A Very Wet Morning

I had just woken from a very erotic dream in which I was having sex
with several women. I was sopping wet and I still had my hand
between my legs and two fingers in my pussy. My fingers were
coated with my silky juice so I brought my fingers to my mouth a
licked them clean. As I tasted myself and again fingered my hole I
tried to recall the dream.

All I could remember was holding some woman’s cunt lips open with
a speculum and getting a good look inside of her. I had so
intrigued by this thought that I had to see for myself what that
must look like. So I got a flashlight from the closet and a small
hand mirror from the bathroom. I sat on the bed, my legs spread
wide. I placed the mirror between my legs and with my right hand I
held my cunt lips open. I rested the flashlight against my thigh
and shone the light into my hole.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a ready good look. I just couldn’t
hold myself open far enough. So I hunted thought the house for
something that could assist me. I came across a napkin ring. It
was about two inches across and three inches deep, not real as
wide across as I wanted but it would do.

I went back to bed and shoved the napkin ring into my cunt. I
was very wet so it slipped inside me easily. Now with flashlight
and mirror in hand I could examine my pretty pink pussy. The first
thing I noticed was how wet I was. My juices flowed over the
napkin ring and out of me.

Well, I thought this is too good to waste. I went back to the
kitchen and got a wine glass. I knelt over the glass and
masturbated for several minutes until I came. I could feel my
juices flowing out of me and I watched as my cream dripped into
the glass. The clear colored liquid had a wonderful aroma and with
me held so wide with the napkin ring every drop of my cum found
it’s way into the glass.

I was able to collect about 3 ounces of my creamy cunt juice. I
brought the glass to my nose and took a deep sniff. Oh, it smelled
lovely. Then I took a sip. Oh, yes. My cum tasted so good. I
didn’t want to drink it all in just one go, so I took only small
sips of my cum juice. I still had an ounce left when the door bell
rang. Who could that be? I thought.

I still had my pajama top on and it was long enough to cover my
pussy so I went to the door and looked out the peep hole. I was
my sister Lisa. Lisa looks just like me, only she’s a year
younger, 18. Her hair is long and blond, blue eyes, 34C tits, and
a nice tiny tight ass.

“What are you doing here so early?” I asked as I opened the door.

“I just wanted to see if you would like to join me and Karen
today, we are going to the beach.”

Lisa said and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. Of course my
cheeks must have had the taste of my pussy juice on them as I had
my fingers in and out of my wet cunt all morning. Lisa smiled at
me. “Been playing in your honey pot again I see.”

I blushed, what could I say.

Lisa kissed me square on the mouth, her tongue pushed passed my
lips and into my mouth. I opened my lips and let her explore my
mouth. “Oh, you really taste like your pussy. What have you been
doing?” I smiled at her. “Well if you must know… come here.” I
lead her into the kitchen. I picked up the wine glass and swirled
the clear liquid around in the glass. I handed Lisa the glass and
she brought it to her nose. “Oh, is this from you?”

I smiled. “Yes.”

Lisa moved the glass to her lips and the creamy liquid tumbled
over her lips and into her mouth.

“Wait!” I yelled. “That was mine.”

Lisa just smiled at me. “Come on Sis, you can have all you want
anytime you want.”

I frowned. “Well, what do you think?”

Lisa lifted my pajamas to get a look at my pink pussy lips. “I
think it would be better getting a drink from the source.”

Then she noticed I had my lips spread wide with the napkin ring.

“What’s this?” She asked, I felt her insert one finger into me.

She moved it around in a small circle covering her finger with my
cum, then she put her finger in her mouth and licked it clean. “Is
this how you managed to get your juices in a wine glass?”

I nodded yes.

Lisa dropped to the floor in front of me and ran her tongue over
my wet folds of flesh. Her tongue covered my clit and then she
move to my gaping hole. I could feel her tongue cleaning the
napkin ring. She could get very deep, but not so deep that I could
feel her tongue on my fleshy insides. Lisa put her mouth back
over my entrance and sucked and hard as she could. I was trying my
best to cum again so she could get a mouth full of fresh, hot cunt
cream. I was getting close, but I had to pee. “Just a second,
sis. I have to pee.”

“Go ahead.”

“Pee how?”

“Sure, let me taste all your juices.”

What the hell, I thought. I really had to go. So I let a small
stream flow out of me. Lisa continued to lick and suck at my cunt
hole as my pee poured down on her nose and into her mouth.

“Come on sis, you can do better then that.” She held her mouth
open, her tongue darted into my hot stream of pee.

“You want it? You got it.”

I let go and my pee shot out of me and blasted over Lisa’s face.
In her hair, down her cheeks, and neck, over her shoulders,
running down her blouse, My pee soaked her shirt to the point that
I could see her tits. Her nipple stood out, Oh I couldn’t wait to
suck them, even if they were soaked in my piss.

When the last of my stream came to an end, I knelt down and kissed
my sweet sister.

She fondled my tits as I worked her pee soaked blouse off. I
squeezed her sexy tits, and then took one in my mouth and sucked
on her hard nipple. Lisa’s fingers worked my cunt and I had to
have hers. I pushed her back on the floor and pulled her pants
off. She was laying in a puddle of my pee, her hair soaked, her
breasts and stomach still shinny, I ripped her panties off and
dove between her legs. The spicy smell of her cunt filled my nose
and then hit my taste buds as my tongue entered her hot hole. My
cunt needed attention too and my sister was a champion cunt eater.

Of course it was because my younger sister had a good teacher. I
moved into a 69 with her and she assaulted my cunt with her
tongue, licking every fold, every inch from my anus to my clit. I
spread her wide and pushed my nose into her entrance. Using my
nose I rubbed her clit, making small circles over it. I breathed
deeply and she could feel the air from my nose caressing her clit.

Again I pushed my nose into her watering cunt and sniffed, pulling
some of her juices into my nostrils. Now every breath smelled of
her spice pot. It didn’t take long for us to cum. I felt her
pussy muscles clamp down on my fingers and I thrust them in and
out of her. This sent me over the edge and I covered her entrance
and filled her hole with my tongue and sucked on her inner walls,
drinking up the juices that she made for me. It took several
minutes before we could move, then I sat up and we kissed. I asked
her, “What did you and Karen have planned for today?” Lisa smiled.

“Well I had planned to just go shopping with her but I think I
have other plans now.”

“Oh, really, like what?”

Lisa pushed me back on the floor and spread my legs wide. As her
tongue entered my cunt hole again I knew just what she had in