Angel does a perverted act against

Angel stared like a mesmerised rabbit at the length of
black cock bobbing in front of her eyes.

Her heart quaked with fear and disgust, and weakness.

Igwe wanted her to suck his cock, and her stomach
churned with the horror of it. She was losing the
argument and she knew it!

Igwe was not accepting her refusal. Not accepting that
she had the right to say No!

Her husband would never treat her like this. He had
more respect for her!

Igwe wanted his cock sucked, and what Igwe wanted Igwe

He was a beast.

She knelt at his feet. Her eyes locked on that
throbbing jerking length of male lust. She was

She closed her eyes and prayed for forgiveness.


“No, it’s perverted!”

The words had burst from her when Igwe first told her
what he wanted her to do!

Suck cock! Yuk!

The thought filled her with horror and disgust. In all
her years of marriage she had never sucked her husbands

Cocks pissed!

Filthy dirty things.

It had taken her years to get used to touching her
husband’s cock after their marriage. They were the
worst parts of men. Driving them to uncontrolled
passions and perverted lusts in which all sense of
rationality and reason left them.

Igwe had looked at her with surprise.

“Perverted! Don’t be silly woman. It’s a perfectly
normal. Everyone likes sucking cock! Women like sucking
them, and men like them sucked! Even men and boys like
sucking cock!”

Angel reeled and the perverted and shocking image. Her
world was on the edge of shattering. This man she was
in love with wanted her to commit a perverted sex act
condemned by the Church, and blithely talked about even
men liking to suck cock!

“I can’t! It’s wrong!”

“Wrong! How can it be wrong when it gives so much
pleasure to all concerned?”

“But it just is!”

“You are just a closet racist! You won’t suck my cock
because it’s black!”

“No, that’s not true! I have never sucked a cock! Not
anyone’s not even Mark my husbands?”

Igwe stared at her in disbelief. Could it be true?
Surely not!

“Believe me I have done anything like that. The bible
tells us it is wrong.”

Igwe looked at her flushed pretty face. His eyes
focussed on her soft pink lips. Had those lips really
never taken a cock between them? Surely he had not
found a white woman with a virgin mouth!

His cock twitched and lurched and in his trousers.

Angel nervously shifted her feet and stared at him.
Wondering if his silence indicated that he had accepted
her argument. Her heart thumped and her throat was dry.
She knew about cock sucking of course, but had
successfully avoided it. She was not going to start
now, she wasn’t! She licked her suddenly dry lips, and
immediately knew from Igwe’s reaction that licking her
lips had not been a good move.

She had seen the lust rise to new heights in his eyes
followed her tongue slipping wetly over their suddenly
dry surface!

Oh dear, this was not going to be easy. She would just
have to make him understand she was not that kind of

She was about to speak again when Igwe whirled and
strode across to his bookshelf. He paused a moment and
then returned after extracting a leather bound book.

“Show me,” he said, holding out what she now saw was a

“Show me the parable on cock sucking!”

Angel reeled pulling her hand back that had just been
about to take the proffered bible! Her eyes widened and
her thoughts raced.

“Come on Angel. Show me where Jesus said it was wrong
to suck cock?”

“But…but…Sodom and Gnorroha… it said there….”

“No, it doesn’t but what does the Old Testament count
to you? You are a Christian right? You follow the
teachings of Jesus. Show me where he taught it was
wrong for a woman to give a man pleasure by using her

Angel brought her hand up to her mouth and nibbled her
lips. Then stopped as she realised this excited Igwe as

“But I was taught in Church that it was wrong that only
normal relations are between men and women and sex for
the purpose of making babies is the only kind of sex
that couples should take part in.”

“Really. Then can I assume you are not on the pill?”
Angel flushed a deep red at being caught out. The
Catholic Church did indeed teach that it was wrong to
use birth control, but when Angel stopped using the
pill twelve years after Amanda’s birth she had promptly
became pregnant with her son. She had sworn, church
teachings or not, never to go off the pill again!

“But even last week’s sermon…the priest went on and
on about the sins of the flesh!”

“Bah! He should know!”

Angel’s eyes widened as she looked at him shocked. Igwe
stared at her and wondered just how innocent and naive
she was could be.

“The only reason your church allowed choir girls was
because they were fed up with its priests using the
choir boys for bum practice! It wanted its priests to
have some normal sex for a change!”

Angel looked at him shocked to the core.

“It’s not like that!”

