A young wife and extramarital sex

It was a nervous and slightly agitated young wife that awaited the arrival of photo-man for his second visit, she had already asked me to ring and cancel it three times during the day, changing her mind each time as I dialled the number. She was at last cajoled by me into accepting that nothing would happen that she did not want to so after telling me a dozen times that she was not going to be a repeat of last time we were at last expecting him at any minute. By the time he had set up all the gear she was calmer and sat waiting in anticipation on the settee as I turned all the lights off apart from a dimmed light at the back of us.

The film started and our visitor sat on a chair that I had positioned so that he would see anything that went on as he told us to hang on to our seats and it was soon obvious to me that he had purposely chosen the film for its content as it showed four men taking turns with one woman. The men had large weapons and although it was silent you could easily imagine the noises from them all as she took every inch they had after sucking each one and as they ejaculated they came out of her so that the watcher could see their sperm shoot. There was loud ooohs!!! and ahhhs!!! from Ann as she gasped at what was going on and when it had finished she said she didn’t believe that men could grow penises that big or a women could enjoy taking them one after another.

She was blushing as she talked so openly with another man but I supposed she had at least got used to him so did not mind admitting private thoughts to him now. Her blush deepened as she told him I had tried to persuade her to have my length in her mouth since we started courting but she had never been able to bring herself do it. He just smiled and quietly asked if she liked being tongued and wide eyed and crimson admitted she had loved it from the first time I had used mine on her. He smiled again and she made no bones about the fact that she knew how men loved to be sucked, laughing and saying she was surprised how the woman did not mind sucking four different men.

She took no persuading to watch the film a second time and after a minute or two I had my hand in her blouse and pulling her bra up fondled her breasts. It was not met by any protest and I soon had her naked to the waist and sucked her swelling nipples, being rewarded by her hand rubbing me to an erection through my trousers. I finished the job of undressing her and she was once more naked in front of two men, soon panting as I excited her clitoris and fingered her wet love tunnel. I noticed that photo-man was watching the action with a smile on his face and wondered if he had thoughts of joining in and if he did how my wife would react this time.

The film finished and while the other man packed the projector away I stripped and went between her legs and started to slowly push my erection in and out of her already slippery vagina, a long low satisfied sigh letting me know that she was ready for it. Photo-man watched the action for a minute or two then went out of her sight and undressed, then already rampant slipped onto the settee at the side of her and I worried for a second or two that it would put her off but as he started to fondle her breasts there was no protest. She did surprise me though when, as he caressed her body, she eagerly masturbated his circumcised cock for her second time, having to stop though as her first orgasm made her body shudder as she squealed and wriggled with pleasure.

I came out of her while she came back to earth and watched as she started to pleasure him again and this time it was he who sought out her exposed clitoris, using a finger on it until she started to squirm and wriggle. He softly asked if she wanted his tongue and her eyes widened and her nod had him between her parted legs in a flash, another new thing for us both. As he excited her swollen love button with a finger he smiled and dropped a bombshell as he asked if she would take my cock in her mouth as he tongued her. A look of panic crossed her face and she stiffened but he tongued her clitoris for a little while, a master stroke from him as she relaxed once more and then he quietly asked her to just take the helmet in to see what it was like. I thought in for a penny in for a pound and knelt at her side with my deep purple b***d engorged bell-end an inch from her mouth as the other man egged her on once more.

She hesitantly folded her lips round the rim of my helmet and the man immediately lapped at her while I remained stock still so as not to frighten her as he really went to town on her engorged love button. Her arousal was once more brought to life and I was rewarded by her taking an inch of my meat and a gentle suck before she ran her tongue round the rim of my bell-end. She had to let go to take a deep breath and let out a sigh as the man at her clitoris brought on a climax causing her body to convulse as she squealed in pleasure. Both of us watched as her flesh rippled while she gurgled and panted before calming down and giving us a broad smile of satisfaction, photo-man begging her to suck me again so that he could watch. She was still hesitant but did tentatively get hold of my cock and stretched the foreskin back as far as it would go, looking at the swollen length before three inches disappeared into her warm moist mouth.

Photo-man was prompting her and egged her on to grip the base of my cock and bob her head as she sucked nice and hard, which she did with a certain amount of relish, much to my surprise and enjoyment. All this, together with the excitement of what had happened to her soon brought me to my peak and my shaft throbbed and pulsed inside its prison. She let it go like it was a red hot firebrand and squealed loudly as my ejaculating mans milk splashed her face tits and belly but she joined in the laughter as she embarrassingly said that it was a close call for her first time.

