Dark and Delicious

I am a tall, well-built white guy of twenty-six, married with two
sons. About two years ago when I was doing some drilling work in
the South, I met a seventeen-year-old black girl named Sarah on
the ranch where I was drilling. She was one of the prettiest
black girls I have ever seen, shiny blue/black hair, great soft
brown eyes, a full sensitive mouth. She was slightly on the
skinny side, but in my opinion, it only made her more alluring.
With her body and looks, she could easily have been one of those
catwalk models you see on TV.

We were both a bit lonely, although I guess I was more horny than
anything, not having seen my wife for over a month. One night at
a party, we got to talking and drinking, and before long the
conversation was getting quite intimate. Sarah told me she’d
just split up with her boyfriend. I said I was sorry, but she
said not to worry, he was an asshole anyway, and all she really
missed was the regular sex… especially oral sex.

She saw the glint in my eye and I told her that was my favourite
too. Anyway, one thing led to another, and by the end of the
night we were out back in the shed, Sara with her dress up around
her waist and her panties pulled to one side while I licked and
sucked hungrily on her gorgeous black cunt. She came and came
and came as I tongued that tasty gash, and then finally she
sucked me hard and I fucked her doggy style till we both
climaxed. We must have been gone for hours, but luckily nobody at
the party missed us.

After that, I would drop in on Sarah, two or three times a week
for the express purpose of going down on her. That girl was some
of the best eating pussy I have found. And she was wild getting
my cock rammed up her cunt and ass, too. That was all we ever
did together… fucking and sucking… and then some more
fucking and sucking. Her favorite was to have me eat her out
while she sucked my cock, and we would happily do that for hours.
She playfully called me her “personal and private cunt-sucker”
when we were alone.

Her parents and her younger brother and sister knew about me,
too, because Sarah told them exactly what I did to her. Her dad
would grin and k*d me about eating her, telling me that it was
good for acid indigestion, etc. Her easy-going mother would
smile and shake her dark head and murmur about the “nasty things
these youngsters do nowadays”, and warn Sarah about getting
pregnant, even though she knew that no female can get pregnant on
saliva. Her k*d sister, Becky’s eyes would shine when she saw
me. She was as pretty as Sarah but she was only fourteen. Her
fifteen-year-old brother, David would draw me aside and ask me
how you go about eating a cunt. But, they were all happy for
Sarah because she was getting the thing she wanted and loved.

Sarah had a rather small cunt, a real tight fit around my tongue,
and an even tighter fit around my rather large cock. Sometimes I
had to push real hard just to get my tongue into her. It was
beautiful to look at, with had tiny, plumpish, dark lips with a
long, delicately pink slit between them, a hole which was
incredibly tight and hot and deep, a nice big clitoris which was
easily located and which was always erect, and everything was
covered very nicely by a small well-trimmed patch of kinky black
hair which extended downward and disappeared into the deep cleft
of her dusky ass.

Her titties looked like a pair of tan melons on her chest, and
had large dark-pink nipples. Her waist was tiny, and curved
outward demurely into her softly rounded hips and dimpled,
squirmy rear end, then on down into her long slender thighs and
dimpled knees. She was like light brown velvet all over, and she
kept herself squeaky clean.

I loved to give that girl tongue baths, licking and kissing all
over her pretty face, her lips and eyes and forehead, her cheeks
and throat, out her shoulders and down her arms, all the while
petting her big hairy cunt or titties. She would get hotter and
hotter, and I would move all over her naked body, licking her
hips and thighs, her knees and belly, over her breasts and
nipples, up and down her back and all over her dimpled buttocks,
sucking at her puckered asshole.

By the time I reached her cunt it would be delightfully wet and
actually quivering delicately for me. She would hold those
lovely full thighs open and up, and I would devour her entire
crotch, never leaving it in less than an hour. The more Sarah’s
cunt was eaten, the better it seemed to get. Then I would climb
on top and fuck her and fuck her, till she juiced all over my
prick and I emptied my balls once more into that tight, gooey
little cunthole. Then she’d lick me clean and we’d start all over

If she was having her period, she never let me go empty-handed.
She would give me a very nice blowjob. She always warned me not
to tell her mom about that, fearing that the older lady would
shit up her back if she knew that Sarah was a cock-sucker. But,
I think her mom already suspected it, anyway, because more than
once I heard her grumbling about “the girls are just as bad as
the boys when it comes to doing that nasty stuff!” She would give
Sarah a direct gaze when she muttered it, too. I think she
suspected that her daughter would not let me leave unfulfilled,
and she understood that Sarah liked me very much.

