Why Aren’t You in Uniform 2.

It was a quarter to one in the morning when Becky heard the
knock at her door. She rushed to the door and opened it. There
was Clete. Clete had showered at the Police Station after the
end of his shift. He had left the Porsche in the employee
parking lot. With the city’s video surveillance equipment
monitoring the lot, his car would be safer there. Clete had
walked to her cottage.

“Glad to see you.” She said with a smile.

“I couldn’t wait to get back here.” He replied.

She invited him to sit down on the sofa. As he did he noticed
that the springs on this sofa were seriously worn. The touch
of the upholstery felt tattered and lacked for cleaning. He
understood the age of the furniture, because college students
don’t have much money, but was a bit put-off by the dirt factor.
But he wasn’t going to complain because he was glad to be spend-
ing time with Becky, and sitting down felt extremely good after
working so many hours.

Becky left him on the sofa and went to the kitchen. Playfully
she said, “Clete, I’ve got something here you’re really going
to like.” She opened the refrigerator and took out two beers.

The fun tone of her voice was the only thing that enabled Clete
to overcome his fatigue. After a few seconds of silence, Clete
said, “Bring it on.”

She brought out the beers. She handed one to Clete.

“Nothing like a cold one after a long hot summer night in this
town.” Clete struggled to say in appreciation of the beer. He
was just now realizing how fatigued he was.

Becky opened her beers and they each took a sip. She put down
her beer and returned to the kitchen. The layout was such that
he couldn’t see her in the kitchen. Becky slipped off the sweat
pants and the T shirt. Clete was unaware that he had been correct
in his earlier guess that she hadn’t been wearing any under-
garments. Her plan was to approach him nude, and to start another
round of fun with Clete.

“Clete, I’ve got something else you’re really going to like.”
Becky said in the same playful voice.

Becky didn’t notice that Clete didn’t answer, because she began
to be filled with self-doubts. She was self-conscious about her
height. She had fleeting thoughts that she was too fat (while in
fact she was quite thin). Then she went on to being insecure
about her hair, and wishing her feminine features were more
pronounced. She thought about Clete, who was sitting on her
beat-up sofa wearing a brand new looking golf shirt, new looking
shorts, new running shoes, and the whitest socks she had ever
seen. “Does this guy always look this sharp?” she asked herself.

She wanted to work up the courage to approach him nude and start
off some passion. Oh, but the fear!!! The insecurity!!!! What was
this? She had never ever lost her self-confidence like this before.
Quickly she slipped her clothes back on.

She stepped out of the kitchen and saw Clete. The previous night’s
overtime shift combined with all day in court and tonight’s regular
shift had finally taken their toll on the urban street hero. He was
asleep on her couch.

Becky felt disappointment, but understood that Clete had shown signs
of extreme fatigue when she saw him at the deli 9 1/2 hours earlier.
Her sense of mercy prevailed and she didn’t awaken her slumbering
civil servant. She felt amazement about her sudden self-doubts.
“Thank God this lack of confidence hadn’t happened with my previous
boyfriends”, she thought to herself. But above all she felt disap-
pointment because she had betrayed her own plan through self-doubt.
She laid her clothes across the sleeping policeman’s legs. She
watched him sleep, as she finished her beer, then walked to bed nude.

She climbed into bed and could only think of Clete. She began to
caress the curves of her body while thinking of him. Her breasts,
her waist, her thighs, her clit. Clete was totally on her mind as
she impatiently brought pleasure to herself. In spite of the loudness
of her moaning, Clete slept through the sounds of her delight.

Clete woke up at 10:55 A.M. He looked down and saw Becky’s sweats
lying across his legs. Immediately he got up and started looking
for her. He hoped to find her, and hoped she hadn’t yet put on
anything else. He went into the bedroom, expecting to find her in
bed. She was gone. There was a note. It directed him to drive to
a location many miles out of town, and told him he didn’t need to
bring anything special with him. Clete knew where the turn-off from
the highway was, but had never driven down the particular back road
Becky was requesting he take.

Clete went into Becky’s kitchen in hopes she had left some coffee
on for him. He felt disappointed when he saw she didn’t even have
a coffee maker. He thought he would have a couple pieces of fruit
for breakfast then be on his way. He looked and saw she had no fruit
at all. Not wanting the junk food breakfast foods she had around,
Clete got dressed and made for the door.

