The first time I had sex with a black guy

Well, we had been looking for a black lover for some time now, always been curious about the stories we had heard and how they are naturally bigger than most men. Chris (my husband) had been on the search for us and finally came across *Shane. He was a tall – very dark and handsome

Dirty old guy

My name is Michelle, I’m 35, and my husband would consider me prim and prudish and so would nearly everyone who knows me. I consider myself very conservative and a bit of a goody two shoes, when it comes to the opposite sex, very reserved and shy, but until recently, fairly innocent. Mike, my husband,

Interracial MMF

I have been seeing a woman named Kim for about a year & pretty much it’s just sexual. We both found out that we are both very kinky. Shortly after we started seeing each other we starting discussing our sexual past & the kinky stuff we liked to do. She told me about being bisexual

Dad’s Night Out

First off I’d like to say my wife Ellen is basically my sex slave. She is 5″7″ 36-26-24 and She does whatever I ask, no questions asked. I like to play a game I call Mystery night. On this night I tie my wife blindfolded to the bed and then I have someone come in