Joe Savior and his Glory Hole Wife

Joseph Savior was cleaning the family room of the four- bedroom colonial, cleaning and waiting for the calm that occurred only at night in their busy home. The odd and relaxing silence that sleeping kids would bring. Oh sure, a few giggling outbursts or requests for water from the c******n, but then as they drifted

Vintage whore

“The newly organized women’s social gathering known as “The Club” met for the second time last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Warrington on Alameda Street. A light luncheon was served and Mrs. Amelia Stringer, of 1124 Fillmore, gave a lively talk on the history of beekeeping in early California, followed by open discussion. The

My first older man

It was the year I got my first C-cup bra. I had been itching and uncomfortable in the chest for months, and sometimes the straps left painful red welts. When we went shopping for a new bra the saleslady immediately saw that I had been squeezing into a B-cup for too long and I was

Threesome with my sister in law

After Janette and her friend used me for their pleasure I decided it was time for some pay back. I arranged for her to come round one Saturday when no one else was in, telling her I had a special treat lined up. When she arrived I let her in, “What is this special treat?”