Bar Room Blitz

“I don’t need a fuckin’ body guard, Hunter!” Becky Lynch spat at her boss, Triple H. “I fight for a living.” She enunciated each word in strong Irish accent.

“I know you do, but I don’t want you fighting anyone out of the ring. You’re a fighter, but an entertainer and a performer. I don’t want either of us to deal with the trouble that’ll come out of you locking horns with a crazed fan,” Triple H explained as I came around the corner.

“So how long does this fella have to mail me?” the fiery redhead asked, seeming to accept her fate.

“Until we can catch the stalker, Becky. I’m sorry.” Triple H seemed honestly apologetic. “This is Clive. He’ll be the one keeping an eye on you.”

“Ma’am,” I said curtly, keeping my left hand on my right forearm. I didn’t want to come off as a dick or as trying too hard to please her. Kissing the Lass Kicker’s ass when she’s in a bad mood didn’t seem wise.

“Clive?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I didn’t choose it, ma’am.”

“What’s your background?” This was better.

“Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Soo Bahk Doh,” I responded flatly.

“Well shit, Trip, you got me a real fighter. Explains the flat cap, vest, and rolled up sleeves,” she noted with a hint of a smile as she flicked the brim of my wool hat.

“Unless you actively looking for me, you won’t know I’m here,” I told her. “I don’t want to cramp your style.”

“You couldn’t,” the former Women’s Champion said with a smile. “So, obviously I’m at work. Hang out back here, get a seat in the arena, do whatever. I won’t tell you how to do your job.”

“Sounds good,” I nodded and distanced myself from the red warrior.


“I lost the fuckin’ match,” Becky fumed as she got back stage.

“Hell of a fight, though.”

“Tamina isn’t even good!” Becky shouted as she nearly tore the top straight off of the plastic water bottle a WWE lacky gave her. “She’s just a giant fuckin’ Samoan!”

“Hard to win that fight while playing by the rules,” I consoled her.

“True,” she agreed before pounding g down the majority of the water, pouring the rest over her orange mane. “I’m going to change and we’ll get out of here.”

“You’re the boss.”

“The Man,” she corrected with a smirk. “I’ll let it slide.” She winked and I had to smile a little. “So you’re not 100% hardass under that beard?”

“Depends on who is around,” I shrugged as she walked off towards the locker room.

After just a few minutes, Becky came back out in a white tank top, fitting stone washed jeans and a black leather jacket. My pants were just baggy enough to look semi pro while hiding any half mast action I found myself in with Becky.

“Ready to roll?” she asked, looking at me expectantly.

“Yeah. Where to,” I asked as I pulled out the keys to the rental we had to share while I kept an eye on her.

“Do you eat food?”

“Once a month,” I joked, but kept my tone sounding professional. “We can go anywhere you want.”

“I know,” she asserted over her round shoulder as she lead me out of the building. “To B-Dubs!” she said with glory and grace. I never expected to hear that in an Irish accent, let alone coming from the one and only Becky Lynch.

“Beer, wings, and sports?”

“If you don’t like it, you can wait in the parking lot.” Lynch didn’t offer. That was an order.

“I’m fine with wings and sports.”

“What about beer? You left out the most important part.” Becky actually seemed concerned.

“I’m on the job,” I shrugged. “I’m no good drunk.”

Becky laughed. “Alrighty. We’ll keep it to just a few beers, then.”


Becky and I strolled into Buffalo Wild Wings and pulled up a seat at the bar.

“Wanna talk about that match tonight?” I offered as we waited for the bartender to get to us.

“Do you wanna talk about the first time you got hit in the dick?” she asked as our bartender got to us. We both asked for the bartender to surprise us with some basic tap beer.

“Do YOU want to talk about the first time I got hit in the dick?” I challenged back. She laughed.

“I think I do,” she said as we got our drinks.

“Hey, is this guy bothering you or something?” Some random patron thought he could sweep Becky off her feet when she was already off them.

“No,” Becky said and turned back to me.