He walked to the employee parking lot and started the Porsche. A
quick stop at the B Street deli yielded him everything he needed
an apple, a banana, a pear, a box of condoms, and a large coffee
to go.

Clete followed the directions Becky had left him. He drove about
30 miles out of town on the freeway, then turned onto a two-lane
rural road. From there he turned onto a one-lane dirt road, the
last place he wanted to take his dear Porsche. But our Clete was
a man on a mission and nothing was going to stop him now. Three
miles up the dirt road he found the turn-out just as Becky had
said it would be. The only car parked there was the same rusted-
out Toyota he had seen in Becky’s driveway.

Clete started down the narrow dirt path away from the road. He
walked through fields that had few trees. Across the fields he
started uphill and into some trees. When he came to a ridge he
could see Becky about 200 yards away. She had an easel set up
and was painting a picture of the pond in the little valley below
her. She was wearing a white French Cut T, and white denim shorts.
The white clothing showed off her dark tan to advantage. She hadn’t
seen him yet.

Clete determined to use some of his old training from years ago to
sneak-up and surprise Becky. He managed to leave the trail and
avoid the poison oak while finding a position behind Becky. The
last 20 feet were the hardest. There were some dry leaves on the
ground. One false step and she would know he was there. It seemed
to take him 15 minutes to make it through the last 20 feet. Then
he waited until her brush was away from the canvas. He reached with
both hands and put them on her waist, right above the hips. He was
just beginning to enjoy the moment, her startle, the delight of her
slender waist, the pronounced curve of her hips, his success in
silently approaching her when he suddenly felt a super dose of the
excruciating pain every man dreads. He was sure his testicles were
being pulled out through his throat.

As Clete buckled over in pain and fell on the dry leaves he was
sure he had never ever been hit so hard in the balls before in
his entire life. He found himself unable to breathe. The pain was
so intense that Clete had no idea that Becky was even speaking to
him while he was lying there on the ground in agony.

After several minutes of pain he began to regain his hearing before
he regained his breath.

“Honestly Clete, I had absolutely no idea that it was you behind me.
It’s such an isolated area that I’m a bit afraid of being attacked
when I come out here alone. When you startled me I thought you were
a wierdo, so I defended myself”, Even then Clete only heard about
1/3 of what she said.

Becky realized that Clete was out of commission for a bit. She laid
down on the leaves and soft grasses beside him. She held him and
caressed him for about 10 minutes, enjoying every bit of it. Last
night she brought-down this big man with one blow, and today she
brought him down with a different kind of blow.

As they laid there together, Clete realized that his hand was on
the part of her body where the curve of her slender hips juts out
from her even more slender waist. Clete enjoyed the feeling of just
resting his hand there. Gradually he moved his hand around to the
rear and felt the curve of her ass. . . . . .A clear sign that our
urban street hero was recovering from the intense pain of his un-
expected cup check. She sat up and spoke to him, “I’m truly sorry.”,
she said.

“No apology needed. I was out of line.” he answered.

Becky reached for the lower seam of her t shirt and pulled it over
her head confidently. Clete looked at her petite breasts and took
delight in their contour. He quickly and nervously looked around,
then realized they were quite alone. He leaned over and kissed
Becky as he put his arms around her. How deeply he enjoyed the feel
of her slender shape. He kissed one breast while fondling the other
one. Clete had no doubt about the tension within his underwear.
While his balls were still sore, Clete knew that his ability to get
it up wasn’t impaired the least.

Becky stood up and walked to her easel and stool. She returned with
a blanket and spread it out. Clete scarcely took notice that the
blanket was dirty. Clete unzipped Becky’s shorts. He hooked one
thumb in each side of the shorts and panties and pulled them both
to her feet in one movement. Clete reached around her waist and felt
the toned curve of her youthful butt. This was going to be an intense
delight, Clete thought to himself. It was also going to be a couple
of firsts, because Clete had never done it outdoors in daylight, and
had never had a partner half his age before.

Clete sat up and pulled off his golf shirt. He slipped off his shoes
and socks. Becky then pulled down his shorts. “This brand-new under-
wear is different from the brand- new underwear he wore last night!”
she thought to herself. Clete reached for a condom as Becky pulled-
down his underwear. She unrolled it onto his cock. She then put the
cock into her mouth.

