A Pup Named Jessica

My mind races as I chase after the toy, the hardwood
floor cold beneath my hands and knees. Although
unbound, I would never consider rising on two legs to
chase after the little rubber dildo. I am his puppy,
and have been since he got home from work Friday. An
entire weekend as his dirty slut doggy.

How wonderfully he torments me. I shouldn’t but I feel
beautiful in only a black leather collar and heels.
When I return to his chair, the dildo is firmly between
my teeth and I resist a bit as he takes it out of my
mouth, feeling my pussy get wet when he entwines his
hand in my hair and jerks hard enough I drop the
phallus into his other hand.

“Bad girl, now sit!” he scolds as I look up at his
beautiful face.

He yanks down on my puppy tail butt plug and I wince as
it stretches my ass wide. It hurts and makes me whimper
and whine as I grind my pussy against the chilly floor.
I haven’t orgasmed in hours and my clit aches.

When he runs his fingers through my hair and over my
face I lap at his fingers with my tongue, tasting my
pussy from earlier probing. He throws the rubber toy
across the room again, smacking my ass hard as I try to
scurry across the room as graciously as possible, this
time depositing the toy at his feet humbly.

“Good girl, heel.”

I know this means to put my face to the ground, ass up
high and wriggling with excitement. He shoves the toy
inside my cunt roughly and then idly fucks me with it.
I’m an excited puppy slut and push back onto it, aching
for release. I start to pant subconsciously, mouth open
and tongue out, eyes wide, the whimpering noises not
sounding as if they were my own.

“Is my puppy thirsty?”

I’m not really but I can only whine and hump the toy
even more. He likes it when
I’m full, and as he sets my water dish down I lower my
head to lap up the water gratefully. I haven’t quite
got the knack of drinking out of a dish so the water
runs down my chin and over my tits, making him laugh. I
feel the toy leave my cunt and I squirm and moan,
trying to voice my anxiety without begging in words for
his cock.

“Drink up girl,” he instructs.

So I greedily consume the rest of the water and push
the bowl towards his feet with my nose, watching the
delight and lust in his eyes at my eagerness. I take a
chance at a whipping and bury my face into his cloth
covered crotch, wriggling my bottom as I feel the tail
brush against my ass cheeks. When he unzips his pants
and rubs his cock on my face I’m flattered and
grateful. I suck and lick his cock hungrily, enjoying
the feel of its smoothness in my mouth.

Occasionally he grabs me by the hair or the rings on my
collar and forces my mouth all the way down on his
cock, making me gag loudly as drool flows out of my
eager mouth freely. I suck him for so long my jaw aches
and tears dry on my cheeks. He never cums until he so
chooses. I lick his balls and his thighs, yearning to
be taken.

“Daddy’s little doggy slut.”
I whimper and try to suck more but by this time I have
to go to the bathroom, all that water has stretched my
bladder and servicing this primary need has almost
taken over my thoughts. He slaps me off his cock as I
look at the bathroom door for the fifteenth time. I
shake my head to clear it and crawl to the closed door
whining loudly.

“Puppy Girls go on the paper, not the potty.”

The shame of it all makes my face red and my pussy
drip. I scurry to the paper and kneel, knowing I have
to go there, but my bladder and mind telling me not
too. My discomfort grows as I can not let go of my pee
and I whimper uncomfortably. As is my life, he watches


And I drop my face to the dry newspaper. I have to go
so bad though Daddy. When he walks back into the room
he kicks my legs apart and yanks the plug out of my
sore bottom. I can feel my asshole gaping and I start
to cry. I feel and hear the whisper of the whip as it
comes down on my ass cheek. Right side then left as I
squeal, and then it strikes me right on my open,
stretched, now pink asshole. I sob as my bladder
releases and I wet the paper. Relief and torment. He
grabs me out of my puddle and I land across his wide
knees in a nearby chair.

“You were a bad puppy.”

I do not question why I was bad; only fear/welcome my
punishment. He spanks my bottom with his big hands over
and over. It hurts me and my sobs are louder. I
struggle and it only makes it worse, my ass is on fire
as he smacks my cheeks over and over.

“Bad puppy, Bad puppy!”

I cry for release as well as pain as I hump my clit
against his leg. When he finally stops and begins to
rub my reddened ass I can feel my cunt juice running
down my thighs. His touch is firm and like fire as he
rubs me. He scoops the wetness out of my hole and
spreads it all over my ass. I can feel him prying me
apart and his fingers stretching me inside. I can
barely think as I’m pushed down on the floor, hands and
knees, ass up in the air.

When he enters my ass I’m ready. He’s fucking me so
hard as I grunt with each thrust. I reach under to
touch my clit and look back at him, begging with my
eyes to be allowed to cum. He pulls back on my collar
and it chokes me, makes me gasp for air.

“Bark for me if you want to cum my puppy whore.”

I began to bark like an overactive pup and it makes me
cum so very hard, I cannot help but scream with
pleasure and complete emotion. When I feel his cock
empty into my loins it feels so hot and full. His load
is stretching open my ass, and I know I mustn’t let any
leak without fear of another punishment.
Spent and sore, he leads me with leash in hand to the
foot of his bed, slipping the leash loop over the rail
so that I cannot get away.

I fall asleep naked and sore, my bottom full of cum and
my head full of comfort and memories.