“Wait a minute, I know you!” the guy said, getting excited. “You a… you’re a wrestler. My niece loves you. Can I get an autograph or a picture or something?” This guy was right on the border of sweet and creepy.

Becky looked to me and I nodded my consent. “Would a picture do?” Becky asked with a smile I read as fake. Of course she went picture, but it’s her job to please.

Becky took a selfie with the guy, but he fucked it up by kissing the corner of her mouth just as he took the picture. I don’t think the guy actually had a niece.

Becky got red really fast and wound up to hit the guy. I hated to, but I stopped her. “You know you’re not allowed to fight anyone. Triple H ordered.” I turned to the guy and took my hat off. “That’s why he hired me.” The guy paled, but I didn’t care. I craned my neck back and head-butted him right in the mouth for taking advantage of Becky’s nature.

He tumbled to the floor, and a table next to us all stood up. His buddies, I’m sure. They approached us with confidence and I turned to Becky. “Maybe Trip doesn’t have to hear about this?”

“I like it,” the Lass Kicker smiled and we waded into the guys. It didn’t take a pair of veterans like us very long to clean up the trash.

“How fuckin’ about that?” Becky said with a shit eating grin, wiping b***d from her now fat bottom lip.

“Now that was a fight,” I chuckled as we looked down on the losers.

“Hey, you got somethin’ on your lip, there.” Instead of pointing it out or letting me deal with it, Becky Lynch attached her mouth to mine and licked my lip. I had a split lip, too. I licked hers back in kind and she groaned as our tongues met.

“Hey! You two need to leave, now!” the hostess yelled and Becky laughed.

“You can either join ’em on the floor, or take the $2,000 I’ll give ya if you leave us alone till bar close.” I thought Becky’s second option was generous. The hostess did, too, because she made of making herself scarce. Besides our friends on the floor and the last of the staff, the bar was ours.

We talked, joked, shared war stories and nursed a few beers between us until the place shut down.

“I’ll make you a deal,” Becky said, waving the bartender over. Come back in an hour to lock up, and give you a cold $1,000, too.”

“I’ll be back in an hour,” he nodded and kicked rocks.

“After bar?” I asked once we were the last ones.

“You can fight, but now I want to know if you can fuck,” she purred, pulling me off the bar stool to pin my back to the bar.

She kissed me just as hard as she did the first time, and I was more than happy to kiss her back and get her out of her leather jacket while she undid the buttons of my black vest.

“I want to see what you look like under that shirt,” Becky said and tore it open, buttons going all over. Her hands ran over my chest and midsection over my white tank top, her nails brushing my nipples.

I took off my ruined shirt and dropped it to the floor. She pulled my tank top up to my chest and traced my abs with her hot, wet tongue and gave me the occasional love bite.

Becky straightened up and I pulled her to me. I locked her in a hot kiss and fondled her impressive tits from over her top, tweaking her hardening nipples and making her gasp in my mouth. Her hand dropped and started massaging my crotch, making it my turn to moan into her mouth.

“You like that?” she asked breathlessly after breaking the kiss. “Ooh. You like my hand on your cock? On your balls?”

“Yeah, I do,” I confirmed as I twisted her right nipple a little harder, making her dig her palm I to my junk a little deeper. “And you like my hands on these big tits of yours.”

“You’re fuckin’ right,” she said and used her free hand to pull her top off one handed. I was honestly impressed. I helped her out by unhooking her red lace bra and adding it to the pile of clothes growing on the floor.

I spun us around and pinned her on the bar, pushing her backwards so her brilliant red hair was fanned out behind her on the wood and her breasts looked straight up and her sculpted torso had the most delicious bend. Her tight pink nipples begged for my mouth, for my tongue.

I dropped low and kissed my way up her midsection slowly, spending time at her sexy naval before continuing my way up, licking her ribs and kissing her toned stomach until I got to the swell of her breasts. I stood up again and bent over, kissing her as my replaced on my hands on her chest. I massaged her, kneading her globes of flesh while I ran my tongue down the length of her neck while she moan and wriggled underneath my workings.

