The complete voyeuristic one

I guess the best place to start any story is at the beginning. I meet my wife Jan when I was young and still a virgin. She was a year younger than me but despite her tender age she was already well experienced sexually, having lost her cherry two years before while only aged fourteen.

The lesbian nurse

I moved to Guildford two years ago; John was transferred and I had to leave my job as a secretary for Colson’s, a wine importer back in Warminster. I had no real qualifications, but we needed the money from both of us working – and I was getting bored fixing up the new house and

And From Nowhere She Came

“No worries, it happens,” I told her outside the playschool. That was the first time we met. Her son and my daughter had had a fight, just a kiddie thing, nothing to worry about. She invited me for coffee and I accepted readily. We chatted and laughed the whole morning. I noticed a thrill running

The Horny Dispatcher II

Judy and Claudi had just seduced Mr. Connors. As they left his office Claudia asked Judy if she had thought any more about when or how they would get with Ted. “Well next week the plant is closed down so there won’t be many people working in the office” replied Judy. “I think only the