A story about a Bi Transvestite who meets up with some guys

The cooling effect of autumn made it’s presence known
to me as I leant back against the tiles of the toilet
with my shoulders and slowly wanked my rigid cock ‘ my
lightweight raincoat hanging loosely at my sides.
Having been a confirmed tranny for the last fifteen
years or so, I was in one of my favourite haunts ‘ the
public toilets in the park as I looked for anyone that
wanted some adult fun with me.

I particularly liked using these toilets at this time
of the year because generally, the only other people
that visited them were guys that wanted sex, unlike
during the summer when everyone seemed to visit them ‘
occasionally but rarely, the police!

They obviously knew what was going on at the toilets,
but didn’t seem to bother us much ‘ only checking them
out if there were complaints. After all, it was better
for them if guys that wanted sex with other guys all
met in the same place, instead of prowling around the

Like I mentioned earlier, I’d been a tranny for quite a
long time now, and easily passed as a woman, because of
my small frame, and the way I took some time to dress
myself up in something sexy and make myself up for a
night’s fun with other guys.

I frequently wore different styles of wigs, undies and
outer clothing from the considerable collection I had
at home, to match my mood at the time.

Sometimes I’d dress really ‘tarty’ and wear a short
skirt that revealed my sexy undies under my lightweight
raincoat, and sometimes a slightly longer one that I
could wear without having to wear my raincoat ‘ the
skirt usually having a side-split or button-up front
that exposed my stocking-tops to a guy if I
‘carelessly’ crossed or uncrossed my legs! This was
accentuated by my womanly figure ‘ me always wearing a
pair of ‘falsies’ under a top or a blouse!

I took a lot of time before going out of an evening, to
position and securely stick my 36c tits to my chest as
I sat at my dressing table in my undies ‘ feathering
the edges of them with liquid latex and then blending
in the join with makeup so’s you really couldn’t tell
they weren’t real, before putting on my bra and
selecting a wig for the evening, of which I had several
to choose from!

I also had several sets of undies to choose from as
well, mainly lacy ‘ cup bra, matching lacy suspender-
belt sets in many different styles and colours. Right
now as I sat on the seat in the toilets with my
raincoat undone and wide open, I was wearing one of my
sexy black lacy ‘ cup bra and matching lacy suspender-
belt sets with black lace-top nylons, 2 inch heels, and
a dark brown short ‘bobbed’ wig that curled inward and
followed the contours of my petite and feminine jaw-
line. And part from my suspender-framed 6 inch erect
cock, I looked a 100% like a woman as I laid back and
spread my legs wide ‘ even to me wearing drop-earrings
and matching pearl necklace.

Sometimes I’d wear one of my many basques instead, but
never any panties ‘ as they just got in the way, and it
felt far sexier as I walked through the park with my
cock and balls hanging free and only being covered by a
skimpy skirt ‘ that’s if I was actually wearing one!
Like tonight, I’d sometimes only wear my sexy undies
under my raincoat of an evening, and get a real thrill
out of walking down the path in the park with my
raincoat undone and flapping wide open at my sides,
totally exposing my suspender-framed erect cock and
pert 36c tits to the world as I walked along.

Sometimes I even took my raincoat off completely and
folded it over my arm before strolling along the path
wearing only my sexy undies ‘ my erect cock swaying
from side to side and slapping my nylon-clad thighs as
my heels ‘clip-clopped’ along on the tarmac of the
path! Usually this got me so fucking horny and excited,
that I stopped walking along and blatantly tossed
myself off ‘ my raincoat thrown down as I stood there
with my feet wide apart and my cum splattering onto the

So, now you know a little about me and what I like
doing, I’ll tell you what happened last week as I sat
in this very toilet, dressed exactly the same way.

I arrived at the park in the rapidly fading light and
got out of the car, showing much more leg than was
necessary in case some horny guy was watching and was
thinking about going into the park themselves.

Even though it was the onset of autumn it was a
pleasantly warm evening, and once I’d entered the park
and walked a hundred yards or so along the path, I
undid the tied belt of my raincoat and put my hands in
the pockets ‘ holding my coat wide-open so’s I exposed
everything I had to anyone that could see.

My heels clattered on the tarmac as I strode along, my
nipples totally exposed as my tits bounced
provocatively in my lacy ‘ cup black bra, and my
suspender-framed erect cock jutting out lewdly from
between my nylon-clad thighs, slapping the bare skin
just above my lacy black stocking-tops.

In the past I’d met loads of people walking towards me,
so I knew it was an easy task to simply pull the front
of my coat together until they passed by ‘ them being
totally unaware that all I had on underneath was my
sexy undies, and that only a few seconds before we
passed each other, I was totally exposed and showing
everything I had.

But tonight it was nice and quiet, and I met up with
nobody else as I walked along the path for the
remaining 5 minutes or so it’d take for me to reach the
public toilets.

Never being one to miss an opportunity and under
partial cover of the rapidly fading light, I slid my
coat off my shoulders and laid it over my arm ‘ me now
strolling along the path in a public park, wearing only
my black bra, suspender-belt, nylons and shoes ‘ my
naked belly and balls both tingling with sheer lust and

Another few minutes of exposing myself, and me
revelling in the highly sensuous feeling of my near-
nakedness in a public place, I saw the dim lights of
the toilet-block ahead of me, so I slid on my coat ‘
just in case I met someone coming out of the entrance
as I went in.

I strolled into the gents loo first and saw that all 4
doors were open and the stalls were empty, so I moved
to the ladies entrance and went in there, again to find
all 4 doors wide open and nobody inside. So I went into
the third stall and closed the door behind me, leaving
the bolt unsecured as I settled on the seat and laid
back to idly wank my erect cock and wait for some sex-
hungry guy to come along.

After waiting 5 minutes, I lit up a ciggy and peered
through each of the glory-holes in the partitions on
either side of me ‘ hoping that before long I’d be up
against one of them and sucking hard on someone’s erect

I didn’t have too long to wait! I dropped my half-
smoked cigarette into the toilet-bowl as I heard the
unmistakable sound of someone approaching.

The footsteps stopped for a moment at the entrance to
the toilet-block, and then continued inside ‘ the door
of the stall next to mine swinging open and then
closing with an echoing bang before the occupant slid
the bolt across to lock his door.

As I reached once more for my rigid cock and started
wanking it, I heard the sound of clothing and a belt
being undone, and then all went quiet.

I splayed my knees wide-open to give whoever was next
door to me a good look at my suspender-framed cock as I
slowly wanked it, but couldn’t see from where I was if
they were actually looking! My uncertainty was soon
satisfied as I watched a bulbous purple knob-end and
several inches of thick shaft slowly being pushed
through the hole in the partition to my right.

Going off the old maxim that “It’s rude for a lady to
refuse a gift!” I slid off my seat and squatted down in
front of the large knob-end, slowly sucking it into my
eager mouth, then bobbing my head back and forth as I
slid my lips up and down its length.

I heard the guy softly moan, and then felt him start to
fuck his rigid cock in and out of my mouth, as I
reached down between my splayed thighs and wanked my

“Don’t make me come!” I heard him whispering a short
time later, “I’d like to spurt my cum somewhere else ‘
if that’s okay with you?”

“Mmmm, there’s nothing I’d like better!” I breathed as
I pulled off his throbbing cock, “Why don’t you come in
here with me? The door’s already open!”

I watched the cock disappear from the hole and heard
him unlocking his door as I got back up onto the seat
and spread my thighs wide apart! Then my door slowly
opened and I saw him standing there with his rigid cock
sticking out of his pants as he came inside my stall
and locked the door behind him.

“Hi, I’m Suzy!” I said, “Just tell me what you want me
to do, and I’ll do it!”

“Hi Suzy!” he replied, “Suck my cock for a minute or so
until I tell you to stop, then turn round and bend over
so’s I can fuck you!”

“Mmmm, gladly!” I smiled, “And I hope you want to fill
me with your cum as well?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind me not using a rubber, Suzy!”
he replied.

“Mmmm, I’m looking forward to it!” I smiled, then slid
his knob-end into my mouth and started sucking him off
as my lips slid rapidly up and down his hard shaft!

He didn’t let me suck him for long, and soon told me to
turn round and bend over for him, which I obediently
did ‘ spreading my legs wide and bending my knees
slightly as I held onto the toilet-seat for support!

As always, I’d taken the trouble to douche myself, and
then use a dildo and plenty of KY up my ass before
coming out, so he easily slid all the way inside me
before he reached round and cupped each of my tits in
his hands as he started fucking me!

“Christ, you’ve a great ass, Suzy!” he hissed as he
fucked in and out of my pre-lubed ass, “Just like
fucking a real cunt!”

“Oh yeah!” I gasped, “So treat it like a real cunt ‘
fuck it, and fill it with your cum!”

“Oh, believe me, I will!” he gasped, “I’m gonna spurt
every last drop of my cum deep inside your beautiful
‘cunt’ and then I want you to suck my cock clean

“Like I told you earlier, just tell me what you want me
to do, and I’ll do it!” I replied.

He fucked me a while longer and then let go of my tits
to hold onto my hips ‘ me then sitting back slightly
so’s he could slide into me really deeply!

“Oh yes Suzy, that’s it ‘ sit back on my cock!” he
gasped, “You sure know how to make a guy fuck you
really deep!”

“It’s because you’ve a massive cock that you’re fucking
me really deep!” I told him.

“Hmmm! And a massive cock that’s very near to coming!”
he gasped.

“Oh yeah!” I gasped, Let it come! Spurt your thick and
creamy cum deep inside me and fill me up with it!”

