A late night fuck

Growing up and living in a neighborhood where yards had no boundaries was amazing. When we were teens we’d all play together and run around. There were two pools that seemed more like a gathering place for neighbors and friends rather than the owners’ personal leisure spot. There was never a moment in the day

Candid Camera

Denise rode the elevator up to the ninth floor. Getting off and walking up the corridor to the security office, she swiped her card through the door-side reader. “Quit feeling sorry for yourself,” she muttered, as the door opened. “You knew the deal.” Which wasn’t much help, when everyone else in the LaSalle building was

A female receptionist gets to play nurse on a patient – part 1

My desk is layered with paper. Unopened mail forms a mountain in one corner. Rejected insurance claims forms a smaller mountain – more like a hill – in the opposite corner. Between is a low valley of checks and billing statements. For the last two hours I’ve been trying to finish entering the week’s payments