An Interracial Fantasy

About ten years ago, I had an interracial fantasy
involving me, my wife, and a neighbor. Our daughters
had got into a fight and the black family mother had
come over to settle the incident. Unfortunately, it was
settled pretty easily but I had this fantasy through
the years of what would have happened if it wasn’t.

The doorbell rang and the wife answered it

A large well built black lady stepped in explaining who
she was and why she was there. She seem to be pretty
upset about something the daughter had done, so I went
back outside to continue the lawn mowing and let the
wife handle the problem.

After about 30 minutes, I stepped back into the house
and was frozen with the sight before me. The black lady
was setting on the couch nude with her legs spread over
the edge and my wife was on all fours between her legs
eating her pussy. Her ass was all red from a recent
beating she had received from the lady and didn’t move
as I came in.

Get out of those clothes white boy. You and your wife
are now my slaves and if you don’t comply immediately
I’ll get my husband over here to beat your wimpy ass. I
had seen her husband on several occasions and knew he
could really do it and the sight before me was too much
and too soon to think about, so I complied immediately.

She immediately stood up, pushing my poor wife redden
face from her crotch and turned around so that her ass
was pointing towards me.

“Crawl here and lick my ass.” she said.

By now, that was all I needed as I immediately crawl
towards the large lady and started lapping her ass like
there was nothing better I had ever tasted. She forced
my wife resume her duties on her pussy till she climax
a couple of times and then push us away.

“Get your asses in the kitchen now slaves and crawl all
the way.” She demanded us.

My wife and I crawl into the kitchen and she lined two
chairs up side by side and had us get on all fours with
our asses sticking out. We both had to tell her how we
was nothing but white slaves needed discipline while
she took out two large pan spoons from the kitchen
drawer and stuck them in our asses. We had to continue
to beg while she probed our tail holes until she was
satisfied of our pleading to be her servant. She then
paddled our asses with several items around the kitchen
while reminding us if our plugs fell out she would get
something larger.

When she was done, we had to crawl around every room of
the house and worship her in any way she wanted. Both
of us had to take turns on her beautiful full butt. The
wife in the bedroom and myself in the bathroom. We had
to give her our enema bag which she filled and gave
each of us an enema and made us show her our butt plugs
to which she inserted afterwards in our big white

We had to get flat on the floor and worship her feet,
which she enjoyed shoving into my wife mouth more than
mine. She would have us turn over so she could sit on
our faces and move her butt around while we tried to
satisfy her. We were both drooling cum all over the
floor and needed to come soon.

When her amusement was done, she put our panties around
our necks and tied a rope to each.

“Come on slaves, it time to go to my house.” She told

We were then led naked by our ropes and panty bondage
out the house towards her home. Both of us were hoping
none of the other neighbors were home yet.

There we were buck naked, tied by a rope and panty
getup, and led by a black lady fully clothes towards
her house. It seemed liked hours before we arrived and
she finally led us in. We prayed none of the neighbors
had seen us but our sex drive was too far advanced to
turn back now.

“On your knees slaves,” she said, as we walked into the

Then the lady went into another room and returned with
her daughter Gayle, an 18 yrs old goddess in her own

“These are the parents of that girl that call you names
today.” She told her daughter. “I think it time they
showed proper respect for a black lady. I’m sure you
can find some good use for the slave boy here while I
show this slut her proper place.”

“Of course, mom,” she said. As I watch the mistress tug
on my wife leash and led her crawling on the floor to
another room.

“Come here and lick my feet white boy,” Gayle said.

I immediately complied and began to worship her feet in
earnest. After about five minutes, I was told to get on
all fours. She then immediately sat down on my back and
had me crawl around the room while swatting my ass at
least 20 times and directing my movements by my panty
lease. I was made to squeal like a pig while I crawled
and if I failed to squeal to her liking a rough kick to
the side was applied. When she finally stopped and got
off, I was exhausted and just laid there with head on
floor and ass still up in air.

