A guy gets dominated and get orgasm by an ex- girlfriend

I was out at my usual hangout when I spotted my ex-
girlfriend Julia at the other end of the bar. I hadn’t
seen her in at least a year. Julia had been an oddity
for me, as far as sexual partners go. I usually go for
the pale, cute, petite, sensitive and submissive girls.
Julia was quite different.

She was the only girl I had ever dated who I could
describe as a hard-body type. She’s 5’8′ tanned & lean
and has a predatory look about her. Not to mention an
incredible ass. I think it was that which made me
deviate from my usual pattern and ask her out. We dated
for a couple of months and then mutually ended things.

Sex with Julia was of the “ok” sort, which I found
unfortunate. To be in bed with such a physically hot
body (scrumptious clean shaved pussy too), but not to
feel any real passion was a disappointment to me. I put
it down to not being able to establish an emotional

I found Julia not to be cold, but simply disconnected.
She wasn’t very forthcoming about the things that turn
her on, and sadly I wasn’t able to bring any passion
out of her. I put this down to both my own lack of
ability and the possibility that she was simply
uninteresting sexually. Either way, I don’t think that
either of us was too crushed when we decided to move on
to other pastures.

Anyway, I found myself looking at her across the bar, I
felt a little pang of regret about my past performance
with her. She looked hot as always, wearing tight black
vinyl hot-pants and knee high boots. I thought to
myself that I was probably a little too soft with her
during the time that we were together.

Since she was probably the most conventionally
attractive girl that I ever dated, and in great demand
from other guys, I let her get away with things that I
had never my other girls get away with in an attempt
not to upset or offend her. I accepted tepid, shallow
blowjobs, tried extra hard to be sensitive, and never
introduced her to the kinky dark-side of my sexual

I would have never dreamed of approaching Julia again,
if it had not been for one lingering little
reminiscence of my short time with her. One small scrap
of information about her that continued to intrigue me.
This small item was brought back to mind full force by
seeing her stalking around my favorite hangout in her
little-miss-fuck-me vinyl outfit.

Several times throughout our relationship, Julia would
tell me that she liked to work out in a gym. This
didn’t surprise me, since she had such a lithe, toned
body. She would invariably inform me during the course
of our conversation that she had worked out that day,
and talk about how “buff” she was getting. Of course, I
would compliment her that she looked good.

Then oddly, she would make some sort of remark implying
that she was in such good shape that she was probably
stronger than me! Self-depreciating as I am, I always
agreed with her that she probably was (never believing
that for a moment).

It’s hard for me now to believe that at the time, I
never even gave her remarks a second thought, because
in the subsequent year since we broke up, I had become
quite obsessively interested in physical and sexual
domination of all sorts. Whenever I thought about Julia
(which was seldom), I had wondered if she really was
that strong, and could be a dominant woman.

She had never shown such a side at all during our
sexual contact. Seeing her then, in the bar, these
thoughts had begun to take hold in my mind again. I
decided to find out. I approached her at the bar,
looked directly into her eyes and stated simply, “You
look like you’ve been working out bitch!”

An hour later, I was staring across my living room at
Julia, who was stripped down to her black bra and
little vinyl short shorts. I too was stripped to my
boxer shorts. I guess it wasn’t too hard to convince
her of the necessity of seeing who was really stronger.
We would wrestle until one of us asked for “mercy”. And
it was I who suggested to make things more
“interesting” by placing various items around the room
for use should things take a sexual turn (which of
course they would).

Very quickly, what I had envisioned as an arousing bit
of sexy wrestling took a turn that I had never
expected. It turns out that Julia was a bit more
serious about this stuff than I had ever dreamed. After
a bit of grappling (in which I found out she was every
bit as strong as I wished), she punched me in the
stomach with a f****d that doubled me over in pain and
I went down on the floor on my knees, struggling to

“HA! That was so fucking easy!” she shouted.

“Shit! I didn’t think you were gonna fucking punch me!”
I gasped.

“Too bad pussy, now say “mercy” or I’ll do it again.”

I was in a state of shock. This was not at all what I
had expected out of this. And the bitch had called me a
pussy. I began to get mad through the pain. I told her
that I would not be saying “mercy” any time soon.

