Allison’s Second Time

Sandi and Alison sat at their usual table in the
cafeteria. The school food was as bad as ever, a dry
Jell-O salad, cardboard hamburger and soggy French-

“This junk is inedible,” Sandi said with scorn, pushing
it to the side of her plate.

“Not nearly as nice as sperm, I’ll bet,” Alison said,
giggling mischievously.

“You liked that, did you?” Sandi responded with a
smile. “Hey, it’s not a problem, just takes practice
and the right attitude.”

“Well, next weekend I want to try it.”

“OK, I’ll keep that in mind. How do you feel?”

“I feel great! I was a little stiff today in my upper
legs, but my morning exercises loosened that up
quickly. Like I said, a perfectly enjoyable

“We strive to please,” Sandi said smugly. “Notice
anything different in the way your parents are acting?”

“Mom looked at me funny this morning. She caught me
limping around. I told her it was just a sprain. I
don’t think she suspects.”

“Probably not. My mother didn’t discover I was fucking
for years, and then only because I was psychologically
tired of living a double standard. She accepts it now,
I think, although I can tell she doesn’t like it.”

“Sandi, do you want to tell me something?”

“Sure, it’s no secret.” Some of the girls at nearby
tables saw that Sandi was beginning another one of her
stories, and three of them moved over to the table
where Alison and Sandi were sitting.

“I was seeing Frank, the redheaded guy that’s dating
Lisa Rowlands now. We had been sleeping together for
about a month, in a tree house he has in his backyard,
very romantic, but I was always able to get home by
ten. Well, one day we got together right after school.”

“Ugh, Frank is dorky.” The girls all turned to look at
the chubby blond who had broken into Sandi’s tale.
“Well, he is funny looking. He has buck teeth and
freckles,” the girl said, “and he’s shorter than you

“And he’s sweet and interesting and level headed,”
Sandi said dryly, “and he listens when you talk and
doesn’t interrupt what you’re saying.”

“Go on,” Alison urged.

“So, we had been fucking around for about three hours,
off and on,” she smiled at her pun, “and I had spent
the previous two weeks working hard on my physics
project, and I was tired and the cot was comfortable
and the night was warm and, well, anyway, we fell
asleep in each other’s arms. Slept until about two
thirty in the morning. I awoke with a start and threw
on my clothes but, just as I was climbing down the
ladder, my mother and Frank’s folks walked out the back
door and saw me. My mother had gotten worried and
finally had just driven over to Frank’s, woke his
parents up out of a sound sleep, they thought I had
gone home long ago, and they were all standing there
when Frank and I came down.”

“Weren’t you embarrassed?”

“Relieved is more like it. I never liked hiding and
sneaking. Frank’s parents really came down hard on him
though, and he wasn’t allowed to see me for over a
month. Shows what they knew, he’d slept in that tree
house with other girls before me. By the time we saw
each other again we had grown apart, although actually
we had been dating others while we were sleeping

“Gosh, Sandi,” one of the other girls said, “if my mom
caught me like that, she’d k**l me.”

“Oh, I’m lucky in my mother,” Sandi allowed. “We do
talk some about my sexual ‘escapades’ as she calls
them. She’s truly concerned about me, but, I think
mostly, about what others will think. I appreciate her
concern, but I’ve made my choice. You can’t live your
life for other people.”

“I’d live my life for Roger Cross,” another girl said
dreamily. “He’s just perfect.”

“Your choice,” Sandi responded, not unkindly. “But do
it because you want to.”

“My Mom makes me tell her everything,” the chubby blond
volunteered. “When I get home from a date it’s the
third degree for hours. I feel like a prisoner.”

“Do you tell her the truth?”

“Of course not. She’d never let me date again.”

“I’ll tell you what I’ve learned,” Sandi said. “If
you’re talking to an adult, and some grownups aren’t
adults, I admit, it’s better to be truthful. In the
long run they will treat you better and trust you

“Oh, I could never do that.”

“Maybe that’s why your mother gives you the third
degree. Anyway, I think I probably hoped that I would
be found out and that’s why I let myself fall asleep
that night.

“Still, it was worth it. I really liked Frank. He was
quite willing to experiment. We’d tried bondage on each
other and had even used towels as whips, but I found I
don’t like that.”

The girls’ mouths, including Alison’s, were hanging
open in disbelief. “You’re kidding,” one of them said.

“Not at all. Usually I tied him to the bed first, with
some soft cord, and then sucked him to erection. I
would play with him a while, and, just as he was
getting ready to cum, I’d pull away. He said he loved
it. I also sat on his face and made him eat me while I
sucked him. Then he did the same to me. He’d tie me to
the bed and eat me until I would go crazy. Then he’d
make me suck him off while he licked me to climax.”

“That’s weird,” the blond said. “What if he had hurt

“That’s when honesty and level headedness come in,”
Sandi countered. “Frank was open to anything but always
stayed in control. We trusted each other a lot. That’s
part of what made the friendship so rich.”

“Too strange for me,” the blond girl said, shaking her
head. But when she looked back at Sandi there was awe
in her eyes. “I’ve got to get back to class.”

“See you tomorrow,” Sandi offered, knowing that she had
found another person who might start coming to her for


At home, Alison’s first week as an ex-virgin wasn’t
much different than before. She went to school and
tennis practice, did her homework, watched TV, and went
out to the movies or hung out at the mall with her
friends. She found herself feeling somewhat superior
and more proud, because she knew something many of her
peers didn’t, but mostly she acted the way she always
acted. She didn’t speak out, and she didn’t change her
life as a result of her trip with Sandi. She was
looking forward to the next weekend, but that would
take care of itself. Mostly, she was concerned about
the upcoming move.

Monday evening, her mother said in frustration, “Not
tonight! I can’t cook another meal in this kitchen!
We’re going out!”

It turned out to be an enjoyable evening at the
restaurant, but Alison was worried because she knew
that her family was running short of money. Her Dad had
been working as a technical writer for one of the
manufacturing firms in town, and the recession had hit
his company hard. All of the employees were on 60
percent time, only working three days per week.

So her family was leaving for California, where her Dad
had a friend who worked for a semiconductor firm. She
knew that her parents were worried about the move
because her Dad would only be hired as a temporary
employee, but she also knew that there were few
professional jobs in town.

After they returned home her brother and sister left
for the library to work on some term papers.

“Do we really want to move? I got another offer today
from the paint store,” she heard her Dad say to her mom
from the kitchen. She was in the dining room studying.
“Rich Crower set it up for me. They pay twelve seventy
five per hour for a forty-four hour week.”

“I can average fifteen dollars per hour at the drive-
in, including tips,” her Mom countered. “And I don’t
have to work for Amos Rice.” Alison knew her dad and
Amos, who owned the paint store and many other city
businesses, had had a falling out many years ago.

