The Adventures Keep Cumming

When Carrie, Anndie and Owens daughter, turned 18 she made an appointment to see her gynecologist. See Carrie had a problem, and she was at her whit’s end over what to do. As she sat on the Dr.’s table with her legs in the stirrups she her the familiar knock on the door and in

Hot Twister

“This is me,” Megan said, pointing to a charming Victorian-style two-story with strands of ivy ascending the old brick walls. She turned off the tree-shaded sidewalk, through the creaky white picket gate, and headed down the winding garden path as I followed along. “If my stepmom is home, she’ll be all chatty,” she warned. “Just

Cheerleaders And The Shower

Cheryl had been my best friend since I joined the cheerleading squad at State College. We would go to the mall together, watch movies together, and study together, you know, just about everything. Cheryl was about 5’9″ (I was a wee bit shorter), and had a figure that bespoke ‘Modeling Career Here’. I’ll admit that

Lust and Marriage

Today was day two at the hospital, I had come in for a routine procedure but because of delays to my scans, I was stuck here. It was nothing scary, some imbalance in magnesium or iron or something that sounded metallic. I had offered to lick an iron bar if it would help but unfortunately,

Life Changing Decision

My morning started out as usual, I made my husband and son breakfast and got them off to work and school respectively; then I made decision that would come to change my life. My son is eight; I have been married nine years, am thirty years old, stand five foot seven inches tall, brunette with