A Pervert Couple Picks Me Up

It was my very first visit to a bi/gay bar and I was not
totally comfortable. There were more guys than women and most
of the women were occupied with other women. It was a turn-on
to watch beautiful women sticking their tongues down each other’s
throats and pulling on their nipples through their T-shirts.

Major league grab ass was going on in front of me. Some
of the younger girls wore short skirts and I could see hands
sneaking up their dresses for a feel of young cunt, both by men
and women. Some of the older guys were hanging out together
eyeing the younger studs.

When my eyes got accustomed to the dark room, I noticed
a short blonde with very large breasts standing by the bar with
a young guy who looked like a male model, very thin with long
blonde hair too. Her dress was so short I could actually see
the bottom of her panties. When we made eye contact, she smiled
and walked over to my table. She leaned over giving me a full
view of her large tan tits. Her top was so loose, I had a clear
view down to her waist through the inside of her shirt. Her
large pink nipples were hard and pointed. I couldn’t see any
pussy hair below her flat hard stomach.

She watched my eyes traveling down her body, then after
giving me a long opportunity to stare she stood up, placing a
foot on the chair next to me making her thin dress slid up her
thigh so that soon I was staring at a perfectly shaved smooth
pussy. A little gold ring was dangling from the clit hood.

“So, do you like what you see?” she asked in a teasing
voice. “A lot of guys come just from looking at my little pussy

“Very much,” I said, “I could suck on your little pussy
ring for days”.

“Well, my whole body can be yours and you can do anything
you want to me but there is a catch.” “Anything you do to me, my
boyfriend is free to do to you or you to him”. “How about it,
ready to walk on the BI side baby?”

“That’s why I came here” I replied. “If I’m going to try
it, I need a sexy cunt like you to guide me no.”


Within 30 minutes we had left the bar and were at their
apartment by the freeway. We parked our cars side by side in the
parking lot and got out. The guy still had not said a word to me
but just kept staring at my crotch with sideways glances. The
little cunt whose name was Cindy locked her car and announced, “Let’s
go start fucking.” To my shock, she reached for the hem of her
dress and whipped it over her head. Totally naked she walked to
her apartment door, her butt swinging side to side.

“She hates clothes” the guy said in a low voice. When the
door swung open, Cindy yelled at us to hurry up. As soon as we
entered her ground level pad, Cindy told us to get out of our
clothes “Now!!”

I felt kind of nervous stripping in front of two strangers
but her naked body kept me going. When I looked over at the guy,
I was startled to see a very long thick cock standing away from his
body. His slim frame gave no hint of how big he was. I wished
mine was bigger but when Cindy’s hand grabbed it and pulled me
forward, I didn’t give it much more thought.

She led me to the center of the room and pulled me down on
the coach. She placed her hands on my chest and pulled hard on my
nipples, something I have always liked. She slid her hands under
my balls and found my now hardened cock. She sank down to her
knees still hanging onto my cock which was almost painful from the
most intense erection I think I’ve ever had. She held it very tight
and lowered her head. Her hot mouth and tongue started sliding up
and down my cock and it felt so very good.

“Now, suck his cock or I won’t suck yours.”

She pulled me down to my knees and she also lowered down to
laying on her chest. I was now eye level with a very large
throbbing cock.

I had never done this before but this is why I went to
Robby’s in the first place, so I opened up and in it went. I had
to fight off the urge to gag as the large hot cock entered my mouth.
The head was very large and I let my tongue slide over it and under
it. He tasted salty on my tongue, and the skin texture was marvelous
against my tongue. Cindy had now started to roll my balls around
in her hands and pull on them. So, I did the same to him. For the
first time I was playing with someone else’s cock, not mine. I felt
a finger slid to the entrance of my ass.

“Do you like ass fucking?” Cindy asked me.

“I have fucked girls in the ass before,” I answered with
short breath.

“Well, then, fuck me,” she ordered and got off her hands and
knees and leaned over the arm of the coach. “Wet your cock in my
pussy juice first honey.”

She turned around and pushed her beautiful ass into the air
and onto my cock. I used my hands to guide my stiff muscle into
her hot shaved pussy. It slid in after a quick shove and I was up
to my shaved balls in cunt. I slid in and out for about 20 strokes
before she reached back and pulled me out and aimed it at her ass-
hole. She pushed back, I pushed forward and I slowly pushed my way
into her. It was so tight and hot I thought I would come right then.
Then I felt his greased up cock head pushing between my cheeks. I
had been dildo fucked by girls before but never the real thing.

It was throbbing and hard and it was very difficult to get
it in me. All the time her ass was milking my own cock. I gave a
hard push and drove my cock all the way in her up to my balls. As
I was fully in her, I felt the final resistance give way of my own
ass – and his balls bounced against my thighs and the full length
of his huge cock was in me. His large hands rolled my shaved balls
around like they were fresh fruit. I felt totally stuffed and my own
cock got even harder as I was gripped by her hot ass-hole. The
feeling of being pumped into by another man, was out of this world.
I’d trust into Cindy, then as I pulled out this guy would jamb his
slick cock to the hilt into my ass-hole, yes what a feeling.