“I won’t have you going back to waitressing,” her dad
said truculently, “no matter how good your legs look.”

“Do you still find them attractive? Even after three
kids?” Alison’s mother was a very nice looking woman,
but her legs were her crowning glory. Although she was
in her late thirties, her legs were smooth, supple and
nicely curved.

She had taken dance when she was younger and had kept
doing exercises. As the fashions changed, she had done
running, then aerobics, then low-impact aerobics and
calamities. And she had taught Alison how to play
tennis. They still had good matches together although
Alison had surpassed her Mom long ago.

“No, I find them irresistible” she heard her father
say, and she knew that her mother’s legs and the shorts
that she insisted on wearing around the house had
excited her dad into another round of “sex in the
kitchen.” She and her brother and sister knew to be
careful about entering a room without checking first.
They had caught their parents too often in states of
non socially-acceptable excitement.

Alison smiled warmly. She decided that, now that she
had had sex herself, it might be instructive to see
what grownups did, after they had been married forever.
She closed her geometry book and crept over to the

Up until this moment, she had considered her parent’s
open sexuality somewhat abhorrent. As a little girl,
and even after she became a teenager, she had had a
streak of conservatism that turned her against sex by
other than her peers, and sometimes even against them.
Alison realized that, after last weekend, her outlook
had broadened considerably. She peeked through the
crack of the kitchen door.

Her mother had taken off her shorts and panties, and
was wearing only her blouse, sitting on the Formica
countertop. Her beautiful legs were spread and her
father had his head between them, sucking, licking and
kissing her mother’s cunt into readiness. As she
watched, Alison’s father reached down to unbuckle his
pants. His tiny male ass jumped into view and his hard
member swung free.

It might have been humorous to anyone else, but to
Alison it was truly touching to see the two people she
loved the most desiring each other so much that they
would couple in the kitchen, in spite of, or maybe, she
thought to herself, because of who might interrupt
them. She watched her father work his head up her
mother’s stomach, raising her blouse as he did, until
he was licking her mother’s breasts and his erect penis
had aligned itself with her mom’s well-prepared cunt.
Her mom inched forward to the edge of the countertop,
teasing her husband, offering herself slowly to him and
his need for satisfaction.

Her dad threw his loins up against the countertop with
a thump that made Alison wince. “He must have hurt his
balls,” she thought. But he didn’t react, and the
injury, if it existed, didn’t slow his cock’s
relentless quest for entry into his wife’s cunt. As
Alison gazed, her mother inched closer and closer to
the edge of the counter, finally taking the tip of her
dad’s ardent cock between her cunt lips. They paused,
as if for dramatic effect, and with a cry, her mom
threw herself forward, sliding off of the counter and
down onto that rampant cock.

Alison was transfixed. She thought about her own
feelings the previous weekend and realized now why her
mother’s eyes turned up with rapture at the situation
she was in.

Alison watched, fascinated by the picture of her
father’s cock disappearing into her mother’s cunt. Her
mom wrapped her legs over her dad’s hips and, in a
touching parody of a dance, he proceeded to waltz her
around the room.

“Gosh,” Alison thought to herself, “no wonder people
get married.” She was getting wet at the sight, and,
although she had already masturbated twice that day,
she slipped her hand under the waistband of her slacks,
and began to tickle and touch her clit.

Her Mom was whispering into her Dad’s ear while he
lifted her hips, ramming himself in and pulling her off
of his substantial male weapon. As she felt the first
blush of sexual release, Alison could hear her mom call
on her Dad to strike harder and deeper. With a sigh of
satisfaction, Alison felt her body begin to climax as
she heard her Mom begin to scream and cry. She knew
they were coming together, and she sank to her knees as
she let down a sweet, long, liquid, lingering cum. She
looked through the crack of the door at her mom’s face
and knew that she had shared an experience that few
c******n had known.


“Now, I’m going to teach you how to suck cock.”

“OK, but we don’t have one to suck.”

“Hey, I’m not going to send you out into the court
until you’re fully trained. Any girl can do an amateur
job. I’m here to make sure you’re proficient and you’ll
give a performance worthy of being associated with me.”

“I await your instruction, my master.”

“Then here it is.” Smiling eagerly, Sandi reached under
the bed and held up a little bag. She reached in and
pulled out a realistic rubber penis. It was hard
rubber, with a smooth finish but ribbed near the base.
Alison licked her lips and giggled.

“Very pretty.” She took the proffered item, slowly drew
the tip toward her pouting lips. Looking at Sandi, she
kissed it lightly, then licked it. They both laughed.
She took it into her mouth. “Mumm. Good.” They laughed
again. “I like the dirty parts,” Alison said.

“There’s nothing dirty about it,” Sandi said. “If the
man keeps clean, there is no more danger than kissing.
You should always start slowly, though, since normally
he starts out limp and tender and will feel very
vulnerable with your teeth around his flesh. Suck it in
further. That’s it. Let your tongue play against the
skin. Now some more.”

Suddenly Alison gagged and started coughing. She
quickly took the dildo out and covered her mouth with
her hand, then bent over, trying to regain her breath.
“Too fast,” Sandi comforted her. “As I said, it takes
practice, and the most important thing to learn is how
not to gag. You can practice with any cylindrical-
shaped object, or even your fingers. I recommend you do
it after masturbating. Your fingers will be wet then

“Yeah, they sure are. What about the ejaculate? Is
there anything wrong with swallowing it?”

“Not a thing. You don’t have to, of course, but if you
can it will make things simpler and more natural.
Sometimes the food the man eats affects the taste, so
sometimes you will have problems and sometimes you
won’t. You won’t have any of those kinds of problems
with the guys I provide. Now, try it again”

Alison returned the dildo to her mouth. She sucked it
in and then pushed it out with her tongue. “Hold the
bottom part in your hand, otherwise he may shove it too
far down your throat in the heat of passion and make
you c***e. Eventually you should be able to take all of
it in a “deep throat” maneuver. See how far you can
take it now. Lick around it too, like an ice cream

Alison licked fervently, as she had licked Derek’s cock
tip on the last weekend. “Now put it in as far as you
can.” Alison inserted about three inches before she
began to feel uncomfortable. “Message it with your
mouth and tongue. When you hear those groans of
pleasure, you’ll know you’re doing it right. You can do
the same thing with a cock in your vagina, by the way.
Belly-dancing can help you learn to control those

Alison pulled the dildo out and kissed it, more
seriously this time. “Now, lie down on your back and
hang your head over the edge.” Alison rolled over on
her back and shifted her body up. She looked at her
upside-down girlfriend. “Now slide it in. That’s it.
Take a breath and hold it. Now see how far you can go.”