A moment later I heard him groan softly, and then felt
his cock jerking and throbbing deep inside my ass, as
he spurted his thick and creamy cum deep inside me!

“Fuck me!” I urged him, as I slammed my hips back at
him to meet his forward thrusts, “Fuck that massive
cock of yours into me and fuck me until you’ve filled
me with your hot and sticky cum!”

He did as I said, and I felt a beautiful ‘wet’ feeling
deep in my ass and guts as he spurted his copious
amount of cum into me then slowed to a stop and rested
on my back, his cock throbbing weakly as it emptied the
last of his cum into my ass.

“Fuck me, you’re a great shag, Suzy!” he gasped as his
cock slid out of my ass and I spun round, “Better than
a lot of ‘real’ women I’ve fucked!”

I couldn’t answer him, because my mouth was crammed
full of his cock as I sucked his cum from it and
swallowed it down.

“I hope we’ll meet again, Suzy!” he said as he dressed
and opened the door.

“Mmmm, me too!” I smiled, “Soon!”

I closed the door as he left and laid back once more
with a ciggy, his cum slowly trickling from my gaping
ass and splattering into the water of the toilet
beneath me!

I really think the next guy to come into the toilets
knew we were fucking, and had been waiting outside!
Because no sooner had the first guy gone, than I heard
this guy walking inside, entering the same stall as the
last one, before immediately pushing his rigid cock
through the glory-hole! It was a lot thinner than the
last one, but much longer, and thinking that he too
wanted to fuck me, I backed up to the hole and pushed
back onto his long cock! He slid all the way inside me
and only let it rest inside me for a second or two
before he pulled out.

It wasn’t until I turned round and squatted down at the
hole, that he once more pushed his cock through ‘
obviously there for me to suck off and not be fucked

This was confirmed to me, by him fucking his cock into
my mouth as soon as my lips closed round his knob-end!
So I squatted there and sucked his cock whilst reaching
down and playing with my own ‘ him spurting his load of
thick cum into my mouth without warning after about 2
minutes! And boy, did he come!

I counted 7 powerful spurts before they grew weaker and
I finally pulled off him!

He left his shrivelling cock hanging through the hole,
and I sucked him completely clean before he pulled away
and I heard the door opening as he went out and left me
kneeling there with a cum-smeared chin! Once more I
found myself sitting on the toilet seat and waiting ‘
this time I had to wait for about ten minutes until I
heard the distinct sound of high-heels rattling across
the tiles of the entrance! Was it another trannie, or
was it a woman? I was to find out a few minutes later
after hearing the door next to mine closing again, and
the sound of someone moving about inside the stall.

Same as before, I decided to lie back against the wall
and spread my legs wide apart whilst idly wanking on my
suspender-framed cock, and so let whoever it was, peer
through the glory-hole to see what I was doing and how
I was dressed.

Whilst looking down at my cock, I saw a slight movement
at the glory-hole and then heard high-heels moving
about on the tiled floor before all went quiet again.

Nothing happened for the next few minutes, so I decided
to push my own cock through the glory-hole to entice
whoever was there into some action, reasoning that if
it worked for the other guys, it should work for me. I
was almost instantly rewarded by a soft pair of lips
encircling my knob-end and then their owner sucking
hard on it before pulling off and leaving me standing
there! So in order to get a better idea as to what was
going on, I pulled my cock out of the glory-hole and
peered through.

Lying back on the seat was the unmistakable form of a
youngish girl, with her pale blue skirt pushed up
around her waist and her legs spread wide apart, as she
played with her suspender-framed cunt! And what a
fantastic cunt it was as well.

It was heavily covered with a thick mat of pubic-hair ‘
through which her crinkly cunt-lips showed and formed a
slit that almost ran from her lower belly to her ass.

My rigid cock jumped and twitched uncontrollably as the
girl then blatantly lifted her feet off the floor and
wedged them against the walls either side of her, then
held her cunt-lips apart with the fingers of one hand
whilst finger-fucking herself with the other ‘ knowing
I was watching her every move.

I quickly opened my door and pushed on hers ‘ the door
swinging open to reveal her still fingering herself
directly in front of me.

“I really thought you weren’t going to come in!” she
smiled, without halting what she was doing, “So I
thought that after I’d seen how you were dressed, and
what you were doing when I looked through that hole
just now, I’d… persuade you!”

“Mmmm, I’m glad you did!” I replied, “I really am!”

“Are you gay’.. or bi?” she asked openly.

“Actually, I’m bi!” I replied.

“Mmmm, well come on then!” she grinned, pulling her
fingers out of her drooling twat and holding her cunt-
lips apart with both hands!

I quickly hung my coat up on the back of the door, and
then knelt down between her widespread legs before
clamping my lips over her steaming cunt!

“Oh God, yessss!” she hissed as I sucked on her cunt-
lips and clitty, “That’s it! Suck me and nibble me ‘
just there! Ohhh YES!! Suck my clitty for me!”

I did as she asked, her clitty now standing up from her
thick growth of pubic-hair like a button-mushroom in
the long grass!

“Christ! I’ve never been sucked out by a guy that’s
dressed as a woman before!” she gasped, “And it feels
fucking great ‘ like it’s another woman that’s sucking
me out!”

“Only another woman can’t fuck you like I can!” I said,
as I licked up the full length of her drooling gash and
made her take a sharp intake of breath, “Or fill your
cunt with cum before licking it out again!”

“Oooo YES!!” she hissed, “Do that, do that to me! I
want you to fuck me afterwards, and then suck your cum
out of my cunt while I wank myself and watch you as I
have an orgasm!”

“Oh I will! Don’t you worry about that!” I replied,
“And I’ll swallow it as well!”

Me telling her that sent her over the edge rather
sooner than she’d anticipated, for I felt her suddenly
gripping my head and pulling it into her cunt ‘ she
letting out a strangulated cry and arching her body
upwards, her hips forcibly bucking back and forth
against my face as she fucked herself against it and
rode her unexpected orgasm!

With my face clamped hard against her drooling gash, I
felt the inside of her cunt repeatedly bulging
outwards, and then tasted a small trickle of salty
piss, as she lost control of her bladder, so intense
was her orgasm!

“Quickly! Shove something inside me for Christ’s sake ‘
anything!” she cried, as her orgasm raced through her
and her body continued to arch upwards, “Your fingers,
your cock ‘ any fucking thing! I need to feel something
inside my cunt!”

I was determined to save my cock till later, so I
rammed three fingers into her sopping cunt and rapidly
finger-fucked her!

“Harder, you bastard! Finger me harder!” she begged as
she let go of me and pulled up her top and bra to
feverously caress her now naked and totally exposed

So I did as I was told, and repeatedly slammed my three
fingers into her cunt as hard as I possibly could ‘
certain that I must be hurting her as my knuckles
rammed up against her pubic-bone and pushed her whole
body backwards!


She continued to orgasm longer than I’ve ever known a
woman do in the past, and begged me to keep on finger-
fucking her as hard and as deeply as I could!

Then her orgasm started to slow, and I felt her body
relaxing ‘ me slowing down the brutal attack on her
cunt with my fingers, before once more clamping my
mouth over it as her ass settled once more onto the

“Oh my sweet fucking Jesus!” she panted, her naked tits
heaving up and down as she fought for her breath, “That
was the biggest fucking orgasm I’ve ever had in my

I didn’t answer, but laved away at and swallowed the
copious cunt-juices that were now flowing from her
steaming twat!

“It’s you ‘ you bastard!” she gasped, “Seeing you
dressed like that in those sexy fucking undies, with
your nipples sticking out and your fucking cock jutting
up from between your thighs, has really turned me on!”

“Mmmm, they get me excited as well!” I replied, “And,
an instant hard-on!”

“God, I want you!” she gasped, “Come up here and stick
that fucking beautiful cock of yours up my cunt ‘ then
fuck the ass off me and fill me with your cum!”

I gently kissed her steaming cunt before standing up
with my rigid cock jutting out in front of me ‘ a bead
of clear pre-cum oozing out of my knob-end!

She pushed her way upright and instantly sucked it off
me, swallowing it and licking her lips before lying
down again and lifting her legs high in the air.

“Come and fuck me!” she said quietly, “And spurt your
cum deep inside me!”

I pushed my knob-end in between her hairy cunt-lips,
she then reaching out and pulling me into her until I
sank all the way into her so I was hard against her
prominent pubic-bone and my balls were pressing up hard
against her ass-cheeks!

“Oh YES!” she hissed, “That feels so fucking good!”

As her legs wrapped around my waist and she pulled me
down to kiss her, I slowly started sliding in and out
of her juicy cunt, her tongue now deep inside my mouth!

I fucked into her with long slow strokes, making her
groan against my lips and her oozing cunt squelch
obscenely as she rotated and humped her hips so my cock
pressed against every part of her cunt-walls.

“And you’re really gonna suck your cum out of my cunt
after you’ve come inside me?” she breathed against my
neck as she kissed and nibbled it.

“Oh yes!” I whispered, “I’ll even share some of my cum
with you if you want?”

“Mmmm, I’d like that!” she gasped, “I’d like that a

Her fingers dug into my back as I speeded up and rammed
my aching cock into her squelching cunt ‘ my knob-end
butting up against her cervix and making her catch her
breath each time I slammed into it.

“I’m not going to be able to hold back for much
longer!” I gasped as I smashed into her and felt my cum
rising, “So as soon as I’ve come deep inside you and
pulled out of you, I’ll sit back and let you stand over
me so’s I can suck out your cunt! Keep your finger over
it until I’m ready, so’s we don’t lose any of my cum!”

