Breasty Bobbi Meets Santa

It was just another card game with the boys when Brad said something weird. “Oh, fuck! My wife is going to kill me!” he suddenly exclaimed. “What the hell are you talking about?” asked Joe. Brad’s young wife Bobbi was the most timid and woman around. Not like Paul’s wife. She had just wandered through

A voluptuous swinger Indian wife

You could hear the calming whispers of the air passing by our windows, exhaling into our mouths, my wife’s in particular. The October birds and plants were abound on either sides of the road, and the ominous blue and purple hue of the sunset was painted across the waking starry night sky. The gentle tapping

A man and his Ex, release some sexual tension

I fucking hate my ex. What a bitch! I sometimes wonder why we ever got together, except that I was desperate for a fuck and she threw herself at me. Fortunately that resulted in the only good thing in my life, my daughter, Jessie. I tried to stick with her mother for her sake, but