Alison slid the dildo into her mouth and discovered to
her surprise that she could handle another couple of
inches. “You need to line your throat up to get the
maximum result.” Alison slid it in and out. The feel of
inches of dildo sliding between her lips and back up
into her throat pleased her. Yes! She could do this!
She pulled it back and took another breath, held it,
and slid the dildo in again, farther, farther and YES!
She did it, she felt the ribbed area slide between her
teeth and the base touched her lips.

“Well done.” Alison pulled the model out and held it up
proudly, glistening along its entire length with her

“Well I’m willing,” she said. “I’ll continue to
practice religiously, and I’ll be ready if I get the


The next night Alison walked down to the end of the
block to the Peterson’s house. She was glad for the
opportunity to earn some money babysitting. The
Petersons often called her on Wednesdays when they went
to the movies. Their nine-month old baby was the joy of
their lives, but they knew that they had to have time
together too.

“Hi, Mr. Peterson, I’m here,” Alison said as she opened
the door. Ralph Peterson came out of the kitchen wiping
his hands on a dishtowel.

“Come in, Alison, come in,” he said as he walked up to
her and kissed her forehead. Her parents had known each
other since before Alison was born.

“How’s Gregory?”

“He’s already in bed. He shouldn’t be any trouble. If
you need us we’ll be at the Orpheum.” Mr. Peterson
shrugged on his jacket as his wife walked out of the
bedroom, already in her coat.

“If you get hungry, there’s some cold chicken in the
fridge, with coke and juice,” Sue Peterson told Alison.
“We should be home by 10:30.”

“Thanks,” Alison replied. “I have a lot of studying to

“See you later,” Ralph said as he opened the door for
his wife. He shut it with a click and Alison threw the

She walked into the dining room and spread her books
out on the bare oak table.

After about an hour she decided to check on the baby.
She walked into the darkened bedroom and tiptoed over
to the crib. She reached her hand in to feel his
diaper. He was wet, but he hadn’t even awakened. “What
a k*d,” Alison said to him. She lifted him out of the
crib and took him over to the changing table.

She took off the wet diaper and began to clean Gregory
up by wiping him with one of the Kleen-Wipes from a box
by the bed. These were a special brand that did not use
alcohol, which Mrs. Peterson thought would irritate
Gregory’s skin. As she wiped the sleeping baby she
noticed his little pecker began to get hard and stiff.

“Wow, I’ve heard about this,” she said to herself. She
moved down his smooth tummy with her hand and let her
tissue-padded fingers touch his little scrotum. She
looked around guiltily. Should she do it? Who would
know? Gregory? But he was asleep!

Cautiously she lowered her mouth over him and took his
little penis between her lips. She licked it wetly, and
when it was well-coated with saliva, she took the whole
thing in her mouth. She sucked gently. Gregory
whimpered, but quieted immediately. Alison began to
suck on his penis in earnest. It grew! She sucked
harder. This was exciting! She licked his little
scrotum, and a warm flood of emotion swept through her.
She got dizzy and stopped, but soon found herself back
to licking and sucking.

The baby remained asleep and after a while, Alison
quit. Her mouth felt soft and fragrant. She licked her
lips, put a clean diaper on Gregory and put him back to


Sandi and Alison’s second drive to the mountain cabin
was even more relaxed than their first. Sandi asked
Alison what she had liked most about the previous
weekend. “Oh, I liked it all,” Alison said. “It was
just like you said it would be. But especially I liked
the last fuck, with me on top. You know, I think I
came, really came, three times! It was just wonderful.
Men are so nice. Warm and loving, and so tender.”

“Not all men.” Sandi said. “You have to watch your step
where men are concerned.” Alison looked at Sandi and
drew her attention to what Sandi was saying. She knew
her lessons were continuing.

“Many men don’t equate fucking with tenderness, and
some of them get off on verbal, or even physical,
a***e. Also, once they’ve had you they think they own
you. Go slowly, once you’ve found a guy you want to
fuck. If all you’re looking for is a one night stand,
let him know it, but watch him when he answers you.
Even if he agrees, he could be lying. He might come
back wanting more, or maybe try to lay a power trip on
you. Look for somebody sincere as a bed partner, not
just someone good looking.

“I found that out the hard way. I’d been dating this
really good-looking guy, and we’d had some pretty good
times. I’d only been fucking for a few years, and was
still quite young, but I thought he was OK. I was
attracted to him so much that I didn’t keep my head and
watch out for the trouble signs. I decided I wanted to
fuck with him, and I arranged an evening at the
apartment of a male friend who was away.

“He was good. Very virile. I liked his capability and
staying power but, unfortunately, didn’t notice when he
started bossing me around.

“A week or so later, on the way home from a date, he
stopped the car near the bus barn.”

“Bedroom central?” Alison asked. “Didn’t you know what
was going on?”

“Sure I did, but by then it was too late. I liked him
as a sex partner, but I didn’t want to screw in the
front seat of his stupid car. I suppose if I had made
it clear to him earlier that I had certain standards,
we might have made some mutually satisfactory
arrangements. He was a jerk, though. He was way too
involved with himself. That was obvious by the way he

“You mean, he raped you?” Alison asked worriedly. “God,
that’s horrible.”

“It really was. I’ve never let it happen again, but I
can see how other girls get caught.

“He stopped the car and put the keys in his pocket.
Then he turned to me and put his hands on my shoulders.
I already knew that he was very strong, much stronger
than I am. I told him clearly that I wanted him to take
me home, that I didn’t want to fuck, but his hormones
were raging and his natural streak of mean came out. I
could see it in his face. He hit me on the ear and told
me to ‘Shut the fuck up.’ He said I was going to get it
and I might as well give in.”

“What did you do?” Alison asked. She began to worry a
little about the activity on which she had embarked,
but she realized that, even if she had stayed a virgin,
she could have ended up in the same place Sandi was
describing, unless she refused to date entirely, and
she didn’t want to do that.

“I tried to get away, but he had fixed the locks on his
car doors, and the electric windows, so that I couldn’t
open them. He pulled the top of my dress down and
wrestled my bra off. I could tell he was getting off on
physical a***e and got really worried. I tried to kick
the car horn to get someone’s attention, but he hit me
again. Then he started calling me names, like ‘whore’
and ‘slut’, as though he had any right to judge. I
could see that my struggles were only turning him on,
so I went limp.”

“You were really able to do that?” Alison asked in
wonder. “I’ve heard that that’s one possible response,
but I don’t think I could do it.”

“Just pretend you’re fainting,” Sandi said with the
first smile that had crossed her lips since the
discussion started. “It’s not hard. When there’s
nothing else to do, play possum.”

“Did he quit?”

“Unfortunately, no. He slapped me around a bit, and bit
my shoulders and breasts. He reached up my dress and
pulled my panties off roughly, and tried to stick his
cock into me, but he’d gone soft and couldn’t get much
penetration. You know, if he hadn’t been so rotten, we
could have had a good time, but he didn’t want to have
a good time, he wanted to r**e me. I think I took that
away from him by not fighting–boy he sure was mad!

