Allison’s Second Time

Sandi and Alison sat at their usual table in the cafeteria. The school food was as bad as ever, a dry Jell-O salad, cardboard hamburger and soggy French- fries. “This junk is inedible,” Sandi said with scorn, pushing it to the side of her plate. “Not nearly as nice as sperm, I’ll bet,” Alison said,

Allison’s First Time part 1.

“Alison Chapman!” Sandi Cooper exclaimed with surprise, “Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin! That’s just crazy! I don’t believe it! You’re eighteen years old, for God’s sake.” “Oh, come on,” Alison retorted defensively. “Lot’s of girls my age are still virgins. Not all of us play around with sex like you do.” “Yeah, I

Spanking at school

I thought I’d start with a little bit about myself. My name is John Wilson, I am 6ft 1ins tall, with a slim athletic build. Short dark hair and a clean shaven face. Whilst not a Brad Pitt contender I am fairly hansom with a rugged non nonsense look about me. I taught science for

My fun Halloween with best friend

Me and sally were finally going to go trick or treating on our own without our parents, I was really exited because sally said that she had a plan to get extra candy now that there were no parents around, I was going to be a witch this Halloween I was putting on my witch