What a way to meet a girl and fall in love

The music was deafening enough a deaf man would could have heard the noise. The club was crowded almost to capacity. Jeff Wilson and the man beside him at the bar kept bumping into each other. Jeff decided to get out of there and go somewhere else that was a bit saner. As he finished

Kari Gets A Job

Kari Wuhrer walked into the office of the producers at Fox Studios. It turns out, they were looking for a new regular female star. The current producer David Peckinpah said that tv mega-babe Sarah Michelle Gellar was already in the runnning. Kari admitted she’d do anything for the role. She proceeded to drop down on

Fucking with the stars

Jodie Sweetin sat in the outside office waiting to see the producer of Dancing With The Stars. The pretty blonde former c***d actress had been invited to be on the upcoming season of the very popular show and was asked to come in and speak with the producer. She’d been waiting for about 10 minutes

Bar Room Blitz

“I don’t need a fuckin’ body guard, Hunter!” Becky Lynch spat at her boss, Triple H. “I fight for a living.” She enunciated each word in strong Irish accent. “I know you do, but I don’t want you fighting anyone out of the ring. You’re a fighter, but an entertainer and a performer. I don’t