He never was really able to get it off, in the end. He
finally came, but just barely, about halfway inside me
and halfway out. He pushed me away angrily and drove me
home. He didn’t say anything until we got to my house,
where he pushed me out of the car and said “If you ever
tell anyone, I’ll k**l you.” Then he slammed the door
and squealed away.”

“That’s terrible,” Alison said with tears in her eyes.
She had never known anyone who had suffered anything
similar, or at least no one who had ever told her about
it. “How… what did you do?”

“Well, as it turns out, I had been dating a guy on the
wrestling team. He was a very gentle fellow, but I
guessed that part of the reason he was so gentle was
that he had a temper that he was scared of and needed
to control. I told him about it.”

“You mean the great Sandi Cooper went crying to a man?”
Alison said excitedly. She realized immediately that it
was a mean thing to say, but Sandi always seemed so
capable, and Alison realized that she had just been
feeling such sadness that her mind, maybe, was trying
to replace it with another emotion, or ridicule. “Oh,
I’m sorry,” she said, “I didn’t mean to say that.”

“It’s OK,” Sandi said, looking at the steering wheel.
“Actually I didn’t go crying to him. We had been
discussing r**e. I arranged that I admit, and I told
him the story. He showed some of his anger, as I
expected he would. I had checked around, and found out
the jerk had done the same thing to some other girls,
and some had been hurt deeply, so I didn’t really feel
responsible for anything that happened to him. Whatever
he got he deserved. On the other hand, you never know
what drives a person–maybe to him what he was doing
was reasonable. Most abusers were abused themselves,
the experts say.”

She glanced over at Alison then returned her eyes to
the road. “Now don’t get me wrong, I hated the asshole.
Some women say they could k**l the slime ball that did
something like that to them. I didn’t want that. But he
needed to be taught a lesson.

“I told Steve the story, and Steve arranged to meet the
guy as he was walking home from school.”


“A broken nose, two broken fingers, a couple of hard
kicks to the balls. Steve left him bleeding. I walked
over, and told him if he ever f****d a woman again, I’d
arrange to have him impaired permanently. He saw that I
meant it; his bowels let loose. I reached down and
patted cheek, told him he needed therapy, and walked

“So what happened?”

“He actually went to therapy,” Sandi replied. “As far
as I know he’s behaving. Sometimes a little corporal
punishment is necessary, to get the guy’s attention.”
Sandi smiled again.

“Yeah. I see what you mean,” Alison admitted as they
drove up beside the cabin. “Well, here we are. What do
you have in mind for me this time?”


“Drop your suitcase off in your room and come on with
me,” Sandi said. Alison did as she was told, and
followed Sandi through the living room and kitchen into
the back yard. In front of the trees she was surprised
to see eight males, boys and men, four sitting in deck
chairs, drinking soft drinks, wine and beer and talking
or playing chess, two playing volleyball, and two more
sitting in a large hot tub.

“I decided we’d all have a little party this weekend,”
Sandi said. She took Alison’s hand and led her over to
the men. “Derek and Al you know,” she said, pointing to
the two playing chess. “This is Ron, and Stuart.”
Alison recognized Ron as the boy who had fucked her
from the rear last weekend.

“That’s Bob and James on the volleyball court.” Bob was
tall and blond. James was a medium-height black man,
but built like a football player, with a big chest and
strong legs. She saw him move quickly around the court.
He seemed to be a better volleyball player than Bob.

“And Stan and Curtis in the hot tub.” Curtis, she saw,
was the man with the big cock that she had fucked when
she was on top, and that she had cum with three times.
She looked at him and smiled. He winked and waved at

“Have a drink and some food,” Sandi said, “and get
acquainted.” Alison was somewhat taken aback to be left
alone, but then she thought to herself: “Hell, I’ve
slept with three of these guys.”

She threw her shoulders back and walked over and shook
hands with first Ron and then Stuart. “Happy to meet
you again,” she said to Ron. “Hi, Stuart, I’m Alison.”
Stuart was a slim and handsome oriental guy, probably
Chinese, who looked to be about 19 but could have been
35. He had a great smile.

“We’ve all heard about you from Sandi,” Stuart replied.

“Oh, and what does she say about me?”

“She says you are a clear headed k*d who knows what she
wants and is willing to take some risks if the rewards
are worth it.”

“Well, that’s certainly complementary.” Alison smiled.
She was tingling with excitement and anticipation. She
continued talking with the men as they watched the two
chess-players, and dug into some of the party food,
when she saw Sandi walk around and talk quietly to the
four other guys. In a minute, Sandi walked back to her.

“We all think it’s too hot to leave our clothes on.”
Sandi said, her hands working the buttons on her light
linen dress. Alison turned to see that the men were
taking off their shirts and shoes. James already had
his shirt off. Stuart and Ron started unbuttoning their
jeans. Alison followed them automatically, reaching up
to unbutton her blouse. She shrugged it off and hung it
on a chair then looked around nervously and unclipped
her bra. She hesitated, then pulled it off, exposing
her breasts. Her face flushed with embarrassment, but
when the others began to climb out of their jeans and
cut-offs, she unzipped her skirt and bravely let it and
her panties fall to the ground. She stepped gingerly
out of her shoes onto the grass, and noted that all of
the pine needles seemed to have been raked up. The soft
thick lawn felt good under her feet.

“Go ahead, have a good time,” Sandi said, her now-naked
body shining ivory and statuesque in the sunlight, as
she turned back to talk to the two in the hot tub, who
had already been naked.

“Well,” Alison said with a soft huff of breath as her
cheeks burned. She lowered her eyes. It embarrassed her
to think of her nude body exposed to all those strange
male eyes. The men politely tried not to stare at her
nakedness as they began the conversation again, but her
nipples hardened, “Damn things, always give me away!”
she thought, and her thighs began to tingle under their
sidelong glances. Her long hair tickled her bare back,
and the breeze ruffled her light pubic hair. Out of the
corner of her eye, she could see some of the men’s
cocks begin to twitch and fill and straighten. The warm
sun rained down on her, and she flushed and warmed in
response. “I think I’ll sit down,” she said.

She sat carefully, the canvas rough against her bare
bottom. The four men moved their deck chairs nearer
hers. At first she held her legs modestly tight
together, or crossed them at her knees, but, as the
nearby cocks continued to grow, she relaxed a little
and let her legs spread naturally apart. The sun and
breeze felt good on her cunt. “Do you often do this?”
Alison asked them nervously.

“Yeah, Sandi is a real fan of nudity,” Ron answered.
“She also sees that we get lots of exercise.”

“That’s a good idea…” Alison started to say, then
realized what kind of exercise Ron was talking about
and cleared her throat. “I play tennis, myself.”

