you ready?”

“I need this,” she whispers, sounding like she’s just
run a marathon.

“But are you ready?”


As we kiss again I raise my body up to find her. I
slide into her, not all at once, but just a few inches.
She’s no virgin, but she’s warm and tight, with
athletic muscles which rub against me and feel so good.
I pull back and thrust, pushing just a little further,
oh, so warm, further, so tight, oh, further, oh, is it
real, oh, is it us, oh, Laura I love you, oh, Laura I
need you, oh, Laura.



And we kiss and we make love and her flesh so warm,
mouth so willing, breasts so firm, back so strong, legs
reaching around to grip me, Laura, her hair in my eyes,
oh, my hands holding her ass, she strokes my spine in
time, oh, she smells like new rain, Laura, her eyes
green, flashing like lightning, oh Laura.

And she whispers. “Neil. Yes. Like that. More. More!
Yes! Neil! Neil!”

“Laura! Goddess!”



And I feel it on me, her eyes go wide, I push, I push,
I start to come. It’s like a dam breaks. I push. I
come. “Laura!”

“Neil! Oh!”

And I feel her, she pushes, she clenches, her legs, her
cunt, her arms, she clenches, so, so, yes, I, she, I,
we, love, yes, you, I, yes, oh, so, Laura, love, oh,
yes, I, you, you, love, you…

I suck in a breath, one big lungful, that’s when I
realize I haven’t been breathing. We lie there, me
still in her, arms and legs holding tight. We’re
covered in sweat. The room smells of sex. We don’t dare
move. The clock ticks on the wall. Our office is
silent. I lean in so my lips just brush the cup of her

“I love you.”

“Promise me,” she whispers back.


“You have me. I’m yours. Promise me you won’t leave me.
Promise me this isn’t you using me one time.”

“Laura, Laura. I could never leave you.” I kiss her, I
glide my tongue into her hair and taste her sweat. “I
belong to you,” I tell her. “I’m yours. Only yours.”

She sinks her face into the hollow of my shoulder
again, where she plants a kiss and sucks on my skin.
Her gorgeous muscular legs, still wrapped around me,
slide up and down my thighs as she digs her nails into
my back. I feel my heart beating faster.

“I love you,” she whispers.

And that’s all I’ve wanted to hear. I feel my balls
tightening again, ready to make more love with this
goddess of women. I bend to kiss the back of her neck.
“Laura,” I whisper, as I gently start to move inside
her. “Laura.”

The workday at this office will never be the same

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