One day I went around to Sarah’s place but she wasn’t home. Her
little sister let me in, and told me Sarah had gone shopping
downtown with her mother. I was more that a little disappointed
since I was looking forward to a little deep and meaningful
cunt-sucking with Sarah. Becky asked me if I wanted to stay
anyway, but I said I should really go. Then I saw that look in
her eyes again. She was wearing a pair if tight, white shorts,
and her little tits looked just great under her short “T” shirt.

“Can’t I do anything to persuade you to stay?”, she asked
lifting up her shirt and showing me her tits.

I mumbled something, but my mind was on her gorgeous brown
fourteen-year-old body. Her budding tits were much smaller than
Sarah’s, but wonderfully formed… a perfect mouthful. My cock
betrayed my interest and when young Becky saw that, she pounced.
The little k*d had my cock out of my pants faster than a rabbit
out of a drainpipe.

She fastened onto it with her mouth and began sucking. She was
good, real good… much too good for her first time. Between
moans I asked her how she had got so good at it. The pretty
little girl took her mouth off my prick long enough to tell me
that she had been sucking her brother’s cock for weeks now. I
asked her if he sucked her cunt too, but she shook her head and
told me that David had tried once and was almost sick. I told
her he was crazy to pass that up and asked if she wanted me to
show her what it was like. She readily agreed and I told her to
take off her shorts and spread her legs real wide so I could get
at her little cunt.

I gasped as she stood up and pulled down her shorts. She wasn’t
wearing any panties and her chocolate-coloured pussy was almost
hairless. The lips of her cunt were tightly clamped together,
and remained so even when I sat her on the edge of the couch and
pulled her thighs wide apart. Just a thin, glistening line of
pink bisected her bald little cuntmound. I wet my lips and
looked into her big gorgeous brown eyes.

“You sure you want me to suck your pussy, Becky?”, I asked.

“Ohhh, yes! Please!”, she begged. “David’s tongue felt so good
on my cunny that time he tried it. Oooooooooooh, do it to me,

I grabbed her knees and f****d her little legs further apart,
telling her to hunch her hips up towards me. Her tiny, girlish
twat quivered before me like jelly on a plate, and with a moan I
buried my face in it, sucking and licking, nuzzling and probing,
covering every inch of her delicious young crotch with my busy
tongue. In no time at all, sexy little Becky was squealing in
mindless, adolescent pleasure.

“Ooooooooohhh, yes, suck my cunt!”, she whimpered. “Suck me off
like you suck, Sarah! I want to cum like Sarah!

And come she did. Within minutes, she was bucking her quivering
little cunt up off the couch like crazy, forcing my tongue deeper
and deeper into the hot, juicy wetness of her sizzling young
fuckhole. I slurped and licked and probed, sending the c***d into
orbit when I latched onto her stiff little clit and sucked hard.

AHHHHHHGHHH”, Becky screamed. She jerked and whimpered and
bucked, squirming in ecstasy as she experienced the first
cunt-sucked orgasm of her young life.

I sucked up all her tasty juvenile spendings and licked her gooey
little gash clean before letting her collapse back onto the
couch in a near faint. She looked so gorgeous lying there, her
hair all over the place, her legs sprawled wide apart and her
naked tits bobbing up and down on her heaving chest. My cock grew
as hard as a rock as I stared down at her gorgeous young body.

Becky looked up and saw it. She asked if I wanted her to suck it
off. She loved doing that to her brother she explained,
especially when he shot his hot cream into her mouth. But I said
no, she could do that later, I had something better in mind. She
smiled and asked me what.

“Have you ever been fucked, Becky?”, I asked lying next to her.

She looked down at my massive cock and shook her head.

“No… but I want to,” she murmured wrapping her tiny fingers
around my eager stiffness.

“Good, honey,” I smiled, “Because I’m gonna fuck you right now.
Lie back and spread your legs again!”

She did as I told her and I got between her thighs, pointing the
tip of my prick at her little slit. The size difference between
my cockhead and the tiny entrance of her cunt seemed incredible,
but I was so horny to fuck the gorgeous little k*d that it didn’t
bother me one bit that she was only fourteen and never been
fucked… if anything it turned me on even more! I thrust
forwards and watched as the scarlet head of my prick parted her
dark, caramel cuntlips.