“Really…are you telling me that Father Mansa has not
tried to persuade you to go to one of his bible reading

“Bible reading weekends are a normal part of church

“Is that so? Was it also a normal part of Church
practice for Father Mansa to fondle your bottom when he
asked you?”

Angel stared at him. How did Igwe know that?

“But African men are always fondling my bottom! It’s
been like that since we arrived.”

“So now what’s normal is for a black Catholic priest to
fondle your white curvy bottom while asking you to go
away with him for the weekend?”

Angel wondered if her face would ever be normal again.
It seemed a permanent shade of hot pink at the moment.
She was hot and flushed and this conversation was not
going as it should.

Igwe turned away, and placed the book to one side. He
paused for a moment then turned back to Angel. As he
walked towards her he started unbuttoning his shirt and
Angel’s heart skipped a beat.

He was taking his clothes off!

Eyes followed his fingers without conscious thought as
he stripped off his shirt. Then his hands went to his
belt and Angel looked away not wanting to see his cock

A cock he wanted her to suck!

“So Angel put aside this silly nonsense. I want you to
pleasure me tonight.”

Angel shivered at the words. For the last three Tuesday
nights she had been made love to by Igwe. Though she
wondered if she should really use the term fucked! He
had been so overpowering and aggressive, and it had
been so incredibly good.

She was used to the considerate, careful attention of
her loving husband.

With Igwe she had experienced raw sex, and it had been
shockingly exciting.

Tonight he was trying to use reason to persuade her to
do something her whole ingrained being rejected.

It was perverted to suck cock!

But some women like it.

The thought nagged her. She tried to push it aside, but
her thoughts turned to wonder why any woman could like
to kneel at a man’s feet and take his cock into her

Igwe’s trousers dropped around his ankles and Angel
fought her desire to look at and touch his cock.

Igwe stepped out of his trousers and stepped towards
her. He gathered her in his arms and kissed her and
Angel sighed with relief and accepted his kiss. She
teased her lips against his, than as rising passion
overcame her she kissed and kissed and squeezed him

His cock was hot and throbbing and pressing close to
her and she wanted it inside her. Surely he did to.

Igwe pulled free of her eager clutching passionate
kiss. Surprised that so passionate a woman could be so
innocent about sex.

“Is it true then?”

Angel looked at him quizzically.

“Is it true that these sweet lips have never taken your
husband’s cock between them.”

Igwe played his thumb across her lips. Enjoying their
soft wet curves. He pushed with his thumb and Angel
accepted and sucked on it. Igwe grinned.

“Not anyone?”

Angel could not reply her lips were sucking on the
thick black thumb in her mouth and watching how Igwe
enjoyed her doing it. It felt comforting. She shook her

“Yet your sweet mouth so readily sucks on my thumb?”

Angel pulled her head free of his thumb!

“Come my little honey pot, do it for me. Pleasure me in
return for the pleasure I have given you with my tongue
between your legs.”

“No, I won’t…I can’t…you don’t understand.”

“Oh I understand well enough. You are a racist like
your father!”

“Noooo…I’m not…it’ just not right.”

She looked at Igwe, and was relieved he was not annoyed
with her. The expression on his face was a mix of
disbelief and wonder.

He stroked her face and she pushed her cheek into his
warm hand before turning to kiss and lick the inner

It may not have been the wisest thing to do as the feel
of her tongue on his palm served to remind Igwe where
he really wanted to feel her tongue. He large black
hands took her slim shoulders in his and

Angel sank to her knees unable to resist his masculine
strength. Her husband would not have been capable of
exercising such casual easy strength on her.

This his cock bobbed in front of her eyes and she
closed her mouth and tried to look away.

“Look! Look woman! God made this!”

Angel looked.

“More like the devil!” she blurted.

“God made man in his image and set him in Eden here in

“This is God’s work,” Igwe waved his cock in front of
her eyes.

Angel looked at eleven inches of erect black cock!

It was a marvel! It was too thick to go in her mouth!

It throbbed and jerked in front of eyes like a rearing
snake, a spitting cobra ready to spit its juices into
her mouth. She shuddered with distaste. Her throat
choked and she tried desperately not to be sick at the
thought of this cock pumping sperm into her mouth.

God made man in his image, Igwe had said, and the words

How could women enjoy doing something like this?

“And after God made man he decided that man was not
complete without woman. So he made woman. Made with
knees so that she could kneel, with sweet lips and a
mouth designed to receive cock. Soft, hot nimble
tongues to please men with!”

