Insatiable Wife

It was just one of those lazy weekend days. A nice drive in the country with the top down, a picnic in the park complete with a fine bottle of wine and then over to the mall for a little window shopping. Carla was dressed in an old pair of baggy faded sweats, sneakers and

Sexual frustration story at the local pet shop

I was on-line chatting, yes hot chatting, Sen- suous Erotic Chat!! I was so turned on, so excited. I could feel an orgasm building deeply within. He had taken me right to the very edge and just held me there for so long, not allowing me that final pleasure. I am sure my neighbors next

Cumming Out Party

Sarah crawled on her hands and knees across my queen sized bed. As she firmly nestled one of her knees against my pussy and lowered her generous breasts to mine and began stroking her nipples back and forth across mine she smiled and said, “How come I have to do all the work?” “Because it’s

An instructional for heterosexual dominate women, for the introduction of strap-on sex with your man

Like most masculine heterosexual men, your husband or boyfriend is likely to strenuously object to and actively resist taking the strap-on at first. Just the idea of having something forced up his ass like that will feel foreign and unnatural to him. Treating his tight little asshole like it’s just a hole to be fucked