A woman is forced into a lesbian relationship with a co-worker

As usual, I went to lunch just before noon. As usual, I
got on the elevator. As usual, I pushed the button for
the ground floor.

And, as usual, I had to stop for someone else.

The doors opened and a woman got on. I’d seen her
around before, and I knew that men at work found her
attractive. I myself was a bit jealous of her. She was
my age, late thirties, well-built. In the past, I had
always tried to ignore her. Not today.

She glanced casually around as the doors closed. She
pushed the button to get off several floors below.

Then she whirled around and grabbed me, pinning me
against the wall of the elevator with an arm across my
chest. I stared at her in shock and fear as she moved
her face close to mine and kissed me. At the same time,
I felt her other hand dig into my crotch. I was

It was over as soon as it had begun and she was gone,
the elevator doors closing behind her as I opened my

I wasn’t hungry any more. I went to the bathroom and
got sick. Then I just wandered aimlessly, trying to
figure out what had come over the woman.

As I got on the elevator to go back to my office, I
cringed as the doors closed. I had to get out. I pushed
the button for the next floor up, and walked up the
stairs the rest of the way. I was quite out of breath
when I returned to my desk.

I saw there was an E-mail waiting for me. I didn’t
recognize the return ID. I paled when I read it.

“Don’t say a word or you’ll regret it.” That’s all. The
woman was brazen, or insane, enough to sign her name.

For the rest of the week, I took the stairs. I couldn’t
imagine facing that madwoman again.

The next Tuesday found me again trudging the stairs on
my way down to lunch. I had not forgotten, could not
forget, the elevator incident. The wild look on the
woman’s face as she pressed her lips against mine…

I shuddered, and knew I was probably going to be sick

I sensed something and turned. Not soon enough.

She was there. Grabbing me, holding me against the wall
of the stairwell. Kissing me. Fondling me. And she
wasn’t stopping. I gagged, feeling myself about to
wretch. Tina’s perfume was so heavy, it was almost as
if it was making me helpless, drugging me. And her
fingers between my legs made me want to…

I let out a yelp, quickly stifled by Tina’s hand over
my mouth. I stood there gasping, not able to accept the
fact that I had just had an orgasm. And Tina was gone,
the stairwell door closing behind her.

I sat on the stairs and cried through my entire lunch
hour. I was numb, shocked, and ashamed that I had
actually climaxed during that revolting episode. Before
going back to my desk, I went to the bathroom and was

There was another E-mail from Tina waiting for me.
“Enjoyed that, didn’t you sweetie? Just keep your mouth
shut.” No one heard my soft wail of despair, the door
to my office being closed.

I gave up going to lunch, instead munching on
sandwiches I brought from home. I had no appetite, I
just chewed mechanically. When it was time to leave, I
made sure I went down with several other people. I was
in terror of meeting up with Tina again.

And then, several days later, I was going into the
building. There, in the lobby, waiting for an elevator
was Tina. I tried to duck into an open doorway before
she saw me, but as she stepped onto the elevator, I saw
her sneering at me.

I went home and called in sick.

I lay there in my bed crying for hours. This woman was
ruining my life. I had to do something. But what? After
a long day and most of the night spent crying and
thinking, I decided to face this woman, this whore, and
let her know I wasn’t going to stand for it any longer.

The next morning, I found myself walking up the stairs
out of habit. I had to chuckle to myself. A sound
behind me silenced my laughter.

She was there. I was held against the wall as she again
dug her finger into my crotch. I stared at her, her
eyes half-closed, face moving closer and closer to my
own, ready to…

I gathered all my strength and pushed her away. She
looked surprised as she fell backwards. I rushed her,
and now it was me pinning her to the wall. We looked at
each other, her with a strange smile on her face,
panting heavily, me filled with rage and… a damp spot
between my legs… Tina saw my expression change, just

“Yessss,” she whispered. “Do it, sweetie. Do it. You
want to, you know you do. Do it. Do it, Karen.”

I froze. Her perfume hung in the air like a fog, and
her eyes stared deep into mine with an intensity I’d
never seen before. Confused, I held her tighter against
the wall.