“So do I,” Ron offered. “Maybe we could have a game

“That would be great. I expect we’d have to wear
clothes, though.”

Her four friends laughed. The two men from the
volleyball court joined them. Alison looked over her
shoulder and started. A dangling penis hung just inches
from her face. It was large and drooped out of a curly
bush of dark yellow pubic hair. The stomach above it
was flat and shoulders wide. The man, Alison recalled
his name was Bob, smiled down at Alison and set his
chair next to hers.

“I’m Bob, and this is James.” Alison shook hands.

Fascinated by the parts of men she had so seldom seen,
she started to look more closely at the six men sitting
near her, studying their bodies and openly glancing
down at their laps. Their skin was whiter around their
hips. Even James’ black skin was lighter. It framed
their curly public hair from which their stiff penises
poked. ‘Jesus,’ she thought. ‘All that cock! Let’s see,
six inches times six men makes one full yard of erect
meat.’ It was too much!

Alison giggled imagining a cock 36 inches long. The men
looked at her and smiled. The area between her legs was
getting warmer and wetter. She wanted to invite someone
to go into the house with her for some lovemaking, but
she couldn’t decide where to start. She looked over at
Sandi and noticed that she was in the tub with the
remaining two men. She seemed to be very close to one
guy and staring him in the face.

Ron and Stuart were talking about the recent county
elections and asked her whom she had voted for. “Oh,
I’m not old enough to vote,” she replied, trying hard
to concentrate. Her eyes kept drifting down to their
growing erections. She could smell the sweat on Bob.

The conversation ranged over many subjects: music, the
cost of clothes, and the possibility of a new mall in
town. Alison joined in, but found it hard to keep her
mind on the subject. She was lightheaded and dizzy. The
clean air filled her lungs with energy. Her body
tingled, and the sunlight seemed to diffuse into a
golden radiance. She grinned as pure delight swept over
her. Her sexual tissues began to swell. Her cunt was
wet and ready.

She was talking to Stuart, staring into his deep blue
eyes, when he gestured with an upward lift of his head
and held out his arms to her. She rose, as if
entranced, floated over to where he sat, took his hands
and swung her legs under the arms of his chair, sitting
on his bare lap facing him. She snuggled up close,
moved her hands to his shoulders and continued to gaze
into his clear eyes.

Stuart’s cock pressed hot against her lower stomach.
She looked down and saw it sticking up between them,
framed in her view by her breasts. Stuart’s chest was
lightly covered by reddish hair and his stomach was
hard and corded. She compared his body to hers. Her
lower belly was slightly rounded and smooth, but firm
from her gymnastic training. Her breasts were large,
but well formed and bouncy. Stuart’s shoulders were
broad and he had freckles on his chest and arms. Her
shoulders were smooth and unblemished. Her tanned skin
glowed like gold.

The rosy head of Stuart’s cock stared up at her with
its one eye, nestled comfortably between their bellies.
It was hard and stiff and quite long, reaching well
past her naval. “My,” she thought to herself, “I wonder
how I’ll ever be able to hold all that.”

She leaned forward and kissed Stuart lightly on the
lips, ran her hands through his curly hair, and rubbed
herself against his hard cock, feeling his maleness
with her soft female organs, pressing her stiff nipples
against his chest. She rose up a few inches, tipped her
hips forward and sat back down swiftly, stroking her
pussy lips and clit up against his hard flesh, wetting
it with her fluids. She repeated this move, kissing
Stuart’s cock with her clit and cunt while kissing his
mouth with her lips and tongue.

She was getting really hot and horny now. Stuart’s
hands were caressing her round buns. She couldn’t wait
any longer to take him to the house. Expectantly, she
tried to stand up. Stuart held tight to her ass and
kept her from rising. He gripped her hips and pulled
her against his cock. “Gosh,” she thought to herself,

As though he could read her mind, Stuart whispered,
“It’s OK.” Alison nodded and, while Stuart buried his
face in her breasts, reached down and guided his
straining cock into the warm opening of her consuming
cunt. She slowly lowered herself onto his hard shaft,
moving carefully. She could feel her tender inner
tissues stretch around Stewart’s cock as she gorged
herself on him. She took a few inches into her then
thought of what the others must be seeing. A wave of
embarrassment swept over her and she gulped. “I can’t
do this,” she thought.

She stood back up again, slowly. Stuart let her rise up
but stopped her before he fell out. He pulled her down
again. This time his cock was well lubricated with her
pussy juice, and she slid down an additional inch or
two. Again Stuart allowed her to rise, but not leave,
then pulled her down farther onto him. It took several
tries and a little squirming before they got the whole
length in.

They were both breathing hard by the time she had fully
enveloped him. Alison had no interest in leaving now.
She kissed Stuart again, puffing and sweating. She rose
up, stroking the length of his cock with her inner
cunt, then voluntarily sat down again on her own this
time and tightened around the base of his cock with her
pussy lips.

She rose again from his lap, guided by his hard rod,
squeezing him tightly with her cunt as she stood, and
releasing him when she returned again to her seat. She
found it was possible with care to lift nearly all the
way off of his cock, to where her pussy lips almost
closed around the head of his penis, so that he opened
her beautifully each time she slid back down onto him.
It was like being entered anew each time. She reveled
in the feeling of abandon as he found his way into her.

She imagined having a collection of men sitting in a
circle, their cocks stiff and ready. She saw herself
moving from man to man around the circle, impaling
herself on first one cock and then the next, letting
each enter her just once to taste her treasures, and
letting the one who finally came inside her get the

She rubbed her swelling clitoris on Stuart’s lower
stomach while she slid up and down on him. Her body
sang with emotion. She had been looking forward to this
all week. Each time she stood up, Stuart buried his
face in her breasts, licking and sucking them. He
closed his hands on her tight buttocks, guiding her up
and down. She shut her eyes and sped up the pace.

She was super slick now and could piston faster on his
steely shaft, levering herself up with her hands on his
shoulders. She felt really smooth inside, like a well-
oiled bearing. She started humming to herself as she
worked on him. A tingling swept over her, and the walls
of her vagina started pounding heavily against his
great hard cock. She threw her head back and cried out.

But she didn’t stop driving herself onto him. Even with
her super slickness, she could feel him touch every
square inch of her, like a closely fitting part. Her
tissues were formed around his cylindrical shaft, tight
as a bushing. Her vaginal muscles beat heavily and
repeatedly against his hard flesh as it slid by. She
huffed and puffed with the release of her rush.
Suddenly, Stuart broke her rhythm and held her fully
down on him, sealing her cunt with the base of his cock
and the top of his scrotum. She spread her legs wider
and snuggled down, holding him tightly. He went off
inside her with a hard thump and began filling her
belly with hot cum.