Becky moaned a bit and I pushed harder, feeling an incredible
tightness envelop my cock as it slid slowly into her. She gasped
for breath as I hunched again breaking her hymen. It tore easily
and soon I was balls deep in the tightest, hottest, juiciest cunt
I had ever fucked. Her big sister was nowhere near as tight!

Becky’s little heels gripped my ass as I began to move inside
her. We both watched in awe as my prick pulled out, wet and shiny
with her young juices. Her cuntlips gripped and sucked at my
shaft like a little mouth, pulling out around it as it left her
tiny cunt. Then I rammed in again, finding the access much easier
now that her elastic young cunt-muscles had grown accustomed to
my huge girth.

There was a funny expression on her pretty young face, not fear
or pain, simply wonderment…. wonderment at having a man’s cock
stuffed up her fourteen-year-old cunt for the first time. Sweet
little Becky wasn’t a girl any more… she was a woman.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels sooooo goooooood!”, she moaned, lifting her
skinny little hips up at me. “Is it all the way in?”

“Yessss!”, I hisssed, resisting the urge to ram my cock deeper
into her snug little snatch.

“Good, then fuck me!”, Becky pleaded. “Move in me and fuck me!
Ohh, pleeeeeeease, fuck me like you fuck my sister!

I had intended to take it easy on her, this being her first time
and all, but when I heard the little k*d begging for it like
that, I simply snapped. Gripping her by the ass, I lunged forward
and fucked into her recently-virgin cunt. Not real hard at first,
just a few smooth, shallow strokes. But when Becky started to
buck her tiny hips up at me in return, I gave it to her harder,
fucking her tight, eager little cunt long and hard and deep.

She couldn’t stop moaning obscenities into my ear. Telling me
she’d let me do all sorts of dirty things to her if only I
wouldn’t stop fucking her cunt. I had no intention of stopping,
this was the best fuck of my life! I reamed the little k*d out
for what seemed like ages before she came. All the while my own
orgasm was rising closer and closer to the brink of no return.
When I felt her little cunt squeeze and contract around my cock
in orgasm, it pushed me over the edge too and I came like a fire
hose… at least that’s what it felt like, as my cum filled her
tiny cunthole and squirted out around the base of my cock,
coating her cuntlips and crotch with a torrent of white sticky

We could have done more that first day, but Sarah and her mother
came home and we had to dress quickly so that by the time they
entered we were seen to be sitting chatting at the table like
nothing untoward had happened. Sarah took me to her room and
locked the door as she always did. She said she was really hot
for a good suck and lifted her dress to show me the saturated
silk strip between her gorgeous brown thighs. She pulled the
crotch of her panties aside and told me to suck her cunt quick.

I nuzzled my face into her juicy twat and licked her clean,
making Sarah come a dozen times before she was satisfied. Then
she took off all her clothes and lay back on the bed, with her
legs spread wide.

“Now, fuck me, you bastard!”, she growled, “Fuck me like you
just fucked Becky!”

“Huh?”, I blurted, “How… er.. um… h..how did you know?”

“I can smell her cunt on you, ” replied Sarah with a wry little
smile, “besides, she and I planned it this way.”

“What…”, I was speechless.

“Shut up and just fuck me, okay”, whispered Sarah, “I’m horny as
a mare on heat.”

I was too stupified to argue, and her cunt looked so inviting.
Even after fucking Becky my cock was instantly ready for action.
I fell on top of her and slammed my cock , still wet with her
sister’s slime, into Sarah’s waiting cunt. We fucked for hours,
each climax fuelling the next until we both passed out in
exhaustion. Afterwards Sara told me how Becky and her had planned
the whole thing. Becky wanted to loose her virginity and I was
the perfect candidate. I didn’t mind the deception, even though
I might have had second thoughts if they’d approached me
beforehand. Sarah knew that as soon as I got a look at her
sister’s tasty little pussy I’d be hooked. She was right.

