Hard Fuck At Work

The young woman gasped, her naked body steeply arched. Her breasts were swollen turgid and they thrust upward as her back bowed. Her hands flew up to clench the wrought-iron bedposts. Her face jerked to one side and her mouth opened in an ululating moan. Her hips quivered and lurched. Leaning over her on outstretched

New Girl At Work

I work at a large computer company, and about eight months ago, we hired a new programmer named Debbie Childers. Short, Jewish Princess type, with broad hips, a baby face, and a massive chest. I watched her constantly. I wanted nothing more than to put my hands under her blouse and play with those tits

A Boss Like A Father

Well, my thinking that first night wasn’t all that clear with all the shots we had been taking. We were both pretty toasted, thousands of miles away from home on a business trip. We work for a large corporation. I’m a regional manager for our business, and she’s a direct report. We work very closely