A New Year and a New Partner

It was around Christmas time 2010, and we where sorting out our plans for new years. My then girlfriend, having the biggest house anyone we knew offered to host a party. I didn’t have many friends in the area any more, most had moved on while I was away at university so when I returned there was little more for me to do but hang out with my girlfriend and her friends so that was my plan for new year.

Me and my girlfriend had been together a few years at this point, I wouldn’t say wed had a perfect relationship but it was good for the most part. One of the main issues that often came between us was our disagreements about sex. She always had the opinion that sex was something she did when she had to and wasn’t something she had any interest in even trying to enjoy. So while the relationship certainly wasn’t lacking in sex it was certainly lacking in passion.

New years eve comes, 7 in the evening we all start to gather, me, my girlffriend and about 8 of her friends. Not really my ideal situation but certainly better than the alternative of sitting home with my parents and watching Big Ben count down on the BBC. Therese plenty of Booze stocked and a long time to go until midnight so I figured id hit that early then maybe sober up a bit before the main event. Few other people had had the same idea, most notable an old friend of my girlfriends ,Kirsty, that I had met a couple of times.

Since id met her before, and my girlfriend was otherwise engaged grating her guest and socialising I struck up a conversation with her. We had only met a few times before so the conversation was slow and superficial at best, I was almost relieved to hear the familiar voice of Scott through the kitchen door. He was another of my girlfriends friends, one id met considerably more offer than most. He wasn’t the most interesting of guys to speak to but he had an odd ability to take a group of people a little alcohol and some mundane board games and create amazingly fun drinking games out of the carnage.

And that was how the night progressed, we played games and drank heavily until it approached midnight. We where all very drunk at this point, so much for sobering up before the fireworks. As we all got up to go outside and watch the show I realised my girlfriend was nowhere to be seen, I soon found her sleeping in the bedroom, not drunk she told me just tired, apparently with no idea of the meaning of a new years eve party. Since she wouldn’t get up I left her there and joined the others outside.

The show was good but most people either went home or to one of the spare room to sleep afterwards. Only myself, Kirsty, Scott and his girlfriend remained. We continued to drink and chat in the main room for a little while longer, as often happens when talking with Scott the conversation turned towards sex. Being as drunk as I was this conversation spiked my interest somewhat but I made every effort to suppress that knowing my girlfriend was gone for the night. At around 1am Scott and his girlfriend left and I assumed that would be the end of my night.

As I returned to the living room after seeing them out to turn everything off Kirsty was still sat there, shed moved from her previous position and was now sat snug against the living room radiator with enough space next to her for me to sit. I had noticed how she was dressed earlier but it was only now she had moved that I could see the true extent of it, the short denim mini skirt and the tight while top where very inappropriate for the weather outside that night. She flicked through the channels and turned and asked if there was anything I wanted to watch.

Figuring if she wanted to stay up I might as well stay and keep her company since I had nothing waiting for me in bed I sat down next to her and asked what was one. There was not much but on one channel we found an obscure film that seemed like it might be worth a go. I dimmed the lights to see better and we sat and watched continuing to drink but at a slower rate now. After only a short while the film began what was a very unexpected romantic scene.

A minute or so into this scene I felt a weight on my shoulder, I looked down to see her head lying there happily. As I stared down at that mass of long straight blonde hair I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye, I turned and saw her legs rubbing together laid out along the floor next to mine. I watched intently as those long slender silky legs rubbed against each other for what seemed like forever until I felt a twitching in my trousers. I quickly averted my gaze back to my shoulder to find two beautiful big blue eyes staring up at me through the thin panes of glass that made up her glasses.

We stared deeply into each others eyes and we gradual drew closer together. before long our lips met and we kissed softly and deeply. As we kissed I felt that twitching in my trousers grow into a fully ranging erection. I was about to pull away and stop when I felt a soft touch on my chest and a stroking on the back of my left shoulder. I didn’t stop, I reached out with my arms and mirrored her position, my eyes closed I felt her body shift slightly to help my hand fine her chest, she let out a quite giggle as I found it and gave it a gentle squeeze.

