Lesbian Roomates

University is complicated no matter the circumstances, but for Nick Kotsopoulous it was all that much harder. Leaving her family and all that she’d ever known, she traveled half way across the world for the chance of expanding her horizons by getting her doctorate in English from Yale University. The decision was a hard one

Public Rebound

Jane had just signed the divorce papers. It was both sad and a relief at the same time. Her husband, now ex-husband had become increasingly manipulative, his emotion regulation skills seemed to be degenerating and every time he was angry or sad he blamed it on her, as if it was her job to shield

My new GF

I was standing at my car, trying to open the door but I couldn’t find my keys. I thought I had lost them, but then I remembered setting them down on the sink when I went to the bathroom. Turning back towards the bar, I realized that I have had too much to drink. As

Easy going

She sat across from me in our little cabin staring out the window, watching the countryside fly by. How could she look so peaceful and not be worried about anything? I absolutely hated to take the train. It didn’t help that there was a crash last week. We were going to be on the train

The Greatheads Make New Friends

The girls needed more hot underwear so we decided one Saturday morning to hotfoot it over to the mall and visit the local lingerie shop. The saleslady regarded us curiously, a man and two women. Her name was Sally, according to her name clip, and I was regarding her curiously too. She was one of