“You know Margie, that hot new woman in my department?” said Bert. “The one who’s your boss?” said Winnie. “Not exactly,” said Bert. “She reports to my boss, too, but at a higher level, and sometimes I have to work for her on a project. But that’s the one. I have been lusting for her

A man leaves his uncaring wife only to find out that she’s been carrying on a lesbian relationship

It had been three weeks since Eugene and Audrey had had sex, and he was ready to explode. He had tried everything, from subtle hints to fancy dinners. Gradually, he got increasingly direct. Tonight, he had coated his request in flattery, with a touch of humor, ribaldry and raw desire, and she still turned him

Voyeur Officer Tim

It was 3:15am and she was waiting for him to get home from work. He usually pulled into the parking space a little before 3:30am, having worked the 3pm-3am shift at a nearby police department. She was at her window… watching. Her apartment building was directly across the street from his. Both apartment buildings were