Angel blinked at the twisted version of the Eden story.

“So look at God’s creation woman and worship it.”

“Nooooo…please Igwe…noooo.”

It would be so easy to let go. She would surrender to
force! A good beating would do her good! It would have
been so much better to have her willingly suck his
cock. What sort of man was her husband not to take his
wife and teach her to please him with her mouth? He
grinned, ah well, the sort of man who would have to
live with the fact that another man taught his wife to

He flexed his hands, spreading them wide, he closed
them around her pretty white head. Angel whimpered as
she found her head strongly held.

Igwe stepped forward and hot hard black flesh pressed
against her tightly closed lips.

His masculine smell overpowered her sense of smell. The
first time in her life hot cock pressed against her
soft lips. She shuddered. The situation was out of

Was he right? So many women seemed to talk so casually
about sucking cock! But it was cock that God had
designed and made for Man! Her thoughts tumbled. The
Church said it was wrong to be licked between her legs,
but she loved that. Had done so since the very first
electric tingle of a hot tongue thrusting up under her
skirt and licking had sent her nervous system into a
frenzy of excitement.

Her pet dog had decided her virgin cunt was a tasty
feast and her pet’s eager tongue had been the first to
bring her to an orgasm. She had suppressed that memory.
She had only been thirteen years old when her pet’s
tongue had introduced her to sexual pleasure.

With her parents busy running their own businesses she
had been bored and lonely. The servants happy to leave
her to herself!

It had not been a problem to take the lively dog up to
her room. There she had removed her knickers and sat on
the bed looking at her pet. Then she had lain back and
spread her legs.

The dog enjoyed its tasty treat, and innocent 13yo
Angel found heaven on earth.

This went on for a year before she mentioned it in
confession to the parish priest. His look of horror had
been the start of a nightmare of penance, fire and
brimstone! She had been spared the priest mentioning
the detail to her parents. He merely mentioned to her
parents that she was close to losing her soul to the

Her mother’s reaction had shocked Angel. She had never
been left alone again. Her enforced sexual abstinence
had lasted till her wedding night, when she had sat on
her marriage bed and looked at her Mark, her new

She had lain back, spread her legs, and told a bemused
Mark what she wanted….

In the morning she had a fit of guilt, and that guilt
had driven right through her marriage since.


Now she kneeled at the feet of this black man. Igwe
Orizu rich, powerful, and with a magnificent wonderful

If she sucked, perhaps it would be atonement for her
own past sins!

She looked up at the intense frown on Igwe’s face.

Perhaps, she did owe a duty to him to repay the
pleasure he had given her.

She felt the pressure of his hands on her head. He was
pushing and shoving at her closed mouth with his hot
throbbing cock. She felt liquid, hot pungent, and salty
on her lips.

She pulled away.


That complaint was her mistake, as Igwe’s cock thrust
through her parted protesting lips.

The hot throbbing length pushed into her mouth. She
pulled away but Igwe held her head firm.

“Oh Yes, honey that’s it!”

Cock was in her mouth! It was hot, pulsing and vibrant,
and pushing deeper. An alarmed Angel found her mouth to
full to protest. Her mouth felt stretched around its
thickness. Her soft lips could not escape clasping the
side of its thickness.

Igwe groaned at the feel of those soft lips around his
cock, so soft and feathery. As Angel moved her head
from side to side to try and escape his thrusting
manhood she could not avoid her lips sliding along the
length of cock in her mouth.

Igwe groaned again at the delight of the hot, soft,
wetness enclosing his cock!

Angel heard his excited moans and despaired of getting
free. The beast was enjoying it!

Igwe looked down at the struggling woman at his feet
and grinned, her pretty white face pierced by his
thick, black manhood. If only her husband could see her
now with a black cock in her sweet mouth!

If what she had said was true and she had never done
this before, then her husband would have been even more
chagrined that his wife was taking a black cock in her

Or would he? Angel would have been shocked if she knew
the number of white men who had watched their wives
fuck and suck with Igwe. Igwe understood human nature
well. Sexual activity always created arousal, no matter
what the circumstance.

In African culture it was commonplace to share sex
partners. It was traditional for married brothers to
offer their wives to unmarried brothers.

In traditional families in traditional one room huts
sexual activity was normal and few had second thoughts
about public exhibitions of love-making.

