A tie-up game turns into making love

This is the true story of the first time that I was
involved in “bondage”.

It happened in the student hostel of the university. On
a Friday my roommates travelled home for the weekend,
so I was alone. I asked my girlfriend to sleep with me
in the hostel. She came, and we had a great night, as
you can imagine. The story is however not about this.

The next morning we stayed long in bed, and chatted
about everything. We caressed each other’s naked body
during talking, and I soon get excited. She discovered
that I’m ticklish and started to tickle me. I went into
counterattack and tickled her. We were soon wrestling,
trying to stop each other. Finally I told her that I
would tie her hands if she didn’t stop tickling me. She
promised, but when I released her hands, she did it

“Ok, I will tie you then,” said I.

“How? There is here nothing to tie me with.”

I looked around, and really, there was no rope in the
room. I had a good idea though, and took the leather
belt from my trousers.

“I will tie you with this.”

“No, you can’t,” said she, and we started to wrestle

Of course I was much stronger than she, and I soon
managed to turn her hands behind her back. She was
sitting on the bed, I was behind her, holding her hands
together. Her forearms were held horizontally behind
her back, the left hand turned to the right, and the
right hand turned to the left.

I held her wrists pressed together with one hand, and
started to wind the belt around them. When after 4 or 5
turns nearly the whole length of the belt was used, I
put the end of the belt into the fastener, and pulled
it so that the metal pin reached the last hole of the
belt. In the moment when I fastened it, I felt a
strange excitement. She was in my power!

My dick was getting stiff. Still sitting behind her, I
laid my legs around her, and hugged her with my arms. I
caressed her tits, and started to kiss her neck…

“What do you want to do?” asked she, already suspecting
that the tickling and wrestling and playing around has
turned into something else.

“You are mine,” I answered.

She turned her head towards me and her lips were opened
for a kiss. It was a long kiss. During our tongues
played with each other, and I felt her fingers grasping
my dick. She wasn’t really able to move her hands but
our position was just so lucky, that she could take it.
In response, I started to play with her nipples. It was
wonderful! I slid one hand down to her lap, searching
for her pussy. It was even better so: all our sensitive
parts were “connected”. She moaned.

“Ok, you can untie me, I won’t tickle you any more.”

“It’s too late now. I’m going to make you mine, and you
cannot resist me.”

“I don’t want to resist you, only make my hands free.”

“Too, late now…” I enjoyed being in power.

“Please… untie my hands…” she was getting
frustrated as she realized, she had lost control over
the situation. She tried to free herself, but the belt
held her wrists perfectly. Her resistance made me even
more excited. I pulled her body to mine, holding her
firmly in my arms.

“Do you hear me?” She struggled even more.

I didn’t care any more, I was too horny. She was in my
power, and I wanted to use my power. I stood up and
searched for a condom. As I put it on my dick, I felt
as if I was going to r**e someone. The condom was on;
my dick was totally stiff, pointing forward, towards my
prey: a naked girl, with her hands tied behind her

Actually, she was already mine: She wasn’t able to
prevent what was going to happen; it depended only on
me, when and how I took her. It was only a matter of

I sat down on the bed in front of her, smiling: “Now,
you are going to be mine.”

“No, I don’t want it this way. Let me free!”

“Too late now…” I reached for her breasts.

She pulled her knees up to her chin, to hide her body
from my look and my hands. She leaned forward, pressing
her upper body against her thighs. I grasped her
shoulders, and started to push her back. She strained
her stomach muscles, trying to keep herself upward, but
her effort was useless. Her upper body was pushed more
and more backward, and finally, she couldn’t hold
herself anymore, and fell back on the bed. Her
beautiful tits swayed a bit, then settled.

Her nipples stood half erect, alluring me irresistibly.
I instinctively moved towards them, but her knees were
still before me, like a barrier. Her last defence line.
I put my hands on her knees to pull them apart. She
still resisted. Probably she knew well, she had no
chance, it must have been some female instinct, to keep
her pussy defended against f****d sexual approach. But
I wasn’t caring about her pussy then, I was only
attracted by her nipples. For me, her knees were only
an obstacle, that had to be removed before I could
reach her breasts. So, when I finally expanded her
legs, I threw only a glance at her pussy, but moved
immediately forward towards my target.

I laid myself between her legs, so that my head was
just above her tits. I grasped them with both hands,
and started to suck her nipples. It was great, to feel
them get fully erect in my mouth.

“No! I don’t want it so! Untie my hands,” she started
to struggle again, squirming under my body. She had no
chance to physically resist me. I squeezed her tits and
took one of her nipples between my teeth, to show her I
was in control.

“Don’t you hear me? Let me free!” She squirmed even

That made me even hornier. I couldn’t wait any longer;
I wanted to feel my dick pushed fully in her warm, soft
pussy. I moved myself forward, my face above her face,
my dick at her lap.

“Don’t do it! I don’t want it!” She was getting louder
in despair.

“Come on! Don’t resist! You are mine!” I wanted to kiss
her lips.

She turned her head away. I saw, she was getting angry,
but I was too excited to care about it. I kissed her
neck and reached down with my left hand to place my
dick between her labia. When it was there, I pushed it
slightly forward, so its tip was fixed, just at the
entrance of her pussy. She still squirmed under me, but
she wasn’t able to remove my dick from its place. Now,
I was only a “push” away from intruding into her sweet
pussy. Her helpless, naked body lay under me, her legs
apart, her tits pressed against my chest, her head
between my palms.

“Now, you are going to be really mine,” I said to her,
looking into her eyes.

“No! I don’t want it! I will be very angry if you do
it,” she said. “And I don’t want to see you any more,
if you do it!” She was really resolute.

I loved her, and really didn’t want to hurt her, but I
was so very horny, and was so near… I didn’t know
what to do.

I closed my eyes, and imagined how my dick would enter
her wet pussy, filling it fully. How I would fuck her,
moving in and out. How she would struggle under my
body, unable to hinder what I was doing. How she would
try to free her hands. How her stiff nipples would
again and again touch my chest. It all depended on me.
It was only my decision. She wasn’t able to do anything
against my decision. In this respect, she was already

I sighed and came down from her. She turned to her
side, and I opened the belt.