Trent was the best fuck she’d ever had

Trent was in Santa Monica. He was at the beach strolling along the boardwalk. He found an outside diner and sat down to have lunch. He was waiting for Officer Cori McNamara to ride by. She was a member of the Pacific Blue bike squad. She was a brunette in her late twenties. She was

My First Black Girl

I have known Dana for a number of years and never really gave our relationship much thought. We have been good friends, but I never really thought of her sexually. Possibly because she had never expressed an overt interest in myself, and possibly because I’m white and she’s black. I always thought she was an

Erotic foolishness – Spagetti and sex

I invited Brian to dinner the week following the final exam in our class. I can’t remember what pretext I was using, since the class was over by then. I guess we both just assumed that we were past the point of no return by then, so he politely ignored the fact that we had

A Night With Sonya Lynn

Sonya looked out the door into the starry night as she felt breeze whip through her strawberry blonde hair. The moon light sparkled in her eyes making them look like blue sapphires in the darkness. She remembers years ago when shegave up her virginity so willingly wishing she knew then what she knows now. A