Her arms were down at her sides, but we’re then at my belt, undoing my buckle and then my button and fly. Becky snuck her hand into my pants and gripped my cock over by boxers while I nipped and licked at her collar bone. I sucked on the top of her breasts, at the swells. Becky’s strong hand moved further up until it was up to my waistband.

My tongue trailed down to her nipple, and her hand slipped in my underwear and touch my bare hot skin, both of us gasping out together. Beck’s hand wrapped around my hard pole and started a gentle rhythm that matched my tongue circles around her areolas that I took turns on.

“You may be Clive, but your cock’s name is Brutus,” Becky said in a panting voice. “I want to see it.”

I let Becky up and she yanked my pants straight down. She dropped to her knees and spit right on my waiting mushroom head. She worked it around my staff with her hands and dived on without permission. Her hot, wet mouth closed around me, her soft and supple lips felt perfect wrapped around my taut dick skin as she began to move her head back and forth.

I grabbed handfuls of her flaring locks and held on as I got the wettest, most passionate and lust driven head I ever got. I felt my tip hit the back of her throat over and over again as she gagged around me, my eyes rolling back in my head.

I tapped Becky’s head, letting her know I was about to blow my load. She grabbed my thighs and doubled down when I didn’t think she could do any better. I was seconds away when the bar door opened in a clamor.

Becky removed herself from my throbbing sword and we both snapped to the door. It was the bartender and, of all people, Alexa Bliss.

“Let go of me!” Bliss cried and hit the bartender. It was a strong forearm that connected hard with his chin. He was just able to push her in the bar and close the door as he fell over. Alexa tried to get out, but she had been locked in with us. The dirty barkeeper watched from the other side of the glass door.

“Let me out, you fucker!” the Goddess of the WWE stomped her feet in a tantrum.

“So you’re my stalker, eh?” the topless Becky Lynch fumed, her face flushed with anger as well as the top of her breasts.

“What? Me? No!” Alexa played dumb, covering her cute, lying little mouth with her hands. “I would never!”

“You lying little bitch,” the much taller Irish fighter said, now towering over the five feet of Bliss. Becky pulled her hair and when Alexa tried to protest, Becky covered Alexa’s mouth and filled it with tongue! Alexa tried to fight, push Becky back, but Becky was too strong. Her little hands seemed to just rest on Becky’s firm rack as she squirmed.

“We wouldn’t want Hunter to find out you’ve been stalking me this whole time, causin’ all of this trouble, now would we?” Becky threatened once she came up for air and untangled her tongue from Alexa’s.

Becky had Bliss between a rock and a hard place, and the little Goddess looked terrified. She was speechless. “Just…” Alexa hung her head. “Please don’t hurt me. I just got back to the ring,” she pleaded, and I nodded my consent. This was a fair trade.

“Aye. That’s a good lass, now,” Becky said with a seductive, wolfish grin. She pushed Alexa ahead of her and peeled off the blonde’s leather jacket as they walked. “Over to the bar. Nice and slow.”

“Come here, Alexa. I’ll only bite gently,” I teased as I took my shirt off, revealing my own fighter’s physique.

“You’re Clive, Becky’s bodyguard,” Alexa told me, trying not to trip on her tongue. “You’re not going to hurt me, are you? I watched you and Becky fight those five guys,” the poor young thing stammered.

“No, he won’t hurt you,” Becky purred into the frightened girl’s ear, reaching around her and slipping her hand into the former Women’s Champion’s leather pants to massage her pussy.

“Oh my God oh my God oh my God!” Alexa cursed in rapid succession. “I can’t believe I got myself into this mess!”

“You did,” I confirmed and stepped toward her. “You dug your grave, and now you’re going to get eaten out in it.”

“Wait, what?” Alexa shouted, her beautiful blue eyes snapping wide. “I didn’t think it was going to go that far!” she cried as Becky now pulled down the girl’s impossibly tight pants. Becky took Alexa’s socks and shoes off while she was down there. She gave Alexa’s juicy booty a hard slap as she straightened up, causing her to you like a little dog.


