Priscilla – my love

The woman ignored the ringing phone as her fingers moved furiously on the keyboard. On the third ring, she grabbed an open cigarette pack and expertly shook one cigarette free from the pack, with one hand as the other hand picked up the phone. Still staring at the PC’s display monitor, she answered “Washington Post.

Spank Me, I’m Coming

“I Love That”, My girlfriend, Joy, Moaned. She was kneeling on the bed, her lovely ass naked, her dark blond-haired pussy just visible between her fantastic buns. I had been squeezing and pinching those tanned globes. “You’re not suppose to enjoy it!” I snarled. She had been of the guys at the party and i

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Two Fridays ago we were getting ready to go on a vacation. I had not done my laundry in weeks and my side of the bed was literally like a foot deep in dirty laundry. I sorted all of my clothes starting with my work clothes. Then I pulled out my everyday stuff like gym

The porn daughter

Jerry Lamont sat in the rear of the darkened club and watched his daughter perform on stage. She was naked, sandwiched between a man and a woman. The man rubbed his cock on her rump as the woman sucked her breasts. Jerry’s prick stiffened as he watched his daughter. She was in her early twenties,