“Ok, just remember that you asked for it.”

I was still on my knees at her feet. She hauled back
and kicked me in the stomach hard with her bare foot.
If I was in pain before, that memory was erased by the
kick, which sent me absolutely reeling in a wave of
pain and nausea. I was out. The “fight” was over before
it had even begun. Through my glazed eyes, I saw that
Julia calmly sat down on my living room couch and
casually began to hum to herself and thumb through a
magazine, while I lay on the ground helpless and
writhing in pain.

This bizarre scene went on for about three minutes,
until I managed to recover slightly and get to my
knees. Julia then walked over to me and helped me up to
my feet. She gazed into my eyes. She was calm, cool and
serene. I was shaking with tears flowing down my face,
humiliated. She caressed my hair with her left hand and
planted a kiss on my lips.

“Are you ok?” she whispered.

“I guess,” I was trembling.

“Good. Because you still haven’t said MERCY!”

Her left hand grabbed my hair and she slapped me hard
across the face with her right. I probably would have
fallen again but she was holding me up by the hair.
Again and again she slapped me. Stinging, humiliating
blows coming from a slim120lb girl and I was helpless
to stop her. She thrust my face right into hers an spat
on me.

“I changed my mind pussy. I don’t want you to say mercy
anymore. In fact don’t even bother trying. It won’t
matter. Instead, I’m going to use your sorry ass. Make
you my bitch. See, I’m a changed girl, different than
you remember.”

That was the understatement of the century. I had no
idea what she intended to do to me, but I realized in
my debilitated condition, there was no way I was going
to stop her.

“Now my little pussy, we can make this relatively easy
or we can make it hard. Very hard. You decide. You can
get on your knees right now, or I can beat the shit out
of you some more. I think you’ll make the right
decision. On your knees, NOW!”

I thought for a moment about fighting back, and found
that I was afraid. Afraid. In my own home, with a girl
that I had fucked numerous times I was afraid. The fear
came from the fact that I was truly unsure whether this
girl would hurt me seriously. I could end up in the
hospital or even dead. My strength to fight back was
sapped to the point where I thought it would be best to
obey. I sank to my knees.

“Now you can start by showing me how much you like my
ass. You always said I had a great ass, right?”

She quickly stripped off her little shorts, turned and
stuck her ass in my face. The irony is that on any
number of occasions, I would have been happy to suck
her beautiful ass, but she had never shown any
inclinations toward this type of thing. Now she was
bumping and grinding, shoving my face into her ass and
instructing me to tongue her anus.

“Ugghhh, yes bitch… deeper… get your tongue in
there… come on boy, do it right. FUCK YEAH!”

As I licked and licked my recovery increased to the
point where I was not so much in pain, but simply
overwhelmed by emotions. I realized that I was
incredibly turned on by this treatment. Being dominated
by this psychotic bitch-vixen was something out of my
dreams, or nightmares. Julia roughly extracted my head
from her ass, threw me down on my back, grabbed my
boxer shorts and ripped them off. She noticed my huge

“Oooh, looks like you’ve got a little problem there.
Maybe I can help you out with that. Or maybe not.”

She stomped hard on my sore stomach, incapacitating me
yet again. Standing over my prone body she pressed her
small foot onto my face, turning my head sideways onto
the floor, putting just enough pressure to force my
cheek onto the floor. She stood over me, posing

“Ref, I believe he is pinned. You may start the count.
Oops, I forgot. There’s no ref, I’ll have to do it
myself, ONE, TWO, THREE. The winner and new champion;

She was maniacal.

“Pussy, it’s too bad for you that this was a
submission-only match, no pins. Otherwise it would not
be over. I guess I’ll just have to carry on. You look
hungry, I guess I’ll have to feed you something.”

She rubbed her exquisite and deadly little foot all
over my face, literally rubbing my face in her total
dominance over me.

“Open up sweety, time for dinner.”

She took great satisfaction in shoving her foot into my
gaping mouth. Her foot was small enough for me to
stretch my lips entirely around it. I could feel her
toes touch the back of my throat as she slid her foot
over and over again into my obscenely stretched mouth.