“Yeah” okay!” she gasped, “And I’ll wank myself while
you’re sucking me!”

Her nylon-clad thighs wrapped tighter round my waist
and she clawed at my back as my orgasm neared, she
humping and gyrating her hips to meet my rapid thrusts
as our bodies slapped and smashed together!

“I’m gonna come!” I gasped as I felt my orgasm hitting
me, “NOW!”

Her hands dropped to my ass-cheeks and she dug her
nails into me ‘ forcing my spurting cock as deeply as
she could into her slippery cunt!

I gasped out loud with every spurt of cum, and my cock
jerked and pulsated deep inside her cunt as I emptied
my load into her!

“I can feel it!” she gasped, “I can feel your cum
spurting into me!”

As I hadn’t had a wank for a week, I knew there’d be a
thick and heavy load of cum swilling about deep inside
her right now, and that she’d have a good show of my
thick and creamy cum as it drained from her cunt and
into my mouth very shortly!

“Oh YES!” she gasped as I spurted my sticky load into
the deepest recesses of her cunt, “Christ, YES!!”

As my orgasm receded, I slowed to a stop and let my
shrinking cock slide out of her, telling her to place
her finger over her cum-filled cunt as I sat back and
she stood up.

With her straddling my upturned face, she slid her
finger away from her hairy cunt and looked down at me ‘
her finger now frantically strumming her erect clitty!

“Force it out with your cunt-muscles!” I urged her, “I
want you to watch me drinking your cunt-juices and my
cum as it slithers from your cunt!”

I saw her straining and relaxing her cunt-muscles and
then it happened!

A thick and viscous glob of my thick and creamy cum
splattered into my open mouth, making her shriek with
delight as she looked down and wanked on her clitty!

“Oh-my-God!” she gasped slowly and deliberately, as she
looked down and watched the cocktail of her cunt-juices
and my cum slowly slithering out of her steaming cunt
and into my mouth for several moments, “Look how much
fucking cum there is ‘ and look how fucking thick and
knotted it is ‘ Jesus Christ!”

I couldn’t answer her, but poked out my tongue to break
the several thick viscous ‘ropes’ of cum that were now
‘tying’ her cunt-lips and my mouth together, so’s they
landed in my mouth with a splat!

“Christ, I’m gonna come!” she said suddenly in an
urgent tone, “I am, I’m gonna come ‘ right now!”

She closed her eyes tight and screwed up her face as
her orgasm hit her, me quickly moving up and clamping
my lips over her drooling cunt, and reaching round to
hold her ass-cheeks to steady her!

“COMING!!!” she gasped as her head rolled back and her
orgasm hit her with it’s full force, “NOW!!”

As her body tensed and then started to shake
uncontrollably with the sheer power or her orgasm, I
pushed my tongue deep inside her cum-filled cunt and
then slipped two fingers deep inside her convulsing ass
‘ finger-fucking it as she violently came for the
second time and emptied her cunt into my mouth!

My free hand slid up her back to hold her upright and I
finger-fucked her as hard as I could as I slurped
noisily on her hairy cunt and she intermittently
frigged her erect and now very sensitive clitty!

As I saw the first signs of her orgasm receding a few
seconds later, I quickly stood up and held her tightly
in my arms, before clamping my lips against hers ‘ me
then slowly squeezing out part of the contents in my
mouth and into hers for her to enjoy!

“Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, as she tasted the cum
now swilling around in her mouth, “Mmmmmmmmm!”

My left hand slid up to caress her right tit and erect
nipple as we kissed passionately, exchanging the cum in
our mouths several times before we both swallowed it

“Sit back down and lie back with your legs wide open
so’s I can suck you out and clean you up!” I told her
quietly, “We can’t have you going home with that
beautiful cunt all covered with cum ‘ can we?”

“Right now I don’t care!” she breathed, “I’m happy to
be covered with your cum!”

I slowly let her sink down and lie back, then knelt
between her trembling knees and laved away at the
copious amount of cum and cunt-juices that still oozed
out of her from between her b***d-red cunt-lips!

“God, that feels fucking good!” she said weakly, “I’ve
never had a man make me come as intensely and as
violently as that before!”

“Mmmm, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!” I said, then
licked the full length of her drooling gash once more,
“Now just lie back and let me bring you down nice and
gently as I lick out your cunt for you!”

“Oooo, yes! I’ll give you two hours to stop!” she

After about fifteen minutes, she’d recovered enough to
sit up and share a ciggy with me, telling me that her
name was Anne and that she’d really like to see me
again, if that was alright with me? I told her that I’d
love to see her again, but did she want to see me
dressed like this or as a guy?

“Mmmm, as yourself ‘ and then like this!” she grinned,
“Because it really turns me on to see you wearing your

“No problem!” I smiled, “You can watch me getting ready
then, if you want?”

We talked and caressed each other for quite a while and
I gave her my phone-number, telling her to ring me the
day after and to come round to my place.

“Mmmm, I will!” she beamed, “But right now I’ll have to
go, as my boyfriend has a habit of ringing me up every
night at midnight to say hello. Actually, I think he’s
just checking up on me to see if I’m in!”

“Mmmm, if only he knew what we’d done together
tonight!” I chuckled.

We kissed passionately, and as she turned up to leave
she bent down and gave my knob-end a kiss ‘ telling me
to enjoy the rest of the night, but to save some more
of my cum for our next meeting! I replied that until I
saw her again, the only cum I would see, would be
incoming, and not outgoing ‘ to which she called me a
horny bitch and left, with a broad grin on her face!

After watching her walk into the darkness, I once again
sat down on the toilet seat and thought what tomorrow’s
meeting would bring as I waited for someone to appear?

After ten minutes of sitting there, I started to get
‘pins and needles’ in my legs, so I stood up and opened
the door before strolling to the entrance with my coat
still open and totally exposing my tits and suspender-
framed cock.

After a while, I saw 2 murky figures walking off the
path and towards the toilets.

So I threw down my cigarette and quickly tied the belt
of my raincoat, covering myself up until I knew who it
was. As they drew nearer to me, I could see it was two
guys ‘ so I was glad I’d covered up in case it was the
police in plain clothes!

“Hi there!” one of them said as they came up to me,
“How you doing?”

“Fine thanks! And you?” I replied cautiously.

“Not bad!” he replied, “You waiting for someone?”

“Yeah, a friend’s supposed to meet me here!” I told
him, “But she’s late!”

“Hmmm, that’s a pity! We’re both looking for some
action, and when we saw you we thought you might be…
available?” he smiled.

“Oh, what sort of action?” I smiled back, “Because it
doesn’t look like she’s coming!”

“Well, if your friend isn’t coming, and you’re at a
loose end for half an hour or so’.?” he said slowly,
“Perhaps you’d like to” entertain me and friend?”

“Mmmm, that sounds interesting!” I smiled, reaching out
and slowly tracing my finger up and down his shirt,
“What sort of”. entertainment had you in mind?”

“Why don’t we go inside and find out?” the other guy
said, “It’s a bit more private in there ‘ away from
prying eyes!”

I smiled and turned, then walked into the ladies
toilets, the guys closely following.

As I stopped and leant back against one of the sinks
with my hands either side of me, the first guy reached
out and slowly slid his hand inside the flap of my
raincoat, his fingers lightly stroking my nylon-clad

“Mmmm, nice!” he breathed, “Very nice!”

“Errrm, before you go any further, I should tell you
that there’s a bit more in there than you might expect
from a woman!” I warned him, “And I wouldn’t want you
to make a mistake and get the wrong idea! Just so’s you

He slowly moved his hand right up the inside of my
naked thigh, and I felt the back of it brush against my
balls and semi-hard cock!

“Oooo, and what little surprise have we got here?” he
said, a broad grin appearing on his face. He withdrew
his hand and undid my belt, slowly allowing my raincoat
to fall open as his friend stood alongside him and
looked on.

With both hands, he slowly parted my raincoat so’s it
was completely held open and revealing everything
underneath ‘ and I do mean everything!

“Oooo, very nice!” his friend gasped, “I can see we’re
all gonna have some fun here!”

With no more ado, they both unzipped their flies and
took out their stiffening cocks!

“Mmmm, and these are very nice, as well!” I grinned,
wrapping my fingers round both of their shafts and
slowly sliding their foreskins back and forth!

The guys both closed their eyes as I slowly wanked
them, their cocks jerking and stiffening until they
were both rock-hard and lewdly jutting out from their
open flies!

“What? What d’you like doing?” the second guy finally
asked me.

“Hmmm… I like sucking guys off and swallowing their
cum, or letting them fuck me ‘ preferably bareback,
so’s they fill me with their cum!” I replied slowly,
“What about you guys, what d’you like… doing?”

“How about you taking one of us at each end… then us
swapping round and taking you again?” the first guy
said, “We can both easily manage two good fucks each!”

“Okay!” I smiled, “Where?”

“How about outside ‘ down the side of the toilets so’s
we can see anyone coming along the path!” the second
guy said, “It’ll be dark enough by now as well!”

“Mmmm, lead on!” I smiled, “But first…”

I slowly sank to my knees and sucked each of their
knob-ends in turn into my mouth, tracing my lips all
the way down their shafts and back again before lightly
kissing each of their knob-ends and standing up again!

We then went out into the darkness and round to the
side of the building, where I slipped off my coat and
got down onto my hands and knees.

“Is this alright, or do you want me on my back?” I
asked them.

“Just as you are!” the first guy said, as he undid his
jeans and quickly slid them down his legs, “I can get
in really deep with you on your hands and knees!”

“And I can kneel in front of you while you suck me
off!” the other said.

“And swallow your cum!” I added slowly.