She answered him with a thumping cum of her own. She
could feel him beating deep inside her, as she
responded by pounding tightly around him. She raised
her face to the sky. Her eyes were closed and she
licked her lips as she grunted and snorted in his lap.
She felt the warm pressure build inside her as he
filled her vaginal chamber full. Finally, he shuddered
and, with one last pump, laid his head on her shoulder.
She kissed his hair. The top of her vagina was swollen
with fluid. His cock was so hard and tight inside her,
and filled her so fully, that it took a couple of
minutes before any cum began seeping out of her cunt.


When Stuart seemed calm, Alison slid slowly up and off
of his still hard, but now slick, cock. She stood
shakily and looked around. Strangely, the conversation
had not lapsed, but had continued even as the other men
had watched her fuck Stuart. “They must have done this
before,” she thought to herself as Al reached out to
her and took her wrist. He pulled her over, swung her
around so that she was facing away from him, and as she
bent her knees to sit, he guided his stiff cock into
her newly-fucked cunt. He slid in easily, and she
settled herself back in his lap, his hardness resting
comfortably inside her.

Unfortunately, in this position she could not get much
clitoral stimulation. Also, her cunt was still numb
from her bout with Stuart. She tried squirming and
rubbing her thighs together, rolling Al’s hard cock
inside her, but, with the group now visible in front of
her, she found herself forgetting about sex and getting
back into the conversation.

Al still filled her warmly, but she ceased trying to
work on him and sat back, a little girl in his lap, her
head resting in the crook of his shoulder. “Imagine,”
she thought to herself, “here I am being fucked, and
it’s like it is the most natural thing in the world.”

Her eyes ranged over the men. They were a varied group,
big and small, plain and craggily handsome. She reveled
in their physical nakedness and the emotional honesty
of the conversation. The lack of clothes seemed to
break the normal barriers to openness of expression.
She found herself giving vent to ideas that she would
normally suppress in a new group. She was, initially,
concerned that this would lead to arguments or hard
feelings, but the lack of clothing served to forestall
anger. She found that she was excited, and enormously
entertained, by the vigor and color of the discussion.

After about fifteen minutes, Al grabbed her hips with
his hands and with a soft whimper, shot his load inside
her. She was surprised by it, because, she admitted to
herself guiltily, she had been listening in what was
being said and had really forgotten that they were
still conjoined. Her vagina respond with soft
contractions, and a warmth suffused her upper body. She
realized she was coming, not violently like before, but
sweet and satisfying all the same. “That’s nice,” she
said, for all to hear.

Alison continued to sit in Al’s lap, his soft cock
still inside her. She was eminently comfortable,
cuddled and loved. She continued to converse, but the
subject wandered onto something she was not interested
in. She looked to the next man in the circle. It was
James. She was a little worried because James was
black, but nobody seemed concerned when she stood up
off of Al’s wet lap and advanced toward him.

James rose as she approached and smiled broadly,
looking down only at her. His massive body loomed above
hers, his huge chest and strong legs gleaming dark. She
suddenly felt very small and helpless in his shadow.
She crouched down, shielding herself from his intense
gaze, and approached him more slowly and tenuously. She
had never been this close to anyone so big! She put her
hand to her mouth and realized that she wasn’t biting
her thumbnail, but rather sucking her thumb. She
lowered her hand.

She stared up wide-eyed at James’ huge muscled body,
and at his thick black cock, which stood out so
threateningly from his midnight-black wiry pubic hair.
He radiated male energy into the air around him. She
was overawed in his presence, and her legs went weak.
“What do I do now?” she thought to herself as her mouth
fell open. “Where’s Sandi when I need her?”

But she was committed. She f****d herself to stand up
straight, swallowed her fear, held her arms out and
stepped bravely toward James. He took a step toward her
in response. He bent down, and she thought he was going
to hug her, but instead he put one hand behind her
shoulders and the other under her small bare bottom. To
her amazement, he lifted her clear up off of the ground
as if she didn’t weigh an ounce, and held her away from
him, his long, muscular arms extended so that she was
sitting on one of his hands and leaning back against
the other. His palms were dry and soft against her bare
back and ass. The bulging muscles under his ebony skin
gleamed in the sunlight.

With her feet off of the ground, her long legs spread
naturally apart. Her eyes widened with anxiety as James
drew her slowly toward him. She looked down in wonder
as her wet and puffy cunt inexorably approached his
huge erect cock. Her feet brushed past his thighs. Her
knees spread as they touched his hips. His stiff black
member approached her pink, glistening sex. The tip
touched and spread her tender labia, pushing aside the
swollen tissues.

She felt herself being stretched wider and wider as he
continued to pull her closer. He was melting into her
body as she flowed onto him. Her breathing became a
series of gasps. He didn’t stop pulling until his cock
had entirely disappeared into her. She gulped and
hooked her arms around his shoulders.

She had noticed that, after their initial erections,
the other men’s cocks had gotten smaller. She thought
that that hadn’t happened to James, he was still so
big. But she found out she was very wrong when he began
to grow noticeably larger inside her small body. She
squeaked with surprise. This wasn’t at all like her
bout with Al. She could feel every inch of James’ huge
cock distending her, and her clit pressing against his
steely hard meat.

She crossed her legs behind his back, as her mother had
done to her father the previous week. She was still
having trouble breathing. She hugged James’ broad
shoulders and buried her face in his chest. He moved
his hands down to her ass and helped her set herself
firmly on his massive rod.

James then proceeded to walk over to the table as
though she weren’t there and help himself to some food!
She could only think of the huge cock inside her, but
when he offered her some food and drink, she accepted.
She was afraid at first that she wouldn’t be able to
hold any of it, her belly was so filled already by the
mass of cock meat it was holding, but she found that
the food tasted good and the wine made her relax and
feel even better.

James continued to walk around, carrying her like a
baby in a front carrier, one arm around her back and a
hand under her ass. Her breasts squeezed against his
wide chest, as she hugged him to her with one of her
hands hanging around his neck and the other playing its
fingers over his broad chest. The walking jiggled her
clit, and the pressure from all that cock inside her
was really turning her on.

James continued walking and talking, not as though she
wasn’t there, he politely included her in the
conversation, but not paying any attention to the fact
he was fucking her senseless. She couldn’t keep her
eyes open; she kept drifting off in a sexual trance.
She thought of herself riding a horse, a beautiful
black stallion, bareback and naked, with its shiny hard
back bumping her between her legs as she rode. James
wasn’t violent, he just walked around and let her
climax blossom. With each step, she received a bump to
clitoris, which was supporting much of her weight.

After a long, hard time, heat began to flow from
between her legs up her body and her cunt exploded,
sending wave after wave of pleasure through her and
raining her juices onto James’ cock. She could feel the
liquid running down her ass crack as her asshole
squished up against his balls. The pounding of her
climax washed through her. She felt an intense relief.

