A Trucker And Mechanic Repair My Wife

We have been married for seven years. My wife has been
a steadfast and loving wife never wavering from her
unconditional love for me and my cock. We have a pretty
good sex life – hot fucking at least twice a week but
slowly and consistently the seven-year-itch is creeping
in our lives. Oh no, not my wife, she is fine. The itch
is irritating me!

You see, before I met my wife, I was a regular cock-
sucking faggot. And though I came clean to my wife, she
always thought that a guy sucks cock only because he
doesn’t have a great wife. And sure, even I thought
that my urges had subsided till recently when I started
craving for some man meat shoved down my throat and
sliding in and out – fractioning with my throat walls –
till it exploded its baby-making potent cum straight
down my gullet.

Oh the feeling of sniffing manly odor of sweat, urine
and dried cum started tingling my innards with an
uncontrollable desire. I had to have cum from those
slimy, smelly, and uncut cocks again one way or the
other. Not get me wrong but I still believe in being
faithful to my wife so the only way I could get my fill
of cum from other men’s cocks was to get them inside my
wife’s pink pussy. And my dilemma was that I could not
have mentioned it to her at all – you see, because she
knew of my past, she would never be convinced that I
was doing it to please her. It just boiled down to

It was all very frustrating and never ending till one
evening when I “accidentally” went in to one of my
older haunts – a well used urinal in a “gay” park which
had some glory holes hidden behind the toilet paper
containers. I went in the toilet stall and uncovered
the toilet roll container. It was like old days again.
I had an endless view of cocks after cocks coming in to
urinate. Some brown, some pink, some yellow, but many,
many black cocks.

They were of all shapes and sizes – big with mushroom
heads, really fat ones with wrinkly tips, long and
thin, some bent like an oversized banana, some clean
cut and standing proud like royalty, some floppy like
drooping dahlias… and the aromas! The smells of cock
cheese, smegma, piss, stale sweat, dried cum, it was
hanging all around me in the toilet. My head was
churning with the old desire to see myself depraved on
my knees in the dirty floor, sucking cock after cock
and drinking freshly milked, hot and salty sperm.

Finally images of my beautiful dusky wife started
flashing in front of my wives and just so that I was
not getting off my trip to be faithful to her, I
quickly jerked off and within three quick strokes my
thick cum added to the slushy slime of previously off
loaded sperm on the floor. I quickly got out of the
place before some dominating black smelled my desires
and manipulated me to suck his mean black cock.

When I reached home, my cock was ready to blast a load
again. My wife was sitting there watching a soap opera
while nursing a half empty bottle of wine and a half
full glass in her hand. I pulled her off the couch and
fucked my willing but surprised wife well over half an
hour all this while imagining I was one of the men from
the toilet fucking her in my absence. Just the thought
of a stranger’s cock pounding her pussy was enough to
send me to the edge of no return and I blasted her
pussy walls with my second load of cum.

She had still not cum so I pushed her down and went
down on her. Probably because of her intoxication she
was slightly uninhibited and never noticed that my cum
was still inside her warm, pulsating and horny pussy.
But she pushed me down forcefully and I was rewarded by
her pussy, freshly flooded by a “stranger’s” cum. I
lapped it all up like a cum-hungry faggot even though
it was my own cum and she came like a whimpering kitten
all over my wet face.

From then on, I made it a point to get her drunk at
least once a week and to suck my own cum out of her
pussy. It went on for a couple of weeks till she didn’t
even bother with the fact that I was licking my own cum
from her pussy and then I didn’t need to get her drunk
even. But by then, my sex-crazy mind was not satisfied
with this lapping up of my own cum and I wanted more. I
wanted the real thing – I wanted another man’s meat and
its freshly milked man juice.

It was around this time that my old car started giving
me trouble. Satnam, one of my friends – a truck driver
who started small and now has a fleet of seven big rigs
– suggested he take over the repairs as he knew the
inside out of a vehicle. The day he came to pick up my
car from my house, we sat down for a few drinks.

It was a Saturday and still too early for dinner, so he
decided that he could bring me to his friends’ garage
so that we could get an estimate of how much the damage
was. But since both of us were slightly gone with all
the drinking we had been indulging in, I asked my wife
to drive us. She had had a few drinks but still she was
in a much better position than both of us.

Since he knew the place he sat in the passenger seat in
front with her and gave her the directions. After
driving around for about half an hour, we reached the
outskirts of the town and spotted the garage near the

Satnam’s friend was really good with the machine. And
he went to work almost immediately. Meanwhile Ruchi –
my wife, and I sat down in Joginder, the garage owner’s
room which also doubled as his bed room when he had to
work late. I was fumbling around when I saw a stack of
porno magazines hidden in one corner. I sneaked a few
peeks to see they were really some magazine about
gangbangs, especially four or five black men fucking
petty sweet white wives.

