An extremely oral encounter in the video booths

Another true story from the mid 70s, when ALL sex was
safe; an ORAL event at the book store!

My Saturday afternoons often involved sucking and being
sucked through the local glory holes. This day, I had
sucked off a few guys, but had not yet cum. The guy in
the next booth was doing a GREAT job sucking my cock
long and slow! He stopped sucking and was saying
something. I leaned over to hear. He was asking if we
could get into a booth together.

“Why?” I asked.

I want to kiss you and lick you all over! I told him I
had never kissed a man, and wasn’t about to start now!
(I’ll suck ’em and fuck ’em, but I won’t KISS ’em!) He
said he didn’t mean he’d kiss me on the lips, but he
would kiss my neck, nipples, back, asshole, anything
and everything I wanted kissed or licked.

As I thought about it, he pressed a $50 bill through
the gloryhole! I took the 50, pulled up my pants, and
moved to a larger booth in the back of the video area.
He entered my booth right behind me.

We didn’t say anything, we just both dropped our pants
to the floor and opened our shirts. He slowly pulled my
cock and dipped his head to lick my tits! I have licked
and sucked women’s tits for years, but NO ONE has ever
played with mine. JFC!

My dick got so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. No
wonder women like to have their nipples sucked. I kept
feeding quarters to the machine. He played with my cock
and my ass, but my tits were on fire!

Finally, I could stand no more, and told him I was
about to cum. He dropped to his knees and took my cock
head into his mouth. The head and nothing more. A
couple seconds later, I blasted a load of cum into his
mouth. I could hardly stand up, it was such an intense
orgasm. He kept sucking as my cock softened. He
swallowed every drop.

“What’s Next?” I asked.

“Whatever you want.”

“Ream my ass!” I said. “But you’re NOT going to fuck

I like being fucked by long THIN cocks. This cock was
too big for MY asshole. I’m a pretty big guy, and if I
say NO FUCKING, there will be NO FUCKING. I leaned over
and presented my ass to him.

I have reamed my wife. I love doing it, and my wife
loves receiving it, but again, NO ONE has done this for
me. He kissed my ass cheeks and licked up and down my
crack. He reached between my legs with one hand to play
with my balls, and reached around with the other hand
to play with my cock. As his tongue pushed into my
puckered asshole.

I felt my cock start to come back to life. I was amazed
how MUCH of his tongue he could push into my asshole!
(I found out later he could stick his tongue out much
further than anyone else I had ever seen!) And it was
ALL up my ass!

Again, this went on for a LONG time. If I hadn’t just
cum, this tongue reaming would have pushed me over the
edge in minutes! I held on as long as I could, but
eventually told him I was close again.

“I’d like to do something else,” he said.

“What? You are NOT fucking me,” I said.

He wanted to rub his cock between my ass cheeks while
licking and kissing my neck, shoulders and back. I let
him know that that would be fine, but trying to fuck me
would be a serious mistake.

He stood up and slowly began to rub his thick, long
cock up the crack of my ass. I felt his balls slapping
my ass as he licked and kissed my neck. Again, this was
an unexpected pleasure. He played with my nipples as he
continued to dry hump my ass cheeks. After a minute or
so his cock was rock hard. I felt a LOT of hot cum
splash on to my back.

He slid down my back, licking up his own cum. I asked
him to use his cum to lube up a finger and work it up
my ass. He did a GREAT job finger fucking my ass as he
licked his cum of my back and ass crack. By the time I
was cleaned up, I was ready to cum again.

I turned around and jacked off into his open mouth!

This might have been the hottest half hour or so I have
ever spent with another man. I said thanks, got
dressed, and left the book store.

And yes, I kept the 50!

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