Give me a pee

I honestly thought it would be apple juice. This is not apple juice. But I already told everyone I made the cheerleading team. My friends even threw a party. What is it going to look like if I back out now? “Come on, you piss-sluts. If you don’t keep your toilet hole open, you can

A Pup Named Jessica

My mind races as I chase after the toy, the hardwood floor cold beneath my hands and knees. Although unbound, I would never consider rising on two legs to chase after the little rubber dildo. I am his puppy, and have been since he got home from work Friday. An entire weekend as his dirty

Walking home naked

December in new York is a time of parties. When there is snow blizzard and cold wind outside, young people gather in apartments for partying, drinking, smoking pot and doing sex. This happened with Linda on the evening December 31st, 20xx. Linda went to the Central park with her best friend Sarah to celebrate New

Alice and the Sherrif

I knew I was in trouble the minute the flashing lights showed up behind my car. I have two dui’s already and a third would be a disaster. Alice has been bitching about my drinking for almost a year. She says I’ve lost my sex drive and I’m no fun anymore. Let her do my

Erica’s Bathroom Fun

Erica was sitting at one of the rubber tables outside the main doors of the high school. Her two girlfriends were sitting there with her. They were all drinking Raspberry ice tea and talking amongst either, enjoying their fourth period free period and the nice warm sun that shown down upon them. Just as Erica

Letter to a Cuckold

Dear Wimp, So you are Mary’s husband, the loser, the wimp, the shrimp-dick that I’ve heard about. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news for you, wimp. The good news is that until last week, Mary had been faithful to you. Faithful for five years of marriage. That’s almost a miracle. That such a