Although we are not white but my wife is pretty
charming and fair, and both Satnam and Joginder are
typical truckers with rugged macho looks, big
moustaches and rather huge arms and thighs. I was
getting bit wet thinking about all the possibilities.
Leaving the magazines in a manner that was sure to
attract my wife’s attention after she had finished the
National Geographic in her hand, I went out of the
room, saying that I just wanted to see what they were
up to.

Just when I was about to enter the garage, I heard some
muffled laughter and sniggering. Curious I tiptoed
closer to hear what they were talking about.

“You are right, she is quite a sight,” Joginder
mentioned while adjusting a few nuts with one hand and
scratching his balls with the other, “if only she was
not your friend’s wife, I would have already fixed my
bit screw in her box.” They laughed some more and then
to my astonishment and pleasant surprise Satnam,
replied, “My friend? No way, I was never friendly with
this moron… he is one of the cultured bastards who
thinks he is too sophisticated and I was never too good
a friend for his parents and even for him. Screw him
man, I just like to go to his house to get a few peeks
his fuckable wife.”

“Hey shall we fuck her?” Joginder said as he started
groping his lumpy cock frantically.

“Shut up man,” Satnam replied, “this is serious. Okay?
I know the moron is drunk but the wife is not and if
she reports us to the police we will never get a way
out. No way, no fucking and you better watch your mouth
just in case he comes over hear.”

“What if we d**g them,” Jogi said.


“Well, I have this pill that can put a horse to sleep
and once both are out cold we can do what we please…
c’mon man, my balls have been blue with all the cum
inside. I haven’t had a fuck for two weeks. I want to
blast that bitch pussy with my sperm inside… fuck,
say yes,” Jogi pleaded like a small boy, even though
his body of a 45-year-old mechanic defied his tone.

Satnam looked around and I quickly ducked behind the
partition just in time. But I could hear him clearly,
“Okay, but only if I am 100 per cent sure that they are
out cold. Got it?”

“Yeah, yeah. Hey man let’s have some fun,” Jogi said
and almost sprinted towards his room… I had to run
like crazy to be back before him. In that rush, I
bumped into my startled wife who was replacing the
gangbang magazines like a thief caught red-handed.

Her face was flushed – a sure sign that she was getting
horny. But then she was also slightly drunk. Anyway, I
stretched and yawn timing a remark just in time for
Jogi to hear, “Darling, are you thirsty? I could surely
do well with a drink, let me go and ask the guys if
there is something to drink.” I could have sworn that
Jogi would have kissed me for saying that with the
pleased look of a fisherman when sensing the fight in
his line.

“Do you guys want a drink? Wait let me get something.
Wait right here,” he said and disappeared inside the
pantry connected from the bedroom via a small door.
About five minutes later, he returned with two tall
glasses bubbling with some piss-colored fizzy drink.
“Here, sample a Joginder’s special lemonade,” he handed
us the glasses and said, “you guys relax, and Bhabhi
(sister-in-law) if you are tired just relax on the bed
please don’t mind the mess, it is a bachelor’s pad. I
am saying this because it will take another two hours
for Satnam and me to clear the engine. So just relax
and finish up the special drinks.”

He waited just long enough to see that Ruchi had
already gulped down more than half of the drink and
that I had also started sipping mine and then he was
gone. I got up and refilled my wife’s drink with half
of mine telling her that I would get some more. Then I
went to the pantry and dumped the drink down the drain.
By the time I returned, my wife had finished her drink,
She looked at me, slightly dazed, “Nice drink!” and
then she slowly slumped on the unkempt bed filled with
stained pillows, and bed sheet and tousled and moldy-
smelling blanket. The bed sheet had crusted stains like
cum dried up many months ago. Once she was gone, I
quickly rushed to the garage to check on them.

I heard them arguing. Jogi was sure that the d**g had
already worked and Satnam wanted to give it another 10
minutes. In the end Jogi won and they started towards
the bedroom. I retreated and quickly dragged one of the
chairs to a corner, just next to the chair piled with
dirty laundry. It was a great vantage point as I could
pretend to be asleep and still watch everything. I also
covered myself with a really smelly and dirty blanket,
with the smell of a man who didn’t particularly seemed
very clean.

“Bhura? Oye Bhura,” Satnam entered first. He approached
me first, I could tell by the sound of his footsteps
and his body odor. He slapped me lightly on the cheeks
but I let my head fall freely without any reaction.

“Bhabhi? Bhabhi?” Jogi tried the same test with my wife
but of course with no reaction. But I heard the sound
of a zipper opening and thought whoa that’s fast but
was slightly startled when I felt a limp but definitely
heavy and burning hot piece of meat landing on my face.
I knew it was Satnam’s cock his man meat and it was
really the ultimate test for me as I was all for
opening my mouth and engulfing his musky cock in. But
these two were good fuckers, for I heard a muffled
laughter and then Jogi’s voice, “yeah, that’s a good
test. See I told you the faggot is out cold. Let me try

With that I heard another zipper sound and a new cock,
with such smells that I could cum without touching my
cock even. Jogi went slightly further and smeared his
cock – still covered with folds of foreskin – across my
lips leaving a trail of freshly produced pre-cum. Some
of the heavy drops of the thick pre-cum dribbled down
inside my satisfied mouth.