They both got in position at each end and I spread my
knees slightly to brace myself for the guy behind, and
then lifted my head for the guy in front!

A moment later I was being soundly fucked at both ends
as they pounded their erect cocks into me ‘ the guy
fucking me, holding onto my waist, and the guy in my
mouth holding onto my shoulders! I moaned loudly on his
cock to let them both know I was really enjoying it,
and then felt the guy in my mouth pulling out!

“Open your mouth wide while I toss myself off!” he
commanded me breathlessly, “I want to watch my cum
spurting into your mouth when I’m coming!”

“Mmmm, no problem! Spurt it all inside for me so I can
swallow the lot!” I smiled, opening my mouth wide for
him as he knelt there and positioned his knob-end an
inch from my lips whilst his fist slid rapidly up and
down his thick shaft!

“Oh yeah!” he gasped, “That’s right, you horny fucking
bitch! Keep your fucking mouth really wide open for me
and wait for me to spurt my load of hot and sticky
spunk inside it, you cum-drinking slut!”

“Let me know when you’re getting near, Frank!” the guy
fucking me called to his friend, “Then we can both fill
her at the same time!”

“Another minute!” Frank called back to him, “I’ll tell
you when!”

The guy fucking me was right about fucking me really
deep ‘ he completely filled me, and was inside me just
as deeply as he could possibly get!

“Coming now, Frank!” the guy wanking himself suddenly

I felt Frank suddenly drop his hands to my hips and
grip them hard as he rammed his massive cock really
hard and deep into my ass ‘ rocking my body back and
forth so’s my bottom lips pushed against the knob-end
of the guy that was about to come in my mouth! He then
suddenly stopped tossing himself off and groaned loudly
as he gripped his throbbing shaft and directed a heavy
jet of thick and creamy cum directly into my waiting
mouth ‘ then another, and another, and another!

Spurt after spurt of the guy’s thick and creamy cum
landed in my mouth as I heard Frank groan and then felt
the powerful spurts of his cum blasting into me ‘ again
I experienced that delicious ‘wet’ feeling as his heavy
load of cum filled my ass and he grunted with every
spurt into me!

I was truly in heaven, and gulped madly on the torrent
of thick cum that was being spurted into my mouth for
me to swallow ‘ my ass being filled with another guy’s
cum-spurting cock at the same time! And as they slowly
stopped spurting and knelt there at either end of me, I
sucked the guy’s cock into my mouth and moaned softly
as I sucked him clean ‘ the three of us remaining
connected for quite a while!

“Mmmm! I really enjoyed that!” I smiled at both of them
when they finally slid out of either end of me and sat
back, “Thank you ‘ thank you very much!”

“It’s us that should be thanking you!” Frank said as I
leant forward and sucked his limp cock into my mouth to
clean it, “You’re a fantastic fuck!”

“And that goes for me as well!” the other guy said,
“D’you want to know something Frank? She never spilt a
fucking drop of my cum ‘ not a fucking drop!”

“Well that’s a first!” Frank replied, “They’re usually
gagging and spluttering on the amount you spurt down
their throats ‘ the women as well as the guys!”

“Yeah! Not a lot can swallow every drop without
spilling some!” the guy told me proudly, “And his
load’s bigger than mine!”

“Hmmm, so you come a lot as well, d’you?” I asked frank
as I pulled off his cock.

“Because he came in your ass, you wouldn’t have seen
how thick and creamy Frank’s cum really is!” the other
guy told me, “Or how much he can come the first time!”

“Mmmm, this gets better and better!” I grinned, “So,
not only is your cum really thick and creamy, but you
also come a lot as well?”

“Twice as much as me and really thick!” his friend
announced again.

“Well it does feel like he’s really filled my guts with
a thick and heavy load of cum, I must admit!” I
replied, “And I can’t wait to feel it spurting into my
mouth as well!”

We all had a ciggy as they recovered ‘ both of them
rock-hard again 5 minutes later!

“Okay!” Frank said, “Let’s see how you like the taste
of my cum in your mouth!”

“At least the next load will be smaller and in your
belly!” his friend said, “The load in your ass will be
so thick, it’ll take all night to drain out of you!”

“Then I’ll be able to experience again, the fantastic
fuck you two guys have just given me when it finally
does drain out of me!” I smiled, “And go to bed with a
full belly as well! Mmmmmmm! Two good fuckings and a
full belly of someone’s really thick and creamy cum,
with an assful of thick cum to match! What more can a
girl ask for?”

“A promise it’ll all happen again, if you give us your
phone-number?” Frank replied.

“Personally, I’d love it to happen again ‘ on a regular
basis!” I told him as I handed him my quickly scrawled
phone-number, “On a very regular basis!”

“Well I’m all for that!” his friend said, “How about
you, Frank?”

“Hmmm, I think we can accommodate the lady!” he smiled,
“Oh yes, I think we can!”

With that I smiled broadly and got back on all fours
for another good fucking, the guys taking their
positions at my head and between my widespread knees.

Frank was the first to slide his knob-end into my
mouth, soon followed by his friend, who easily slid all
the way, straight into my cum-lubed, gaping ass!

This time there was no agreement about them coming
together, and the guy fucking me came first ‘ thrusting
his spurting cock into me in time with each mighty gush
of cum from his throbbing cock! Frank came a few
minutes later ‘ grunting softly and filling my mouth
with a huge load of thick and creamy cum as I knelt
there on all fours, his friend’s cum spluttering and
oozing from my gaping ass before it ran down my nylon-
clad thighs.

“Mmmm, you give an excellent blow-job as well!” he
said, gently stroking my cheek as I sucked his
shrinking cock clean of his sticky cum, “So we’re
definitely gonna have to meet you again! I’ll phone you
‘ soon!”

“I’ll look forward to it!” I replied as I pulled off
his cock and kissed his knob-end.

After talking for a few minutes and agreeing that we’d
meet again, they vanished into the night and left me
sitting in a most unladylike manner, with my back
against the wall and my knees bent and splayed. Happy
to sit there with my guts rumbling and watching for
anyone else that wanted to fuck me, I lit up a ciggy
and idly stroked my erect cock in the shadow of the
building, as some of Frank’s thick cum oozed from my
still gaping ass and formed a viscous pool on the grass
between my legs.

Finishing my ciggy, I remained sitting there with my
arms resting on my knees and looked down between my
nylon-clad thighs to watch the really thick cum
spluttering out of my ass until something suddenly made
me turn and look to my left. Coming from round the back
of the toilet block was a guy with his cock in his
hand! He’d obviously not seen me, because he then leant
back against the building and dropped his pants around
his ankles ‘ his fist rapidly sliding up and down his
rigid shaft.

Knowing he would eventually toss himself off and simply
let his cum spurt onto the grass, I gave a little cough
and looked in his direction.

“You could let me swallow that instead of coming onto
the grass and wasting it!” I told him ‘ his head
suddenly whipping round in total surprise.

“Oh Christ, I’m sorry!” he gasped, obviously startled
by suddenly seeing me sitting there, “I hadn’t seen

“Mmmm, so I see!” I grinned, allowing my knees to fall
open wide, “You’ll forgive me if I don’t get up, I’m
somewhat… indisposed!”

He walked over to stand in front of me and stared at
the spreading pool of cum that seeped from my exposed

“Mmmm, so I see!” he grinned, his hand still on his
cock, “It looks like someone’s had a good time with you
very recently!”

“You can say that again!” I grinned, “Two of them,

“Christ! It looks more like twenty-two with the amount
that’s leaking out of you!” he replied, “And it’s so
thick as well!”

“Mmmm, and I must’ve swallowed as much as that, as
well!” I told him.

“And now you’d like to swallow mine as well?” he asked.

“If you’ll let me!” I replied, “It’d save wasting it by
spurting it onto the grass!”

“Yeah, okay then!” he said, “I’ve never been sucked off
by a trannie before ‘ or even seen one if the truth be

“And do you like what you see?” I asked boldly.

“Oh yes!” he breathed, “Seeing you sitting there like
that in your bra, suspenders and nylons, with all of
that cum leaking from your last fuck, is really turning
me on!”

“Hmmm, so I see!” I grinned, “So, can I suck you off
and swallow your cum?”

“Yes please!” he replied quickly, “Let me stand in
front of you so’s you can look up at me, and I can toss
myself off ‘ if that’s okay?”

“No problem!” I smiled, “Just let me know when you’re
coming and I’ll pull off your cock so you can watch
your cum spurting into my mouth! Then I’ll show you
your cum inside it, before I swallow it!”

He straddled my hips and I sucked his cock into my
mouth ‘ him frantically tossing himself off as I held
onto his thighs.

Only twenty seconds or so later he gasped that he was
going to come, and pulled his cock from my mouth ‘ me
then opening wide as he spurted his load onto my tongue
and filled my mouth ‘ me opening wide for him to see
his cum lying there!

“Fucking hell, you’re not gonna swallow that ‘ are you?
he gasped.

Unable to answer him, I closed my mouth and gulped down
his load ‘ opening my mouth wide to show him that I’d
swallowed the lot!

“Wow! You horny sod!” he grinned, “You did swallow it!”

“Mmmm, I said I would!” I told him, “And it tasted
really nice!”

We talked for a while about what his cum tasted like,
and how it felt to be fucked before he thanked me and
finally left me sitting alone once more.

I lit up another ciggy and took a heavy draw on it ‘
thinking how good a night it’d been, and how fortunate
I was to have met Anne, and then Frank and his mate.

