Sex, LOVE and Rock & Roll

The great Lions come from behind Win brought back the wonderful memories of another season of the Tiger’s and Lion’s in Detroit. In a time of “Make Love, Not War” the girls were letting their hair grow long, their skirts go short, their desire go HOT and nary a bra was to be seen at

Black Haired Beauties

We’d been shooting porn videos in western and eastern Europe. Damn, those Czech and Romanian gals were hot. We went on to India and got some hot footage with Desi girls and women attending to our white cocks. Then on a whim we headed for Sri Lanka. Didn’t know much about the place but it

The Seduction of a slut

Portia Stewart closed her lace parasol with a snap and turned to watch the throng of people shove their way into the shade of The Egyptian Theater building. Perspiration pooled at the base of her back, soaking into her chemise as she waited for her husband, Gabriel, to return with the tickets. People shouted, pushing

Angel does a perverted act against

Angel stared like a mesmerised rabbit at the length of black cock bobbing in front of her eyes. Her heart quaked with fear and disgust, and weakness. Igwe wanted her to suck his cock, and her stomach churned with the horror of it. She was losing the argument and she knew it! Igwe was not