Cheerleaders And The Shower

Cheryl had been my best friend since I joined the cheerleading squad at State College. We would go to the mall together, watch movies together, and study together, you know, just about everything. Cheryl was about 5’9″ (I was a wee bit shorter), and had a figure that bespoke ‘Modeling Career Here’. I’ll admit that

My first lesbian experience

My boyfriend and I had purchased a two bedroom rancher in a rather upscale neighborhood and had been in it about eight months when I came home from work to find he had left me. There was just a short note that said he wasn’t ready to settle down into family life, sorry. Of course

High school memories

One day, me and Chris were skipping chemistry together, like we often did. Chris had to use the bathroom. We went into the change room, and he used the urinal. He finished up, and we just hung out in the change room for a while, talking. We locked the door just in case someone catches