“God yes,” Lisette moaned as her husband flicked his tongue in and out of her hole. The five-foot-ten-inch brown-skinned beauty grabbed his head with both of her hands and pushed his face deeper into her ass crack. As he made love to her tranny pussy, her body, all one hundred and forty-five pounds of it,

Backward Lady

Luckily it was the beginning of summer, and Greylon Dark didn’t have to miss any time teaching school. An operation on his lower back was needed to repair three ruptured vertebrae. The bad disks had been diagnosed the year before and been treated with therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs, but were exacerbated when he foolishly lifted

Back in the 80s with my Indian girlfriend

In my last submission, I said something that wasn’t true… I said that I hadn’t indulged in guy sex since those days in the hayloft, and that is mainly true, except for one remarkable exception… When I was in college in the 80s, I had an incredibly funny girlfriend that I’ll call Anarkali. Anarkali was

College Widow

The college widow was born in 1850. During the war she lost her heart to an older boy who went off to the Union Army. He was killed in the fighting. After the war, she was educated at one of the first new colleges for young women. A visiting male professor courted and married her.