We continued in that fashion for some time and I could feel myself becoming more and more worked up. Final I got my courage up and began to slowly slide my hands down her sides. As my hands reached her hips hers slide further down my front, reaching down to just about an inch or so above where my cock now reached. I continued south, over her hips and down the outside of her skirt until I reached the tops of her bare thighs. She let out a long soft sigh as our skin made contact for the first time.

Her skin felt so soft and supple under the pressure of my figures and had things ended then I would have been more than happy with the memory of that feeling. Even at this point she continued to kiss me passionately and her hands had not moved away from my body since arriving there. Almost subconsciously as I stroked her legs I began to slowly slide the tight denim of her skirt up her legs. After it had risen about an inch or two I hooked my thumbs under and pushed it up quickly the remaining few inches until my thumbs hit the waistband of her underwear.

At that point her hands slid the remaining distance down my torso and began to stroke my erect member through my trousers. At the same moment her body shifted slightly and I could feel with my hands on her legs that they had parted slightly. Leaving on hand where it was I slid my right hand up and over her bare thighs and slipped it between her legs. As I pushed up gently against her crotch I could feel a dampness through her underwear, that coupled with the softness of the mound there told me she was as turned on as I was.

With the new knowledge that she was feeling the same way I was I returned my hands to the hem of her skirt and pushed it all the way up t her waist with one movement. I quickly continued by grabbing the waistband of her underwear and pulling them down. We broke our kiss for the first real time as she lent back and lifted her hips off the floor to allow me to slide her underwear off over her bum and down the length of her legs.No sooner had I got them off her legs before she came back into my face and we where kissing once more.

In this position my hands reached around behind her and cupped her bottom firmly. I could feel her fumbling with the button and fly on my trousers so broke the kiss and stood up to give her better access. From there she was easily able to undo them and pulled my trousers and boxers down to my ankles in a single motion. As I stood there half naked in front of her she began to slid slowly back away from me across the floor.

As she slid back her legs parted slightly and I stepped out of my trousers and between them.

Her legs slowly opened to their full extent and I knelt between them and lay down on top of her and began to kiss her again. I pulled my body up hers until my cock pressed against her crotch. Her hips wiggled slightly and mine moved back and two and before long I felt the very tip of my manhood nestled against the wet entrance to her body. We both paused there for a second before I gently pushed forwards and into her welcoming snatch.

The feeling was incredible, it had been a long time since I had been with a girl that wet and her vagina seemed to be tight in all the right places. I very quickly began to feel the urge to cum welling up inside me, but I wanted this feeling to last so I slowed down and concentrated on breathing deeply to try and calm myself down. This she loved, she let out a quiet moan every time I reach the maxim depth from the long slow thrusts. This worked great for me as it was exactly what I needed to keep control.

Fortunately for me she didn’t last long either, after only a short while I felt her fingers begin to dig into my back. her legs rose up and wrapped around my waist pulling me deep into her with each thrust. Realising I was about to make her cum I let my own concentration slip in the excitement. As she finally reached the point of climax I was once again teetering right on the edge myself, she came and pulled me in deep with her legs and held me there.

I felt the first spasm of her orgasm rush through her vagina squeezing my cock as it went, the sensation pushed me over the edge and I pushed my hips forward and into her as I released all control deep inside her. I felt my cock stiffen and then squeeze tightly as a hot rush of cum shot out of it deep into her welcoming pussy. I remaining pressed shaft deep inside her as I shot out every last drop I could waiting for the sigh I would hear every time as another wave of hot seaman poured into her. Even as I had finished she was still climaxing, her tight body squeezing my cock milking every last drop from it.

We lay like that for some time, our hearts beating in time, every deep exhausted breath taken together. Eventually I lifted my weight off her and stood up, my eyes darting all over her body as I went taking in every detail, ever curve. She got to her feet and stood in front of me, the perfectly and pristine look she always carried herself with was gone, her hair was a mess, her face and chest where sweaty and her skirt still sat around her waist showing off her now bright pink thighs. We looked at each other for a moment but before either of us could say anything she turned and left hurrying up the stairs to the spare room where she was staying.

I surveyed the mess we had left the room in. I hurriedly gathered up our things and did my best to cover any incriminating evidence then as quickly and as quietly as I could followed her up the the spare room.