A janitor gets into a tussle with a new female executive

I had just finished cleaning the ladies’ room on the
third floor when I noticed her. She was about four feet
tall, maybe a little taller. She was watching me
intently, and I nearly spilled my cart when I realized
she was staring at my crotch.

“What the hell are you doing here, k*d?”

It was 6:45 AM – the secretaries and boss didn’t get in
till around eight.

“I’m *not* a k*d, sir,” she snapped, face flushing.

I took another look. She sure was no k*d – her tits
were a little too big for her – and by that I mean she
was probably a B cup. It looked sort of – funny – on
her. Her head was a little big for her body, too, but
she had pretty, blue-gray eyes and perfect teeth.

“What are you – a midget or something?”

“Or something,” she said, turning away and stalking
towards the assistant VP’s office. Donald Slater, the
last AVP had died of a heart attack two months earlier.
His secretary had been fired soon after; the boss never
liked her. So this must be the new secretary then. I
felt bad about mistaking her for a k*d, so I tried to
start a conversation.

“Has a new AVP been hired?” I called after her.

She turned and gave me a scowl.


“What’s his name?”

“HER name is Renee Jendron.”


That was something; never figured the boss for a
women’s libber type.

“Have you met her yet?” I asked as she unlocked the

“Yes, I have, as a matter of fact. We grew up together,
went to school and college together.”

“It’s not going to be a problem, working so closely
with someone you…”

“No, you stupid, illiterate prick! I’M Renee Jendron,
Ms. Jendron to you!”

I stared at her as it sank in. I thought I saw tears in
her eyes, but if I did, they weren’t there any more.
Her eyes were large with anger, possibly hatred.

“You toilet-scrubbing asshole! You’re trying to figure
out what the fuck your rich, powerful boss is doing
hiring a dwarf, huh? Isn’t that right? You dare look
down on me, questioning my presence here. Let me tell
you something, you rat bastard! I graduated with honors
from Wharton with no help from giant egos like you!

“Who are you kidding anyway? At least I got away from
the circus, where I did stunts for a living, sometimes
getting hurt, just to get the money to put me through
school. Every college interview was a farce, so I
started applying to universities across the country.
Luckily, I was finally accepted – for my
accomplishments and merit, rather than turned down as
soon as they got a look at me! Oh, of course, it was
more subtle than that, you understand.”

Now I was angry. Who the hell was this bitch anyway?

“Listen, Peewee Jendron, or whatever the fuck you’re
called! I may be working as a janitor now, but my wife
is in medical school and we’ve got three kids, two of
’em younger than three. Everyone has their problems,
and, it seems, their stereotypes. I made assumptions
about you; I’m sorry. But you did the same! So cut the
poor-me act and grow the fuck up! You have to admit,
the boss is gonna have a hell of a time convincing his
clients that you’re capable of this job.”

“Wrong again, asshole. ‘I’ get the glories and pain of
that job! No one else!”

I watched her go into her office and unpack her
briefcase. She turned on the computer, adjusted the
chair to its highest notch and tried it out. Too low.
She got up and pulled two phone books from the closet
behind her and tried again. That seemed fine with her.
I could tell she knew I was watching, and she was
trying to pretend she wasn’t aware of it or at least
that she could not care less.

A few minutes later, I entered her office. She wasn’t
there. I took the phone books off of the chair and
rolled in a new chair, one I knew could adjust to the
right height without the phone books. I put the phone
books away and scribbled a note on the Post-it pad on

“Oh, so now you’re feeling sorry for me, are you?”

I whirled around to face her.

“You know something, Renee? You have a serious problem.
I know your life isn’t too hot, given your
circumstances, but a lot of other people have
circumstances they would rather not have, cards dealt
them they hate having to live with. But that’s life.
You either fight the shit, go against the grain and
have faith in yourself, or you piss everyone off
because you’re always miserable. Sooner or later
compassion becomes pity. After that, indifference.
Everyone’s a fucking victim these days.

“I know it’s no picnic being different. I can
sympathize with you. But give me a break, okay? I just
met you, and you just met me. It’s not your physical
height that’s your biggest obstacle or others’
perceptions of it. It’s your spirit that has to grow
up. Your soul, your will. That can be far bigger than
you and far bigger than anyone, if you want it, if you
allow it.”

She looked at me, her mouth open in surprise. After a
moment, she nodded and smiled.

“When you’re right, you’re right – what’s your name,


“I’m a bit – I’m *very* frightened, Rick. The boss is
my brother’s best friend; that’s probably the only
reason I have this chance, despite my resume. I’ve
never had a job where I had to work so closely with
people outside the office, and I know it’s going to be
a steep climb. I took it out on you. Sorry.”