We established a rhythm as I was pulled and pushed by their
cunt and cock. I felt his cock start to swell and it made the
pressure in my ass even tighter. Soon the pressure got too great
and I let a hot load of cum surge throughout my cock into her sweet
ass-hole. As I came, my ass muscles clenched the cock inside me and
I could feel his prick swell and then start to unload hot cum into
my ass. We all moaned and screamed as the hot liquid splashed
inside of our bodies. The slippery cum let my spent dick slowly
slide out of her stretched asshole. I could feel my own ass spasm-
ing and he pulled out with a plopping sound. A trickle of cum slid
down the back of my leg. I felt his tongue make a stabbing motion
and it was gone.

After several minutes, Cindy rolled over with a dreamy
look on her face and looked at me.

“I’ve been a very bad girl to make you get your ass fucked.”
She said with a mischievous smile on her face. “You should spank me.”

“I would love to spank your ass,” I replied with a smile.

“Not my ass – boy, I want my pussy spanked.” Cindy moaned
into my ear. She pushed a pillow under her well fucked ass presenting
me with a shaved cunt that needed discipline. “Hit it hard honey.”

I got up on my knees and gave that shaved slit a hard smack.
She jumped and let out a moan.

“K**l me baby, beat my cunt. Pound my pussy, I’m a slut.”

I gave it a lot of strength and hit the slippery folds of
her cunt. I could feel the liquid squirting out as I hit the folded
flesh. After 20 hits, she suddenly clenched up and screamed “Oh god,
I’m cumming!!” She took both of her hands and clawed at her pussy,
pulling the lips apart and squeezing and pulling her clit ring. Her
little hands became a blur as she tried to rub her clit right off
her body. With a final gasp, her body became rigid and then collapsed
on the bed.

“Now, it’s your turn,” she whispered to me. “He gets to beat
your cock.”

“Wait a minute,” I protested. “That’s different, it would
really hurt me.”

“That’s true” she agreed. “Maybe next time I’ll beat you
myself, I will use a strap and beat your cock until you come or I
knock it off, but for now I’ll do something different that you may
enjoy as much as I do.” She got up from the bed and took my hand.
When we got to our feet, she turned to her boyfriend. “We’re going
for a walk. I want to you clean up this bed, lick all the cum up
and then masturbate into this glass. And when I come home, you can
drink it for me.”

He lowered his head and looked around for a glass.

“You come with me,” she told me and pulled me towards the
door. “I like to go naked jogging and tonight you’re going with me,
but I don’t want to lose you so come here.”

From out of a wooden chest she pulled a set of stainless steel
handcuffs and snapped them on my wrists behind my back. Then she got
a dog leash and a leather cock restraint. She snapped this over my
now semi-soft cock and attached the leash. Giving me a tug, she
pulled me towards the front door – but first she retrieved a small
leather flogger.

As we stepped outside in the warm night air, I was relieved
not to see anyone else. Evidently she did this often since we
immediately turned on to a little trail in the woods around the
parking lot. She was in better shape than I was and whenever I would
fall behind, she would jog back to me and smack my bouncing cock with
her flogger. My cock was not smart enough to hide and the beating
only made it get hard again. 10 minutes of running brought us out
of the woods behind a small donut shop that advertised that it was
open all night.

Since the parking lot was well lit, I figured that we’d stop
here, but NO. When she pulled on the leash attached to my cock, we
went right to the store.

“Hi, Cindy” chirped the plump little redhead behind the
counter. “You’re always humiliating some poor man aren’t you?”

“Fucking right,” Cindy replied. “I think I need a donut,
maybe 2 or 3. Hmmm, how will I carry them?”

“Stick them on his cock like you always do,” the salesgirl

“Maybe I’ll get a chocolate eclair,” Cindy laughed. She
took the large chocolate tube and slowly shoved it down on my cock.
The donut fell apart and I was left with gobs of white cream dripping
from my erect dick. Cindy leaned down and her pink tongue slurped
and sucked all the cream off me. “I guess it’ll have to be donuts.”
And so 3 honey dip donuts were shoved around my cock.

“If you drop those, I’ll have you ass fucked again by Steve.”
she warned me and then we were out of the store and heading home.

I felt foolish walking with donuts on my bobbling cock but
that’s how we left the donut shop. I did make a mental note to go
back and fuck the donut girl.

We ran back into the apartment breathing hard and sweaty. Her
boyfriend was still naked and when he saw the donuts he went right
for my cock and starting to suck and lick them. Cindy went into the
bedroom and came out with a tube of KY jelly, and a very large black
dildo. Once again my ass was going to be fucked. The excitement of
my journey was now getting too much and with a tremble through my
legs, I erupted into the face and onto the donuts that Steve was

In short order, Cindy was ramming the dildo in my ass and I
knew that I would probably spent my weekend like this. I hoped they
would remember that I did have to go back to work on Monday.

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