Buried Pleasures

“I’m not gay. I’m not even ashamed to admit I don’t want to be gay, but….” Ally McBeal said as she sat in her office at Cage, Fish and Associates. “… you’re curious.” the young beautiful Asian woman sitting across from Ally said as she finished her sentence. Her name was Ling Woo, and like

An Erotic Adventure

“Morgane—wake up! I believe we might be in trouble…” Even as I shook Morgane the Strong’s powerful shoulder to awaken her from sleep, the tall warrior woman’s fingers instinctively wrapped themselves around the handle of a longsword that lay on the ground beside her. Like a sleek panther, her muscular body in one smooth motion

Kinky fat girls

After eight and a half hours of dealing with her company’s intranet crashes and her own caffine overload, Amanda was grateful to let herself collapse on her bed face first. She was a good-looking blonde about 5’6″, in her late 40s, and just shy of 200 pounds. She had raised her right foot above her

Carrie’s Seduction

“Do you have your sunblock, Carrie?” asked her mom. She worried about Carrie’s fair skin, and Carrie’s new, first time two- piece swimsuit was an invitation to solar disaster. But she sure looks cute, she said to herself, as ten-year-old Carrie promptly displayed the bottle of sunblock. “Lisa, make sure Carrie uses it. And don’t

Alice’s Learning Curve

Alice was seated at the breakfast table reading the newspaper. She worried – the final demand on her car payment had come through, and she was overdue on her mortgage payments with no job and no prospects of a job in the near future. She scoured the jobs pages – all the ads were seeking