James heard her moan and felt her cum. He smiled, his
white teeth gleaming, luxuriating in the feeling of her
sweet young body caressing his hard cock with
contractions and anointing it with her moisture. Alison
cried out with joy, nibbling and biting his chest. She
leaned back, hanging onto his shoulders, and swung
herself back and forth as she cooed and moaned with
pleasure. As she finally began to come down from the
delicious peak, he grinned even wider. “Now,” he said
in his deep, resonant voice, and she snapped her eyes
open wide as she felt him return her contractions with
eruptive contractions of his own.

His ejaculations started way down at the root of his
cock and traveled strongly up to the tip. She could
feel the ripple of the pulses push through the entrance
to her vagina and travel up until a great load of cum
burst out inside her when it left his cock. She started
blacking out again as she answered his climax with
another of her own. Her body was wracked with bliss.
She held James’ shoulders and felt herself jump with
each load he shot into her. Her body grabbed at all
that wonderful cum, drinking it in, stuffing it into
all the corners and unfilled areas of her, soaking it
up like nectar.

She leaned back, and he held her in his arms. Her eyes
closed as she ran her hands over her face and rubbed
her breasts and belly, massaging them and increasing
the physical sensations that were coursing through her.
She reached out to him and pulled herself close.

He hugged her to him firmly but gently, while tears of
happiness trickled down her face. She was more than
satiated. He was still hard, and she felt as though she
could rest here forever with pleasure on call, but even
her gymnastically-trained body began to feel stiff and
sore after what it had been through. She kissed him
half apologetically, since he was still pleasuring her,
lowered her legs and slipped off of his still-erect

She sank gratefully into a chair while Bob handed her a
towel and a warm, wet washrag. She wiped the tears off
of her face, then washed her cunt and inner thighs with
the washrag and dried them with the towel. She spread
the towel on the chair, since semen was still draining
out of her cunt, and sat for a while trying to get her
breath back. “James is a real cocksman,” she heard
someone say.


Alison rested for about ten minutes. The men didn’t
seem to mind. They continued to talk and laugh. Sandi
joined them with the two guys from the hot tub, who
looked played out. Sandi sat down next to Derek and
started stroking his cock. Neither she nor Derek seemed
to be paying much attention to the fact.

When Alison became more aware of her surroundings, she
looked around, interested in more sex, and finally
settled on Bob. He was blond and tall and built like a
basketball player, with square shoulders and strong
legs. His skin was creamy pale, and she thought with
concern that he might get a sunburn, her year-around
tan meant that she herself hardly ever burned, but then
she saw he was using a sunscreen on his shoulders,
chest and thighs.

“But his beautiful cock will get burned.” She
remembered it hanging in front of her face when he
joined them. It was a nice long one and she wanted to
see it again. She leaned farther and farther over his
lap from her chair. She could see it resting like a
small bird peaking out of his nest of dark golden pubic

Grabbing the arm of her chair, she rose and, with a
graceful turn, fell to her knees on the grass in front
of him. Giggling as the soft grass tickled her ass and
cunt, she put her hands on his knees and pushed his
legs wide apart, exposing his gorgeous cock and
beautiful balls. She playfully threw her head back to
get her hair out of the way, then tossed her face into
his lap, taking his cock fully into her mouth in one
gulp and letting her hair spread out to cover his lower
belly and thighs. “That’ll protect him,” she thought to
herself with a grin. Bob petted the back of her head.

This was the first real cock she had ever had in her
mouth so she investigated it with interest. Unlike
Sandi’s dildo, this was soft and warm and smooth.
Slowly she pulled back, sucking its salty length. It
grew as she tasted it, and soon it was too big for her
small mouth to hold. She pulled back to the tip,
carefully balancing the fleshy knob on her tongue. She
lifted it with her hand and ran her tongue down the
bottom as she had last weekend with Derek, tasting the
joint between Bob’s cock and balls. Once again she got
that great smell of maleness that she had noticed the
week before. She ran her tongue back up to the tip.

She could see the opening in the soft light shining
through her hair. Still holding Bob’s cock with her
hand, she tried to stick the tip of her tongue into the
little hole. A couple of drops of pre-come seeped out.
She licked them up greedily. Running her tongue all
around the tip, she again took it as far as she could
into her mouth. Bob moaned and pressed forward,
offering himself to her. Encouraged by his response,
since she hadn’t been sure that she was doing it
properly, she sucked gently and let her tongue play in
rapid little flicks up and down him. She remembered
what Sandi had said and paid special attention to the
bottom ridge where the urethra runs.

Pursing her lips fatly like a pussy, she slid her mouth
rhythmically down and up Bob’s cock. She smelled that
male scent, there under the curtain of her hair, grow
even stronger. Bob’s cock swelled slightly bigger, and
she felt his balls move up. The world looked magical in
the light streaming through her hair, just her head and
her mouth and that beautiful male organ.

As his scrotum got tighter, she readied herself, took a
deep breath, and when he started ejaculating, she
swallowed with abandon, as if she were chugging a glass
of beer. Her mouth filled quickly and her cheeks puffed
out, to hold it all.

Bob was moaning and breathing hard. His pumping
increased and, as the hot fluid continued to pour out
of him, it started to seep out around her lips. Alison
gagged a little and was afraid she was going to have to
pull back and spit it out, but, just as she was going
to c***e, he came one last time, and she was able to
get a little air in. She hung suspended in time,
thinking back to what had just happened. She was
surprised at the quality of her performance; she knew
she had done well for her first time of giving head.

Bob had provided ample evidence of the pleasure he
received, and it all felt very natural to her. She
reviewed her performance critically. Her mouth was
still full of Bob’s cock and his cum. It tasted a
little soapy, but mostly just creamy and thick. Alison
swallowed and licked around Bob’s cock. She pulled
herself off and continued licking along its length
until he was clean, then threw her head back and looked
up at him with a devilishly happy face, smiling and
smacking her lips. “Didn’t spill a drop,” she said

“You were truly great,” he replied, touching her hair.
She returned her head to his lap as he petted her.


After a few minutes, Alison stood up, poured a little
wine, and returned to her seat. She felt very satisfied
with herself. Her cunt was still warm, and she could
feel the squishiness of the multiple loads of semen she
had taken into it. Her mouth was content and her belly
full. She sipped the wine and leaned back in her chair,
throwing one leg over the arm so the sun and wind could
get to her contented cunt.

She looked over at Sandi, who was sitting on Derek’s
lap now as Alison had sat on Al’s. Between Sandi’s
spread legs, she could see Derek’s long dark-red cock
curve up into Sandi’s white-blond bush. His tanned body
framed Sandi’s alabaster skin, and the rosy flush of
Sandi’s delicate cunt lips contrasted with the dark
gleam of his engorged cock, where it disappeared into
her, his two tight balls hanging below. Derek was
hugging Sandi just below her breasts, letting his
fingers lightly touch her tits. Alison blushed
brightly, but found herself highly interested. She
lowered her eyes, trying to hide her curiosity, but
also trying to get a better look.

