The lesbian nurse

I moved to Guildford two years ago; John was transferred and I had to leave my job as a secretary for Colson’s, a wine importer back in Warminster. I had no real qualifications, but we needed the money from both of us working – and I was getting bored fixing up the new house and

A purportedly true story about a man’s “BI” lifestyle

I’m a closet bi-sexual. I started masturbating to orgasm and I started to experiment with nudism by stripping nude from the waist down and masturbating in my back yard behind the garage. I found national geographic for pornographic excitement about the same time. The lady who lived next door to us used to sunbathe topless

Afternoon in the zoo

She knocked on my door just as I was giving final instructions to the babysitter, a spectacular feat of timing when you consider she’d come all the way from Texas. I flung open the door and she swarmed over me in a hug. It’s really kind of like that, there’s very nearly a foot’s difference