Chance Meeting

The night had started out pretty good. A friend
with the local Medical Examiner’s office was
celebrating his birthday and the drinks were flowing.

Before going to the party we stopped by a
convenience store to hit the money machine. As I
walked back to my car I saw a Jag parked next to me.
When I get to my car, the passenger side window on the
Jag slowly rolled down. I found myself looking into
these brown eyes that could see right through you.
They were intoxicating and enveloped me all at once.
Before I can utter a word the woman says, “You’re that
guy on the local news, aren’t you?”

I tell her I am, and proceed to get into my car and
ask her to keep watching the show. She assures me she

As the beer ran out at my friend’s party we decide
to head over to a well-known watering hole where most
of the media-types hang out. And whom should I run
into but the woman with the almond-shaped eyes.

She walks up to me and asks if I remember her. I
couldn’t even fake it and told yes I did. We talked
and a few minutes later she asked if I’m married. I
told her that I am and noticed the rock she was wearing
too. Next thing you know she remembers that her
husband is at the bar and leaves.

A short time later I’m at the bar and she comes out
of the women’s restroom and comes over to me. It’s
then that I notice she’s about five-eight, lean looking
and wearing black hose, a short skirt and blouse with a

Her legs look nice, but like I said, she’s wearing
black hose and I can’t really tell if they’re the same
mocha color as her face, a face that’s framed by jet-
black hair and ruby-red lips.

She stands next to me and we start talking. She’s
forty-one, three girls and working on her Masters, and
apparently very bored. I can sense her heat, and see
her nostrils flaring. I reach behind her and grabbed
her bottom.

“They’re hard, aren’t they?” she says. Hard they
are, almost like a young girl who rides her bicycle
everywhere. She says they’re that way because she
spends an hour a day on the Stair-Master at her gym.

“My thighs are also hard,” she says, “You should
check them out.”

I couldn’t resist. My left hand continued
massaging her bottom and my right hand made its way up
her right thigh. She was a hard-body, or al least what
I had touched and felt was hard.

As I moved my hand to her left thigh I lightly
caressed her mound and felt the heat between her legs.
She pushed her hips forward and the light caress became
a solid touch.

Needless to say, my hand never got to her left
thigh. It became buried in her crotch and she worked
it up and down and sideways. I could make out a small
thatch of hair, even though it was beneath her panties
and panty hose, the hair felt soft. She began
adjusting her stance to allow me more access. I began
looking for the little button. I found it and she
jumped! Her breathing was getting heavy and her hip
movements more obvious. I couldn’t stop and she
wouldn’t let me. All this was going on as people were
standing around us.

She was wet. I didn’t know if it was because of
her earlier trip to the restroom or because I was
fingering her. I had to see if she smelled as good as
she felt.

I pulled my hand out and became intoxicated with
the aroma of her juices. Clean! Pungent! Sweet!

She asked me to keep doing what I was doing. I
couldn’t say no! Hell! I didn’t want to say no.

Next thing I know, she shivers, sighs and regains
her composure. She gives me her cell phone number and
home number and tells me if call her at home to be
careful, “Porque me cuida mucho.” Translation, he’s
very protective of me.

I’m thinking to myself, “Obviously not enough.” I
mean she’s been away from him for almost 15-minutes and
he’s nowhere in sight.

She leaves and I manage to make my way upstairs to
the outside balcony. About ten-minutes into a
conversation the guy sitting across from me and he’s
motioning with his eyes to look behind me. I turn, and
there she is with her husband in tow.

He’s wimpy looking with a receding hairline,
glasses and a push broom mustache. Somehow the pair
didn’t fit. I later learned he’s a physician and pulls
in a cool quarter-million a year. With those kinds of
bucks, Howdy Dowdy could fit the picture.

She introduces us and makes sure he talks to other
media-types because, I later found out, he’s a groupie.

His being occupied allowed her to begin massaging
her calf on my leg and she put on quite a show for
those around us. Rubbing her pussy on my shoulder and
riding it pretty much like Debra Winger raised the
mechanical bull in “Urban Cowboy.” Everybody was aware
of her movements… expect her husband.

One thing led to another and I told her she needed
to find a way to get out there and meet me outside. I
left and a short while later she’s there. We began
kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies and made our
way to her Dodge Caravan.

She slid the door open and we jumped in the middle
seat. I picked up where we’d left off at the bar and
rubbed her pussy. In the quickest movement I ever saw,
panties and hose are off and she’s making a vee with
her legs.

Her aroma was even stronger now that it wasn’t
confined by her panty hose.

She wants me to go down on her because she says he
won’t. I love going downtown and soon I’m savoring the
sweetest pussy I’d tasted in a long time.

She’s looking for my dick and begins groping and
when she finds it says she wants to go down on me
because her husband won’t let her do it to him. Who am
I to say no. I’m eating her like a man who hasn’t
eaten in weeks and she’s doing the Debbie Does Dallas
routine on me.

This goes on for a while and then she says she
wants ‘it’ and lifts hers legs and makes that wonderful
vee with them. I put the head near the lips and it’s
like they reach out and suck me in.

God! She was warm and tight!

I’m not one of these studs whose dick hangs down to
his knees, but I’ve always been able to do the job. As
I’m banging her cunt, the head of my dick keeps
touching something inside of her and every time it does
she screams out, “Dead end, dead end!”

We move like two teenagers in the back seat of the
car and we literally ourselves out. She comes at least
two times that I can feel. There’s a look of little
girl delight on her face and she claims to see stars on
the ceiling of her Caravan.

She looks at me and says the thickness of my dick
push at the walls of her pussy, something her husband
has never been able to do. She wants a second helping
and I ask her about her husband, she says he’s more
concerned with the names around him and not to worry
because he knows how she is about his being a climber.
This I later learn gives her the time to sample other

She begins sucking me again and when I’m hard we
start all over. Only this time she’s soaking wet and
the moisture is coming down her thighs and the next
thing I know we’re doing it doggie style and I’m
slamming her from behind and my balls are banging
against clit. Once again I hear, “Dead end, dead end!”

She’s going crazy and so am I.

Suddenly she moves and falls onto her back with the
all too familiar vee of her legs and puts the head of
my dick on her asshole and says to push it inside. I
hesitate and she pushes up and the head of my dick goes
in. Those aerobic classes are paying off for her.

This was tight! She relaxes and I go in more until
my balls are slapping her ass, she’s making sounds that
would have had the dogs howling if the windows were
down and I’m doing the American werewolf in London
routine. I shot my wad and hoped she didn’t want
another round.

Apparently she too was spent and began dressing but
left me her panties and said, “Give them to me next
time I see you, we need to do this again.”