Aunt Peg – Pulling a train

I was sitting in my living room one day in late April with three of my girlfriends; Janet, Diane, and Karen. It was late in the evening, and while it might not seem all that unusual for four girls to be spending an evening of talk together, it might seem so if I were to

My Man Melissa

It was the first apartment they moved into. Carrie and Jay were way too excited. After they got all their stuff into the apartment they began to kiss very sexually. Jay’s hands were in over-drive with taking Carrie’s clothes off. Carrie was pulling at his hair and biting and licking his neck. Once Carrie was

The Kissogram Girl

Dropping my bag’s of Lingerie and some sex toys onto the bed in my room. I kicked off my shoes and threw off my clothes. Picking up a towel, I headed for the shower. I ached all over. Using that strap on was fun but had my muscles aching in places I never thought I

You ain’t really lived, until another man fucks you

Hi my names’ Chris, but my friends just call me C, and I’m straight… Naw! I know what you’re thinking , he just thinks he is, he hasn’t found himself yet, or In denial, and all that crap, but I really love women, really!… Lets just say though that something has happened to me that

The bisex trio

Dora was having trouble with her husband Chuck. It was all about sex. They had been married for 3 years and he was constantly asking her to suck his cock as part of foreplay. She wasn’t that keen and the more he asked for it the less keen she became. The other problem was his