Parents had no alternative to making love in the same
room as their c******n and sexual awareness and
understanding was far greater in African culture than
it seemed to be in western countries.

He had been surprised ay the naivety and innocence of
white teenage girls, but it was always fun to educate
them. Even white wives were often sexual innocents and
had never experienced shared love making with multiple

That was one of the reasons he enjoyed white women,
once trained they became absolute devotees of African
sexuality. Usually not wanting to return to their
western concepts of relationships. If a women enjoyed
sex by being penetrated in one or another opening, then
they enjoyed it more when more openings were used. It
just took white women a bit of time to get used to the
idea of being used by several men at once.

Igwe enjoyed the process of teaching them about sex, it
was always a new and challenging experience, and when a
woman resisted her education it only added to his fun.

Igwe was not surprised white men enjoyed seeing their
wives fucked. It was a perfectly normal part of human
sexuality. He had always enjoyed watching sex. He had
fucked four of his brothers wives, and all their
daughters. That was normal.

Share and share alike!

Not the sexual repression of the west.

He and Joshua had taken turns front and back with
Joshua’s stunning daughter Laysha, and when that had
finished three of Joshua’s wives had entertained them
further by torturing Laysha with their tongues.

White men did not appreciate, or even understand the
eager sexual drive of young women. To Igwe once a girl
developed curves, she was a woman. White men had this
off idea that women were not women until they were much

The idea that a girl became a woman at an artificial
age, whether set at 14, 16, or 18 years old was so
ludicrous as to Igwe to be unbelievable. Nature decided
when a girl became a woman, and nature give her the
ability to have babies at that time.

He understood that in some American states the age of
consent was 21, and wondered how such ridiculous limits
could pass into legislation.

In Zimbabwe the age of consent was 12 years old. That
was not set by the newly independent African
government, but by the previous white colonial regime.
At least they had accepted the reality of the need to
marry off daughters quick before they got too randy and
lost their virginity, and the family lost their dowry

He wondered at the hypocrisy of white colonial
Governors agreeing far younger ages of consent in their
African colonies than their Victorian governments would
have allow back home.

Of course, it gave those white colonialists the licence
to take young African women as lovers and concubines.

Now the roles were reversed. Africans ruled in Africa,
but the law stayed the same, and unsuspecting white
parents brought their lithe, nubile, teenage daughters
to Africa, and the waiting Africans…the memories
triggered his orgasm unexpectedly.

He grasped the back of Angel’s head to hold her in
place as the first spurt jetted across her tongue. Her
muffled squeal he ignored as he pushed his cock deeper.
His precious seed was going one place, and one place
only, down her slender white throat.

He felt her pushing at his legs, her head trying to
pull away, as further spasmodic jets shot into her
mouth. He had no trouble holding her in place as his
cock jerked, throbbed and then finally released its

Angel had been struggling with the thickness of the
black cock in her mouth. Her lips were clamped around
it, not so much by choice, as much by the effort of
trying to keep her lips off the hot cock.

Each thrust into her mouth saw her soft lips rolling
past thick gnarled prominent veins pumped full of b***d
by Igwe’s arousal. She felt those pumping veins throb
and pulse as her lips passed over them.

Her scent glands were suffering overload from the raw
masculine smell of his loins as each thrust of his cock
brought her slim nose closer to his body and that
swinging, sperm filled, black sack at the start of his

She found herself savouring and enjoying that
overpowering smell.

The end of his cock was c*****g her with each thrust of
the large plum shaped head into her gullet. She
struggled to control her gagging as it sought the
entrance to her previously unused throat. Shock at it
thrusting so deep alarmed her.

She naively thrust her tongue at the cock to try push
it from her mouth, and her tongue rolled over the
plump, smooth, head of his cock sending a new and
unusual taste to assault her taste buds.

As the cock pushed at her tongue, she felt the soft
rolling skin of his foreskin as it rolled back from her
tongue releasing even more pungent tastes. She pulled
her tongue back from the top of his cock, as it thrust
deeper. She found her tongue underneath his cock. A new
even stronger, strange, salty taste coated her tongue,
and she pulled her tongue back again, but it had
nowhere to go as her mouth filled with black cock.

She whimpered her distress, confusion, and surprising

Her pussy was wet, and her nipples were hard. It felt
strange and so different to be made to kneel at the
feet of her dominant lover while he used her mouth to
give him pleasure.