Sandi leaned forward to make a point in the
conversation, as though she wasn’t even aware she was
fucking with someone, or rather as if it were a totally
natural occurrence. While Alison watched, Sandi turned
to Derek and kissed him on the cheek. She stood up,
slipping off of his cock, and headed toward the cabin.
“I’ll be right back,” she said.

Alison was stabbed by the forlorn expression on Derek’s
face. A second ago he had his cock in a beautiful girl,
now he was left abandoned to the wind and the elements.
His florid cock looked lost and lonely now and seemed
to shrink with sadness. Acting on impulse, Alison stood
up and walked over to Derek, kneeled in front of him,
and took his cock, still warm and slick from Sandi’s
fluids, into her mouth as she had done Bob’s. She put
her hands on the top of his thighs and buried her face
in his lap, nuzzling his crotch.

Alison was having a good time licking and sucking
Derek’s cock and balls when Sandi came back from the
house. “Hmmm,” Sandi said, looking at the scene, “come
over here.” Alison could hear someone get up from his
chair and stand behind her with Sandi. “I’ll start
this,” Sandi said.

Sandi got down on her back in the grass and slid
forward until her face was under Alison’s rump. With a
gentle push, she separated the two globes of Allison’s
ass and pulled Alison’s cunt down to her mouth. Sandi
then proceeded to eat Alison out with a willingness
that surprised them both. Alison quickly began moaning
and moving in response. The heat built in her cunt.
Sandi was an excellent cunt-eater. She knew exactly
what to do to turn Alison on. Before she knew it,
Alison was aching for some hot cock.

Sandi pulled away and a man replaced her. He licked and
kissed Alison’s cunt lips and tongued her ripe exposed
asshole, sending a shiver of pleasure through her hips
and legs. Then he kneeled behind her, lifted her bottom
and inserted his cock into her ready cunt. “That’s it,”
Alison thought, as Derek dropped from his chair onto
his knees, and she fell to her hands and knees on the
grass, “I’ll get pleasure from both directions at

Alison started to suck Derek off in earnest, as the man
thrust his rock-hard prick into her from the rear. His
balls bounced strongly up against her clitoris, and she
felt herself getting super wet in her cunt, partly
because of the smell of Derek’s cock and balls in her
face. It really added to her pleasure. She licked and
sucked Derek avidly and pushed against the man with her
ass while he drove his cock into her again and again.

She felt and heard him smack against her with the front
of his thighs and lower belly, and she could feel his
smooth cock dive deeply inside her slick vaginal canal
with each blow. She felt so good back there her legs
got weak. Her cunt wanted to hang onto the man’s cock
as if for support. She took Derek deeper into her
throat, working carefully to avoiding c*****g. This was
great! She had two hard men working on her at once,
bringing sexual pleasure to both her recently virginal
mouth and her sassy young cunt.

Over the noises, she heard Sandi say something to the
remaining men, and she heard the grass rustle. As she
licked and sucked, she started with surprise at the
feel of two tongues licking her hanging tits! She
couldn’t look down, but her nipples got harder as two
more men began to add to her sexual pleasure. Their
warm mouths suckling her breasts started a tingling
sensation that spread up toward her shoulders. Her
breasts swelled heavier as they plumped and filled. She
tipped her rump up so that she could get at more of the
man’s hard cock.

She saw Derek’s balls rise up, and she made a noise to
the men around the cock in her throat. The sound wasn’t
an understandable human word, but the man fucking her
knew what she meant and began to stroke harder and
faster, and maybe deeper, although Alison didn’t think
it was possible for him to get any deeper into her

With a cry of joy she felt the two of them shoot off at
the same time, the man filling her to overflowing with
a gushing load of semen and Derek hosing his cum down
her throat as though he had an inexhaustible supply.

She drank the male emissions into both ends of her body
as her climax started. It twitched her cunt around the
man’s still spurting cock and climbed deep into her
belly where she was receiving him at the mouth of her
womb. From there it spread out over her chest and back,
caressing her breasts, which hung down as though with
mother’s milk for the two warm mouths that were loving
them. It spread up her neck and tightened her scalp,
ending on the cheeks of her face where a rosy blush
shimmered in the tiny tears of happiness glistening on
her long eyelashes.

She sobbed slightly around Derek’s cock and felt a wave
of maternity, of femininity, wash over her. This was
her place, giving succor to man, taking his seed into
her, her breasts providing nourishment to all. She was
the world. She was Mother Earth. She was supremely


With a sigh of satisfaction, Alison slid down from
between Derek and the man. Her eyes closed, she kissed
the two men who had been sucking her tits and collapsed
on her back on the soft ground. She stretched and
rubbed her body with her hands, scratching her back in
the grass. She ran her hands over her body and face,
voluptuously, arching her back and shaking her head
side to side with happiness. She raised her knees, then
reached down and spread her cunt lips wide, wetting her
palms with the juices leaking out of her and rubbing
them into her lower belly and breasts. She ended with
her legs spread and her hands up beside her head. She
relaxed in the warm sun and the smell of fresh air. She
felt supremely whole, as if her every need had been

Sandi gestured to Curtis who came over and knelt above
Alison. He inserted his hard cock into her sopping wet
cunt and laid his strong body on top of hers. After a
long and pleasurable session of lovemaking he shot his
load into her. He was followed by Ron, then Bob and
Stuart and Stan and Al and Derek. They each kissed her
gently and, like worshippers adoring a beloved deity,
slid solemnly up inside her and laid their offerings at
her altar.

She was so wet with their multiple joinings and so
tired from her multiple orgasms that she could barely
move. She could only lie there, let them enter her and
leave their welcomed gifts behind in her belly. She
thrilled to the feel of the hard cocks as they found
their way up into her and the rolling pulses as they
delivered their loads. Her body lit up each time. After
each climax, sticky semen gushed out of her onto the

She was like jelly, like a big Jell-O mold with creamy
white swirls inside it, but she was warm instead of
cold. She dreamed of doing this forever, taking one man
after another into her for the rest of her life,
finding exquisite pleasure each time. “Women were made
to be loved by many men,” Sandi said, standing above

Finally James returned his huge cock to her cunt. He
was as big as ever, but she was so relaxed and wet that
he slipped right into her as though they were made for
each other. He rolled her over on her side so they were
lying face-to-face, her legs hooked over his hips. She
drifted off to sleep and dreamed warm cuddly dreams.
Twice she awakened to feel James coming deeply inside
her, pumping his silky loads high up in her. She felt
herself come around him each time, but she was so tired
that she couldn’t move, only lay there like a cup being
filled to the brim and then to overflowing.