After that, I fucked Becky so many times I lost count. Sarah
didn’t mind, as long as she got to have me suck or fuck her cunt
whenever she wanted it, and that was most of the time. We even
engaged in a threesome a couple of times. Becky found out that
although she preferred my cock, she didn’t mind the taste of her
sister’s pussy either. It really got me hot watching Becky suck
Sarah off while I fucked the little fourteen-year-old’s cunt from

After I broke her in, Becky couldn’t get enough. She was like a
randy little nymphomaniac, always hot and wet and willing, and so
was I. Strangely, it excited Sarah that she and her sister were
sharing me, and our lovemaking sessions became hotter and more
passionate because of it. She’d always start by licking my cock
to see if I’d fucked Becky, cleaning her sister’s sticky remnants
of my cock before letting me fuck her with it. Then I’d suck her
drenched pussy dry.

Sarah told me that David was getting more than a blow job since
Becky lost her cherry. She even admitted to letting him fuck her
a couple of times when she was feeling exceptionally horny and I
couldn’t make it over. The lucky bastard… living under the
same roof with two gorgeous pieces of cunt like his sisters…
getting into their hot little pants whenever he wanted.

For days I had visions of him sucking Becky’s cunt while fucking
Sarah, or the other way round… I didn’t care which! I finally
got round to asking Sarah and Becky if they want a four-way with
David. They both agreed it would be fun, so we arranged it for
the next time their mother and father were out.

It was the following Saturday before we got a chance to arrange
anything. Sarah’s parents had planned a visit her aunt and
uncle’s and would be gone all day. When they’d left, Sarah came
over to where I was staying and got me. By the time we got back
to Sarah’s house, Becky and David were already at it. She was
naked and David had her bent over the living-room sofa, her tiny
brown ass in the air as he fucked her cunt, almost casually.

His young prick was surprisingly long and thick for a boy of
fifteen and I could see Sarah’s eyes glaze over at the sight of
its glistening black length sliding in and out of her little
sister’s juicy wet cunthole. Sarah and I quickly got undressed,
watching the two kids fuck was getting us both hot. I sat on the
couch beside them and pulled Sarah onto my lap. She spread her
legs and sat down on my rigid prick, letting the shaft slide
slowly up inside her, by-now, drooling cunt.

“Uhhhh, now fuck me!”, she moaned. “Fuck me with that big, fat
white prick, baby! Mmmmmmm, fuck me hard!”

I did, watching her caramel tits bob sexily up and down as I
rammed her solidly, plowing deeply up into her gooey, black

Becky’s budding little breasts were jiggling right beside my
face, so I grabbed a mouthful of tit and sucked. She moaned
loudly as I bit her nipple.

“Uuuuhhhh, yeah, suck my tits while Davey fucks my cunt!”

Sarah came quickly, drenching my cock with cum as her cunt
contracted around my heaving cock. She quivered a bit, letting my
still-hard cock soak in her flooding juices, then she lifted
herself off me. The swollen shaft of my prick left her slippery
cunt with a loud slurping sound. Sarah knelt between my legs and
took me into her mouth, sucking her cum off the rigid, slimy pole
with a hunger that amazed me.

I heard a cry and looked around. Becky was cumming too, and so
was David, pumping his sister’s hot little gash with spurt after
spurt of creamy incestuous cum. I watched as David pulled his
cock out of Becky’s hairless cunt. A thin, milky stream of
cunt-juice and sperm drooled out from between her
chocolate-colored cuntlips.

“Come her, baby, and let me suck his cum out of you”, I groaned.

Pulling Becky’s ass around to my face, I plunged my tongue into
her just-fucked cunt and opened my mouth wide, licking and
sucking her tasty little hole dry. She had another orgasm just as
I finished, filling her twat with another load of little-girl
cream for me to lick out.

Sarah was doing a good job on my cock with her mouth, but I
wanted more. I wanted to fuck the hot little fourteen-year-old
cunt that was squeezing so invitingly on my tongue. Dave had come
around to Sarah and was squeezing her tits while she sucked my
cock. The boy ran a hand up under her ass and slid three fingers
into his big sister’s gooey snatch. Sarah moaned and hunched her
cunt against his hand, moaning loudly around my cock as Dave
fucked her with his fingers.

“I think Dave wants some attention, honey,” I said to Sarah,
gently pulling her sucking mouth from my cock. “Why don’t you
give him a little head.”

Sarah’s eyes were glazed with passion as she pushed her little
brother onto his back and devoured his prick.

“Mmmmmm, yeah! Suck me off, Sis”, he groaned, holding onto her
frizzy bobbing head.