Each throb, jerk, and pulse of that hot cock
demonstrated her lover’s sexual excitement, and despite
herself she found herself proud that she could excite
him so.

Her tongue tentatively slid along the underside of his
cock, and she shuddered and jerked, as something hot
seemed to shoot deep into her mouth. Then she realised
what must have happened. Hot and clingy it seemed to
coat the back of her mouth and she gagged again as she
instinctively swallowed.

She jerked her head strongly back, struggling to get
free her mouth from the alarming realisation of what
might come nest.

She called out her alarm, and protest, it came out
muffled and weak around the thickness in her mouth.
Igwe’s strong black hands held the back of her head

Her mewls and whimpers escalated as another jet of hot,
thick pungent liquid shot into her mouth. Because she
had been pulling away from his cock it landed squarely
on her super-sensitive tongue. Her eyes widened in
alarm as the taste of sperm flooded her mouth.

Her mind rebelled at the idea of a man’s baby making
juice resting casually on her tongue. This seed was
precious, the source of life. It must be wrong to do

Another pulse of sperm shot onto her tongue. Angel
prayed that it was over, but Igwe held her firm and
then to her complete shock and surprise Igwe’s cock
erupted and his sperm seemed to flow into her mouth
from his cock as though a hose had been turned on!

Her mouth quickly filled with hot, clingy, salty
pungent sperm. Every movement of her tongue enhanced
the sensory overload on her taste buds. As she tried to
pull free, Igwe’s strong hands won the tussle and
pulled her head forward and more of his pulsing jetting
cock slid into her mouth.

She quickly started swallowing.

The taste and feel of it going down her throat reminded
her of her one experience with oysters.

Sperm continued to flow from his cock and Angel
swallowed repeatedly. Thinking had stopped as she
struggled to cope with the extra-ordinary flow. This
she realised was the result of her lover’s sexual
excitement and satisfaction in her mouth.

A glow seemed to enthuse her, almost against her will.
She had excited him sexually, even when she had wanted
nothing to do with this perverted act.

Emotional confusion competed with a deeper physical
satisfaction. Her heart pounded, and her pretty face
flushed pink.

As the flow ceased, her tongue cleaned her mouth of the
odd taste. She looked up at Igwe. He was grinning down
at she and she smiled back, delighted to his happy

“Come honey, let’s go to bed.”

Angel’s heart leaped, she flushed pinker still, and
grinned a silly grin. Her pussy was wet and ready to be
filled. She rose to her feet and took Igwe’s
outstretched hand and allowed him to lead her to his

On that luxury four-poster bed Angel sprawled. She saw
herself in the mirror above the bed, grinned and
stretched. Instinctively she shifted her body allowing
her full breasts prominence. She noticed her waist was
still narrow for a woman who had three c******n, and
her shapely tanned legs stretched and parted as Igwe
climbed naked on to the bed.

Igwe had other things in minds. Angel was not going to
be let off so easily. He swung above and around her,
aligning his head with the golden tanned vee between
her legs, while bringing his cock up and back in
alignment with her face and that tempting peach of a

Angel’s protest died away as he quickly and easily
manhandled her firmly into position. His head dipped
and his tongue passed over her wet leaking vulva, and
her resistance evaporated as she welcomed his head
between her legs and the exciting feel of a tongue
between her legs.

“Rest you head on my thigh,” Igwe demanded. He rested
his own head on Angel’s soft satin inner thigh. Angel
copied his move, and they lay side-by-side, head to
toe, or tongue to pussy and mouth to cock.

He’s going to want me to suck him again she realised.
It didn’t seem quite so frightening now.

His tongue pushed into her wet vulva, and it blossomed
open like a flower revealing its secrets to his
questing tongue. Angel shivered in delight at the
exquisite feel of his tongue licking and lapping her
soft wet interior.

He paused and raised his head.

“Well?” he asked.

Angel stared at the hot, hard length of black cock so
close to her mouth. She knew what he wanted.

“Lick me, please!”

“Only when I feel your lips and mouth on my cock!”

Angel swallowed hard, then she moved her head closer,
and opened her mouth and voluntarily took his cock
inside her mouth.

Igwe grinned.

“Come on Honey, let me feel that lovely tongue!” His
own tongue held back from giving Angel pleasure while
he waited.

Nervous of the reaction Angel’s tongue licked along the
underside of Igwe’s cock and his groan both alarmed and
excited her. Then Igwe’s exciting tongue was between
her own legs and Angel stopped thinking and wallowed in
her own depravity as Igwe lapped hungrily his dark head
clamped between urgent soft white thighs.

