Breakfast at Sue’s

I awoke with a hangover headache, not knowing where I was.

There was a woman snoring next to me. I looked. Thick, long, black hair. Really thick.

Memory came flooding in. I’d done it again, gone home from a party with some girl.

She had been eyeing me all night, but I hadn’t thought her very interesting. Normally I’m wild about oriental women, but this one seemed kind of lifeless. She was large, for a Chinese girl [for that’s what she turned out to be; Chinese American]. Not fat, a little heavy though. Largish breasts.

And as I said, she had amazing hair. I love that. She looked to be about my age, that is, 22.

It was hard to say why she wasn’t very attractive. I think it was just her perpetually blank expression.

Anyway, twelve o’clock rolled by, and I wasn’t getting much response from the woman that I had been trying for, so I just walked over to the oriental girl and asked if she could use a ride home.

Her name was Sue, and she lived in a nice neighbourhood. We went up to her apartment, and she led me straight to her bedroom.

I know this story is supposed to be about the sex, but sex with Sue is hardly worth telling of. We did all the standard things, but it was kind of half assed none the less. I suppose the alcohol we’d both had didn’t help any.

She looked pretty bad in the morning, her complexion kind of liverish. Her mouth was wide open, and as I mentioned, she was snoring loudly. Only the hair still looked great, all over the place around her head, glossy and black on the white pillow cover. She was in for a hell of a brushing job later.

I found a terrycloth robe on the floor, put it on, and ventured from the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

There was a large living room, and a kitchen with a woman in it.

She turned and saw me. She looked shocked for an instant, then smiled.

“Want breakfast?” she asked

“Oh, definitely” I replied.

I asked if there was a toothbrush I could use, and she said I could borrow her’s.

I found it slightly arousing, this woman I’d just met letting me share such an intimate object.

I returned to the kitchen;

“You must have come in with Sue last night, I didn’t hear you, I was sleeping like a log, was out all day yesterday on a bicycle ride, went all the way out to yada yada yada yada…….”

This one was as jaberish as Sue was glum.

And she was as sexy as Sue was sexless. As she jabbered on, while pressing orange juice, frying eggs and making toast, I noticed that I was finding her very attractive. The family resemblance was remarkable, she would look the spitting image of Sue in a photo.

In person, however, you would never mistake one for the other.

She was a little older, and her hair was a bit thinner than Sue’s. It was still thick, long, black, and sexy though. She was much healthier, more alive. Her skin was smooth and tanned.

She talked on while we ate, which was O.K., actually, since I wasn’t up to talking yet myself.

She was wearing a red kimono that only came down to mid-thigh, and her unhindered breasts kept moving the front of it around as she served us. It slipped open slightly, not much, just a little, just a tease.

We ate, then she blew my mind.

“Let’s go to my room” she said, stunning me with a dazzling smile.

“I- what about Sue?”

“Oh, don’t worry, she won’t mind, we share everything. Anyway, she’ll sleep ’till noon.”

She stood with her hands on her rather slim hips, her straight back causing her smallish breasts to push outward against the red fabric of the kimono. She had let her hair down, and it fell straight and proud to the middle of her back.

“Take that robe off, and lie on the bed.” she told me.

I wondered if she was going to be one of those dominant women I’d read of. I had never found that type of thing particularly exciting, but this was fun so far. I did what she said.

She smiled that great, irresistible smile, causing a slight crinkling at the corners of her large, brown, slanted eyes.

“What a nice, big, hard penis you have! Play with it for me.”

“Why don’t you show me what’s under the kimono?” I said, as I played with myself, watching her watching me.

She laughed, and untied the kimono, letting it fall open, revealing her breasts and naked pubic hair.

She was very fit, she had a wonderful flat stomach, and wide shoulders for a woman.

She raised her hands into the air, taking a big grab of hair on the way past, letting it fall again, the protrusions of her breasts rising with her arms. She turned, shrugging off the open kimono as she did so, and facing me once more, slowly sauntered towards the bed. I watched her and stroked myself.

She sat on the edge of the bed, and put the palm of her right hand just over my hard organ. I held the base, keeping it upright as she slowly folded her fingers over it, our first physical contact.

She lay down next to me on her side, her hand still tickling my organ with a feather touch. She brought her mouth close, but not quite in contact, not quite.

She started running her tongue over my lips, then pushed into my mouth, running it between my lips and gums. Finally, she touched her lips to mine.

I couldn’t hold my hands back any longer, and I put them around her, pulling her to me.

She had to take her hand from my cock as our legs intertwined, our heat increasing.

She grabbed my penis and guided me into her; oh it was good! She came, immediately, as I entered.

I felt like superman as she came and came again. I had never been with such a woman, a woman who could enjoy me so much.

She lifted her hips with each of my strokes, meeting me halfway, singing low cries and moans.

She lifted one leg into the air, and rolled onto her side, and I sat on my knees, fucking her with my balls sliding over her left thigh, hugging her right against my chest while I kissed her lovely ankle.

She looked up at me through that hair, each gleaming black shaft individually visible, healthy and thick. Then squeezed my hand and moaned with another orgasm.

We changed positions, I was sitting up with my shoulders against the headboard as she sat on my lap, rocking back and forth, until she came yet again!

I had to hug her to me, stopping her movement, to keep myself a little longer. Her head was above mine, and I was engulfed in the forest of her amazing hair as we kissed, my organ pulsing inside her, on the wonderful edge of explosion.

Suddenly, the door burst open. Burst, hitting the wall at the end of it’s swing with a loud “bang”.

It was Sue, of course. And wow, was she pissed! Her mouth hung open in that vague way she had, but her eyes were spitting fire. Actually, she was beautiful. She was wearing a light slip, and she had rather nice breasts. Her hair was dishevelled, fanning out around her to her waist.

“MOM! How could you?! You promised me that this wouldn’t happen again!”

Sue’s mother looked down at me. Ashamed, sad, satiated. She moved off of me, my poor penis wilting rapidly. Sue had stormed off, into the kitchen, to allow me to recover my cloths from her room and slink off.