College Widow

The college widow was born in 1850. During the war she lost her heart to an older boy who went off to the Union Army. He was killed in the fighting. After the war, she was educated at one of the first new colleges for young women. A visiting male professor courted and married her.

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Harold Spencer Eversly was on vacation in Acapulco with his Mom. He was sixteen but looked younger. His father had died suddenly when he was only eight leaving his Ma a very rich woman. She was very possessive and Harold was something of a mother’s boy. They traveled around a lot, all over the world.

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Nikki walked out of her school building, and headed down the walkway to the bus that would take her home. Because her middle school was situated on the same campus as the local junior-high and high school, Nikki had to walk among students four and five years older than she. She flinched when she heard