His own leg came over and he clamped Angel’s pretty
white face between his heavy muscular black thighs.
Angel found the close proximity of his hairy black
thighs clamped on her face both overpowering and

Then for the first time in her life she started to
seriously explore and taste cock.

Angel was silent on the journey home. Mark Scott eyed
his lovely wife on the journey home wondering what was
on her mind. He had picked her up on time and found her
waiting for him, but she was keeping to herself.

She seemed in a fey mood. Her eyes were bright, and her
face flushed, and with a sinking feeling he wondered if
something was going on. He remembered they had made
love to Angel last week and found her wet and very
slick inside. He had idly speculated that someone else
had already fucked her, and he was experiencing what
was known as ‘sloppy seconds’! He had dismissed the
thought as ludicrous, but the idea had kept coming back
to him.

He wondered if tonight, if she was willing to let them
make love, he would find the same slick, wet, slippery
tunnel between her lovely legs. If he did he did not
know whether he would laugh, or cry.

“You OK Angel?”

She nodded absently.

“You seem distracted?”

“Let’s talk when we get home OK?”

Mark’s heart sank wondering what his wife wanted to
talk about. He dreaded to hear what he suspected, and
was not sure how he would react.

Mark’s thoughts were far from on Angel’s mind. Her
tongue rolled around the inside of her mouth and she
could still taste the sperm that shot into her mouth
and on to her tongue.

She had sucked a man off!

The thought rolled around her head.

She had sucked a man off. Not once but three times!

When they had finished their 69, Angel had pushed Igwe
on to his back and looked at that long thick length of
black cock in amazement and surprise. It had seemed
that she had discovered cock all over again. She had
looked at Igwe, looked into his eyes and seen his lazy

He had smiled at her, and the smile had been like a sun
shining on her heart and she had felt so exultant. She
smiled back at him. Then with no prompting, she had
leaned over and licked and lapped at his cock and balls
till all eleven inches of thick black cock stood proud
and hard.

Then she had opened her mouth and sucked him off!

He hadn’t needed hands to hold her head in place when
had came.

She knew now why women sucked cock.

She still felt like a depraved slut, instead of a
happily married woman. She glanced at Mark, then
quickly looked away as he caught her eye.


At home she checked on Robert. Her son happily slept
the sleep of any rumbustious c***d. She checked in the
kitchen, then took her surprised husband’s hand and led
him to their bedroom.

Turning she looked at Mark.

He looked back, and saw her eyes were dilated. She was
trembling, flushed and staring back at him.

“You wanted to talk about something?”

“I want to be fucked….”

Mark reeled in shocked surprise. Those had been the
last words he had expected to here from his reserved,
churchgoing wife.

“I want to be fucked now!”

The session with Igwe had left her horny, wet and
excited. For all the sucking he had not fucked and she
had never felt so in need of a good fuck. She flushed
at thoughts that seemed so unnatural to her.

Mark gathered his wife in his arms and she dragged him
back onto the bed. Decorum abandoned she stroked his
cock through his trousers. She had always thought it
was too big before she met Igwe, now she wondered if it
would do?

A surprised but eager Mark shucked her skirt up around
her waist, and fumbled with her panties, before pulling
them off just as Angel’s warm hand circled and fondled
his now exposed cock.

He pushed her down and Angel spread her legs and pulled
him towards her.

“Fuck me, Oh God, fuck me!”

He needed no encouragement.

It came as a relief when he found his wife, wet but

He thrust between her legs and felt the usual resisting
inner muscles. His eagerness empowered his thrusts and
he pushed in to find her sheath wet but not slippery.
The same hot tight pussy he had learned to love. He
sighed in relief and dismissed last week’s experience
as a one off strangeness.

Angel held him close and he circled his hips as he
tried not to get too excited too quickly.

Afterwards Angel lay beside Mark their arms were close
about each other. Angel felt strange. She had never
felt this way before. She could feel a deep abiding
hunger. Her loins were in uproar. Her stomach roiled
with butterflies.

She had never felt such a deep hunger, such a sexual

She wanted Igwe Orizu. She wanted his big black cock.
She wanted to please him. She wanted to spread her
golden thighs and for him to climb between them with
his hard throbbing pulsing cock.

She hugged her husband, and a tear sprang from her

She was confused…