“I’m gonna get some good fucks off those two!” I
breathed out loud as I thought about what’d happened
earlier, “And plenty of cum as well! And Anne’s gonna
get as much cum as I can possibly give her! Hmmm, I
think me and Anne are going to be seeing a lot more of
each other, a lot more!”

It was then that I saw a dark shape, moving about in
the shadows to my left, and as it slowly moved towards
me, I could finally see the outline of a large dog!

“Christ, you made me jump!” I told it, “Come here boy,
come on over here!”

Although I’d called it ‘boy’ I didn’t know whether it
was a dog or a bitch, but it ambled over towards me all
the same. As soon as it reached me it sat down and I
scanned the darkness for it’s owner ‘ ready to cover
myself up in case they were just someone out walking
the dog, and not looking for any fun!

But after I spent over a minute looking all around, I
neither saw nor heard anyone and assumed the dog was
out on his own. Only when it was sniffing at the pool
of cum between my nylon-clad thighs, did I see it
actually was a dog and not a bitch!

I reached over and rubbed his head, the dog wagging his
tail and surprising me by dipping his head and licking
my erect cock! After the initial surprise, I found that
the action of the dog’s tongue on my cock was making me
feel really horny, so I reached between his back legs
to see how he liked having his cock played with?

He didn’t seem to object as I looked round and checked
again that it was all quiet, so I slowly slid his furry
sheath back and exposed his pink cock.

Still no objection from him, so I slowly wanked his
furry sheath back and forth and immediately saw that
his cock was becoming much thicker and longer!

“I think you and me might be able to have some fun,
boy!” I said quietly.

As I stopped wanking him, he pawed my leg and them my
arm ‘ as if he wanted me to go on with what I was
doing! So I took hold of him once more and this time
slid his sheath right back to expose his knot as well!

With this he stood up and arched his back, then humped
the air once or twice as I saw his cock and knot
swelling to massive proportions ‘ even in the darkness
by the side of the toilet-block! I immediately stopped
and watched in awe as he turned to lick his now exposed
cock ‘ it rapidly shrinking and sliding back inside his
furry sheath.

The lust inside me swelled as much as the dog’s cock
had, so I took one more good look round and then got
onto my hands and knees ‘ ready for him!

He immediately rushed round to my ass and feverously
started licking on the escaping cum that was oozing
from me, and then he jumped up on my back ‘ madly
humping his hips and ‘air-fucking’ me as he sprayed my
ass-cheeks and thighs with pre-cum!

I’d seen several porn videos of dogs fucking women
before and had also seen dogs mounting bitches several
times, so I had an idea of what happened when they
fucked and also knew about this famous ‘knot’ thing!

Apparently, once he was all the way inside the bitch ‘
and hopefully inside me in a few minutes ‘ his knot
swelled up tremendously, and locked or ‘tied’ them
together so he could keep his spurting cock inside her,
and successfully impregnate her!

It was this knot of his that I lusted after having
locked inside me, and yet feared having inside me as
well! In the videos I’d seen, some I would be able to
take with no problem, and some looked as though it’d be
like having a cricket ball wedged deep inside your ass!
And from what I briefly saw when I wanked him just a
minute ago, my canine friend had a knot that was
somewhere between these two sizes!

I knew that once we were successfully knotted, we’d be
locked together for up to forty-five minutes or so, and
that there’d be no turning back if I found that he was
too big for me, for I couldn’t pull him out, and I’d
have to endure whatever pain there might be as his knot
stretched my ass-walls ‘ perhaps beyond their limits?

With my lust for cock being the motivating factor, I
reasoned that I’d just be able to take his knot ‘
providing it didn’t swell any more than I’d just seen.

So with a madly beating heart and a barrow-load of
recklessness, I reached back with one hand and guided
the tip of his wildly stabbing cock into my ass.

Once he felt the tip of his cock enter me, he stepped
forward and unceremoniously rammed his entire length
into me, making me gasp with the suddenness and

His fore-paws then wrapped tightly round my waist so he
could pull himself into me as deeply as he could get ‘
rocking me back and forth with the powerful thrusts.

So far it was going well, and apart from his dew-claws
scratching my sides and making them sting like hell, it
felt okay! I was easily taking the length of his cock,
and his knot didn’t seem too bad at all ‘ in spite of
him pulling it out of my ass each time he withdrew to
thrust inside me again! So I reached round behind it
and held it inside my ass with my fingers as he danced
around between my legs and almost seemed to be trying
to climb up on top of me.

It was then that I felt his knot swelling, and the
length of his cock rapidly growing.

No longer was he rapidly stabbing his cock into me, now
he was lunging forward with powerful thrusts that made
my whole body rock back and forth, and also made me
gasp out loud as the tip of his lengthening and
thickening cock rammed up against what I thought were
the innermost limits of my ass! I was soon to find out
that I would have to take a lot more inside me ‘ both
in length and width.

He was panting loudly and fucking into me really deeply
as I realised his cock was growing still longer and
thicker ‘ but my main concern was that his knot was
also growing, and becoming more than a little

As his knot grew even larger, it not only started
stretching my ass-walls and becoming somewhat painful,
it also added a great deal of length to his already
massive cock.

A sense of panic washed through my body as I suddenly
got several waves of stomach cramps with his really
deep penetration, and I thought I’d bitten off more
than I could chew, so I fought hard to control myself
and managed to calm myself down.

Then he gave a really powerful thrust and stepped
forward ‘ knocking me forward so I dropped to my
elbows! This turned out to be a lifesaver.

After an initial sharp pain deep inside my guts, I
found he’d slipped even further inside me than before,
and that all the cramps and aches were rapidly
disappearing! His knot had actually moved away from the
sphincter-muscles at the entrance to my ass, and my
ass-walls were now easily accommodating its tremendous
bulk and girth.

All sense of panic also disappeared and was immediately
replaced with a delicious sense of lust as I began to
really enjoy the fantastic fucking I was now getting.

There was no more discomfort, no more stomach-cramps,
and no more fear, as he repeatedly rammed his now erect
cock deeply and powerfully back and forth inside my
completely filled ass and I felt him spurting his hot
cum deep inside me.

We were knotted! I was his bitch and we were knotted!
We were knotted, and he was spurting what seemed like
gallons of hot cum into me ‘ impregnating me.

I settled back to enjoy what had turned out to be, the
best and most satisfying fucking I’d ever had in my
life, and as he eventually slowed to as stop and I felt
his gigantic cock and knot jerking and throbbing deep
inside my ass, I felt myself starting to come! So
intense were the sensual and horny feelings I was
getting from this massive cock and knot that was now
securely lodged deep inside my ass, my cock was jerking
back and forth between my nylon-clad thighs and
spurting my cum onto the grass beneath me, and I found
that I was in mid-orgasm! I couldn’t believe it!

I hadn’t even touched my cock, but it was actually
throbbing and jerking madly between my legs ‘ spurting
my thick spunk on the grass and up onto my belly.

To say I was in heaven would’ve been a serious
understatement! Christ, it felt good.

Why the hell hadn’t I done this before? And to think of
what I’d been missing all these years! One thing was
for sure ‘ this was my first doggy-fuck ‘ but it
certainly wasn’t going to be my last! The feelings I
was experiencing as I knelt there wearing nothing but
my sexy undies with this dog firmly knotted inside me,
made the slight initial discomfort all worthwhile! And
the ‘icing on the cake’ was, that to my utter surprise
‘ even though I still hadn’t touched my cock, I was
starting to orgasm again.

As my second orgasm raced through my body, and my load
spurted onto the grass beneath me something caught my
eye in the darkness near the path. I looked on with
increasing horror as the shape of a guy walked out of
the darkness towards me.

“Oh, I see you’ve found a new friend, Saxon?” he said
to the dog.

There was absolutely nothing I could do or say to
explain the embarrassing situation I was in, so I
simply knelt there and waited for the guy to say
something to me.

“He’s pretty big I believe!” he finally said to me as
he squatted down beside me and patted the dog on the
head, “At least that’s what my wife tells me!”

“He fucks her as well then?” I finally managed to ask

“Oh yeah, regularly!” he grinned, “It’s bloody hard to
keep him from trying to fuck any woman that’ll let him
‘ as you’ve found out! Isn’t it Saxon?”

By now, Saxon’s copious cum was oozing past his massive
and distended knot, and was both dripping off my knob-
end and running down my inner thighs, soaking my
stocking-tops through.

“I saw you sucking that guy off just now and then saw
you obviously waiting for someone else, and thought old
Saxon here might fit the bill?” the guy told me, “And
talking of fitting the bill, let’s have a look how well
he fits you!”

He walked round behind me and squatted down to have a
closer look at how Saxon’s buried cock and knot had
fitted inside me.

“Christ, you’re… you’re a fucking guy! I thought you
were a woman! Well old lad, you’ve certainly landed
yourself a catch tonight ‘ you horny sod!” he gasped,
before he came back round to stand in front of me, “I
actually thought you were a woman ‘ with seeing you
sucking that guy off! You’re the first guy he’s ever

“And this is the first dog I’ve ever had!” I told him,
“And I go and get caught!”

“No problems there as far as I’m concerned!” the guy
replied, “I just hope you’re enjoying Saxon’s cock
being stuffed deep inside you!”

“I am actually!” I replied, “But it wouldn’t make any
difference if I wasn’t ‘ we’re completely knotted, and
that’s that! I couldn’t even run away and hide from you
if I wanted to, so I’m completely at your mercy!”

“Like I said before ‘ I’ve no problems with what I
see!” he replied, “In fact, seeing him knotted inside
you is actually turning me on! So there’s no need for
you to feel embarrassed or anything like that!”

