I undress for her. She kisses me.

She got out of the car. I watched her, being careful so she wouldn’t notice. I felt so guilty. We had just arrived at work, in the parking lot. Katherine James happened to have arrived at the same time I did. She was above me in the company but wasn’t my boss. She knew me

Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties

I remember the day the magical panties came into our lives. The four of us were having a sleepover to celebrate our graduation from high school, celebrating in our usual fashion. I lay on the bed with Brandy May. Our legs entwined each other as we scissored, our favorite position. We ground our pussies together

My First Time fisting

I have to admit, I had never intended on any of this happening to me. I am a girl that was a heterosexual. I never imagined turning bi. It all started when, one day, I was at school and went to the bathroom to chill out. I was the only girl in there except for

Candy and Mandy – lesbian erotic story

“When did you ever see it?” His wife asked. “Not counting pornos. I mean in real life? Being right there?” “Well, I used to drive for those girls that worked bachelor parties for one. It was practically a given at any decent party. A girlon girl action is expected.” He said. “Decent?” “You know what

House to Home

“Hi Red” Lill said as she closed the door “Who’s home?” Red almost pounced her high school classmate hugging and kissing Lill “Just you and me hun, Mum left say something odd about going to a motel…” Red paused “…sorry I meant your Mother.” Lill shook her head and gave her friend a little kiss

Husband and wife stumble on a surprise at the end of their night that will shock them both

My name is Chaby and I’m a father of two and husband to an amazing women. My oldest step-daughter had just turned 18 and started dating. She was often leaving the house late and coming back early in the morning. Her mother and I spent many nights up worrying about her and if she was

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