I grabbed Becky and lay her out on the couch. I was so hot to
fuck the horny fourteen-year-old by that stage that I just got
between her legs and plunged my cock into her little brown
pussy. She was nice and slippery from the fuck her brother had
just given her and my prick slid straight in, meeting almost no
resistance until the head of my cock slammed into the back wall
of her cunt. Normally, I could never quite get all my cock inside
her no matter how hard I tried, but this time was different. She
was really opened up. I rammed her hard and felt my prick impale
her tight little-girl twat to the balls.

“Uhhhh, Becky!”, I grunted, “Lift your legs and fuck me, back,

Becky draped her skinny legs over my shoulders and I hunched over
her, slamming my cock into her tiny cunt with sledge-hammer
force. She whimpered and moaned with each impact, bucking her
little hips up off the couch to meet my every thrust. Her breath
hot and ragged in my ear as she whimpered out her pleasure…

“Uhhh! Oh,yes! Fuck, meeee! Unnnmmhh! F.. fuck meeee! Ahhhh!

I was really ramming her now, rattling her young bones with the
power of my cock-strokes. Her tight little cunt clasped my cock
like a vise and I groaned with pleasure and fucked her harder as
her sharp nails dug deeply into the bunched-up muscles of my

On the floor beside us, Sarah had sucked her brother’s cock to
another raging erection, rubbing her cunt into a lather of
delight as she did so. But soon, the ache in her loins became too
much to stand so she scrambled up his body and straddled his

“I’ve got a better place for this bog ol’ thing, Dave honey,”
Sarah purred, positioning her little bother’s throbbing erection
between the juice-filled lips of her pussy. Dave grabbed her
tight ass and pulled her down on him as Sarah fed his eager young
cock up into her cunt. The boy’s turgid organ slid into his big
sister’s gaping twat like a hot knife through butter.

“Uuuuuuhhhhhhh!”, groaned Sarah, as the long, hard shaft slid up
into her sizzling twat. “Brother, that feels good!”

Dave lifted his hips and began pumping his cock up inside Sarah’s
wonderfully hot pussy. It was plain to see he loved to fuck his
beautiful sexy sister, and she loved to fuck him. They writhed
in unison, two shiny black bodies locked in a sensual, incestuous
dance of lust.

Meanwhile, Becky was just about going crazy beneath me, her
little body brown squirming and writhing with pleasure as I
fucked her hard, nailing her horny jerking ass to the couch with
every stroke. The k*d was panting and gasping for air and I knew
from the look on her face that she was on the verge of one of her
mind-blowing orgasms. She really came hard, that girl. I’ve never
yet fucked a girl that could come so many times in such a short
space of time, yet make every one sound like a volcano was
erupting inside her pussy.

I glanced over at Sarah. She was bouncing up and down, riding
David’s manly young pole like a horse. She was about to blow as

“Fuck him, Sarah!” I urged, knowing how she loved me to talk
dirty to her while we fucked. “Fuck the cum out of your little
brother’s big, hard prick, you horny fucking slut!”

Sarah looked over at me, her eyes glazed with lust as she
watched my hard, glistening cock pound her squealing sister.

“Yesssssss! Fuck her too!”, she hissed. “Fuck her horny little
black ass off with your big white cock! Give it to her, good!
Make her come all over your prick, baby, and I’ll lick it all off
for you.”

I grinned and began to fuck Becky faster… harder and faster and
deeper, until finally she shuddered uncontrollably in orgasm. She
squealed and screamed so loud I had to put my hand over her
little mouth while I fucked her so that the neighbours wouldn’t
think she was being murdered or something.

Sarah squealed soon after, although not quite as loud as her
sister, and collapsed on top of her little brother in a heap.
Dave was still hunching his cock up into her cunt as it squeezed
and contracted around him. He hadn’t come yet, and neither had I.

Sarah pulled off her brother’s cock and immediately devoured the
boy’s sticky rod with her mouth, deep-throating his rock-hard
prick to the balls. I pulled out of Becky and offered her my
slimy pole too, but she was too exhausted from her climax to even
move, let alone suck cock. Sarah looked up.

“Mmmm, bring that tasty looking thing over here,”, she said with
a lewd grin. “I’ll suck you both off.”