A hard kick to my ass awoke me immediately.

She walked over to the chair and sat backwards with her
ass sticking out towards me.

“Get over here and lick my butt slave.” She demanded.

I crawled to my new young mistress and began to please
her with my tongue. My earlier training with her mother
must have been real good because she came shortly
afterwards. She rewarded me with her pussy to which I
complied with little resistance. I had gone too far
obsessed to stop now and accepted my new fate.

By now her mother had returned to the room with my poor
wife. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and a large
black dildo was inserted in her ass with some of her
cut hair glued to it. Two small bells were attached to
her nipples, and she was crawling directly behind our
new mistress with her face in her ass. When she
stopped, I could hear her lapping her asshole.

“I think we should take the slaves out back and washed
them off she said.” She laugh telling her daughter.

Her daughter took my leash between her legs and started
to lead me outside. My face firmly imbedded within her
large buttocks. As we passed by her mother, she stopped
and a large object was inserted in my rear. Three swaps
with her large black paddle and I was pushing my young
mistress ahead with my face deeply in her rear.

Outside, they took us over to the faucet and made us
stand while they got a hose and started washing us
down. Both of us were shivering from the cold water and
trying to cover our most sensitive areas. When it was
done, we had to run in a circle to dry off as they
laughed at our plight before telling us to get back in
the house.

Both my wife and I were bent over Mistress Jan and
Gayle lap while they spread our asses to check to see
if they were clean. Both of us were embarrassed as we
were told to tell our mistress who they belong to while
they slapped them and spread them wide. We then had to
get on the floor while they pulled and twisted our tits
for amusements. Several kicks to my balls were to
remind me not to cum or I would have to clean it off.

Mistress Jan went to the bathroom and returned with two
large enema bags and had us get on the floor with asses
high while she and Gayle inserted the nozzles in our
butts. The water was extremely warm and Mistress Jan
teased us by telling us she had pissed in each
container. When she removed the nozzles, they inserted
two dildos in our asses and told us to get dressed in
the clothes they dropped on the floor.

I was barely able to get her husband pants buttoned up
since they were so tight and noticed the wife was
having the same trouble with her pants. A bulge was
sticking out in back from the dildo as she bent over.

A lease was attached to our necks as we were led out
the door to the front yard. Both mistresses started
walking us down the sidewalk of the neighborhood as we
tried not to look anywhere but straight ahead. After
about 5 minutes in the walk, a lady neighbor about 45
years old came out and asked what we were doing. The
neighbor was a lady the wife hated and always
complained about.

Mistress Jan explained to Tina that we wanted to be her
slaves and she finally decided to put us in our proper
place. The wife was trying to hide in back of

Gayle, as Tina was stunned but smiling at the same
time. Mistress Jan told her that she would demonstrate
our slavery and had both of us bent over and show the
bulge in our pants. We had to tell her we were being
punished for being such a pair of sluts and we served
them in anyway they wanted.

Mistress Jan told us she could spank our filled asses
if she wanted and Tina was more than willing to agree,
as we remain bent over. She spanked my ass about 20
times ensuring she hit the dildo on the last five and
then started on the wife’s bent over butt. Her slaps
were harder than mine were and more was placed on her
plug. With the last hit, my wife started peeing in her
pants to the laughter of the mistresses and Tina. She
was totally red in the face as Mistress Jan said since
her pants were wet; she would have to remove them to
dry out for the walk back. Tina laughed and said she
would wash them later and would bring them over as the
wife removed her pants and panties and shamefully
presented them to Tina.

Tina told mistress Jan that I should have to also for
not buying my wife diapers and I slowly had to remove
mine also. She was still laughing at us as we were led
back to the house will out butts wiggling and plugged.
I’ll bring them over about nine she yelled at the

“Don’t worry,” said Mistress Jan; “I’m sure the slaves
will pay you back for the cleaning when you arrive.”

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