I went to get a towel and have a “pee” and went back to see my spouse, legs askew, with photo-mans fingers buried up her, she gave me a guilty look but for some reason it did not worry me that they had started again without me. Obviously the evening was coming to an end and I was secretly proud when it was Ann that said she wanted to see photo-man shoot and she was going to make sure he did. He stood in front of her and she slowly masturbated his still rock hard weapon, both of them enjoying themselves. It did not take long before he was breathing heavily and warning her that he was getting to his peak and he was going to spray her body so she giggled and told him to kneel for a better aim.

He was between her legs again as she pumped the shaft until he groaned and lent back and I supposed she felt him throbbing, knowing he was ready to shoot over her. She squealed softly not hesitating to rub his pulsing, swollen, purple bell-end round her clitoris as she watched the first spurt of juice cover it then let it go so that she could witness how much he would shoot this time, as I too waited in anticipation. He took us both by surprise when, as his second white thick jet erupted from him he lunged forward and buried the full length of his prick in her, gasping and moaning with satisfaction and I knew it was another of his capacious ejaculations that he was pumping up her. Ann’s screaming protest was soon cut short as her body reacted to the new prick that was up her as an intense and noisy orgasm joined the man’s and she stayed coupled with him for what seemed an age before his flaccid meat slid out and I was able to watch his spunk slowly dribble out of her gaping vagina.

As was to be expected she rushed out of the room with semen running down her legs and even after the shower had stopped she did not reappear before the man left. It was a distraught wife that I joined in bed and it was not crocodile tears that were streaming down her cheeks as she cried and begged forgiveness for what had happened. She promised that it would never happen again, blaming the film and the way she had been aroused afterwards for loosing control. She cried even harder as she said she had no intentions of letting the other man get his cock into her even though she enjoyed doing sexy things with him again but he had taken her totally by surprise.

I just kept calm and said they were both carried away by the pleasures they were giving each other so it had happened and she should not upset herself that way, emphasising strongly that I had not been upset by what had happened. She was still crying even after my assurances but did eventually calm down a lot and then suddenly and with a nervous laugh admitted that what was making her so mad with herself was that as soon as she started to have her orgasm she enjoyed the sensation of having it with a new ejaculating cock in her, adding emphatically though that she would never let it happen again.

I was very cautious over the next week or so and was pleasantly surprised that my bride still enjoyed a couple of sessions in front of the camera. I ventured to suggest that it would be even more fun if we invited photo-man to make it a threesome and if she agreed I would make sure he understood that nothing naughty was to happen and it would just be a photo shoot. She was not keen so I did not push it even though I knew it would excite me if he was there so more unpredictable things might just be on the cards. I visited photo-man at his shop and he was very contrite, apologising a number of times for going too far and I had to confess to him that I had been turned on while I watched his cock up my wife, knowing that he was pumping his milk into her. He perked up once he knew he was off the hook and with a smile he asked if Ann had sucked me since he was there, reminding me that it was he who instigated her first time when I admitted that she had shown no interest in that since then.

He was full of beans now and laughingly told me that if I wanted her to do it again I should invite him back and he would do his best to make it happen again. Now although I did feel a twinge of guilt my mind was working overtime and I told him if he phoned Ann up with an apology and a good enough excuse for what had happened she would maybe feel obliged to give him another chance at a visit. He said he would and it would be as soon as I left so I should know one way or another when I got home. I really dawdled to give him time to get Ann to change her mind, keeping my fingers crossed that he could work all his charms on my sometimes very stubborn and unforgiving spouse.

I was tingling like a naughty schoolboy when I walked in but my wife said nothing so I watched TV to take my mind off it and it was only when we were having our evening meal that she said photo-man had phoned her. I nearly choked and hoped I looked more nonplussed sooner than guilty as she told me he had apologised and had begged for another visit for a photo night. I was very cautious and just told her that I did not mind if he came but if she was not happy that he would behave then it was up to her decide. She said they had spoken for quite a while and in the end she relented and had invited him for an evening in a couple of days, emphasising that he had to be on his very best behaviour.

Fortunately there was no awkwardness as we all settled down, photo-man had brought a bottle of wine as a thank you for Ann relenting, we men cracked open a couple of cans and so the evening started. She was naked and posing after a couple of glasses and things were definitely more relaxed and it was she who suggested that we two men ought to be undressed as well. Photo-man was relaxed and smiling now as he gave me a knowing look, already sporting an erection he suggested that we try something new and perhaps he could take a few shots of us together. I was all for it and Ann showed interest and surprised me when she did not refuse when he told her she should suck my prick and we would then have new photos to put in our album.