We had lunch a few times a month for several months,
and we learned a lot about one another. I began to
notice, however, that she looked upset when I talked
about my wife and kids. I also caught her looking at me
in a more-than-friendly way several times.

One night, I had to stay especially late. I’m usually
in at 6 and out by 6, but there was a ruptured pipe
which had needed tending and I had to clean up the
carpets to prevent mold. I had just finished the last
of the cleaning up and stepped into the boss’s
bathroom. He has a little private bathroom all his own,
and every night before going home I take a shower
before leaving – I hate driving home stinking of sweat,
bathroom cleaner and floor wax.

I was singing at the top of my lungs, something I do
when I’m alone in the building. The hot water felt
terrific – I was tired, but in a great mood. I would go
home, stick some leftovers in the oven for the wife and
kids, then take a nap. When Lena got home, I would be
waiting for her. Yes, It had been a while – she was
studying all the time, and I hadn’t had relief from
celibacy for two months or so. Lena hadn’t decided what
type of medicine to specialize in – I hoped she would
choose something that wouldn’t have her rushing off in
the middle of the night all the time.

I lathered myself up good and stood still, letting the
water lick the soap from my aching body. I felt a rush
of cool air and turned to find the curtain was half
open – and Renee Jendron was watching me shower and
unbuttoning her suit jacket.

“What the fuck are you doing, Renee?”

“Taking care of that big problem you’re permitting to
take up all that space in the shower,” she smiled.

Off went her jacket and blouse; she unzipped her skirt
and stepped from it. She wore nothing else save her
stockings, which she removed.

I looked at her pussy first; I couldn’t help it. It
looked quite adult, with a patch of dark brown curly
hair at the front of the vulva and a sprinkling of
fine, downy hair trailing her labia. She was leaning
back a little on her heels so that I could see her; she
raised her hand and grasped one of her nipples; it was
pointed straight at me, red, demanding attention.

This was no k*d; there was no mistake to be made about
that. She was a little on the plump side, but not
overweight; to say so would be inaccurate. Her labia
were dark with her desire. She stepped into the stall
and reached around me, grasping my cheeks in her hands.

She held onto me as she wrapped her legs around my
calves; I could feel her leg muscles; they were very
strong – she obviously worked out. Her mouth slid
effortlessly onto my just-above-average cock – her
small mouth had no trouble whatsoever taking me all the
way. At this point, you’re probably thinking: What
about your wife? Your kids? What the fuck were you
thinking? That’s just it; I wasn’t thinking then; I was
feeling, and it felt good.

She sucked me and licked me, caressed my balls. I
finally turned off the water; it was starting to run
cold. I came twice in her mouth and she still kept it
up – literally. One of her hands found its way back to
my ass, and she slipped two or three fingers into me –
my wife had never done that, and oh! it felt nice. I
felt myself building again as she finger-fucked my ass,
first slow, than fast. She took the soap and lathered
up my ass, then turned the water on – this took a
little work; the handle was half a foot or so above
her. She cupped her hand and sloshed water against my
ass to get out the soap. She told me to kneel and
dropped off of me.

I knelt and she slipped between my legs and pulled me
towards her mouth, spreading my cheeks. She swirled her
tongue all around my ass and I shot my load all over
the shower wall in a couple of seconds. I couldn’t
stand it any more. I slid away from her, shut off the
water again and sat, gathering her to me and sliding my
cock right in. I felt the tell-tale tear of a hymen
giving way and I stopped at the same instant she

“I-I’m sorry, Renee. I didn’t know, I thought… you
seemed to…”

“It’s okay,” she said, her voice shaking. “I knew it
might happen; I just thought it wouldn’t hurt so much.”

“How the hell did you learn to suck cock like that
without getting fucked?”

“Let’s just say it was required of me at a certain
point in my life, and leave it at that, okay?”

I knew whatever it was, it was bad, and that she had
given me pleasure by using knowledge she acquired
through pain. I began to withdraw, but she slammed
herself back down my length, gasping a bit. I kissed
her and nipped at her breasts.

I finally felt myself building again, I stood, holding
her close, and turned and pressed her back up against
the wall of the stall. I held her wrists against the
wall and I rammed inside her; she was wet enough and I
liked finishing off sex like this. I dug my teeth into
the side of her neck, and she dug her nails into me and
moaned with pleasure.

When we were finished, I inspected myself, and knew I
had better rethink my plans for that night where Lena
was concerned. She would have to wait this time, until
my scratches healed. She would probably feel relieved
anyway; sometimes it seemed that she was making time
for me, just for me, and wasn’t enjoying the sex
because she worried so much about upcoming exams.

I knew I would never do this again; I mustn’t. But it
was nice just the same. I just hoped Renee would accept
that it couldn’t happen again.

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