“That’s right bitch, suck it. Suck it like a big fat
dick, come on pussy, deep throat my little foot. GAG ON

Every once in a while she would pull it out and slap my
face roughly with it or pinch my nose with her toes,
only to shove it back in my mouth deeper. She was
rubbing her cunt while doing this, her dominance
turning her on immensely. Eventually though, she tired
of this. I was totally exhausted and out of breath from
her efforts.

“Come on, you’re not done, on your knees,” she pulled
me up.

She thrust my face into her cunt. Silently I prepared
myself for what was sure to be about an hour of oral
service. I was wrong.

“We can’t have dinner without a little wine now can

She pissed in my face, all the while screaming
humiliating insults. She held my head firmly in her
crotch, making me drink, yanking my head into different
positions to make sure every inch of my face and hair
was drenched with piss. When she finished she again
threw me to the ground with disdain.

“God you’re pathetic. I would have never believe that
you are such an ass-licking piss-drinking little slave
bitch –I though that you were a man but I guess I was
wrong. You’re just like a girl –and you know what you
do with girl’s, you fuck ’em. And just in case you
think you’re going somewhere.”

She stomped my tortured stomach again. I wasn’t going
anywhere. She picked up a bottle of baby oil and a
large dildo that earlier in the evening I had intended
to fuck her with. Julia then bent down facing my legs
and sat on my face, forcing my mouth and nose into her
dripping cunt. She pulled my legs back towards my head,
folding my body up painfully. She used her elbows to
immobilize me completely. She ground her cunt into my
paralyzed head while oiling up my ass with her free

“Now here’s the deal. Were gonna do some sucking and
fucking. You’ll be doing the sucking and of course I’ll
be doing the fucking!”

I had no choice, no will to resist. A 120lb girl was
going to r**e me with my own sex toy. When she plunged
that huge dildo into my ass, my world exploded in pain
like I’ve never felt, before or since.

The r**e seemed to go on for hours, and to tell the
truth, I didn’t do much sucking, not that it mattered
to her because she was using my face like her own
personal sex toy. She had three long protracted
orgasms, each time drenching my face with copious girl
cum. Finally it was over. She climbed off of me. I lay
on the ground crushed, an exhausted wreck.

“Damn that was good. I didn’t think I would do this,
but since I had so
much fun whipping your ass, I think you deserve a
reward. Stay right there.”

She approached me and once again folded my legs back,
forcing them upwards until only my head and shoulders
supported me on the floor. I was pinned again. She
cooed soft words to me while she rubbed and pumped my
cock which grew to huge dimensions. Despite my
humiliation I was still turned on. I couldn’t resist
her power. I realized in horror that at the angle I was
bent that the head of my cock was only inches from my
head and pointed directly at my face!

“No! Please! Don’t!”

“Oh yes, you’re gonna cum, that’s right, you’re gonna
blow a big
Load, right in your own face. CUM! CUM NOW or I swear
to god I’ll pummel you
some more!”

With her free hand she pried open my mouth while she
jerked my off expertly and I came in buckets, drenching
my own face and tongue. She laughed and cheered all the
while. It was the best orgasm I ever had. I hated her.

She stood over me and just looked and looked at the
destruction she had caused. She looked quite amazed at
what had happened, at what she had done. Even a little

“Thank you, that was amazing,” she said quietly.

I was incredulous. She was thanking me, even though I
had absolutely no choice in the matter.

“I’m still so turned on. We’re going to fuck now. You
still seem to be hard. And I’ve always loved your big

Her manner had softened a bit as she mounted me. She
was still in complete control as she rode me. As we
fucked she lost control, bit by bit. She quivered. She
softened. She came, squealing, softening more.

And I recovered, bit by bit. Sexual energy was healing
my battered body.

When she shuddered through her fifth orgasm of the
evening, our little dynamic turned itself around and my
humiliation and hate for her gave me the energy to
finally subdue her.

Suffice it to say, I spent the rest of that long night
giving back threefold what she gave to me. Julia became
quite familiar with the word “mercy”. My cock-head
became well acquainted with her throat — her cervix —
her bowels. And her pretty toes became well acquainted
with her pretty mouth. I slept soundly with my softened
dick firmly encased in her mouth.

In the morning, we woke groggily.

“How do you feel Julia?” I asked her.

“Broken. You?”