I crawled over to her and lay down beside David, positioning my
glistening pink cock next to his shiny black one. Sarah took one
in each hand, examining them carefully. Mine was bigger I was
pleased to note, but not by much. David’s was a little thicker,
which made up for the couple of inches or so it lacked in length.
Sarah took both our pricks and held them together, trying to
stuff them both into her mouth at the same time, but her mouth
was too small. She had to resort to jacking on one while she
sucked the other. It felt good, even the feel of David’s hard
black cock against mine felt strangely exciting.

Becky sat up and I told her to come sit on my face and I’d suck
her off. She squatted over my upturned lips and let her
juice-filled little cunt ooze into my mouth. I sucked it up
greedily, then grabbing her by the ass with both hands, I pulled
her crotch down over my open mouth and gave her sweet little
fuckhole a deep tongue kiss. Becky’s knees crumbled at the
contact and she sat down heavily almost suffocating me in hot,
juicy cunt-flesh, but I didn’t mind. She squirmed on my face as I
ate her out, paying particular attention to the pea-sized little
nub at the top of her hairless young slit.

Sarah was moaning as she alternated her oral favours between her
brother and myself. But it was a moan borne more of frustration
than anything. She had to use both hands on our pricks leaving
her insatiably itchy cunt empty. She couldn’t even rub herself
to relieve the frustration. Suddenly it became too much for her
and she stood up.

“Come on let’s go fuck on Mom and Dad’s bed,” she said. “I’m so
damn horny, I could screw a horse.”

“Hmmmm, interesting thought,” I grinned, pulling Becky to her

We all walked into the master bedroom. Sarah’s parents had a huge
waterbed, and I mean HUGE! It almost filled the room. Sarah lay
Becky down in the middle of the bed and climbed between her
sister’s open thighs. Dave and I watched with interest as Sarah
dove right in and started sucking Becky’s well-fucked little
snatch. Sarah’s cute, round butt bobbed ever so inticingly in
front of us as she lapped the girl-cum from Becky’s pink slit. I
looked at Dave, indicating his sister’s sexily exposed cunt and

“Which hole would you like, bro?”, I smiled. “They’re both free
at the moment.”

Dave grinned back and stuck two fingers into Sarah’s drooling

“A wise choice my boy,” I said. “But that means you’re on the

Dave crawled under his older sister and lined up his cock with
her cuntslit from below. I pushed down on ebony ass and watched
as the k*d’s throbbing hard-on disappeared into Sarah’s distended
fuck-hole. They began an up and down, fucking rhythm with made
it a little difficult to do what I had in mind, but I finally
inserted my own prick into the hot, clingy depths of Sarah’s
tight asshole and began to move with them. I could feel the hard
bulge of David’s young prick below mine, rubbing deliciously
against the underside of my cock through the thin membrane
separating our fucking organs. Filled to the brim, Sarah was
fantastically tight, and I knew Dave was feeling the same thing.

Becky was moaning and thrusting her cunt up at Sarah’s munching
lips, Dave was fucking his sister’s cunt like there was no
tomorrow, and I was pumping her asshole. Becky peaked first,
screaming at her sister to fuck her cunt deeper with her tongue.
Soon after, Dave’s guttural grunts of ecstasy and Sarah’s loud
moans foretold the explosion of sperm that instantly began
squirting deep into his sister’s twitching twat. Sarah’s powerful
cuntal contractions and David’s jerking cock rubbing against mine
inside his sister’s belly, soon had my own orgasm crashing down
around my ears. We were all so engrossed in climax that failed to
hear the voices outside, and all four of us were still blissfully
coming when the door opened and Sarah’s parents walked in.

My eyes were closed, enjoying the blinding raptures of orgasm,
but when I opened them I got the shock of my life. Sarah’s
mother was standing at the foot of the bed, naked! I couldn’t
believe it. Then I saw her husband, he had taken off his clothes
too and was standing behind his wife fondling her big round tits.
I gasped and tried to pull away from Sarah, but my cock had
expanded to such a degree inside her tight anal canal that I
couldn’t pull it out. Sarah’s father laughed. Shit! The old
bugger actually laughed. Here I was with my white honky prick
stuck ( and I do mean stuck) up his daughter’s sweet black ass,
and her father actually thought it was funny!

“Don’t worry, boy”, he said in a deep mellow tone. “Better she
gets it from a good clean white-boy than some of the dirty
nigger trash from around here.”

