That’s what Friends are for

Life’s tough in the big city, especially as a junior executive in a global conglomerate. I was so far down the pecking order I couldn’t even see the Vice President’s office, let alone dream about being in it. That’s why I had to get the promotion. “It’s two levels above me, Melanie,” I said to

A continuation of a true story

As I pulled his pants back up his legs (he wasn’t wearing any underwear) my chocolate conqueror released his grip on my head, playfully ruffling my hair with his big meaty hand as he did so. “Now that was nice, Web. You’ve got a sweet mouth on you and you took to my dick like

Camp Tails – public sex

Tom was finishing up his packing prior to departing for camp in the morning when Carl and Betty dropped by to say goodbye for the few weeks. They chatted a bit and then Carl reminded him that he would be gone for his regular Sunday shave and now is a good time so he’ll be