Wife swapping in the swimming pool

It was the hottest day in recent history and I was melting away. Why did I agree to my wife’s plan to go to the swimming pool? Right now, I could be sitting in my well air-conditioned home and watch some DVD or work on the computer. Instead I was out in the sun on

Swinger hostess

Guests were starting to arrive, and she was nervous. They had gone to several other parties before, but this would be the first one that they had held for the group. He stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders and whispered “Relax” into her ear. Then he bit it gently. The “zing” made her giggle

Banged in Athen

A few years ago my job took me to Athens, Greece. It was a short trip-only six days-but the month was May and since all my recent excursions had been in the dead of winter I was really looking forward to this. When I got out of the airport that Tuesday afternoon I was greeted

Belly dance outdoor

It happened to me in Moscow, in the winter of 2011, where I was on a business trip. I worked all day in the office, but I had some free time in the evenings. I went on performances in different theaters with my Russian business partner Peter. Once, Peter and I booked tickets for the