“Thank God!” I said, suddenly relieved with the
situation I was in, “I thought you might think I was
some sort of ‘perv’ or something!”

“Hell, no! If I thought that way, I certainly wouldn’t
be like this!” he replied, taking his erect cock out of
his pants and showing it to me, “So, how about you…
repaying me, for my… understanding?”

“Mmmm, I’d be more than happy to!” I grinned
sheepishly, “Besides, I’m in no position to argue with
you ‘ am I?”

“Not really!” he grinned back at me, “But you are in a
position to do something else!”

I opened my mouth wide and he knelt in front of me ‘
pushing his rigid cock into it before I clamped my lips
around his knob-end! He then started fucking his cock
into my mouth as he held onto my shoulders!

“Mmmm, I can see what that other guy saw in you now!”
he breathed, “You sure give a good blow-job! In fact,
if I hadn’t seen you were a guy, I would’ve sworn it
was a woman that was sucking me off right now!”

As he slowly fucked his cock in and out of my mouth, I
felt Saxon’s cock jerking and throbbing deep inside my
guts and ass, his copious amount of cum relentlessly
oozing from me and dripping onto the grass beneath me!

“Fucking hell, but you feel fucking good!” the guy
breathed, “It won’t be long before I’m coming in your
mouth! Speaking of which, after Saxon’s finished
fucking the wife and he finally pulls out of her, she
usually spins round and then sucks him off! What about
you? D’you fancy sucking him off when he pulls out of
your ass?”

“I hadn’t thought of it ‘ but I’ll most likely give it
a try!” I replied as I pulled off his cock for a
moment, “It might be the only chance I’ll ever get to
suck a dog off!”

I sucked his cock back into my mouth and he fucked his
hips back and forth, using my mouth as a cunt ‘ to
fuck, and later spurt his cum into!

About a minute later he told me he was very near to
coming, and to get ready for him!

Sure enough, a few seconds later I felt the first heavy
spurt of his cum on my tongue, quickly followed by four
more! I quickly swallowed every drop as he slowed to a
dribble, then sucked him clean before he finally
plopped out!

“Christ, that felt exactly like I was fucking a woman’s
cunt!” he gasped, “And it was the first time I’ve ever
been sucked off by another guy!”

“So we’ve both had a ‘first’ tonight!” I grinned, “You
with me, and me with the dog!”

“Hmmm, and if I’m still feeling the way I am now, later
on I might even have another ‘first’ tonight!” he

“Mmmm, this time it’s my turn to say ‘ no problems!” I

It was another fifteen minutes or so before Saxon
started moving around and trying to pull out of me ‘
the guy telling me to hold him firmly inside until his
knot had shrunk back to more like it’s normal size,
before I let him pull from me.

“When he finally does pull out of you, there’ll be a
huge river of cum draining from your cunt ‘ sorry, your
ass!” he explained, “That’s perfectly normal and
nothing to worry about! Once he’s out I’ll grab hold of
his cock behind his knot so you can lie on your back
and suck him off, if you still want to?”

“Okay!” I replied, “And yes, I do still want to!”

About three minutes later Saxon pulled out of my cum-
filled ass with a plop ‘ his cum literally flooding out
of my gaping asshole and soaking my nylons through!

The guy had kept his word by catching hold of Saxon’s
cock, and so I swiftly got down on my back and slid
underneath Saxon’s belly ‘ surprised to see that its
cock was still spurting cum and jerking like mad in my
hand as the guy handed the dog’s very thick, purple and
red cock to me! It was only when I looked at the
combined size of his cock and knot, did I fully realise
just how much I’d had stuffed inside me! No wonder
there was some discomfort to start with!

“Go on, take him in your mouth!” the guy urged me, “You
know you want to!”

I directed the spurting tip over my face and at my
tightly shut lips, then opened them slightly and
allowed a couple of jets to splash onto my tongue. I
swallowed it down and found it wasn’t so bad ‘ a tiny
bit salty, but okay! So I opened my mouth wide and let
quite a few good spurt splash inside before swallowing
it again.

It still tasted okay ‘ in fact better if anything! So I
opened my mouth again as closed my lips over his shaft
‘ sliding my lips up and down it’s length and feeling
the powerful spurts hitting the back of my throat!
Feeling really horny, I laid back and pictured how I
looked right now!

A guy wearing nothing but a wig, makeup, a bra and
matching suspender-belt with lace-top nylons and heels,
my knees bent and splayed so my suspenders were taut
and pulled away from my nylon-clad thighs, cum oozing
from my gaping and totally exposed ass, and a dog’s
purple and red cock spurting cum into my mouth for me
to swallow! It’s no wonder I felt my legs being lifted
and the guy sliding his erect cock into my gurgling and
still cum-leaking ass! I think I would’ve done the same
if I’d have been presented with such an erotic and lewd

Because my ass had just taken such a massive cock and
knot, it was still a bit numb, so I couldn’t really
feel the guy fucking into me, only knowing that he was
coming inside me, when he gasped out loud and then
stabbed his hips forward, in time with each spurt of
cum from his cock.

I remained lying on my back and sucking off Saxon’s
spurting cock for another five minutes or so ‘
swallowing what seemed like a gallon of cum, before I
simply laid back with my arms by my side so he could
pull away whenever he wanted.

This he did a minute later and then sat down to lick
his shrinking cock clean.

“Well, what did you think of your first blow-job with a
dog?” the guy asked me.

“It won’t be my last ‘ hopefully!” I grinned at him,
“It felt great!”

We talked for a few minutes and both had a ciggy before
he left me sitting there, and as I watched him
strolling away, I called out for him to wait for me,
and that I’d walk back to the park entrance with him,
if that was okay with him?

So I gathered up my coat and we set off together along
the dark path with Saxon.

“Have you never tried walking along in a public place
like this semi-naked?” I asked.

“Yeah, I have actually! But I’ve never had the guts to
do it!” he admitted.

“Do it now!” I grinned, “Go on, drop your pants and
walk along with your cock totally exposed! There’s
nobody about, and look at what I’m wearing ‘ a very
revealing bra, a suspender-belt and nylons!”

“Fuck it ‘ I will!” he said defiantly, “Here, hold
Saxon’s leash for me!”

I watched as he stripped off his pants and jockey-
shorts and then undid his shirt so the whole front of
him was exposed to the world.

“There! Now we can go!” he smiled. We set off again
along the path.

“How does it feel?” I asked him.

“Bloody great!” he grinned, “Somehow I feel more naked
than if I had nothing on at all and was completely
nude, if you know what I mean? It’s really weird!”

“Now add the extra excitement of being a guy that’s
wearing women’s sexy undies in a public place, and
still exposing everything you have ‘ and you’ll know
why I feel so fucking horny!” I told him, “Especially
when you add the fact that I’m wearing a wig, false
tits and makeup as well!”

“Hmmm, I might buy some women’s sexy undies and try
having a walk through the park one night whilst dressed
like you are now!” he mused, “Mmmm, I just might!”

We walked along the path with both of us sporting erect
cocks that waggled from side to side as we chatted
about how I’d felt to have been fucked for the first
time by a dog, and then got near to the park gates ‘
both of us making ourselves respectable.

I thanked him for letting me use Saxon and he told me I
was welcome to do it again if we met again in the park
some evening. With that we went our separate ways and I
drove home for a long soak in a hot bath.

Early the following evening the phone rang and it was
Anne. She asked if I still wanted to see her, and was
it alright to come round? Of course I said yes and gave
her directions to my house. She arrived about ten
minutes later.

“Mmmmmmm, it’s nice to see you as yourself!” she said
after a prolonged kiss.

“Ahhh, but which would you rather see? Me as I am now,
or me as Suzy?” I asked as I got our drinks and we sat

“I must admit that you and Suzy have’ certain
qualities!” she smiled, “For everyday sort of stuff, I
really like what I see now. And for sex? I certainly
like you as Suzy.

Maybe it’s because I’m bi, and when I’m with you as
Suzy, I can imagine that I’m with another woman ‘ a
woman with a real cock!”

“Hmmm, interesting! So, what d’you fancy doing
tonight?” I asked her.

“Well, as I’m feeling really horny, how about me going
out with you as Suzy later on?” she suggested, “Perhaps
we could go somewhere where you’d go on your own whilst
dressed and made up as Suzy ‘ like you did last night?
Somewhere that you’d usually go to meet other guys if I
wasn’t here?”

“Hmmm, there’s always the car park!” I suggested, “I go
to meet other guys there for sex! But if they saw you
there with me, they’d certainly want to fuck you as

“Oh? Would it bother you if they did?” she asked, “Fuck
me, that is!”

“No, why should it?” I replied, “We’ve only just met,
so it’s not as though we’re an item or anything ‘ and
even if we were, it wouldn’t bother me to see you
getting fucked by other guys!”

“Okay! The car park it is then!” she grinned, “And I
assume you’ll be going as Suzy?”

“Oh yes, definitely!” I replied, “You never know, you
might be lucky and see me getting a good fucking off
another guy!”

“Mmmm, I’d love to see that!” she replied excitedly,
“D’you really think so, Suzy?”

“Well, that’s what usually happens when I go up there!”
I smiled.

“Did you manage to get fucked by a guy last night?” she

“Several guys actually!” I replied, “And I did
something I’ve never done before as well! But I might
tell you about that sometime later ‘ when I’ve gotten
to know you a little better! I wouldn’t want to scare
you off!”

“Scare me off? Christ, just what did you do last night
then?” she replied.

“Never mind!” I laughed, “Let’s go upstairs, and I’ll
tell you some of the things that happened last night
while you watch me get ready ‘ okay?”

“Okay!” she grinned, “Lead on!”

