Voyeur’s Wife’s story 1.

About 2 months ago Tom and I arranged to meet for dinner, starting our night out with a drink at the Four Seasons. I got there 15 minutes early, and the stress of the day as will as my ever so middle class white wine released inhibitions enough for me to get involved in a

Latex Bloom

“Over here, Cynthia. These are definitely my most interesting specimens,” Auntie Anne called, as she stopped in front of several potted vines. I was under-whelmed. My Aunt had just come back from a solo botanical expedition to the upper Amazon, and she was showing off her exotic finds. Sure, she looks all Laura Croft, but

Swinger hostess

Guests were starting to arrive, and she was nervous. They had gone to several other parties before, but this would be the first one that they had held for the group. He stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders and whispered “Relax” into her ear. Then he bit it gently. The “zing” made her giggle

A Closet View

I saw through the louvered closet door a sight that made my knees almost buckle. He’s taking her to our bed! I almost screamed out, but managed to c***e it to a whimper that was covered by the sagging of the bed. But, another part of me was getting wet and I had to see