With a slight push, Jogi f****d open my mouth and
pushed the head of his already hardening cock inside.
With the friction, the foreskin slid back and his head
slid inside my mouth. The heady smell of cock cheese
assaulted my brain and my cock stirred (thank god for
the blanket). Then I felt his thick fingers rubbing the
smegma off the ridge of his cock and feeding me like
powdered (but wet) cheese.

By then, Satnam had already trailed off to the bed, not
interested in my mouth. I heard his moan and then he
said, “Oh fuck look at this hairy cunt! Man, looks like
its all ripe and ready for our cocks… see how wet she
is…the faggot must have been busy getting her ready
for us.” Hearing that Jogi left me alone, pining for
more, and joined his friend.

It was some sight, when I opened my eyes slightly to
have a look – the two huge black men towering over my
helpless and d*****d wife in a messy bed. Satnam had
spread my wife’s legs wide apart and even from a
distance even I could see inside the pink folds of her
pussy. The hairy cunt was on an obscene display for
anyone who could walk in through the still open door of
Jogi’s bedroom. Satnam had pulled her skirt and panties
off completely and her blouse buttons were open so that
her heavy breast were spilling on her ribcage – her big
brown nipples hardening with all the manipulation of
her pussy.

The trucker and the mechanic were not men of foreplay;
it was quite evident to me as both chucked their pants
and underwear off leaving the shirts on. When Jogi
turned towards me I was shocked to see his mangled
manhood – an impressive cock 10 inches long and almost
seven inches thick – like a big sized beer bottle. Oh
fuck…and he had a big set of hairy nuts hanging
underneath like a breeding bull in the arena ready to
breed a cow in heat. His hairy thighs reminded me of
small tree trunks. And his uncut black cock was
awesome… something to be worshipped. I was actually
jealous of my wife that her pussy would be getting a
whipping, a taste of that solid mancock rather than me.

But before Jogi got a chance, Satnam was rubbing his
cock to a hard on. From the side I could see his uncut
black monster, just slightly smaller than Jogi’s but
equally fat. His foreskin had folded over his apple
sized purple cock head which was shining with thick and
clear precum.

As Jogi watched in pure lust, Satnam rubbed his angry
purple cockhead along my wife’s puffy pink cunt lips
and with one thrust pushed half of it inside. Although
d*****d, the impact made my wife’s body shake up. In
the second push the entire black monster cock of my
friend was deep inside – right till the hilt – my
wife’s pure and faithful pussy. Then he started fucking
her hard. All this while Jogi was rubbing his cock to
super hardness and every now and then would pinch my
wife’s big nipples till they were red with his force.

Not patient for long, he pushed Satnam aside after 20
minutes and plunged his real pussy breaker inside my
wife’s tiny pussy. Luckily Satnam had already greased
her cunt canal with his pre-cum otherwise her pussy
would have torn definitely. Unlike Satnam, Jogi didn’t
last long and within five or seven minutes dropped a
huge load inside her fertile and ripe pussy. As he
withdrew I was surprised to see how badly he had
damaged my wife’s pussy permanently. A flood of white
sperm came bubbling out and both the men got worried.
“Of fucker, just wipe that slime off her otherwise how
to explain it. Asshole, be quick,” Satnam shouted and
Jogi, not knowing what to do, scooped his own cum from
my wife’s pussy and looked at me laughing. I shut my
eyes as he walked to me with a palmful of his hot

“You disgusting fucking,” Satnam laughed as he realized
what Jogi intended. Jogi sniggered as he pried open my
mouth and slowly tilted his palm inside. Warm, thick
limps of clotted cum (remember he hadn’t cum for two
weeks) dribbled down my throat and I couldn’t help but

“See, he swallowed it, fucking cock sucking faggot,”
Jogi said. But when I instinctively licked my lips,
they both laughed some more.

Pretty soon, they forgot me as Satnam started fucking
my wife again. Within minutes, he too blasted his
healthy trucker-sperm inside my wife’s mauled messy
pussy and soon he too, gave me a taste of his cum from
his palm. They took second turn fucking my wife and of
course, gave me their second sloppy loads to drink too.
After than they dutifully wipes my wife’s pussy,
covered her decently and went back to work on my car. I
carefully undressed my wife once more and licked her
pussy clean. An hour later when we were driving back,
my wife said that she felt very tired and sore.

“Must be because of sleeping on that bastard’s bed,”
Satnam chimed from the passenger seat next to me, “Even
I am feeling very tired.”

“Oh why don’t you just sleep in the guest room
tonight,” my wife suggested. I just hoped that Satnam
had some more of Jogi’s special lemonade. Later, in the
night as I saw Satnam mixing something in Ruchi’s
drink, I knew he had and awaited the turns of the