We went upstairs and into my bedroom where I sat at the
dressing table and got out my makeup. As I applied my
foundation I told her about the guy in the stall she’d
been in and also about the two guys fucking me after
we’d fucked!

She was very interested in what I told her and wanted
to know the tiniest detail of what happened ‘ even to
how much they’d come when they fucked me!

When I told her about Frank, she told me she’d love to
meet him and have him fuck her with all that thick and
creamy cum he spurted! I told her it could be arranged
but that I’d have to check with him first.

Makeup finished, I asked her to choose my undies for me
before I applied my tits!

“Fucking hell!” she gasped when I opened the wardrobe
to reveal my collection of undies and clothes, “You
could start a lingerie shop with this lot!”

After some searching, she chose a lacy black set for
me, telling me that it matched the ones she was wearing
‘ then lifted her skirt right up to prove it!

I was treated to a perfect view of her black suspender-
framed hairy cunt ‘ her juicy slit just visible through
the thick mass of her dark pubic-hair!

“I hope you like them! And, you’ll see that like you
last night, I’m not wearing any panties!” she grinned
broadly, “I noticed that you weren’t wearing any, and
thought I’d try it for myself! Hey, doesn’t it make you
feel really sexy to go without them?”

“Mmmm, it does!” I agreed, “I never wear them because
they get in the way as well!”

I sat back down at the dressing table again and took my
‘falsies’ out of the drawer, spending the next 20
minutes or so, fixing them in place and masking the
edges with liquid latex ‘ much to Anne’s astonishment
as to how real they looked!

“All that’s need is a little makeup to blend them in,
and I can start getting dressed before putting on my
wig!” I told her, “Will you pick one for me, my

She went back to the wardrobe and returned with a dark
shoulder-length one that looked very much like her own

“I can see we’re going to be ‘sisters’ tonight Anne!” I
smiled, “Anne and Suzy, the terrible twins!”

“Hmmm, I could think of worse things!” she smiled, “So,
what are you gonna wear over your black undies?”

“How about that red satin blouse? I can leave it undone
so they can easily play with my tits when they’re
fucking me from behind!” I mused, “And that short black
skirt that I can easily slide up to my waist if they do
want to fuck me?”

“Wow! You have it all worked out, don’t you?” she

“Years of trial and error, Anne!” I smiled, “This way I
can sit in the car so they can look inside and see my
exposed tits and cock ‘ and also my sexy undies,
without me having to do anything! And with a bit of
luck, they’ll get so excited, they’ll either ask me to
suck them off, or to get out of the car so they can
fuck me! Well, that’s what’s happened in the past,

“You devious bitch!” she laughed, “And what happens if
nobody comes over to look at you sitting in the car?”

“Simple! I get out of the car and lean up against it
and then I start playing with my cock!” I replied,
“They can then see me playing with myself and also the
way I’m dressed from their cars ‘ which usually does
the trick!”

“Ahhh, a sort of… advertising that you’re willing and
available!” she grinned.

“You learn fast, young lady!” I smiled.

“And where do they fuck you?” she asked, “By the car?”

“Some do!” I replied, “And some will take you just
inside the woods!”

“And when they want you to suck them off?” she asked

“Usually alongside the car!” I replied, “Or in the open

“And d’you think I’d get the same results if I did the
same as you?” she asked.

“I’m sure of it!” I told her, “If there are any guys
there that want to fuck a woman, or have one suck them
off instead of another guy!”

“Phew! This promises to be an eventful evening!” she
grinned, “And it’s still alright for another guy to,
y’know… fuck me ‘ you don’t mind?”

“No, I don’t mind!” I reassured her, “As long as I can
suck you out afterwards!”

“Christ! Hurry up and let’s get going!” she laughed,
“I’m dripping wet here!”

I finished dressing and brushed my wig before I put on
a necklace, drop-earrings, and some bangles on my

“Well, how do I look?” I asked her as I stood up.

“Desirable!” she replied, “And very sexy!”

“Thank you my darling! Now, let’s go out for some
delicious cock!”

“I’m right behind you!” she said, “As hungry and horny
as hell!”

Twenty minutes later I was pulling onto the car park I
regularly used to meet other guys, six or seven cars
already parked there.

“Hmmm, looks like there’s a lot of full balls around
tonight!” I joked as I reversed into a space, “The
women hereabouts must be withholding their favours!”

“Or maybe the guys simply prefer another guy instead!”
Anne laughed, “Sometimes I prefer to fuck with another
woman instead of my boyfriend!”

“Whatever the reason, it’s nice to see a full house!” I
replied, “Now I’ll just flash the interior-light on and
off to let them see who’s in the car and that we’re
available ‘ like that! Now we get ‘more comfortable’
and wait to see if anyone comes over!”

We both undid our blouses and hitched up our skirts to
show everything we had above or now exposed stocking-
tops ‘ Anne with her hairy cunt now totally revealed,
and me with my erect cock jutting out from between my
nylon-clad thighs! As it wasn’t yet dark, there was
still plenty of light for anyone to see inside the car
‘ especially if they came right over to it. Only a few
moments later I heard the sound of a car door being
closed and the sound of crunching feet on gravel.

“Bingo!” I whispered across to Anne, “We have a

A shadowy shape stopped at my open window and looked
inside, then an arm reached inside and I felt fingers
wrapping round my erect cock.

“Mmmm, nice!” he said quietly.

“There’s some pussy as well if you’d sooner have that?”
I told him.

“No, I’m alright with this, thanks!” he replied.

“Okay, no problem! So, what d’you like doing?” I asked.

“Whatever you like doing!” he replied.

“Well I like sucking guys off or having them fuck me
and fill me!” I replied.

“I think just a blow-job will do for now!” he replied.

I opened the door and he unzipped his fly before taking
out his semi-hard cock.

So I leaned forward and sucked his cock into my mouth ‘
aware that Anne was watching my every move. And
although I couldn’t see her because of me having to
face the guy, I knew she was enjoying herself because
she put her hand on my thigh and I could feel it
shaking ever so slightly as she leant back and strummed
her clitty.

It was then that another guy came up to the door to
watch ‘ and maybe wait his turn?

But when he peered inside and saw Anne lying back and
wanking herself, he promptly went round to her side of
the car. A moment later I heard him asking her if he
could take over from her and heard her say that he was
welcome! As I bobbed my head back and forth and sucked
on the now rigid cock in my mouth, I heard her door
open and then Anne sighing with pleasure, as the guy
frigged her clitty for her.

After sucking ‘my’ guy’s cock for another 2 minutes or
so, he came without warning in my mouth, me swallowing
his cum for him before he finally pulled away and
thanked me for giving him such a great blow-job.

Turning round to Anne, I saw that the guy was now
busily finger-fucking her and that she was sucking his
cock for him! Her cunt was squelching loudly as his
fingers slid in and out of it and Anne bobbed her head
back and forth on his erect cock.

“Why don’t you give her a good fucking?” I asked the
guy, “I’m sure she’d let you!”

“Would that be okay?” he asked Anne.

“Mmmm, I’d love you to!” she told him as she pulled off
his cock, “Just let me lie back on the seat with my
legs outside, and then you can fuck me!”

She got into position and the guy slid his cock into
her hairy gash ‘ Anne reaching back to hold my hand as
the guy steadily fucked her! I then reached over with
my free hand and cupped it round her right tit before
dropping down to kiss her passionately, me then feeling
the guy rocking her body back and forth on the seat as
he fucked her!

“Is it alright to come inside you?” the guy asked
breathlessly, a few moments later.

“Mmmm!” she replied in approval, her lips still clamped
to mine. And to reinforce her assent, she loosely
wrapped her legs around his waist as the guy then
gasped that he was getting very near to coming inside

A moment later he moaned softly and stabbed his
spurting cock into Anne’s drooling cunt ‘ she moaning
long and loud against my lips.

Then I felt him stop and we pulled apart ‘ Anne looking
down at the guy as he slid out of her cunt and thanked
her for a great fuck!

“You’re very welcome!” she smiled at him before he
turned and went back to his car, “Now my horny little
friend. I want you to lie exactly where you are, so’s I
can go round to your door and suck his cum out of your
beautiful cunt ‘ okay?” I told her.

“Oooo, yes please!” she grinned.

I got out and walked round to her open door, giving the
other drivers a good view of me and how I was dressed,
before I squatted down between Anne’s splayed thighs
and told her to pull herself up and squat over my mouth
so’s the guy’s cum could dribble out of her and into my
mouth! This she did ‘ forcing the cum from her steaming
cunt by repeatedly tightening and relaxing her cunt-

“Christ! You’re the horniest bitch I’ve ever come
across!” she breathed slowly as she looked down at me
gulping on and swallowing the guy’s cum, “Drinking
another guy’s cum from my cunt ‘ what else do you do
that I don’t yet know about?”

“Mmmm, I’ll tell you before we go home ‘ well…
maybe!” I laughed softly.

“Tell me now ‘ otherwise I’ll nag you to death until
you do!” she assured me.

“Okay then!” I said before quickly licking a glob of
cum from her cunt-lips, “I will!”

I stood up and walked back round to my side of the car
before getting back inside.

“So?” she grinned.

“So, what?” I replied.

“So what else do you do, that you haven’t already told
me?” she said.

“Oh, I’ll tell you when there’s no guys wanting a fuck
or a suck!” I smiled.

“Excuse me, I don’t see any guys!” she replied, looking
across at my window.

I took a deep breath, still unsure as to whether or not
to tell her.

“Okay!” I said finally, “It’s only happened once ‘ last
night after you went home actually, so don’t think I’ve
made a regular thing of it and get yourself upset!”