“Oh yeah, Karen, do it. Hold me tighter, Karen.”

I didn’t know what to think. Tina was ENJOYING this?
What is she, perverted or something? She looked like an
animal in heat as she gazed back at me, unblinking. And
I noticed another scent that wasn’t her perfume. It was

Or was it – me?

Tina saw my face go blank. She put her arms around me
and kissed me again, hard. Harder than any man had ever
kissed me. She seemed almost crazy, and maybe she was.
Crazy – over ME? Was she just crazy, or did she find ME
that alluring? I couldn’t deal with that thought, but
as Tina’s lips pressed against mine, as I felt a rush
of heat flaring up inside me, I couldn’t help myself.

I pushed her back against the wall. She stood there
with her arms spread to the sides, watching me

And to my own amazement, I leaned over and kissed her.
I felt my stomach turning over slightly, but as her
hand found it’s way back between my legs, the
uncomfortable feeling vanished.

She was wearing a short skirt. I trembled as I lifted
it up, and saw her white panties, soaking with
excitement. Her eyes were wide and dreamy, and she kept
repeating, “Do it, do it, do it…”

I did it.

I slid my fingers into her panties, my heart stopping
when I felt her button. She gasped and slouched down a
bit, spreading her legs. Her arms were up, hands
clasped behind her head. She was breathing in ragged
gasps, and I had hardly touched her when her body shook
with orgasm. “Do it, Karen”, she whispered. “Do it. Do

Do me. I couldn’t believe I was hearing that – from a
WOMAN! But for some reason, I no longer felt any
nausea, no discomfort. I was still very, very nervous,
and still not sure if this was really happening, but I
didn’t feel sick any more. The look on her face as she
climaxed was incredible. I never in my life would have
thought that I would be watching another woman cum,
much less making another woman cum.

I slid my finger in deeper, watching her reaction. She
clutched her hair, screwed her eyes shut, and moaned,
her body tensing as if to physically squeeze an orgasm
from her body. Her cunt muscles tightened spastically
on my finger as I worked it in and out, in and out,
over her clit and back up inside her.

I wasn’t ready for what happened next. Her eyes shot
open, her arms unfolded and she shoved me down. I was
suddenly staring at her dripping panties, kneeling on
the hard concrete floor of the stairwell.

Her aroma was more powerful, more seductive than any
perfume or cologne could ever be. To my surprise, and
total disbelief, I found I wanted very much to ‘do

I pulled her soaked panties down in one motion. “Yes,
yes, yes…” was all she said, her hips sliding back
and forth against the wall. Before I knew what was
happening, she had grabbed my hair and thrust my face
into her snatch. A salty taste, short hairs in my
nostrils, her thighs around my ears.

She gasped as my tongue flicked over her clit. This
isn’t happening, I thought. I’m still home in bed, and
this is a weird dream. I’m not really licking another
woman’s pussy. No. I’m not. I won’t.

But I was.

I lost track of things. The thought of someone else
coming down the stairs and finding us never occurred to
me. There was only she and I. Her almost desperate
plea, the constant ‘do it’ in my ears, her moaning, my
moaning as her tongue found it’s way into me. The
scent. The feel of hard concrete and soft flesh. The
unending climax.

It was quiet. We sat beside each other on the concrete
floor, both nude, both panting heavily. Tina leaned her
head against the wall, took a deep breath, and
whoooooshed it out her mouth. She quickly stood up and
got dressed, picking her clothes from among the pile on
the floor. I sat there, drained, once more unsure,

Dressed, Tina ran her hands through her hair. She
smiled down at me, and bent over. “Don’t tell anyone,
sweetie.” She kissed me lightly.

And she was gone.

I started crying softly as I dressed. What had it all
been about? Was I ever going to share that experience
with her again? Did I even WANT to? As I realized the
answer was yes, I cried a bit harder.

I stood in the stairwell at the door to my floor. I had
managed to clean myself up a bit. Walking quickly to my
office, I closed the door.

There was another E-mail. “Same time tomorrow, sweetie.
Not a word.”

The next morning, I dressed carefully, choosing black
silk panties and a tight, black leather skirt I hadn’t
worn in years.

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