I gaped at him, my mouth open and my knees trembling. My cock
wilted rapidly from shock and slid out of Sarah’s butt. Dave
pulled his cock from his sister’s cunt and sat up. Sarah was
still on her hands and knees with her ass towards her parents,
looking over her shoulder. Her father’s eyes were on the twin
streams of white, gooey spunk that leaked thickly out of her
asshole and cunt and dribbled onto the bed. Her mother’s eyes
were on my cock!

Sarah, Becky and David were utterly speechless at being caught in
the act, so to speak, but when they saw their mother and father
standing before them in the nude, the shock turned to
puzzlement. We hurriedly disentangled ourselves and lay back
staring at their naked parents. Sarah’s father was a big man,
quite handsome and fit for his forty years, but it was her mother
that caught my eye. I hadn’t noticed how stunning her figure was
until now.

Normally Sarah’s mother wore loose fitting tops and dresses
around the house that successfully concealed her exceptionally
young looking body. She was a tall statuesque woman with long
black hair that she usually had tied up in a bun. Now her ebony
tresses hung down to her waist. She was very slim for a woman of
thirty-six and pretty. It had always been obvious where Sarah got
her beauty from. But now, seeing her mother standing before me
shamelessly stark naked, my prick lost it’s earlier cowardice and
began to flutter to attention again. I gazed at her large brown,
pink-nippled tits and then let my eyes wander down over her flat,
firm-looking belly to her dark, furry-lipped cunt. Licking my
lips, I looked up in time to see her own gaze drop to my crotch
and she smiled.

“Well, what happens now?”, I asked stupidly

“If nobody has any objections,”, said Sarah’s father with a big
grin. “We’d like to join in. You kids look like you’re having so
much fun.”

“You mean you and Mom want to fuck with us?” David asked
incredulously. His question was addressed to his father but his
eyes, like mine, were on the glistening pink slit between his
mother’s dusky, naked thighs.

“Sure,” said Sarah’s mother, reaching for my cock. “I think I’ll
just treat myself to some white meat first, then you better be
ready to fuck momma’s cunt good with that big lump of black prick
you got hanging between your legs, boy!”

David’s grin spoke volumes as his naked mother dropped to her
knees and enveloped my throbbing prick with her mouth. Sarah was
still on her hands and knees wiggling her cum-stained ass at her

“You gonna put that big thing in my little ol’ pussy, Daddy?” she
asked, staring hopefully at her father’s huge black prick.

“Honey, I’m gonna fuck you ragged,” grunted the big man, gripping
Sarah’s slender young hips and thrusting his cock into her gaping
hole. “Then I’m gonna fuck Becky’s tight little cunt till you’re
both too sore to sit!”

“Ohhhhh, Dadddddy!”, squealed Sarah, hunching back on her
father’s deeply impaling prick.

Sarah’s mother was sucking my prick like an out-of-control vacuum
cleaner. My knees were trembling as I fell backwards on the bed,
the gorgeous, naked black woman’s mouth never leaving my cock for
a second. I grabbed young Becky and pulled her young cunt over
my mouth, sucking and lapping at her hairless little fuck-hole
like a dog while her mother sucked the life out of my prick.

David saw his opportunity and raced around behind his mother’s
upraised ass. With a groan of lust, the boy spread her ass-cheeks
with both hands and hunched forward, burying his erect penis into
his mother’s gaping black cunt with a single solid stroke.

And so we fucked all night. David emptied his load of cum into
his mother’s cunt just as I squirted into her mouth. Little
Becky filled my mouth with her juice soon after. Sarah and her
dad climaxed simultaneously beside us, seconds later. Then the
orgy really began.

I fucked Sarah’s mom while David sucked his father’s cum out of
Sarah’s gooey snatch. After seeing her father fuck her big sister
so thoroughly, Becky was so anxious for the big man’s black
prick, she almost raped him. It was the most erotic scene in the
world watching the tiny girl squirm her little cunt up around her
father’s massive ebony fuck-pole. Within seconds, Becky was
screaming! But not in pain, the hot, horny little k*d was
squealing in abject pleasure as her father’s big, black cock
fucked into her tiny drooling cunt like a piston.

Throughout the night, and the next day, I lost track of the
number of times I fucked or sucked Sarah, Becky and their mom, or
how may times David and his father fucked them. All I knew was
that I didn’t want it to stop! I wanted to stay with this hot,
horny black family forever, and by the looks of it… I’d have
my wish!