Skinny Lesbian Bashing

Claire Fluegaman is one of my students at the high school where I teach. She is 17, about 6’1″ tall and weighs around 310 pounds. She’s a big German girl from a sturdy, well-fed stock of German immigrant parents who have no idea what their daughter does after school or on weekend nights. Although she works a part time job at the mall at a cookie shop where she is quite amicable with the customers, there’s a complete other side of Claire–a very dark side–that is vindictive, hateful and downright brutal.

Claire has been known to pick her share of fights. And to no great consternation she usually wins–quite handily, I might add. Most of the girls at school are scared to death of her. And more than a few teachers get the willies around her. She’s quite unstable and has known to throw fits in school when she doesn’t get her way. And as already mentioned in a previous fight, she has a relative who is high up in the school system; so she gets away with a lot more than the average student.

On weekends, Claire and her coterie of miscreants like to smoke pot, drink and occasionally steal things from stores just to see if they can get away with it. They also like to pick fights with other girls or hapless women who have the misfortune of crossing her path.

This one incident happened on a Friday night. It was late and Claire and a few friends saw a couple lesbians in their mid twenties walking hand-in-hand down a sidewalk in town. The two women were thin and clad in tight jeans. They soon crossed the street and took a right down a dark alley, unaware that they were being followed by the group of high school girls.

“Let’s have some fun,” said Claire, grinning widely with an evil glare in her eye. “I hate lesbian sluts so this should be fun.”

As Claire and her friends made the right down the alley they saw the lesbians fondling each other near a dumpster. One was actually taking the other’s blue shirt off. Claire approached the two slim brunettes then called them out.

“Hey, you fucking cunts. I don’t like a bunch of rug munchers hanging around my town. I suggest you take your little asses while they’re still intact and get the hell out of here.”

“Fuck you, fatso,” said the one in the black shirt. She started to walk toward Claire but stopped about four feet from her. Evidently, she had seen that Claire was heavy but she didn’t realize how big and tall she really was. The woman was about 5’5″ and 115 pounds as was the other one.

“You really didn’t call me fatso, did ya?” The woman in the black shirt churned her throat.

“We don’t want any trouble. We’ll leave.”

The two women started to walk toward the group of girls. A tall fence blocked the other side of the alley. Just as the one in the dark shirt started to pass Claire, the fat girl reached out, grabbed her arm and without hesitation hauled her around and threw her against the side of the far building. The woman went flying, hit the wall and fell on her ass. Claire wasted no time as she marched over and picked the woman up with one hand by the hair. The woman screamed.

Her friend tried to intervene but got punched by one of the other girls. Within a few seconds she was flat on her back and out of it.

Cussshhhhhhhh! Claire’s fist connected with the other woman’s cheek as the haymaker knocked the woman against the wall. Her back smacked against it and she bounced off the wall. Glassy-eyed and rubbery legged, the women teetered forward and try to slap at Claire. But Claire blocked her thin arm, got hold of her shirt and rammed her fat fist into the brunette’s nose.

B***d instantly spewed from the woman’s nose as she fell to her knees. Claire then hiked her thick leg up and kneed the woman under the chin, sending her backwards on the hard pavement.

“I don’t like lesbians so you’re getting what you deserve, cunt!”

Claire walked over and kicked the chick in the side of the stomach. The woman’s body popped off the macadam and she flopped over to her stomach. Claire then bent her massive body down, engulfed the slim chick around the front of her waist and pulled her to her feet. She then turned her around, slapped her massive arms around the woman and put a bearhug on her, lifting the woman off her boots. The woman moaned as she leaned back in the girl’s fierce grip, hair flowing down and back arched like a contortionist.

“Hurts a little, huh, bitch?” The woman contined to moan.

Seconds later Claire dropped the woman to her feet, and without hesitation, hauled back and punched the skinny brunnette in the side of the head. The brunette instantly dropped to her side like a rag doll, body all twisted with an arm here, the other overhead and both legs scissored.

At this point the woman was probably pretty much out of it. But Claire wasn’t finished. Claire likes to punish and pulverize her victims. Staying on the ground, if that was the woman’s strategy, wasn’t going to work here. Not with Claire. The fat girl kicked the woman in the back. She then kicked her again in the back then in the back of the head. She then stomped down on the skinny brunnette a few times before dragging her over toward the dumpster by her boots.

Claire grabbed the woman by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She looked more like a puppet on a string now as she was barely conscious. With a fistful of long brown hair in one of her thick hands, Claire stepped forward and slammed the woman’s head into the dumpster. A thunderous plunking sound echoed throughout the alley between the tall buildings. Seconds later the woman’s head again thunked against the metal. She then landed on her back spread-eagled.

The woman was bleeding badly from the forehead and one eyebrow. Claire had opened a one-inch gap just above her right eyebrow with her souless display of brutality.

“Okay, bitch. Hope you learned our lesson. The next time you wanna get some pussy in my town you’ll do it more discreetly. With that said, Claire picked the unconcious woman up and tossed her body into the dumpster. She landed with a thump. Claire then pulled the other one up off the ground and tossed her in the receptacle as well.

“The trash is now where it belonds,” she said, as the other girls all laughed.

I felt sorry for the lesbians when I heard about this unconcionable act of hatred. It was indeed a hate crime but Claire did not get into trouble for it. She continues to get away with whatever she wants and the town is getting sick of it. Just last week she pushed a female teacher down the steps without as much as a reprimand. It’s really scary that there are 310 pound girls out there like that who get pleasure out of hurting smaller girls and women. Damn scary. One of these days she may go too far and have a m****r charge on her hands.