“Oh no, you’re not doing this to me twice.” Clete thought to himself,
embarrassed over how quickly she made him come last night. He let her
suck for a minute because the delight of it was so irresistible, then
pulled her away before he lost the will and ability to, and before
she could score still another victory over him.

He felt that delightful butt again as he rolled her over onto it. He
started kissing her mouth, then started working his way slowly down
her body. He kissed the side of her neck, her shoulders, and showed
absolutely no hurry as he worked his way Southbound. Becky wasn’t
going to take the power this time. It was Clete’s.

By the time Clete was kissing her navel, Clete sensed that Becky was
dying for him to go down on her. From the rising and falling of her
pelvis and the arching of Becky’s back, Clete knew she absolutely
couldn’t wait, but he could. When he finally put his mouth to her
clit, she was two thirds of the way to the goal line. It took him
only a couple of minutes to bring her to climax. A loud climax. Becky
was trembling and screaming and making so much noise that Clete was
glad they were in the middle of nowhere. In her cottage, all the
neighbors all would have heard.

Clete was in total control now. He climbed on top and slipped his
dick into her pussy. Unaware of whether it was from Becky’s chal-
lenges to his authority, or from the punch in the nuts, or from
the immensely satisfying blow job last night, Clete felt he had
all the staying-power a man could ever want. He didn’t stop when
Becky reached her second orgasm of the day. He just continued right
on with a near-marathon session of old-fashioned missionary position
humping. Moments after her third orgasm, Clete’s his first orgasm of
the day exploded.

They laid there for a time, holding each other contentedly. A gentle
breeze blew warm air over their naked intertwined bodies, a new sen-
sation for Clete. Clete made a mental note to himself that this was
the best he had felt in years. Never one to relax 100%, Clete became
alarmed. He heard voices. . . . .c******n’s voices. . . . .three of
them. “Oh shit.” he thought. The last thing he needed was to put on
a show for the church camp or whoever happened to be in the woods.

“What’s the matter?” asked Becky, noticing Clete was alarmed.

“Somebody’s coming.” Clete replied.

“Don’t worry. Nobody comes up here on the bluff. Everybody stays
on the trail below. Besides, as long as we lay down or sit down,
they can’t see us over the shrubs.”

After about 10 minutes he saw the people. If he could hear c******n
talking and laughing 10 minutes before the people got there, how
far away could they have heard Becky’s screaming???, Clete wondered.

The people below turned out to be a man, a woman, and three
c******n. They spread out their stuff for a picnic at the edge
of the pond. All five of this family went skinny- dipping then
sat down to eat lunch, unaware that they were being watched from

Becky got up, still nude and walked confidently over to her belong-
ings. The sound of the ice cubes moving around in her cooler caused
the people below to look up. When they saw Becky they waved at her.
She waved back. Clete wondered if she knew them. Clete was quite
conscious of the people below and wasn’t going to get up with no
clothes on. Becky brought back a couple of sandwiches and 2 beers
from her cooler. They each enjoyed their lunches. From waiting on
Clete at the deli, Becky knew how he liked his sandwiches prepared.

“You have no tan lines”, Clete commented.

“You like me that way?”, Becky asked.

“You look fantastic.” Clete replied. “Where’d you get it, a tanning

“Here”, she replied.

“Really?” Clete asked.

“I usually sit below by the pond. I bring my school books and study,
then jump in the pond if I get too warm.”, Becky replied.

Clete didn’t speak, as he thought over what she had just said.

Becky asked, “Have to Work tonight?”

“Nope. You?” he replied.

“Off until Friday”, she replied.

“Want to go camping in the desert for a couple of days?”, Clete asked.

“Let me contemplate it.”, Becky said. She was totally afraid of the
rattle snakes, tarantulas, and other creatures of the desert.

Some minutes later Becky stood up and put on her T shirt. Clete sat
up as she did. She stood next to Clete wearing only the T shirt. Her
dark triangle was about a foot from his face, drawing his complete
attention when she said, “Let’s go.”

“Where?” Clete asked, as he looked up at her smiling face.

“The desert”. Becky replied. She had known all along her answer would
be yes, for she was dying to go with him and wanted to be with him
every minute, and also wanted to take-back some of the power form

Clete gathered up his clothing. He tried to hide his dismay that
there was a spot of dirt on his shirt. He must have thrown it aside
in the haste of passion. He hoped it would launder out. He got
dressed and helped Becky carry her things back the where the cars