A Peeper’s Vacation

Hello, I am writing this at the encouragement of my
dear husband. He feels that other people may enjoy and
get turned on reading about my experience into

I guess I should tell you a little about myself. First
off let me say, I am not an experienced writer. I am
not one to discuss things of a sexual matter, except
of course with my husband.

I am a forty-eight year old, married mother of three.
I will call myself “Joan”. I am 5’8 and weigh
approximately 175 pounds. I have long curly reddish
brown hair and blue eyes. I am a D-cup with large
nipples that are extremely sensitive to stimulation. I
am not a bikini babe by any stretch of the

My husband and love of my life for twenty-six years,
whom I will call John is a good looking man of 51. He
stands 6’2 and weighs approximately 225 pounds. He is
bald, with deep brown eyes and just a slight pot
belly. His cock is around 7 1/2 to 8 inches long and
thick. Have never actually measured it, so it is just
an estimate. I would love him no matter what the size
of his dick.

John and I have a very loving and active sex life. We
make love two to three times a week. We generally make
love at night of course, and love morning sex. John
does have erectile issues so he takes Cialis.

Last summer John and I took a vacation trip to St.
Louis. It was a chance for us to get away and relax
without the stresses of work and general life

We stayed at a very nice motor lodge, complete with
pool and large king sized bed and garden tub built for

The first night we went out to eat and went dancing.
When we returned to the room and showered (together),
then went to bed and enjoyed a nice passionate fuck.

I love hotel sex, it is so erotic and my orgasms
flowed, wetting the sheets.

After falling asleep in each other’s arms, I awoke
around 7:30 am the next morning. I was hungry and
needed a smoke, so I slipped out of bed and slipped on
one of John’s shirts, a pair of shorts and some flip
flops (sexy uh!).

I enjoyed a nice continental breakfast of donuts and
coffee, then stepped outside and enjoyed a smoke pool

Life was good! Got laid, now lounging by the pool. I
sat by the pool for about an hour then headed back to
the room to see if John had awakened yet.

As I made my way back to our room I passed by a room
and glanced in for no reason, when something caught my
eye. At first I ignored it, but curiosity got the best
of me. The curtain to the room was open just enough
for me to see clearly the activity in the room. My
knees quivered a bit as I cautiously peeked in and saw
what I least expected.

There lying on the bed was this young black male. He
was nude, his shorts down around his ankles. He was
holding his erect dick in his hand jacking off.

He did not notice me as he was too busy enjoying
himself. I have watch John when he would occasionally
jack himself off and always found it to be a major
turn on. This was no different. The young man who
looked to be in his mid-teens laid there eyes closed
as he methodically beat his meat, his other hand
holding his balls.

I nervously looked around to make sure no one saw me
peeking into this room, my pussy soaking wet. I was
tempted to put my hand in my pants and touch myself
but held off. I watched, my eyes glued to the erotic
sight. He continued stroking himself for what seemed
like an eternity.

Then suddenly his body seemed to arch the thick
streams of his cum shot from his dickhead. It was an
impressive cum shot!

Afraid I was gonna get caught, I hurried to our room
horny as hell. When I entered I saw my husband was
awake and still in bed. I stripped quickly and pounced
into bed. I literally raped my husband that morning
and my orgasm was very intense. I later told John
about what I had seen in detail of course and got
fucked again. LIFE IS GOOD!

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