“A regular thing of what?” she insisted.

“Last night after you’d gone, I was sitting back with a
ciggy against the side of the toilet block. Out of the
gloom walked… a dog!” I started, “Well, one thing led
to another, and I-I gave him a wank!”

“Christ, is that all?” she replied, somewhat

“Well, no!” I resumed, “I… then I let him… fuck

I waited for Anne to explode and demand to be taken
home ‘ instead she laid back in her seat with a smile
on her lips.

“Well Suzy, you’re not the only one that’s had a dog
fuck them!” she replied.

My mouth dropped open at the realisation of what she’d
just told me!

“You… you’ve had a dog fuck you as well?” I asked her

She nodded her head and grinned at me.

“I was 13, and one Saturday afternoon when everybody
else was out, I felt horny.

So I’d gone up to my bedroom for a wank to relieve
myself. I didn’t think anything of it, but our dog was
in the bedroom and got onto the bed after I’d finished,
and before I knew what was happening he was licking my
cum and cunt-juices off my thighs!

Perhaps I should’ve stopped him ‘ but I didn’t! It felt
so bloody good ‘ and I as I laid back with my legs
spread wide, found I was getting aroused once more!

So I quickly turned over onto my belly so he could lick
the backs of my thighs and my puffy cunt-lips. That
only made matters worse! I spread my legs wide and he
wriggled his tongue a little way into my cunt ‘ which
made me even more aroused!

I felt really cheated that he couldn’t get deeper
inside me, so I lifted my hips up off the bed slightly
and he did manage to get a bit further in.

Innocently thinking that if I lifted my hips higher
he’d be able to get inside me even deeper, I drew back
onto my hands and knees.

Wrong thing to do with a dog behind you that’s just
been licking your cunt out.

Next thing I knew, he was on my back and trying to
mount me! And he did.

He slammed his cock straight into me and made me shout
out with total surprise as he tightly wrapped his paws
round my waist and hammered into me!

Luckily, I’d lost my virginity several years earlier
with me using a Tampax every month ‘ but I suppose he
was technically the one to actually take my cherry?

Anyway, I eventually managed to push him off and
quickly roll over onto my back when I felt his knot
starting to swell and stretch my cuntlips each time he
rammed inside me! He then simply stood there on the bed
with his tongue hanging out and panting loudly ‘ his
exposed cock and swollen knot spurting onto my duvet!”

“Wow! And did you ever let him knot with you?” I asked.

“Sadly, I didn’t have the nerve!” she admitted, “He did
fuck me several times after that, but we never

“Hmmm, you should’ve let him!” I replied, “You might’ve
liked it!”

“Don’t tell me he actually’. knotted with you?” she
gasped in shock and amazement, “He fucked your ass and
actually knotted with you? Christ! How did it feel?”

“Uncomfortable to start with, then my ass stretched,
and it was okay!” I replied.

“Well if your ass can take it, I’m sure my cunt could!”
she said.

“Hmmm, you’ll have to try it again then!” I grinned.

Our rather interesting conversation was interrupted by
someone at my open window.

“Hi! What d’you like doing?” I asked him.

“It depends on what you like doing!” he replied.

“Either sucking guys off and swallowing their cum, or
letting them fuck and fill me!” I replied matter-of-
factly, “Which would you like?”

“A fuck would be good!” he replied quickly, “Is there
anywhere safe?”

“Against the other side of the car’s okay!” I told him,
“And maybe you’d like to play with my girlfriend at the
same time?”

“Yeah’. alright!” he replied.

“Oooo! My… girlfriend?” Anne grinned at me as she
opened her door.

I followed the guy round to Anne’s side of the car as
she leant back against the door and I squatted beside
her ‘ the guy taking his semi-hard cock out, and
offering it me to suck on before he started fucking me.

“Mmmm, that’s nice!” he breathed as I sucked his knob-
end into my mouth and he cupped Anne’s hairy cunt with
his left hand, “Very nice!”

As my head bobbed back and forth, I could plainly hear
Anne’s cunt squelching and knew the guy was finger-
fucking her. My suspicions being confirmed by her
groaning softly, and by the way she was gyrating her
hips down onto his probing fingers!

“Okay, turn round so I can fuck you!” the guy then told

I dutifully did as he said, pushing my hips back at him
as he got into position between my widespread legs.
Anne was standing alongside both of us and watching
intently as I felt my skirt being pushed up and out of
the way. He then stepped forward and nudged his bulbous
knob-end up against my exposed ass, slowly sliding all
the way inside me so his prickly pubic-hairs tickled my
dangling balls.

“You ever watched your boyfriend being fucked before?”
he asked Anne.

“Errrm… no… no, this is my first time!” she
breathed, as her fingers went under her skirt and she
started playing with herself, “What’s it feel like?”

“Mmmm! Well she’s gotten a lovely ass!” he breathed as
his hands caught hold of my hips and he started to slid
his rigid cock in and out of me, “Nice and tight!”

“It’ll feel better still when it’s swimming and
dripping with cum!” I replied softly.

“Oh yeah, my cum!” he replied.

My hand strayed across to Anne’s nylon-clad thigh ‘ me
becoming suddenly aware that she’d tucked the hem of
her skirt into her waistband and was frantically
wanking her exposed clitty as she watched for the first
time, a guy being fucked by another!

As the guy speeded up and started rhythmically slapping
his pubes hard up against my ass-cheeks, I felt Anne’s
free hand holding onto mine ‘ she then squeezing it

My whole body was being rocked back and forth with each
powerful thrust he made into me, him grunting softly
with each one!

Anne then moved alongside me and turned to lie with her
back against the side of the car, spreading her legs
wide apart before she pushed my hand up to her drooling
cunt so’s I could finger-fuck her as she wanked on her
erect clitty!

She then ground herself down onto my fingers, then
rotated and bucked her hips back and forth, before
raising her free hand to her tits and caressing them!

A moment later she snapped the front-fastening clasp of
her bra open and the lacy cups sprang apart to hang
loosely by her sides ‘ her firm tits and erect nipples
now totally exposed to the guy as she rolled her
nipples between her finger and thumb!

“Oh yeah!” I gasped, “Fuck me, you horny bastard! Fuck
your cock all the way into me and spurt your cum deep
inside me!”

The guy did just that ‘ suddenly gasping that he was
about to come!

Then, with deep and powerful stabs of his spurting
cock, he shot his load into my ass!

“Yeah! I can feel you spurting your cum into me!” I

Knowing this made Anne immediately climax, and she let
out a little groan, gripping her right tit firmly and
gasping as her orgasm suddenly blasted through her

Her cunt rhythmically pulsated around my fingers in
time with her orgasm, repeatedly gripping them and then
releasing them!

Then the guy slowed to a stop and stood there between
my legs with his hands on my hips, his shrivelling cock
weakly dribbling the last drops of his cum into my ass!

Anne meanwhile was riding her diminishing orgasm to
it’s rapidly approaching end, and was now lying back
against the car with her hand still grasping her tit,
and her trembling legs spread wide apart ‘ her cunt-
juices and cum now dribbling from her steaming cunt in
long and sticky strings, to hang suspended between her

“Cheers, love!” the guy said as he pulled out of me,
“That was a great fuck!”

“Mmmm, it was from where I was standing, as well!” I

As he moved away and walked off, I turned to Anne and
wrapped my arms around her shoulders, she limply lying
against me as she recovered from her orgasm.

“C’mon you, I think you should get into the car and
have a ciggy!” I told her, “But first, let me suck your
cunt clean for you!”

She moaned something garbled as I squatted down between
her splayed legs and caught some of the dangling
strings of cunt-juices in my mouth before I moved up to
her steaming cunt and slurped noisily on the cunt-
juices and cum that was escaping from her hairy gash!

Once I’d finished and she was relatively clean, I
helped her into the car where she laid back in her seat
with her suspender-framed hairy cunt on show ‘ totally
unconcerned about showing everything she had to anyone
that cared to look inside the car!

“Well, did you like watching me getting fucked?” I
asked her as I passed her a ciggy.

“Christ, yes!” she breathed weakly, “Beautiful! It made
me come right away!”

“Hmmm, I did notice!” I smiled, “And would you like to
watch me getting fucked again by another guy?”

“Oooo yes, my darling!” she moaned, “I would ‘ as often
as possible!”

She remained lying in the seat like that as she
gradually recovered from her orgasm before telling me
that she’d been doing some serious thinking.

“Oh, and what about?” I asked.

“When I go home tonight and my boyfriend rings me up,
I’m going to tell him that it’s over between us and
that I don’t want to see him again!” she said quietly.

“Well it’s obvious that things haven’t been too good
between you!” I replied.

“Not for quite a while actually!” she said, “So I was
wondering what you thought about me asking if you and
me… could become more… permanent?”

I didn’t answer straight away, and then I replied.

“If by that Anne, you mean me and you becoming… full-
time partners, then I’m all for it!” I replied, “But
there’d have to be conditions!”

“Go on!” she replied.

“Things would have to stay exactly the same!” I
explained, “We’d have to be able to do as we’re doing
now and see other people for sex whenever we wanted!”

“You mean both of us fucking with other men and women?”
she asked.

“Yes! And I’d want to still be able to dress and act’.
as Suzy!” I told her.

“Mmmm, I wouldn’t have it any other way!” she smiled,
“In fact, I’d really like you to spend more time as
Suzy ‘ especially when we’re together!”

“If you mean me being Suzy, even when we’re not going
out for sex ‘ either on our own or together, I’ve no
problem with that!” I smiled, “In fact I’d sooner be

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