“Please don’t touch me!” Alexa begged as I effortlessly hoisted her petite body on top of the bar. Becky hustled behind the bar and pulled Alexa down so she was laying flat, her panty covered crotch looking at me. I lovingly caressed her beautiful thighs and kissed her legs from the knees up to her dampening pussy.

“You’re getting turned on by this,” I said as I rubbed her mound from over the silky material.

“No I’m not!” she bitterly argued.

Becky pulled her shirt up and unclasped her bra, taking them both off of her while she was still laying down. “We haven’t touched your little nips and they’re peaked. I always took you for a slut, Bliss,” Becky marveled with a laugh.

“Fuck you!” Alexa spat.

“Actually, he’s going to fuck you,” Becky corrected her colleague and pointed at me.

“Like hell he is!” she tried to argue as I slid her panties aside and exposed her tight little peach.

“How’s she look down there?” Becky asked, craning her head like she was trying to see for herself.

“Delicious,” I responded honestly as I brought a finger to trace Ms. Bliss’s opening.

“Stop fucking touching me!” she demanded and tried to kick out, but I had her legs pinned under my arms and Becky held her down by her shoulders and kissed and sucked on her neck and collar bones.

I inserted a first digit and revelled in the way Alexa inhaled sharply as her tight slit took my finger. I moved my mouth to her now slick opening and took an experimental couple of licks at her hood and clit. She jolted every time and I loved it.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, if you’re going to eat my pussy, don’t be one and get in there!” she demanded, trying to get some form of control herself.

Becky let go of little Ms. Bliss, who immediately shot upright and grabbed a two handfuls of my hair while I finger fucked her and nibbled her clit, a tirade of “oh shit, shit shit shit shit”s flew from her dirty little mouth.

I left Alexa’s drenched snatch long enough to look up to see what Becky was doing. I wasn’t disappointed as I watched her peel out of her jeans and red panties.

Alexa’s head was flat on the bar, her neck craned back to see what her co-superstar was doing as well. “Wait a minute, Becky. What are you doing?” she asked in worried, high pitched tone. I could see why she asked, because Becky in her bare naked glory had just climbed up onto the bar.

“Just shut up and eat,” Becky ordered as she squared right over Alexa’s unused mouth. She grabbed the Goddess’s long blonde hair and pushed up, sending her gorgeous face in Becky’s bald pussy. I knew Alexa was at work by the O face Becky then donned, as well as Alexa’s little hands grabbing Becky’s firm ass.

I pulled a barstool over in front of Alexa’s scrunched up body as she ate out Becky, who was doing her best not to scream as she rode the five-foot fighter’s cute little face. I tucked my feet between two of the stool’s legs and spit in my hand before rubbing it on my throbbing skewer.

I lined it up without touching Alexa’s succulent pussy lips. I drove home hard and held fast to her hips, Becky’s weight also keeping the pint-sized warrior from flying right off the bar.

Becky played with Alexa’s perfect tits alternately as I fucked her for dear life, the stuccatto tapping of the stool’s legs hitting the floor with every hip movement.

Becky’s groaning and Alexa’s deep pants and occasional squeaks were a constant that never let me know who was coming when, both of their toned, shredded bodies being tight in ecstacy and effort.

My own hips went out of my control and my rabbit thrusts got deeper and harder, my balls slapping Alexa’s nectarine booty and Becky’s marvelous breasts bouncing was enough for me to finally break like a damn, hot white fluids shooting out of me and into Alexa’s pulsing and shaking box.

Becky Lynch crawled over Alexa Bliss’s heaving body and dropped her mouth over little Ms. Bliss’s cum dripping peach and sucked out all of my hard-made cream out. She spun around, my load still behind her full lips, and kissed Alexa hard on the mouth. Alexa opened her after, beautiful lips and their pink, perfect tongues mingled so they could both enjoy all three of ours teamwork.

Once they both swallowed and we’re happy, Alexa laughed. “I will not apologise for stalking you, Bex.”

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