I sat on a chair and after a few minutes Ann was getting really good at working my cock with lips and tongue, even though it was only her second time and I rewarded her by changing over and getting her clitoris nicely swollen with my tongue. She was soon making satisfied noises of awakening arousal but either by design or coincidence photo-man stopped me from going all the way by suggesting that we pose for more pictures with my prick in her. It took ages as we had to get into positions where he could snap all the action but it did give us a laugh as she straddled me and then I had her on the floor and we were acting like contortionists so that we ended up with lots of good and different poses.

The camera was put to one side as photo-man remarked on the fact that Ann had not yet had an orgasm and we all laughed as she admitted that she was in need of fulfilment. I lay on the floor with my skyscraper of an erection on offer and she was soon bouncing on it. It did not take but a couple of minutes before the familiar sounds of a woman reaching sexual heights filled the room and with a happy squeal she built towards her climax. Photo man was kneeling at our side, watching closely, and as I instinctively spread my wife’s vulva open he tentatively reached forward and fingered her exposed swollen clitoris causing her to gasp and wriggle on my length. She had no time for protest as she was too busy gasping for air as, with tits bouncing, her body started to quiver and with a long low guttural moan she exploded in orgasm.

Photo-man kept up what I imagined was an exquisite t*****e of her rock hard gristly love button and as her contortions continued she grabbed at his prick and wanked it as her shudders continued. This was too much for me and I pumped spunk into Ann as my own noises of sexual pleasure joined those of the other two and the other mans cock jumped and pulsed as his cream shot all over her tits and belly in long continuous spears. A second body shuddering climax accompanied by loud squeals was brought on by all this attention as my spouse pressed down hard on my cock to make sure I was drained and then a silence of well satisfied people ensued as we all came back down to earth.

It was obvious that Ann was still in a heightened state of arousal as she did not complain when both photo-man and I towelled the tell tail semen from her body, I letting him have the pleasure of getting at her naughty bits. She was giggling and telling us she felt like she was a porn pin-up after all that attention and we had a good laugh as we downed a couple of drinks as we relaxed. Ann was still buoyant, surprising me as she admitted that she still felt the need for more stimulation, going to a drawer and blushing as she handed me her vibrator, sitting on the settee with legs spread in anticipation. She was soon gurgling with pleasure as the buzzing plastic pleaser did its work on her love button and vagina, an interested photo-man watching intently as her new arousal took hold and her breathing increased and turned to pants with intermittent moans of pleasure.

Now admittedly I was still somewhat naive when it came to these sexual situations that Ann and I were getting ourselves into more regularly but I recognised that photo-man always seemed able to gauge when my spouse lost any control she might have thought she had over events. He proved me right once more as he gave me the biggest shock of the night by kneeling next to her while she was enjoying the vibrator, offering his once more swelling prick close to her mouth. She surprised me by not turning away in horror but after a look at it actually took some of it in and sucked gingerly on it as he slowly slid half of it in and out. He was not greedy and as soon as she had him fully erect withdrew it and suggested that she try to arouse me again with the same treatment and although she was crimson red by now she nodded agreement.

It seemed a good excuse to cool the action down somewhat so I moved away from her and she knelt on the floor and took my cock in hand. She did not hurry, just stretched the foreskin back to its limit and the lay it on her moist tongue before closing her lips and sucking on me, adding to the pleasure by bobbing her head so that I was being slowly masturbated as well. I realised that she had now had two lengths of mans meat in her mouth one after another and this was a new twist, feeling slightly ashamed as I admitted to myself that it was adding to the excitement that was making me swell for a second time that evening. Photo-man was not idle, scooping up the vibrator he was soon playing it up and down her slit and was rewarded by her changing position slightly so that he could easily insert most of it into her love tunnel.

She was soon writhing and taking breaths between her sucking on me and it did not take long for her to ask for prick. For one moment I thought that the other man was going to satisfy her as he quickly slid the plastic out of her and he was still rock hard but he moved out of the way so that I could take her doggy style. I went very slowly, giving her full thrusts then drawing back until only my bell end was lodged in her and she joined in by pushing on to it so that there was non to spare. Photo-man judged the situation to perfection and when he presented her with his cock-meat she had no hesitation in accepting it into her wet mouth. It was not long before she had to leave her sucking as she started to shudder and her vagina gripped my cock as she moaned and said she was cumming for me and with a couple more thrusts I shot cream into her as she had her orgasm.

She did not forget our guest and with a few strokes brought him to his peak and with groans of satisfaction he ejaculated over her for his second time. We cuddled and relaxed in bed and both marvelled at the three or more hours both of us had kept her well satisfied and at last she admitted that she had enjoyed all that had happened and would do it again in the not too distant future. Unbeknown to us though there was to be a few new twists to our sex life in the very near future and I will enlighten you all very soon………