Oriental story on an airplane

As a salesman for a large corporation, I travel constantly. For me, flying is no more exciting than taking a bus-with the exception of one recent, unusual flight. I was late for the red-eye from Philly to San Francisco, and was dismayed to see a long line of people waiting to go through the metal

A Boss Like A Father

Well, my thinking that first night wasn’t all that clear with all the shots we had been taking. We were both pretty toasted, thousands of miles away from home on a business trip. We work for a large corporation. I’m a regional manager for our business, and she’s a direct report. We work very closely

My Sister’s Tits

I was surprised when my sister Nora called me and asked if she could stop by. We didn’t get along, and rarely had any contact anymore, but she said she really needed to talk to me, so I agreed. Two years my senior, at 24, Nora lived just across town but we never even talked

Carol and the old professor

Carol sat in a coffee house in Young Street, Toronto, drinking a large cup of coffee, and watching the world go by through the large shop window, when a man sat at the next table, opened his Toronto Sun and started reading the days news while sipping his cup of Tea. At first she didn’t

A long Romanian sex story

It was difficult telling whether the Gypsy stripper was moving around the pole or if the pole was just moving around her. She slipped around it like a silk ribbon, twisted her body around it sensuously. Her full, pouty lips were parted slightly, as though she were silently moaning. The evil and cruel Romanian club

Iris takes a road trip with her parents and gets a ton of dick along the way

Iris was fucking pissed off. Not only did she think Uncle Louie was an asshole, but now she was stuck in a minivan for the next 3 days with her parents and boxes and boxes of his shit. Why couldn’t they just get married in San Diego? And why couldn’t he hire a fucking mover

Campus parties can be really wild these days

Out here at “beautiful” Pebble Creek U. (a.k.a. the State U. of New York at Stony Brook, home of mud and fluffies), we have a fairly active science fiction club, the Science Fiction Forum. Now, in addition to the standard library and games and MUDding and whatnot, we have some pretty wild people. Most of