A Memorable Fourth Cock

I would like to tell all the readers of my 4th bisexual gay experience, which occurred a few weeks ago in Spain, whilst on vacation with my wife and 2 family. Why 4th? Because after finally confronting my inner feelings at 37years of age, married for 16 years, with 2 studs, the first 3 experiences

High school memories

One day, me and Chris were skipping chemistry together, like we often did. Chris had to use the bathroom. We went into the change room, and he used the urinal. He finished up, and we just hung out in the change room for a while, talking. We locked the door just in case someone catches

Lynn Comes Out

It started kind of strange. I am or at least was Len or Lenny – Leonard to my mother – a guy in my early 20s, kind of short and slender. I had a sister, Karen who was a few years older than me. She’d had a nasty breakup with a fiancé, and stayed with

Gas Station at Two AM

John had driven the route almost bimonthly since the move to LA. And each time, he stopped in some city to gas up….for some reason Gilroy seemed to be that place. And each time it was late … John planned it that way so he could speed a bit faster then he could during the

Male Male cum on face

As I walked out of the hot Arizona sun into the darkened sex shop, I gave a little shedder at the chill in the air and the smells assaulting my senses. My cock, already stirring in my shorts, was rapidly getting harder as I made my way down the hallway; past the booth for the